Dreams Related To Stork

Finding a dying or dead stork

To find a dying or dead stork is a sign that all your long-awaited hopes and dreams will be disrupted or will not come to pass because someone close to you will be involved in interfering with their successful completion.

Stork attacking you

If you dream of a stork attacking you, it could be a warning sign that you could be facing a phase in your life in the near future that will bring with it a lot of unhappiness or sorrow.

Black stork fledglings

To see black stork fledglings in a dream signifies that you may have a friend or acquaintance who is seriously sick but has neglected to tell you about their health situation thus far.

Stork flying away

To dream of seeing a stork flying away from you is an omen that you will not capitalize on an opportunity that would normally be to your advantage or you will miss out on using something that will help give you an advantage in life.

Be attentive in the next few days so you won't miss any important work related opportunities or any other beneficial opportunities that will enrich your life.

Stork standing on its leg

To see a stork standing on its leg is a sign that you will have a long time marriage with a partner that will be very committed to the marital relationship.

Stork in flight

Seeing a flying stork is just a sign that you will be very preoccupied with the formalities of planning for an exciting engagement because it will represent a very important transition in your life that is being shared with your lover.

A pair of storks

To look upon a pair of storks could be a hint that your family desires more involvement in your life than what you already give them because up to this point, your attention and care for them has been minimal at best.

A stork by an empty nest

If you saw a stork by an empty nest then it is a warning for you to avoid delusional thoughts that will eventually have a negative effect on your life if you don't get a handle on them.

Black stork

Stroking a black stork in your dreams and running your fingers through its feathers is an omen that you might soon find yourself being involved in situations where hurtful or unfavorable things seem to just happen.

Maintain focus and be mindful of the time frames you set for your projects. Learn how to prioritize so you won't spend unnecessary time on tasks requiring little attention. Remember that timing is important in leaving a lasting good impression. So, if your work is not finished on time you could get in a lot of trouble from your boss.

Helping an injured stork

I am seeing a stork injured. I am helping the stork to live.

Coming across an injured stork in a dream is a sign that somebody close to you is trying to stop you from fulfilling your dreams and hopes. You may want to re-think what you are trying to achieve, and what your goals and objectives are at the moment. You should also consider the possibility that someone around you is working against your best wishes. As the notion of helping the stork to survive in this dream implies, you may have already realized that someone is standing in your way and you may just be starting to counteract this person's attempts to interfere with what is so important to you.

Trying to catch a stork

Trying to catch a stork in your dreams is a sign that you will be in the midst of difficult situations in your household or with other family members that will desperately need to be solved.

Stork fledgling

If you see a stork fledgling while dreaming, then it is probable that you will start experiencing a cycle of peace and prosperity in both your personal and professional life.

Stork standing in nest

If you see a stork standing in its nest, then it's a prediction that you will meet a person who will eventually prove to be your best friend.

Having this person as a friend will be a beneficial connection for you because it will bring a lot of happiness into your life. It will also be a period of enlightenment for you because you will also be able to learn many new and interesting things while communicating with this person. This encounter will have a lasting positive effect on your life if you capitalize on the opportunities to apply this newly-discovered knowledge to your personal life or to your business tactics.

Stork with wings wide-spread

Seeing a stork with wings wide-spread is a sign that you will experience a genuine act of kindness from an unexpected source or you will receive very good news very soon that will be beneficial in either your personal life or your business.