Dreams Related To Stealing

Someone stealing from you

To catch someone stealing something from you is an allusion to credit grabbing. A colleague could take credit for your work or someone might use your idea to start a venture without asking for your approval. This can also be an indication of an identity crisis following a traumatic experience. You may lose a mentor or a guiding light in your life which would leave you rudderless and depressed. If it becomes serious, you may require psychotherapy to deal with your personal issues.

Stealing and getting caught

Stealing and then getting caught is an indication of guilt. The reason for your guilt depends on the specific item you are stealing. For example, getting caught for stealing money is an allusion to your guilt for being too ambitious. Getting caught for stealing a book indicates guilt for fraudulent practices. This imagery is ultimately your conscience making you confront your flaws and hopefully increased self-awareness which will lead to personal growth.

Stealing in public

Stealing something in full view of the public, maybe in a supermarket, busy bank or a large open space like a park, portends a financial downturn for you. You may experience bankruptcy or extreme poverty because of bad investment schemes or getting laid off at work. What you steal in the dream vision could provide additional clues about the cause of your financial crisis. For example, if you steal money from a bank, it means your unethical sources of income could be compromised. If it is jewelry that you steal, then tainted reputation may be the cause of your downfall.

Someone stealing money from you

Someone stealing money from you in a dream, whether it was a pickpocket on the street or a cashier short-changing you, means that someone you know in reality would try to take credit for your hard work or innovative ideas. The praise this individual receives for your effort would leave you feeling betrayed and hurt beyond belief. If this has not happened to you yet, take detailed notes and record conversations so you have proof if someone is trying to pass off your work as their own. This includes watermarking documents, paying attention to edits on shared documents and keeping original, handwritten notes and data if necessary.

Everything stolen from you

A dream in which your entire home is stripped clean by burglars or thieves is actually an auspicious dream symbol. Having everything stolen from your home, condo or apartment is an allusion to favorable dealings and profitable projects. In a way, the loss of your material belongings points to the opposite in reality. You would gain a lot of money or assets that you can then use to improve you overall way of life. Perhaps the empty space would serve as the canvas to a better and more prosperous future.

Something being stolen

In the dream realm, seeing something being stolen can imply a reflection of your feelings of vulnerability and a loss of control over an important decision or possession in your life. You need to assess your choices and the value you place on material or intangible custody. This dream can also have a spiritual aspect, indicating a deeper longing for fulfillment beyond material wealth such as money or jewelry. Try focusing on cultivating inner richness and finding contentment in non-material aspects of life.

Someone stealing and getting caught

The image of someone else stealing something and then being apprehended reveals someone is trying to take something from you in reality. In most cases, it refers to intellectual property, suggesting someone would try to take credit for something you succeeded at. For instance, you may come up with a great idea that a peer tries to pass off as their own. Another possible interpretation of this vision points toward feeling lost or unsure due to the loss of a mentor or other figure that you look up to. This particular situation would cause you a lot of grief and heartache.

Arrested for drinking and stealing

I got drunk with a friend and apparently stole something that same night and was arrested the next morning, then I was informed of it while being dropped off in front of the courthouse.

Both becoming drunk and stealing things in the dream world are indicative of financial loss due to failed projects or unsuccessful business ventures. You would soon feel the pressure of obligations without the income to fully or comfortably back them up. The source of your troubles can be seen in your arrest and subsequent arrival at the courthouse. These symbols mean you could be duped by an offer that is too good to be true, leading to conflict and disagreement. This vision may be a warning to do your due diligence on any course of action that you take in the hopes of securing or improving your financial standing.

Stealing from yourself

Stealing from yourself, perhaps by pocketing money or valuables from your safe or nicking some cash from your own wallet, alludes to huge setbacks in your current plans. Things could go south pretty quickly just when you think things are going your way. This would inevitably affect you emotions and mental state as you struggle to keep things under control. Unfortunately, it may just not be your time and you would have to walk away from your goals for a while or else you could have a complete meltdown.

Stealing cars off the street

In my dream, I steal a car like an SUV and park it by my house. After that, I watch the news of cops looking for who stole this car. After that, I dream I am opening another car, that I choose when I walk on the street, I see a "Ford New Fusion" and open it using a thin string in place of a key. And drive it to my house.

Stealing a car in a dream denotes envy or covetousness. A car which belongs to someone else represents your dreams, ambitions and drive to succeed. Hence, stealing the vehicles of others reflects your desire to have what others have or to live the way others live. There is discontent within you and your subconscious recognizes this unhappiness about your lot in life. However, you also recognize the fact that this coveting is misguided, which is why the police appear in the dream. This alludes to your conscience. You know that success and happiness are not based on what other people have and that social comparison only makes you unhappy. Instead, you need to know how to define success for yourself.

Stealing birds

Trying to steal birds, from your neighbors or pet store display area, in a dream vision is usually seen as a bad omen. This vision portends that a tragic accident or a disaster is looming around you. This might be a natural one or something that might be caused by your reckless actions. This will greatly impact everything around you but mostly your career and finances.

Planning on stealing something

Plotting or planning to steal something important in a dream, from a bank, a safe or breaking into someone's home in order to do it, portends an upcoming illness. You could catch a contagious disease or get injured in reality. It could be because you are neglecting your well-being due to a hectic work schedule. Fortunately, this health issue would not last long if you make it a point to follow doctor's orders and get ample rest. Other clues may be revealed if the item you are stealing is evident in the dream.

Someone stealing a car

Witnessing the theft of a car represents your yearning to improve your social status. You tend to be impatient, especially if you are not getting the results you want. When this happens, you are usually tempted to use a shortcut. For instance, not getting enough followers on Instagram makes you want to buy followers to boost your social media presence. Unfortunately, having bots and fake accounts as followers will negatively impact your social media influence. Perhaps you need to work smarter and find innovative strategies to reach your targets without resorting to dirty tactics.

Stealing a car

Stealing a car, whether you get ahold of the keys or hot-wire it, alludes to making a sudden, rash decision in your life, often with potentially catastrophic consequences if you fail. For instance, you may decide to jump into a new career or uproot and move to another country on a whim. If you have the strength of character to persevere in this situation, you may get away with your lack of planning and thinking things through. However, if you are one to easily fold or give up, you may lose money, friends or status due to your decision.

Son stealing a purse and being shot

My handbag was stolen through a window in my bedroom that was opened. I chased the thief down and he finally let go of the bag. I recovered my bag with nothing stolen. And the thief was shot twice in the back. As I looked at the thief I realized it was my son. So I wept heavily.

Your handbag represents your hopes, dreams and aspirations, so having it stolen in your dream indicates a failure to achieve your goals or more likely a feeling that you have been robbed of opportunities that could have elevated your status or pushed your career forward. The revelation that the thief is your son alludes to a possible belief that your son is holding you back. On the other hand, you could also be worried that he is throwing away his future and straying from the path that you have set him on. There is a need to re-examine your relationship with your son to tackle issues that are holding one, or both of you back.

A friend stealing a CD and running away

I dreamt I saw my friend stealing a music CD and running away wearing a white lace dress. Seeing her run was so funny, I woke up laughing. In reality, she can't run due to serious health problems.

Dreaming about your friend stealing merchandise could be the manifestation of your concern for her, particularly what others may be saying about her condition. While white clothing is often associated with marriage, in this case, it could further signify your worry over the happiness she is getting out of her relationships, whether that is with her family, a lover or even you. Finally, seeing her running away from you when she is unable to do so in waking life, could be the manifestation of your fears over losing her friendship, possibly because of her medical problems or the natural separation that occurs with time and lack of common experiences. It would be wise, if you value this friendship, to prioritize spending time with her and remind her how important she is to you.

An act of stealing and black smoke

In my dream I had a red small sling bag with glossy leather. A lady tries to snatch and steal and when I tried to pull it, she breaks the strap off it. The lady seemed like too much jealous and angry with me. But I have never seen her before. Then on the same day I had another dream in which I see my room is filled with smoke coming in from window. I get a bit panicky, but it eventually cleared as the smoke goes out from the AC hole in the ceiling.

Having a dream about a bag being stolen from you by someone is reflective of your hopes, dreams and aspirations that have not materialized for some reason or other, and you are forced to face the harsh realities of life. In this case, the person holding you back could be yourself and your own insecurities. Similarly, the smoke coming in from your window symbolizes anxieties and uncertainties preventing your from pursuing your dreams. This could be an opportunity for you to take a step back and examine your life from a completely different angle in order to find the true meaning and reason for your existence.

Things stolen from boyfriend at a bar

We're at a bar and I am standing behind the guy I am casually seeing. These two girls from either side of him begin to steal things from his back pockets without him realizing it. I catch them out and yell 'What do you think you're doing?" The dream ends abruptly.

Seeing yourself out at a bar with your boyfriend is a warning that you are currently too preoccupied with your romantic relationship, which may cause or aggravate some troubles within your family or social circle. This is followed by the image of the women stealing from him, a symbol closely associated with the idea of danger lurking in the future. Your preoccupation may be leaving you open to attack by someone pretending to be on your side. You should look out for potential backstabbers and guard both your person and possessions carefully.