Dreams Related To Stick

A magic stick that helps flying

I am David by name, I dreamt that I went to unknown place, in that place I wasn't surprised or afraid to be there and I was given a shot tiny stick and I was trained by someone on how to use it to perform an action like flying a long distance area. On my getting back home I hide the tiny stick inside my food then I told my brother not to eat my food. After that time I went out and when I was a bit away from home then there was an accident in the area and I remember that I was not with the stick.

Dreaming of undergoing training, especially for combat, means you are looking for guidance and you want to take control of your life. The stick can be associated with primal urges and sexual needs. It is possible that you are having problems with intimacy and this area of your life requires professional help at this point. This inadequacy could be affecting other areas of your life. For instance, hiding the stick in your food reveals you insecurity about your ability to execute your ideas. You need to seek help from someone you trust, so you can get to the bottom of your personal failures. Once you identify your weakness, then you can begin to build your confidence and focus on your goals.