Dreams Related To Storm

A house damaged by a storm

Dreaming about a storm trashing or destroying your house could signify that you are living through a series of problematic or unfortunate events. You are left dealing with reliving these scenes or images that had been burned in your mind while your friends are unaware of what you are going through. Your friends may also be unaware because they are having to deal with their own personal problems at the moment and are not noticing the effect this situation is having on you.

A storm approaching

If you were to find yourself dreaming about a storm approaching from the distance, this can be an indication about an underlying condition that would take a toll on your health. As long as you are prepared in how you react to the news, the disease could remain minor and not become chronic or deadly. In this dream you had, if at the end the storm was dwindling down by the time it reached you, this could signify that your illness could be going away, without having any harsh or long-lasting effects.

Being in the epicenter of a storm

If you were to find yourself dreaming about being in the center of a storm, where its intensity is at its highest, it could mean there is something in your life right now that you are dissatisfied with. You could be longing for love or passion coming from someone but still have not had the opportunity to experience it. There is another meaning that could be interpreted based on this dream which indicates that you could be unaware of a health condition that might affect you soon and in a very serious way.

Being caught in a storm

If you happened to find yourself dreaming about being caught in a powerful storm, this aloneĀ could signify you are about to face difficulties and obstacles for the business proposal you are currently undertaking or planning on engaging yourself in soon. This could also be related to having to experience misfortune and the potential of losing this opportunity you were given due to extenuating circumstances that would prevent you from moving forward.

Storm destroying the house

I dreamt that there was a big storm and things were starting to fall, I saw my house falling.

Experiencing a dream vision of being caught in a stormy weather, strong wind and thunder portends frustration, periods of boredom, dissatisfaction with the way things are going. It can also be a sign of big losses for a wealthy person, but can equally symbolize success or unexpected income for less fortunate individuals. Seeing a house being destroyed or collapsing in your dream could indicate the presence of an adversary or competitor who is obsessively striving to make sure your plans and goals are sabotaged which could prevent you from completing them.


A thunderstorm and troubles go hand in hand in dreams. Your emotions may soon get supercharged because of a lot of events happening around you that could potentially trigger some of your memories of trauma. You might feel upset after seeing someone you love get bullied online or getting unfair treatment. This dream symbol can also signify changes. If you also see lightning during the thunderstorm, it means you will reach a moment of clarity about what you want in life, but realizing this goal will entail a lot of hard work and tumultuous times.

Witnessing a storm from a distance

Finding yourself dreaming about witnessing a storm could foretell that you could become involved in some serious issues at work or with friends. You may or may not be affected by them, but if you are, they could have severe consequences on your life situation. On the other hand, this dream could mean something completely different and be hinting at an upcoming opportunity for you to move forward with some acvitiy or project you have had your eye on for some time now.

Someone caught in a storm

If you were to dream about watching someone being caught in a storm, this may be a relfection of some form of pain or suffering they are going through. This may be the roughest period of their life and since you are the one to notice it, you may be the only person they are looking for to help and support them during this trying time.

Aftermath of a storm

If you happened to be the survivor in a dream you were having about a storm this is a positive sign. This vision could predict that sooner rather than later you would come across things which will greatly improve your life. Possible difficulties or hardships you have had in the past would no longer stand in your way which would allow you to succeed and reach new heights.

Major impending storm

An approaching storm or an impending storm suggests a possible underlying condition that is taking its toll on your health. It would be best to consult your doctor in order to pinpoint the issue or catch the illness while it is still manageable. Perhaps a few lifestyle changes will correct your health problems or a surgery is necessary. Whatever it may be, this dream symbol is preparing you for any outcome. The sooner you prioritize your health, the better.

Being able to calm a storm

It was heavy rain and storm in Ganga river. I went near river and took water in my hand from stormy river and applied on my face. And the movement I took water and applied on my face storm calmed down. I felt presence of lord Shiva in storm.

You had a dream about stormy weather. This could translate your current worries and concerns. Namely, you may be experiencing some difficulties or going through a rough patch. You might be feeling stressed, anguished or lost due to your inability to figure out how these problems could be resolved for the better. You then went to a river and splashed water over your face. This action brought Shiva about and calmed the storm down. This could reveal your desire to become quieter, more peaceful or more satisfied with your life. Shiva is also the God of transformation, which was precisely his role in the dream. This could suggest that you think that only God is of help to you at this point in your life - that a miracle is needed. Alternatively, it could represent your tendency to seek help by turning to your personal religious side and faith. Importantly, Shiva's appearance further accentuates your desire for changing your tough situation to a better one. Finally, the notion of being able to calm the stormy river down signifies your readiness, strength, will and ability to face and deal with the hardships in your life. You are hopeful to rely on your inner power this time around.

Leaves swept by a storm

Storm taking away dried leaves.

The storm is an ill omen of approaching crisis that could upend your life. This terrible period of difficulty could lead to losses both in relationships and finances. This could also be an opportunity for awakening and enlightenment. The dried leaves blown away by the storm is a metaphor for going back to the basics. You may be compelled to live a simpler life with only the essentials as a way of surviving this storm. This crisis will likewise reveal the people who truly care for you and sever the ties with your fair-weather friends.

With husband during a storm

My husband and I were going through a storm, we survived it but he didn't get on the bus with me. When I looked around I saw him shaking his head, then as if he went on his knee to pray.

A storm denotes a rocky period in your relationship. Like all the other challenges you experienced together, you would be able to overcome this tough time. However, getting on the bus without him means there could be changes in your priorities. While you would choose to focus on your career and practical matters, your husband may be inclined to explore spirituality and look to a higher being for guidance. These differences in your path could be complementary or destructive to your marriage depending on the strength of your bond as well as the openness in your communication.

Dancing in the rain during a heavy storm

Sir, last night I had a dream about a storm. In my dream I had a very high storm and rain is following at very high speed and I am dancing in the rain and I feel I am enjoying this rain. What is the meaning of this dream?

Seeing yourself dancing in the rain in your dream predicts joy and happiness you have been waiting for for a long time, it can also mean that you will be able to help a person you know very well to advance his or her professional career. First part of this dream also suggests that the person in question could be experiencing some turbulent and unsettling times before you step in to offer your help.

Girlfriend unaffected by storm

My girlfriend was standing alone in the middle of a rain storm, then all of a sudden, where she was standing was perfectly dry and she was smiling the whole time.

When you witness someone being caught in a storm, it could be a metaphor for the inner struggles and suffering this person could be going through at the moment. You could be the only one capable of noticing it and so you are the one they are looking to for support and help during this rough time. Seeing your girlfriend smiling at the end of the dream means she is expecting to receive your help or advice to be completely satisfied and happy.

People perishing in a storm

Having a dream vision where you are witnessing multitudes of people dying as the result of a storm could mean that someone you are close to is about to be affected by a deadly disease. They may already be suffering from this condition which could be taking a turn for the worse as time goes on. This vision serves as a warning to you that there is the potential for this person to pass away.

A heavy storm and lightning

A heavy storm filled with the flash of lightning and the crash of thunder represents a number of bad and potentially terrible outcomes for the near future. In the best case scenarios, this vision could point toward being frustrated with the outcome of a test, annoyed with a friend's insensitive messages or dissatisfied with the quality of a recently purchased product. In the worst cases, however, this symbol can predict suddenly losing a lot of money in the stock market, getting into a car accident or leaving a relationship that once brought you great joy.

Being caught in the storm while on a boat

I was on a boat in formal attire with a high school boyfriend, and a storm comes in I can see a huge wave next to the boat, and he and I run to the top of the boat and see more boats riding the storm. The boat starts to manage the storm and another boat runs into my ship. I wasn't scared. My mind was focused and tried everything to survive the storm.

Dreaming of suddenly finding yourself in the middle of a storm with your high school boyfriend points to the possibility of having a fulfilling and passionate romantic or sexual encounter. The tenacity to survive that you felt in your dream portends such an event taking place sometime shortly. As long as you are careful and responsible with your actions, this could be a pleasant occurrence for you to remember fondly as you grow older.

Left behind in the midst of a storm

I was on a plane with my friend, I walked off, and we were on the ground of a field in seemingly the middle of nowhere. There were sparse trees, but mostly just flatness. I was trying to take a picture, I think of the storm, it was crazy, electrical storm clouds and the skies were purple and flashing, very intense. Then my friend leaned out the open door of the plane, about to tell me to get back on because the plane was about to take off, but as soon as she started speaking, it took off and I was left behind.

Electrical storms are often symbolic of getting help from an unexpected source, so taking pictures of such a storm could represent your knowledge that such events are taking place around you. For example, you may see the man sitting next to you pay for another customer's lunch or watch as volunteers pass out bags of necessities to the homeless. Your lack of participation in these happenings is likely on purpose, suggesting you do not value generosity or have been jaded. This negative outlook probably hampers your ability to connect with others in wake life, as being left behind by your friend and the plane shows that there is some conflict between you and your social circle.

Caught in a storm while at a grocery store

I was in a grocery store, and there was a big storm coming and you would get sucked away and die if you didn't get in this cramped tube case. I was being chased around the grocery store by something, and was anxious to get into a tube. My mum was getting into one, but my brother was having a lot of trouble. I ended up reaching a top level one, getting in and then the storm starts. But my brother wasn't in yet. And then I woke up.

Your presence in a grocery store during this vision is very telling. It suggests you are about to become the victim of some terrible rumor or malicious gossip, likely at the hands of someone you thought of as a friend. The approaching storm could predict falling into poor health as a result of the strain this situation places on you. Your mother, in this vision, represents the people who are on your side and would stay with you throughout the whole ordeal, but your brother, in this case, represents the individual or individuals you must cut from your life in order to make a clean escape.

A storm on horizon and objects falling

I had a dream that a storm was on the horizon and boats and cattle and other large objects begin to fall from the sky and I was attempting to save my granddaughter and another family in a hurry.

Finding yourself dreaming about witnessing an approaching storm could foretell that you could become involved in some serious issues at work or with friends. Since you dream of attempting to save your granddaughter, these issues may involve family members and loved ones. You may or may not be affected by them, but if you are, these circumstances could have severe consequences on your current situation. The boats and cattle falling from the sky reflect your increasing anxiety about the severity of what is to come and your fear for your loved one's future in the process.

Surviving a storm after stealing money

I was at an old friend's house and I found a black wallet with money and I took only $20 from it. Then I ended up leaving and bumped into my worst enemy that was actually my best friend in the dream. We were helping each other survive a thunderstorm that was gonna cause a big and deep flood.

Finding a wallet in a dream is an auspicious symbol for a healthy financial state. Taking only $20 from the wallet reflects your humility. Despite being a hard worker, you refuse to take excessive credit and only take rewards you think are commensurate to your efforts. In relation to that, the appearance of your enemy as your best friend in the dream vision points to your ability not to take things too personally. Despite possible differences in views and approaches, you can still manage to work through them, especially if certain projects are at risk of failing if you allow your emotions to get the better of you.

Dirty water during a storm

I'm at the sea, it's lovely and calm. I'm with my dad and my daughter who is a baby. Then a storm comes, we are looking at it, we can see water racing out of sewage pipes, it's brown. I'm female. I regularly have dreams of water, mostly it's dirty and rushing after me.

A dream where you can see the calmness and peace disrupted by a storm is a manifestation of your inner turmoil. Perhaps the negativity which you feel over certain things clouds over your happiness in your waking life. It might even prevent you from enjoying the time spent with loved ones. On the other hand, recurrent dreams about dirty water symbolize the occurrence of troublesome situations which prevent you from experiencing the peace and tranquility which you crave. It would be helpful to remain alert and stay away from people or circumstances which could disturb the harmony of your life.

Lightning storm

A lightning storm accompanied by powerful sounds of thunder points to a significant change ahead of you. A series of events will move quickly and usher in a new chapter in your life. You might have been unmoving during the past couple of years, but soon enough you will gain momentum and find opportunities to chase after the object of your desire. This could mean meeting the love of your life or striking gold with a unique idea. Once you are struck with this burst of energy, take advantage of it to sustain this momentum.

Dust storm

To see a strong dust storm approaching in a dream is a dangerous omen of imminent relationship problems heading your way. These dreams are generally seen in a series, meaning one after another and having almost the same scenes being repeated. If these serials tick, then there is a grave conflict brewing between you and your beloved in your wake life. The relationship you once felt very safe about might soon turn into an abyss of emptiness, lest you do something about it. Take this as an early warning sign, mend any hostilities that might have developed lately and you still have a chance at saving it.