Dreams Related To Stranger

Meeting with strange people

Dreaming about meeting strangers or people you have not met before and feeling uneasy and uncomfortable in their midst symbolizes change. Whether or not such change is in your favor depends on how the strangers looked in your dream. If they looked physically attractive, you could expect favorable occurrences which would turn your life around. If they looked repulsive, or at least you felt an instant aversion the first time you met them, your current situation in life could take a turn for the worse.

At times, faces of strangers in dreams could only be a relfection of your own set of beliefs and values. They may well be symbolic images which speak of your behavioral patterns under different circumstances in life. It may assist you in deciphering the meaning of a dream of this nature if you can remember in detail what the stranger looked like and how the stranger behaved in the dream.

A handsome male stranger

If you are a young woman, dreaming about making contact with a handsome stranger predicts major positive developments in your current romantic relationship. You and your romantic partner would spend more time with each other in an effort to transform your relationship into a more serious one, which could mean getting engaged and marrying soon. If you are currently single, you could soon meet a man who has everything you are looking for in a perfect mate.

A stranger as a blonde

Dreaming about encountering a blonde female stranger signifies taking up an enjoyable hobby. You would soon spend most of your free time doing something productive and in line with your personal interests. This hobby could even be translated into a profitable business which could change your life forever.

A strange woman for a man

If you are a man, encountering a strange woman in a dream is a reflection of your feminine side. Similarly, a woman dreaming about a strange man could have subconscious projections of her masculine tendencies. Although it connotes a hint of homosexuality, people experiencing this dream vision are not necessarily gay, since all people have their strong and soft sides to them, although their gender and sexual preference would manifest the more dominant side. At times, this dream vision could be accompanied by a subconscious notion of the stranger being sexually attracted to you but as if you were unaware of it.

An angry stranger

A dream about encountering an angry stranger symbolizes fearlessness to express anger or opposition when the situation warrants it. You would not hesitate to show your true feelings through harsh words if you think people have it wrong on a contentious issue or if you know that an act of injustice is being committed. It is not in your personality to just accept a popular set of beliefs with a sigh of resignation or to just watch while one human being blatantly violates another human being's rights. This dream vision indicates that you speak your mind freely whenever and wherever you feel like it.

A stranger as a woman with long hair

A dream about running into a female stranger with long, flowing hair is a good sign in terms of romantic relationships. If you are currently single, there is a high likelihood that you would meet your potential mate in the coming days. If you are currently in a relationship, this dream vision indicates a lot of happy moments with your loved one. If you are married, you should expect your blissful union to get even better.

A stranger in a room

I am in this circular room, yellow bricks, a hooded man comes to the doorway at the top of the stairs, more skinny, he's hooded and I can't see his face, he holds out his hand, like royalty do when someone kisses their hand, and then I wake up.

The circular room in your dream symbolizes your idea of perfection or self-actualization. This is how you see yourself or how you want to see yourself. The bricks represent bad experiences and hard-earned lessons which made you wiser, but they also made you guarded and calculating. This is your safe zone, and soon this sense of comfort will be breached and not in a good way. The hooded man represents deception, meaning a crafty individual will charm their way into your heart past the barriers you have placed after your previous bad experiences. This person's charm and winning personality are merely distractions for their awful motives to use your trust for their own benefit or even to plot your downfall.

A strange room

Dreaming about waking up in a strange and unfamiliar room predicts a surprise visit. A friend or relative whom you have not seen in a very long time would appear on your doorstep all to your pleasant surprise. Your reunion would bring back happy memories and set unfulfilled plans in motion. By all indications, your fateful meeting would only be the beginning of something you would do together on a regular basis.

Having sex with strangers

I was having sex with two guys on a boat while my husband slept.

Having sex with multiple men is a highly auspicious sign predicting an upcoming promotion or elevation in status. This is accompanied by the idea of your husband being unaware of your affair, which suggests that your sudden rise may be tainted by accusations of illegal activities or an unfair advantage over your peers. You may want to make sure your hands are clean and that no one has any information that can be used against you.

Hugging a stranger

Dreaming about giving a stranger a hug is a symbolic image of a sweet reunion. A very close friend or someone you used to know would give you a surprise visit and make up for lost years. You would be filled with so much joy during your time together that you would wish your friend would be here to stay.

A stranger as a young woman

Dreaming about meeting a young female stranger predicts obtaining material possession or acquiring invaluable knowledge which would be a source of success and happiness. Your hard work and determination would soon yield material wealth which would give you most of the comforts of life. Your eagerness to learn would give you the required knowledge you could use to reach your life's goals and aspirations.

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Looking at strangers

To dream about looking or staring at strangers from a distance is a symbol of favorable social encounters. You might soon meet a group of people with whom you could develop close friendships or who could serve as your mentors and play a hand in reaching your life's dreams and aspirations. These people could have the power, influence and resources which could help propel you to success. As a word of caution, you should not take unfair advantage of their kindness and generosity. On the contrary, you should play it fair and work to achieve success which would benefit everyone involved.

Dreaming about strangers or meeting some strange people

Being among strangers

Having a dream about being among strangers or people you have not met before predicts taking part in decision-making activities which could have life-changing effects. These decisions could yield both positive and negative results at the same time, such as cutting your company's workers in half to avert a potential financial crisis. On the one hand, it could help you save on costs. On the other hand, it could lower productivity as well as make ex-workers extremely unhappy. Deciding to have a divorce would be another example. Doing so might give you the freedom and independence you have been hoping for. However, it might also break your children apart.

Being attacked by strangers

I was leaving my house and a man walked outside of my basement side door. I was calling for someone, but they drove away and didn't hear me. An old man in the street with gray hair and a green apron was signaling me to come to him and then he disappeared and another man tall with dark hair came to attack me near the basement door. And my left arm was tangled in my shirt, so I couldn't defend myself. Then I dreamt my uncle and husband died in a car accident and I wanted to drive back, so I could change time, but then realized I don't want to die, this is so unfair, now I have nothing and was crying.

The images of being attacked by a stranger outside of your house point to upcoming changes at home or personal relationships that could alter the course of your life significantly. These transformations may represent the direct result of external forces or circumstances, but could equally originate from within the family. The notions of not being able to defend yourself in this dream point to your reluctance or unwillingness to deal with something already happening in your life at the moment, which would otherwise lead to something even bigger in its magnitude later on. Most likely, you are afraid that if you make wrong moves or allow something new to enter your life, it might irreversibly impact your relationship with the people who are important to you.

A stranger as a pregnant woman

Meeting a pregnant stranger in a dream portends betrayal or treachery for personal gains. Some people in your close social cirle would go out of their way to tarnish your good reputation and destroy your character so they could gain unfair advantage of you. These people might be jealous of what you have achieved so far, and they would do everything to put you down if that is what would place them in your current position in life.

A stranger kissing you

To dream about responding positively to a stranger who was kissing you is a sign that your current romantic partner or spouse may be losing respect for you. You might want to examine your behavior and actions and see whether you are giving this person reasons to treat you with disdain. After all, in through their eyes, you could be fooling around or taking the relationship for granted. It would not be so hard for this person to accept it if you just told him or her the truth and be honest about how you really act.

Leaving a bar with a stranger

I was sitting in a bar with someone, but he was three or four seats down, I was with a younger boy blonde hair with freckles very boisterous, I was drinking soda that I was dipping through a straw... The young boy got a phone call and stepped outside to talk about it and I wanted to leave. I somehow got into a woman's SUV and was suddenly drunk, she was looking at me smiling in a mischievous way, driving very fast on a curvy, narrow road, with hills going up and down up and down. She was driving about 100 mph, everything was blurry going by, we were going so fast. It was dark outside, and I was drunk.

Dreaming about being in a bar and relaxing with someone, whether they are an acquaintance or a close friend, represents needing to get a burden off your shoulders. Going to a bar with someone is a social activity, and experiencing such a vision in a dream is a subconscious representation of being concerned about some matter of great importance, but possibly having trouble finding the right person to talk to. By sharing your thoughts with someone else, you may lighten your load as well as gain a new point of view from your companion. At the same time, being taken on a drive on a winding and hilly road is a sign that your frame of mind is very focused on doing negative things or resorting to bad behavior. If you don't change your current ways of thinking and acting, you may find yourself in dangerous situations threatening your well-being and even freedom. The notion that it was another person's car also points to your tendency to easily succumb to other people's bad influence or be controlled by the power they try to exert over you.

A stranger as an old woman

Encountering an old female stranger in a dream is an ominous sign indicating heartaches and pain as a result of a damaged reputation. It does not matter whether the circulating rumors against your good name have some truth to them. People who would hear these rumors would be quick to judge you and form negative notions about you without verifying the facts. How you would deal with such acts of betrayal could prove your invincibility or expose you as a wimp.

Confrontation with a stranger

Having a confrontation or altercation with a stranger in a dream indicates the possibility of getting involved in a risky or fraudulent activity which could ruin you and your family. If you succumb to temptations of an easy buck even if the means of obtaining it might be immoral or illegal, or even suspectible at the very least, you would pay for this indiscretion sooner or later. You should know that nothing good could ever come out of a bad deed such as this.

A strange town

Living in a strange town in a dream predicts a slew of changes in wake life. It could be anything from changes in your hairstyle or fashion sense, your place of employment, your current romantic relationship, or all of the above. You should thank yourself for having enough courage to effect these changes because they would make your life a whole lot better.

Befriending a stranger

Having a dream about befriending a stranger, for instance initiating a conversation, is a symbol of the willingness to go to great lengths to please people. This desire could be manifesting at work where you ensure that everything your superiors and colleagues ask you to do is followed in toto, solely for their satisfaction. It could also show in situations where you are trying to develop a romantic relationship with the opposite sex. You would do everything which you think would endear the person to you or earn that person's respect, admiration and love.

A sly and deceitful stranger

Meeting a sly and deceitful stranger in a dream is a symbol of external control. Some people could have a huge influence on you in the way you dress, talk, conduct yourself or live your life in general. You might want to be like someone you consider your icon or role model, which is not a bad thing unless that person has a long rap sheet with law-enforcement authorities and is considered a bad influence.

A drunk stranger

A dream about encountering a drunk stranger symbolizes engaging in an unprofitable project or business venture. Perhaps seeing the success of others who have ventured into a similar undertaking, you would be tempted to invest your hard-earned money in an attempt to join the bandwagon and make substantial profits in the process. You may not have realized that the market has been saturated because hundreds of other business-minded people had the same idea and now you are fighting over a very small slice of the proverbial pie.

Strangers at a party

Dreaming about running into strangers at a party predicts getting actively involved in a civic or community-based activity which encourages volunteerism. An upcoming event in your area might see you planting trees in your neighborhood to promote a clean and greener environment. Your company's corporate responsibility department might require you and your colleagues to conduct a medical mission for the benefit of indigents in poor communities. The experience would give you a sense of fulfillment and pride. Conversely, this dream vision also indicates that you might attend a concert, a rally or a huge gathering in the near future.

A polite stranger

Meeting a polite, well-mannered stranger in a dream is a sign of getting help or assistance from an unlikely source. You are currently or may soon go through a difficult period, and no one from your family and circle of friends would be there to lift you up. However, someone you think would be the last person to help you would provide you that needed assistance, much to your surprise and delight.

Being watched by a group of strangers

In my dream I felt like I was awake and heard a noise coming from my kitchen. When I walk out to see who it was, I see a man in his early 30s standing next to my refrigerator, eating a sandwich. He was dressed in a grey 3 piece suit with a maroon vest and tie. He also had a pocket watch with a chain. The sight of the man scared me so I picked up my 4 year old daughter and left my home. However, as I stepped out my house the man said "Wait, I need to tell you something, I watch over you". Still calmly eating his sandwich he added, "There are four others watching you and your daughter".

Because this dream took place in your house and kitchen, it can be inferred that this dream is concerning you specifically. Seeing a stranger in a vision may indicate feelings of regret or disappointment over past behavior and actions. This may be somehow connected to your daughter due to her presence, but not necessarily. It may also be related to something at work, as symbolized by the man's suit. This man's promise to protect and watch over you, while on one hand representing remorse, also predicts you have the ability to overcome these feelings and make things right. You could, therefore, analyze what you may have done in the past and amend things where needed and if possible.

Food offered by a stranger

I was given large quantity of food alone by a stranger.

This vision is twofold in that it suggests both great happiness and great misfortune. On one hand, receiving large amounts of food is a symbol associated with wealth and abundance, suggesting you would soon gain something valuable or useful to you. However, the stranger who presented you with this means that your good fortune could make you the target of those who are jealous. This person or these people would be powerful adversaries who could make your life very difficult.

A stranger in a haze

Dreaming about approaching a stranger enveloped in a haze portends experiencing minor issues and difficulties in wake life. There could be something bothering you in the office or at home, like a market research report nearing its deadline, or a stubborn child addicted to playing games online, or any trivial issue which does not really pose any serious problems and could just be resolved in a short time.

Being forced upon by a stranger

In real life I am a sober person with little sexual interest and I do not give into emotional turmoil either. Of late, I have been getting dreams about a person chasing me, assaulting me and even try to force upon me. This is kind off unusual, isn't it? I have got this dream 4-5 times, please explain.

Dreams in which you envisioned yourself being chased and eventually assaulted must be considered a forewarning. They are indicative of the fact that there are certain trials and tribulations in store for you, which will influence, if not dramatically change other people's attitude toward you. This situation could evolve following your recent actions or failure to act, so you subconsciously sense ostracism as a form of punishment. If you are presently romantically involved with someone, these visions could also portend being forsaken by this person, for the reasons tied to aforementioned circumstances.

Being inseminated by a stranger

I dreamed a stranger ejaculated in me, but I hurried up and tried to push the sperm out of me before my husband found out.

Dreaming about someone ejaculating in you could be symbolic of finalizing your plans or making your intentions reach their conclusion. In the context of the rest of the dream, this could be concerning your relationship with your husband. You may be in a stage of putting the finishing touches on something important you want to reveal to him. The dream vision suggests you are soon to surprise him with big news or announcement, and his reaction to that will depend on the nature of this message.

A stranger knocking on the door

I am in danger in my own house. A stranger knocks on my door and I feel danger... I am helplessly call my relative.

Knocking typically represents opportunities. However, in the case of your dream, the implied threat of this stranger knocking on your door reveals your apprehensions and anxiety over your personal safety. Perhaps there is someone in the waking world who seems hell bent on besmirching your reputation or invading your privacy. Alternatively, the stranger could represent a new side of you that is slowly surfacing, an undesirable aspect of your personality that you are trying to suppress.

Agitated strangers

Milling around with strangers who looked restless and agitated in a dream is a subconsious reflection of a similar situation in wake life. You could soon go through a period of difficulties and find yourself lost, confused and unable to get your act together. You would be overcome by problems and not know how to prioritize or react accordingly. You could get out of your predicament if you can learn to take on these issues one at a time.

Trying to get rid of a stranger

Trying to get rid of a stranger in a dream, for instance excusing yourself from a group conversation, is like running away from your problems in wake life. You seem to find it difficult to face your fears and troubles, and your constant recourse is to flee from the people, places or events which you think are the cause of your woes. But the problem has little to do with the people, places and events in your life. It is the demons in your head. Unless you can muster enough courage to face these personal demons, you will keep running for the rest of your life. You might try to ask for people’s help along the way, but only you can overcome what has been bothering you.

A stranger calling for help

Having a dream about hearing a stranger's call for help indicates anxieties and fears causing inner turmoil in wake life. Your inner struggles may come from life's uncertainties, that is, not being able to know what is in store for you and your family in the near future. You may need other people's assurance to give you the peace of mind that you need, so it is wise to confide your worries in your friends and family members.

Face to face with a stranger

In my dream, I have a bucket full of water and I am going out of my front door to put the water in the plants. As I open the door, there is someone in a black robe skipping in my front yard. It starts coming toward me and I shut my door and am shouting for help. I can still see him.

Dreaming about a bucket full of water that you intend to use on plants and other vegetation is a highly auspicious symbol associated with the idea of success in the face of opposition. This is also supported by the image of the person in the black robe, although black clothes on a stranger can have multiple connotations. In this case, it partially reinforces the earlier idea, predicting wealth and prosperity due to your victories. However, this is unlikely to bring you any material gains, as you seek fulfilment in integrity and moral behavior rather than in physical possessions.

A stranger as a woman breast-feeding

To dream about observing a stranger breastfeeding a child is a symbol of affection and love for a romantic partner. The vision of a mother in the process of noursihing her child is a subconscious representation of a growing relationship between you and the love of your life. However, if the mother in the dream could not produce milk and the child cried in hunger, this indicates that someone in your family or circle of friends could soon fall ill or experience health-related problems.

Mutual signs of affection with a stranger

I was at my little cousins party and 2 boys worked there and one of the boys said that the other guy likes me. He said his name was Nikko, was 19 and cute, Nikko made me smile and he made me blush. Later on the same day me and Nikko were on the roof of the mall and he was holding me. I had go somewhere with my uncle, but I was coming back to Nikko. I told Nikko I'm coming back, he said okay and I never came back to Nikko because I woke up!

This dream vision of expressing affection toward someone you had just met while receiving similar kind of treatment in return is most likely a reflection of your actual situation in waking life. You are surrounded by a lot of people whom you do not have any difficulties communicating and socializing with. However, recently you have made some direct attempts to either get to know one of them better or open yourself up to them, but something could be standing in the way of establishing a more meaningful and intimate relationship. It could be daily routine or obligations, bad timing or simply things that neither one of you can control. The notion of this dream being interrupted when you apparently wanted it to go on signifies the prevalence of other priorities in your life which are equally important if not of a higher significance.

With a stranger and threatened by others

I met a stranger and went to his place where we almost had sex, but suddenly there was a terrorist attack across the road. My stranger goes downstairs and gets shot in front of my eyes. I run upstairs and hide in the room. It felt like I was being held, hostage. I escape through the window and get to the safe area, where I meet that stranger again and he's alive. We come closer, I hug him and run my fingers through his hair. I feel this sincere love towards him and I could feel that he felt the same.

This vision seems to play out like an exciting story, however, the outcome may have negative consequences for you in wake life should you fail to heed the warning at the end. The first sign, your interrupted affair with an unfamiliar male, represents some uncertainty in the romantic aspects of your social interactions. You may be getting mixed signals from someone or have a few questions about a new guy on your radar. This is followed by the upheaval of the terrorist attack and being held hostage, which represents that your instincts are spot on and that there is something fishy going on behind your back concerning this person. The act of reuniting with him you experienced at the end of the vision shows your wishful thinking, but the truth of the matter is that you should be wary of interactions with this person or you may find yourself on a bad path.

A female stranger giving a note

Well, I was having a dream as far as I know about me and my partner going out and all of a sudden we are in a building, don't know where though. And there is another woman there with short hair, looks familiar, but I don't know her, very sexy and good-looking, walks past us an puts a note into my pocket. I don't know what is on the note or anything, but it was just very funny and I could not get back to sleep for some time.

Being out with your partner, possibly on a date or going to an event, represents your journey towards self-discovery. You could be trying to uncover or understand issues that are bubbling up to the surface recently. Part of your current concern may be about your love and commitment to your partner. The sexy and attractive woman you encounter in the building could be a representation of your yearning to explore or meet new personalities. Perhaps you are feeling limited in your current situation and you are looking for some excitement by having new experiences.

Intimidated by a stranger and trying to escape

I am female. The dream started with me being scared of a man I thought was a bad man. I think he wore a suit and glasses and was a little older. I tried to kill him but couldn't (felt bad). Then soon after he came back to present proof that my parents actually kidnapped me as a baby and have murdered other children they kidnapped. Then the man gave me money, $200 exactly. He gave me more money throughout the dream. I remember running a lot and locking doors. The doors were red, my friends were at this place too.

The man in a suit at the beginning of the vision is likely there to set the tone of the dream and provide context. In this case, the suit should be considered a warning that something bad is about to happen. Your efforts to kill him, then, represent your denial or unwillingness to believe you are in trouble. The type of trouble seems to be related to feelings of limitation or restriction. Learning that you were kidnapped could reveal that you feel trapped, possibly by your parent's or other people's expectations. However, the money you receive suggests that not all is bad, as there are individuals in your life who understand you and are willing to help when you need them. The red doors that you lock at the end of the dream could symbolize closing the door on irrational emotions. You may be trying to find a more logical answer to your problems rather than responding emotionally or over-dramatically.

Feeling like a stranger

Having a dream about feeling like a stranger in a group of friends or acquaintances is an ominous sign of the possibility of having a negative experience in the near future. It might be as trivial as getting a flat tire on the way to an important transaction or as huge as losing a house in a fire. It is the incovenience in the aftermath of such an incident which would really get on your nerves.

A raped stranger

Dreaming about witnessing a crime where a stranger is being raped or sexually assaulted symbolizes frustrations and personal struggles stemming from a failure. You may have put a lot of effort into something which you believed could turn your life around, only to end up gaining little to nothing from the experience. Consequently, you might be blaming yourself for pursuing a futile endeavor.

A stranger caring for children

Having a dream about observing a stranger caring for children is a sign of gaining spiritual strength and personal growth. For this reason, you would live a more or less balanced life in the sense that you will have enough material blessings to enjoy life's basic comforts, as well as enough time to nourish your spirituality through private prayer and communal worship.

A strange device

Dreaming about holding a strange device or apparatus and figuring out how it works portends an unwanted revelation. At this age, it would come as a complete shock to you to find out something about yourself which people close to you have kept from you all these years. Whatever it may be, you would wish you had never learned about this secret and would rather have it remained that way for everybody's sake.

A stranger dying

Envisioning the death of a stranger could point toward a lack of deep connections in wake life. You may be having a shortage of people you can talk to, or you might have fallen out of touch with some of your closer friends from the past. Alternatively, you could also be subconsciously desiring to begin a new relationship with someone, either romantic or platonic.

A stranger in your bed

Dreaming about seeing a naked stranger lying on your bed or having sex with you is a symbol of an unsatisfactory sex life. You dismal sexual encounters with your romantic partner could be the cause of your stress and the growing tension between the two of you. If you fail to address this issue with your partner in a timely manner, it might lead to infidelity, or worse, a breakup.

A stranger in love with you

A stranger who is madly in love with you is a prediction that you are destined for greatness. Maybe you are just not getting the right support or you are saddled by personal baggage, so you are unable to take flight and reach your full potential. Once you do get rid of whatever is weighing you down, your natural magnetism will take you to a level of success you may not have dreamed of. It is only a matter of time if you play your cards right.

An aggressive stranger

Dreaming about coming in contact with an aggressive stranger signifies trading morality and spirituality for material possessions. Often the root cause of all evil is money, and you may have been blinded by the comforts which money has bought you for such a long time. Since you are not willing to give up your lifestyle, you may have given up your set of beliefs and values instead, just to ensure that you continue to live a decadent life. But at the end of the day, you might want to know how you would benefit from gaining the whole world and losing your soul in the process.

A stranger as a cook

Dreaming about a stranger who cooks or is employed as a chef predicts a period of peaceful time and relaxation coming your way. You could soon have an enjoyable break from work which would allow you to spend more quality time with yourself if you are single and unattached, or with your family if you are married or living with your parents. You might even have time to travel for leisure.

A filthy-looking stranger

Encountering a filthy-looking stranger who looked like he or she has not seen a bathroom in a while is ominous of a similar real-life situation. It could be several things. First, you might soon experience financial difficulties and could even plunge into poverty. Secondly, you might get yourself involved in a very nasty conflict with the people who used to be close to you. Thirdly, you could grow more and more detached from your spiritual or religious beliefs. Lastly, your health could deteriorate in just a short period of time. All of these could result from your own undoing.

A stranger covered with water

To dream about a stranger covered with or submerged in water symbolizes indulgence in worldly pleasures. Rather than nourishing your spiritual well-being with meditation and thoughts of God, you would rather feed the desires of the flesh and do whatever pleases your body, unmindful of the consequences or of what people might be saying.

A stranger with a beard

Meeting a bearded stranger in a dream symbolizes upcoming events and occurrence which would cause a surprise. It could be a piece of good news, like a work promotion or a pregnancy announcement. It could also be bad news, like an unexpected company layoff or a sudden death in the family.

A stranger trying to kill you

A murderous stranger in your dreams represent your dark side. The concept of Carl Jung shadow is at the core of interpreting of what does it mean when you dream about a stranger trying to kill you. The stranger is a metaphor of your negative perceptions and self-destructive tendencies that threaten to derail you or pull you away from your goals and dreams. Your subconscious is telling you that you are your own worst enemy.

Strange people in the house

I dreamt of a few men, including one I have not seen for ages, roaming around my house, with no intention to harm anyone or steal anything. There was also an unknown girl who I later caught and wanted to attack, however she was very calm and tried to explain what was going on, then I woke up.

Envisioning men walking around your home could mean you are in a position to help someone in reality, but you are unsure how to do so without causing more trouble or making them upset. It is likely the individual you would be able to aid is male, possibly someone you saw in your vision, although not necessarily. Their roaming about reflects the ambiguous nature of the problem. You could step in, but if you do not know the entire situation it may cause more harm than good. On the other hand, not offering assistance and finding out it was needed later could cause you feelings of regret. The girl you caught and wanted to attack at the end of the vision represents a changing relationship, most likely with the aforementioned man who needs help. The best course of action in this situation would be to find out as much as you can about his predicament and then offer him a few choices as to how you could be of service.

Fighting with a stranger woman

Dreaming about having a verbal or physical fight with a female stranger portends the posibility of losing the upperhand in a competition due to a secrecy breach. Your competitors or rivals at work or in love might gain an edge over you because they discovered your formula for success or were able to thwart your plans. This dream vision is, therefore, a stern warning of such dangerous developments to take place if you are careless enough to allow them to happen.

A stranger as a furious woman

Having a dream about encountering a furious female stranger portends the possibility of taking the blame or being subject to shame which is not deserved. People might point their accusing fingers at you for a misdeed you did not commit. They might humiliate you for no reason at all. Therefore, you should be careful not to inadvertently put yourself in such compromising situations.

Yourself as a stranger

Dreaming about yourself as a stranger, as if you had an astral projection or out-of-body experience in which your spirit detached itself and was able to observe your physical state from a distance, is a grim symbol of peer rejection. You could become a misunderstood person, and people might begin to distance themselves from you for seeing something in you which may be rubbing them the wrong way. This dream vision is telling you to do a self-assessment. Otherwise, it might cause you loneliness and isolation, which could in turn result in extreme depression.

A stranger covered with blood

Dreaming about running into a stranger who is covered in blood is a symbolic representation of living a decadent life. You are currently or may soon be engaging in activities which might give you so much pleasure but would put your morality, decency and overall character into question. If you have already immersed yourself in these activities, you can still bail out and come clean. If you are still planning to do them, it would be wise not to cross the line.

A stranger running away from you

Dreaming about a stranger running away from you symbolizes self-deception in the sense that you might be clinging to false hopes about a plan or goal which would be impossible to achieve. It is not a bad thing to set high goals for yourself, but those goals should be realistic, achievable and commensurate with your actual abilities. Otherwise, you would end up feeling frustrated and unhappy every time.

A stranger following you

A dream about a stranger following you is tantamount to failures tailing you in wake life. If you keep pursuing something which has eluded you from the start, you may just have to accept the fact that you would not succeed in that field after all. For example, you might be a bit too persistent in developing a romantic relationship with a particular person even if that person has turned you down several times in the past. You might insist on applying for a particular job even if you would never be qualified for some reason or other. This dream vision is telling you that you would be better off or be more successful doing something else.

The vision of a stranger following you in a dream could also indicate your obsession with material wealth and subsequent neglect of your spiritual side. For this reason, you might experience a strain in your romantic relationship the moment your romantic partner questions your priorities in life. If you continue to ignore your spirituality in favor of your materialistic tendencies, you could lose the very person who has given you reason to live and love in the first place.

A humble stranger

To dream about meeting a humble stranger is a symbol of spiritual and personal growth. Whereas in the past you may have neglected a side of you which could give you a sense of calm and tranquility, you would soon take time out to discover your spirituality amidst the chaos of everyday living. You would be surprised to learn that all it would take is a moment’s silence to experience inner peace.

A stranger gardening

Observing a stranger doing gardening work in a dream symbolizes unwavering hope for the best of what life has to offer. Your positive outlook on life would play an important role in realizing your goals and aspirations. All you need to do is to learn to prioritize these goals and they will fall into place the way you have always wanted them to.

A stranger moving awkwardly

Dreaming about seeing a stranger moving awkwardly, for instance walking like a zombie or a robot, connotes self-deceit and a belief in the opposite of the truth. Without being aware of it, you might see something as good and beneficial even when the opposite is true. For example, the fact that you have been married for a long time now may have convinced you that your partner truly loves you, unaware that your partner's reason for staying in the relationship is the security and comfort of your material wealth. Or you might believe you are a gifted child because your mother constantly praises you, even if your teachers and classmates think you need a lot of improvement.

A stranger while traveling

Dreaming about coming in contact with a stranger during one of your travels is an ominous sign of a derailment in a current project or undertaking. Problems might turn up at a time you least expected, which could leave you no choice but to halt your operations for the meantime to minimize the damage or prevent further escalation. This dream vision is a reminder that you should resolve the issue as soon as possible if you want the project to move forward.

A stranger biting you

Dreaming about a stranger trying to bite you, a scene reminescent of a serial killer trying to leave his or her signature tooth marks on a victim, portends a period of misfortune and despair due to bad decisions in wake life. You may think that your material wealth and social status would make you invincible. But all of the things which you believe are giving you a sense of security could disappear in just a blink of an eye if you do not take good care of them. These could even be a source of conflict among your family members in the future.

A bald stranger flirting

Dreaming about a bald-headed stranger trying to hit on you or flirt with you predicts having to deal with an annoying or irritating person in wake life. There is something in the way this person behaves in your presence which rubs you the wrong way, and your immediate reaction when this person is around would be to get out of there first chance you get.

Living in a house with a stranger

My dream consisted of me living with a man who owned a very large house and I would've believed it was haunted had it not been for the fact that it was a nice house and we lived there. The man was not someone I recognized, but he was sweet, however he seemed a little crazy too. It felt like déjà vu.

Dreaming about living in a large and nice house with a man who looked unfamiliar to you means that you are subconsciously wanting to change your current place of residence or find a new house or apartment. This desire could be originating from your current dissatisfaction with the living conditions, your neighbors or particular attributes of the place you are presently living in. You could have been told by other people, for example your family members, coworkers, parents and so on, that this is not a good idea, or they could be just worried or concerned that the relationship between you and them would suffer if you move. Therefore you might have seconds thoughts or doubts about the prospects of moving, but at the same time "haunted" by these recurring thoughts. Even though the primary symbol in this dream was the house, it could also be true for establishing a new relationship with someone instead of changing places, because you focused your attention on the strange man in this dream just as much.

Learning about previous relationship from a stranger

I had a dream that a man at a bar was being protective over me when I wanted to leave and go to a bar by myself. Later, this same man told me that my ex boyfriend was my true love. Then I was walking with him crying and we went into a kind old ladies house where my married friends and my ex boyfriend were sitting. I sat next to my friend's husband and he had me lay in his lap, on his penis specifically. And I watched a video of me professing my love for my ex boyfriend while he sat, confused, and watched, and continued asking why I was upset. The man who was protective seemed very angelic.

Dreaming about being in a bar portends to needing help in the near future. Normally this might indicate needing financial assistance or having to deal with government agencies, but, in this case, it seems to point more to emotional support from friends and family, which is also indicated by the other images in this dream. The protective, "angelic" man may symbolize feelings of guilt or remorse. Crying together with this person predicts beginning to overcome your past feelings and possibly to the opening of a new path for you. These past feelings are probably related to the ex you saw in your dream, as seeing yourself profess your love to an ex-boyfriend in a dream may represent some time recently when you, either by accident or on purpose, captured his attention. His confused expression, however, indicates that this is likely a lost cause and that you should continue to focus on your own growth and personal life.

Signs of affection from a polite stranger

A man I don't know was interested in me, even though I said I was married, my ex husband was there, he watched me do chores as I struggled to get a glass pitcher off a shelf he jumped to help me... I got the impression he valued my character as a wife, he had a kind, gentle way about him.. what does this mean?

Having a dream where someone you do not know is interested in or has feelings for you may be a subconscious representation of feeling lonely or undervalued in real life. This is further indicated by being watched as you work and in getting help when you need it. You may consider expressing your needs to your partner (if you are seeing someone currently or are married) or spending more quality time with your family and friends to improve your mood and to strengthen your bonds with those who care about you.

A hostile stranger in the market

After three days of my marriage, I had a dream that I and my dad were in a market, and my dad chose a yellow precious stone, and I wanted to see and hold it. Suddenly, a stranger who was sitting a little far away asked my dad to show me it. My dad gives it to him, he saw and throw it away. I got angry and ran to beat him, but he disappeared. After some time he again appeared and I grip his neck tightly and suddenly awake from the dream and what I saw was that my hands were on my wife's neck!

The image of a precious stone yellow in color picked by your dad in this dream could actually mean that he has some reservations or doubts in regards to your spouse or about this newly-formed union. Perhaps you are sensing his uneasiness and subconsciously transform it into an image of a stranger. In real life, you want your father to be respectful and happy about the choices you make, but something on his part is holding him back and makes him hesitant. The projected anger toward the stranger is your dissatisfaction with how your father or perhaps other members of your family view and react to decisions you make in your waking life.

An angry stranger at grandma's house

The dream takes place in the kitchen area of my grandmother's house. An angry male stranger (customer) asked for a refund. He is pacing and reaching n a plastic bag for an item. He is talking loudly saying that he doesn't want this shit.

While this dream might seem negative or be upsetting, it has a relatively positive interpretation. Seeing an angry stranger asking for his money back represents your personality, specifically being unafraid to speak your mind and speaking up when you think yourself or others are being treated unfairly. Watching the stranger reach into a bag that has something inside it indicates receiving some small blessings in your life or finding happiness in the little things. If you continue to use your strengths for the good of others you are likely to be rewarded.

A stranger dressed in white in the house

Walked down my stairs into my living room and it was completely white all an unfamiliar young man was sitting on a couch dressed in white.

The man dressed in white is an ill omen predicting the upcoming passing of someone you care about, likely a person who has already been dealing with serious health problems (whether you know about them or not). In this case, the man is similar to the image of the Grim Reaper. Seeing your living room also devoid of color indicates that, though you cared about this person greatly, you can compartmentalize this situation and still go about your life normally, if this loss does occur. While your work and daily life may distract you from the pain you experience now, it is important to deal with your feelings instead of running from them.

A stranger inside the house while sleeping

I had a dream that a strange man opened my door while I was asleep and asked me "Is this (my name)?" and took me out of my bed rubbing me. I felt scared and then I woke up.

Dreaming about being in your room or a room that you believe to be your own is the manifestation of your life at the moment. Therefore, a stranger entering that room and accosting you could represent feeling unbalanced and vulnerable due to circumstances in your life. You may need to take some time for yourself to decide what you are doing and where you are going, as finding direction may bring you inner peace and contentment.

A stranger in a grave with a Jesus statue

I had a dream of a statue of Jesus lying in a grave. It was nighttime, large crowds of people all over the streets, when gunfire erupted, causing people to run. A man I've never met, a tall dark and handsome type, was hit by a bullet and fell into my arms. As he was talking to me, but I couldn't hear the words, he began to be too heavy to hold onto and as he started to fall, I turned to my left and saw an open grave surrounded by bright green grass and trees and in the grave was a large white statue of Jesus lying down face up, and the man fell onto him. I sat down and held the man crying and woke up.

This is a very complicated dream with several ominous and foreboding symbols. The first image in your vision is that of the statue of Jesus, which predicts the rise of demons in your life. While real monsters are uncommon, being influenced by your friends, who are wolves in sheep's clothing, is not out of the question. They may tempt you to do things you know are wrong but feel powerless to fight against. This is supported by the image of the grave, meaning your actions could have disastrous effects on the health and happiness of your family. This is likely to come as a shock to you, as shooting and other loud sounds of war portend unpleasant news which would seriously perturb and disappoint you.

Strangers invading the house

I have a recurring dream of strangers invading my home and taking up residence without my knowledge or permission. I tell them to leave, even shout at them to leave, but they ignore me flat and just carry on as if I never said anything.

Recurring dreams are often signs that you are avoiding an ongoing problem. The strangers invading your home suggest problems in your relationship with your family. Perhaps you sense a change in your relationship that makes you feel insecure or apprehensive. You may be feeling neglected and lonely even in the comforts of your own home. This is probably your subconscious telling you to end this cycle of dejection by confronting the problem once and for all. Once you acknowledge the source of your uneasy feelings, then you can begin to take the necessary steps to address them.

Being told about love by a stranger

I have seen that a stranger was telling me about the person I love. She was telling me I was born for him, but in real life, he doesn't even talk with me.

Dreams often play out our inner desires. To be told that the one you love loves you back is a manifestation of your desire for your feelings to be reciprocated. This is a representation of a possibility for interaction. However, since in reality, the opposite is true, this could be a sign that you need to muster enough courage to initiate contact or start a conversation with the object of your affection.

Signs of affection from a stranger

I was traveling on the bus and suddenly a strange guy comes and sits beside me and tries to come close to me. He sort of holds my hand and kind of hugs me and after that, he vanishes. I try to find him but was unable to find him.

Your dream of meeting a stranger while traveling indicates serendipitous encounters with friendly and generous people or a random act of kindness. However, a hug can be a comfort or an intrusive act depending on the emotion it elicited from you within or after the dream. If you felt violated, it could be a sign of confronting adversaries at work or other similar endeavors.

Hiding from a stranger

I am in a field next to a house, meet a man who says he grew up in CT, my home state, and won't tell me what town. I immediately have a bad feeling about him. I look down the hill and see him choking someone and I run to the house to hide. Trying to close and lock windows and locks won't work. Dark in front of the house. Run to back of the house, bright outside, windows open, safe here, back to front need to lock the windows, he is coming. Try and try, windows won't lock. I never see him in rest of dream.

This dream of a man who appears to pose a threat reveals your cautious stance towards someone at work or possibly within your social circle. Seeing the man choking another in your vision points to an individual who may be preventing you and your colleagues from expressing your opinions. This man in your waking world may be manipulative and controlling without you being aware of his maneuverings. Running into the house but being unable to lock the windows suggests that your fear in relation to the man has to do with your ambitions. Perhaps this real-life person is blocking opportunities for you due to their cunning moves and wily behavior. Your subconscious could be telling you to stay alert in case a friend or co-worker is gaining your trust and basking in your good graces only to stab you in the back.

Soothing the pain of a strange man

We were on an adventure in this beautiful forested place, I left with another girl to buy snacks, and we were waiting for a lady to bring us french fries, a European guy came in pain and I even called his name, it's like I knew him. He told me his story, then I soothed him. I placed my hand on his chest and felt his heartbeat as he slept. Then I woke up.

Forests seen in a dream often represent an upcoming change to your way of living, usually predicting a move, change of job or major shift in personal values. Likely, this stems from a reevaluation of what is important to you, either moral beliefs or future goals. What causes your changes of heart, then, seems to be revealed in the familiar stranger, a sign which foretells an unexpected meeting with someone you love and care about, such as a family member or friend you have not seen in some time. This individual's sudden reappearance could have a profound effect on how you view the world and change the course of your destiny in a significant way.

Meeting a stranger in prison

I ended up in prison and met a stranger who's really nice and doesn't know how bad I am and I don't remember his face.

Dreaming about befriending a stranger sheds light on your habit of being a people pleaser. It shows that you would go to great lengths for making people like you. It's something which you should avoid. The fact that you see yourself in prison denotes the ties which bind you from achieving your true potential. You can only do well for yourself once you break free from the notions that you are not worthy enough. Try to do things which actually make you feel comfortable instead of being worried about what others may think about you.

Strangers cutting a thumb and writing with it

Male. In my dream, a group of men came into my house, at that point, I could feel that their presence was evil. Then one of them cut my right thumb, took out some blood, and used it as ink in writing a whole lot of numbers on a plain white sheet. Finally, he told me that am number 5, but not just 5 but 55, and that I am what they are looking for. And they left.

The evil men could be a subconscious projection of your unwillingness to accept the help and support offered by others because you feel there could be more damage than good if you allow them to step in or learn too much sensitive information about what you are going through. The reason they may think you need help could be due to the fact that you take on too much, for example, getting involved in multiple projects or volunteering for extra work. This can be seen in the written numbers you observed. The last part concerning numbers 5 and 55 predicts getting involved in conflicts unnecessarily because of this situation. It would be better to let your guard down and accept the help of others rather than suffer by yourself.

A motionless stranger inside the house

I am warned about a hitman and lock all my windows, slowly. I duck down and carefully close each of the 6 large window shutters. Outside its night and I can see lights from a parked vehicle. I finally lock all the shutters and sigh in relief, but as I crawl back to the couch, I realize the first window is opened and the killer is sitting inside watching me. I lie and say I have knives everywhere and grab one and stab him 3 times. He just sits and stares not moving and I tell him I'll call an ambulance for him.

A dream wherein you are trying to save yourself from being murdered is a manifestation of your feelings of constraint and unhappiness in your waking life. Some existing limitations could be causing you a great deal of grief and their presence is further emphasized when you try to close all the windows of your home. Perhaps you are facing uncertainties or doubts because of your habit of giving importance to all the rules and regulations laid down by society. In reality, the hitman represents your own constrained self wanting to break free. The notion of stabbing him indicates your desire to overcome these fears of closely following what is right and avoiding what is wrong. It would be better if you make yourself more assertive and focus on what makes you happy, instead of worrying about what others may think of you. Whether it's about making positive changes in your personal life or the life of the community you live in, make sure that you follow your own heart.

A stranger inside the bedroom

Sleeping in bed with husband and heard a door open and tried to wake my husband up, started crying and saw a man at the end of our bed.

A dream wherein you see yourself sleeping with your husband signifies the deep and profound relationship shared by the two of you. However, the fact that you find a stranger standing at the edge of your bed negates the happy image of the first part of your dream. You may experience a rift with your husband and it may involve another person coming between the two of you. Make sure that you do not offend or hurt your husband and stay away from people who may try to wedge into your relationship.

Making out with a stranger after a road accident

I am female. I was driving late at night alone down a rounded highway with a train crossing in a big black truck. Then I heard the train approaching but I didn't stop. Instead I sped up, lowered my head and whispered "God Please!" Seven times. Next thing I know I've crashed in a cliff and the truck is on its side. A male stranger around my age is helping me get out but for some reason I am sexually aroused and the stranger, though surprised at first, begins to make out with me. Then I wake up.

This vision seems to reveal that some of your bad behavior in reality may cause you trouble in the future. The first clue is seen in the image of you driving a car late at night. The car is often considered a metaphor for our journeys through life, so driving at night means you are doing something either you are uncomfortable with or that you do not want others to know about. This is followed by the image of the train and car crash, symbols that suggest your actions could cause a major debacle in reality, such as a fight, falling out or major loss of face. This is punctuated by the stranger you started to make out with, a symbol commonly associated with feeling regret over questionable behavior. Your dream, then, is a warning to reconsider the path your life is taking. Perhaps now would be a good time to give up some morally ambiguous aspects of your life and focus on more wholesome, productive endeavors.

Relationships with strangers

Envisioning yourself fall for or have romantic relationships with strangers in a dream realm is a result of your intense desire to be with your girlfriend or boyfriend who is temporarily away from you. This dream will leave you wondering if this was actually a subconscious manifestation of your true feelings, or just a falling fantasy. But be rest assured, if you are willing to give true love then you shall have the same in return.