Dreams Related To Stepmother

Stepmother and father getting back together

My stepmom and dad got back together and my stepmom was worse that when they were together in real life.

Dreaming of your stepmom or stepmother means you are looking for a nurturing presence in your life. However, since she is portrayed as being difficult in the dream, then you could be trying to justify her absence. In fact, while their separation in reality may have been a relief for you, a part of you could be feeling guilty or at least curious about what would have happened if you all got along.

Sex with stepmother

I was having sex with my stepmother, and we were both enjoying it, but she would not look me in the eyes while we were at it.

Dreaming about having sexual relations with your stepmother may be the manifestation of growing negativity in your life. The cause of this is likely your own pessimism or cynicism. This attitude may be doing more harm than you think, as a poor outlook on life and the future could affect your ability to prioritize tasks and maintain enthusiasm. However, the notion that your stepmother was avoiding direct eye contact may be an indication that you do not have the power or discipline to make this change on your own. Rather, you would need some event or intervention from others to get you on the right track.