Dreams Related To Star

A Christmas star

A Christmas star is a sign that is usually associated with the Biblical events which allegedly took place around the Christmas season. Observing a bright star in the sky or on the top of a holiday tree while you are dreaming could be indicating a future event where you would receive or exchange gifts with your relatives or friends, just like the ones the three Magi brought to the newborn Jesus. The described event is not bound to happen specifically sometime near Christmas, nor would it necessarily be in a form resembling the mentioned holiday. This interpretation is especially true if the dream in question was experienced on the night before Christmas.

Rows of stars in the sky

A dream portraying the stars in the sky as long formations resembling a line or chain is usually considered to be a favorable omen. Just like these lights have arranged themselves into a series of shining milestones, some previous events in your life could have been leading you to an upcoming victory or accomplishment that would likely happen in the future. This outstanding event would likely be a celebration of your exceptional attitude, performance and general willingness to constantly strive for self-improvement and personal growth.

A shooting star not falling

A dream in which you find yourself observing a shooting star, yet not witnessing it reach the horizon below, could be a message foretelling an approaching need to change your usual place of inhabitance to a new, quite remote one. For example, life's circumstances could force you to move from your current home and embark on a long journey to another state, country or even continent to finally settle down. It is impossible to predict the nature of the events that could trigger this relocation, nor foresee whether their final outcome would be a favorable and happy one.

A star entering your chest

From ancient times, children were considered to be one of the greatest gifts a family could receive from the heavens above. That said, a dream in which you envision a star entering your chest, be it in the form of a comet or any other celestial light of similar fashion, could indicate that you and your partner in love would be blessed with a baby boy in the future. In general, a similar dream foretells an upcoming addition to the dreamer's family.

Walking with a star above

If in a dream you envision yourself walking beneath a star that is accompanying every step you make on your long journey, know that this is a favorable sign. Most likely, it indicates that you are surrounded by people who love you deeply, who value your opinions, cherish your emotions and respect your general attitude in life. The star you witnessed in the sky is a symbol of your family, friends and all the people who care for you and wish you well. They tend to be emotionally close to you at all times regardless of the circumstances, just like the star in your dream was closely following your steps.