Dreams Related To Stopwatch

Trying to control a tiger with a stopwatch

A tiger (too active and fast) first crossed my path and then turned back suddenly to attack me, but my uncle had a stopwatch, they stopped the time to rescue me, but I wasn't able to leave (felt like stuck), the uncle said "Wait I'll use it again" (so that I can get moving), the dream changed a bit and I saw that the tiger went towards a tree and again coming to attack me. Never thought tigers can be speedy and so fast to make a decision.

Dreaming that a tiger is trying to attack you means catastrophic events would happen if you do not resolve a pressing issue. This issue may be external or internal. The feeling of being stuck makes the symbolism of a tiger more associated with negative emotions, such as anger management issues. Your friends and family could be doing their best to calm you down or not to get you too riled up during stressful situations. Unfortunately, the stopwatch suggests you are running out of time. If you do not manage your emotions well or you succumb to your short temper, you could end up hurting not just yourself, but also the people who care about you.