Dreams Related To Stepdad

Stepdad getting arrested

I have a stepdad that I have known for more then 10 years and love him very much and the other night I had a dream about my stepdad getting arrested and when he was getting arrested the cops took a man out of the car, patted him down and put him back in the police car. Then put my stepdad in the car. That night I woke up scared.

Dreaming about the arrest of a relative or loved one means you are undergoing a stressful period and some part of you is crying out for help. The person who gets arrested in your dream is the person you need the most during this trying period. You may need his advice about a topic of his expertise or you could require financial assistance which he can give you. This can also be a sign of neglect on your part. Since you are preoccupied by other concerns and distractions, you are probably spending less quality time with your family and you are feeling detached from them. In this case, your subconscious is reminding you about rethinking your priorities and not forgetting to acknowledge your loved ones. They may need you more than you think, so keep communication lines open.