Dreams Related To Stare

A white cat staring

I dreamt that there was a white cat trying to get into my house. I saw it through the front door down the street, staring at me. I look through the back door window, it's in the backyard, still staring. I go back to the front door. The cat is right at the door, staring. I see that it has the most beautiful eyes I've ever seen (I hate eyes). The right one was blue, the other was green. I go to my room. It's there, still staring. As I'm admiring its eyes, it suddenly smiles humanly and turns black.

The white cat trying to get into your house is a sign of misfortune. Typically this refers to material loss. Your phone could get snatched or a family member could get scammed out of their hard-earned money. Likewise, the green and blue eyes of the cat suggests duality, meaning along with good fortune comes roadblocks. For example, winning a car means additional taxes and expenses for maintenance. If a deal seems too good to be true, it probably is. The best thing to do is to always read the fine print or ask about specifics. Finally, the cat turning black points to a formidable enemy who will try to outsmart you by setting cunning little traps here and there. Always be smart when dealing with new situations and exercise caution with each transaction.