Dreams Related To Stomach

Someone rubbing your stomach

Someone touching or rubbing your abdomen in the dream realm is a highly fortunate symbol to perceive. Buddhist and other Eastern spiritual philosophies associate this sign with positive emotions, much like the satisfaction you experience when you have a full belly after a meal with your family.

Shot or stabbed in the stomach

Getting shot or stabbed in the stomach cautions you against dropping your guard around people who do not respect you or believe in your capabilities. The more you trust them, the more power you give them to belittle you even further. You may mistakenly treat their harshness and constant criticisms as constructive, but in fact they are merely projecting their own insecurities. Instead of your futile attempts at gaining their approval, surround yourself with individuals who do not resort to bullying in order to assert their self-importance.

Stomach injured during an accident

I had an accident and my stomach opened. But a lady assisted me.

An injury to your stomach, such as an open wound or a gaping hole, predicts emotional turmoil. The accident refers to a series of obstacles which will cause a lot of stress and subsequent mental breakdown. The psychological strain may be due to your tendency to keep your problems to yourself because you do not want to burden others. Fortunately, the lady who helped you in the dream refers to a good Samaritan. At the height of your distress, a compassionate soul will sense your suffering and extend a helping hand. This could be the start of a beautiful friendship as well.

Holes in the stomach

Hello and I want to thank you for your time. I have been seeing holes in my body in a few of my dreams. There are like 5 or 6 holes across my lower stomach, hip to hip, horizontal. They are big holes, a few inches wide. The holes go all the way through. I am an 18 year old female. Thanks again!

Seeing holes in your body is a metaphor for the emotional scars you have in wake life. Only you can see the holes in your vision, just as in reality no one knows the suffering you have gone through. In a sense, your dream could be your subconscious looking at the sum of your trials and tribulations in order to either make sense of them or apply their lessons to a current predicament. If you are on the verge of making a big decision, you should consider what you have learned through past experiences.

Being stabbed in the stomach

I am a male. I was approached by a strange man, the man pulled out a small knife, I reached for a gun in my waistband but before I could reach it, I was stabbed 6 times in the stomach. I then walked into a house and saw my uncle sitting on a couch, I collapsed holding my stomach.

Getting stabbed in dreams means you are experiencing some sort of power struggle in the waking world. And because a house with your relative inside was another dream symbol in the scenario, the power imbalance could involve your family or members of your household. Parents, siblings or your uncle who appeared in your dream could be undermining you and making you feel inadequate. Specifically, being stabbed in the stomach means you would be disparaged and belittled where it hurts the most. This final straw could make you decide to finally speak up and defend yourself.

Being with a man who has stomach pains

I was in a car with the man I have feelings for, he said I was perfect and kissed me, he had something going on in his stomach, he was getting waves of pain going up and down inside his stomach. I could see it happening but didn't know how to help him.

Dreaming about the man you currently have feelings for in wake life is associated with indulging in your fantasies and desires, though not necessarily romantic ones. This could include a shopping spree or a night out with best friends. In either case, this symbol indicates soon doing things that excite you and make you happy, meaning that you are about to have another chance at enjoying life to the fullest and having a good time.

Something moving in my stomach

Feeling a weird or unusual movement in your abdomen, whether it is something related to a menstrual cycle or a bowel movement, means that you are on the precipice of change in reality. Your life is about to become drastically different, though whether it would be for the better or not is unclear based on this symbol alone.

Lump in stomach

Envisioning yourself dealing with a lump in your stomach or abdomen while sleeping can be a concerning and uncomfortable experience. This dream can be interpreted as representing a situation or issue in your waking life that is causing you emotional or physical discomfort. Unsightly bulges symbolize an abnormality or something that is not quite right in your body or in a situation you are dealing with. There is a secret or hidden issue that you are trying to conceal, possibly related to a relationship or other aspect of your life. Overall, this dream is an omen in that there is an issue or trouble that you need to confront or address, rather than trying to hide or suppress it. It may be helpful to examine your relationships, mysteries, and other elements of your life to identify what is causing the abnormality or distress. By addressing these issues directly, you can move towards resolving them and finding greater peace and comfort.