Dreams Related To Stairs

Walking up the stairs

Dreaming about walking up the stairs is a good sign. Each step represents a successful achievement or a fulfilled goal. Since you are climbing upwards, the dream means that you are going through an auspicious period, filled with satisfied desires, victories or successfully completed projects and plans. That is, you would feel happy, fortunate and lucky after having this dream. You would feel that everything is going according to your plans and aspirations.

Broken stairs

Dreaming about standing upon or seeing broken stairs can symbolize stillness or sluggishness. Specifically, it is possible that you presently have some particular project, objective or desire. However, you could be about to encounter some obstacles. These unforeseen difficulties could, but only temporarily, hinder the achievement of your aim or goals. This is because the problems you are facing are most likely minor or insignificant. You would easily or quickly be able to surpass, overcome or resolve the arisen issues, and continue moving forward.

Walking down the stairs

Dreaming about finding yourself walking down the stairs is an unfavorable sign. Symbolically speaking, you are distancing yourself from you main life goals, whatever these may be. For the time being, what you have idealized for yourself could become harder to accomplish. Hence, it is possible you could soon experience some professional problems. For example, the outcomes of a project you are currently working on could be worse than those expected, or some team work conflicts could arise and delay the completion of a task. The dream could also be related to other areas of your life. For instance, you could be in a non-reciprocated love affair. That is, you could be in love with someone that does not love you back.

Missing stairs

Dreams involving visions of walking on stairs with missing steps could symbolize forthcoming problems. Specifically, you could soon encounter complex or odd situations. These might seem to be unrelated to the preceding events. By not logically following up on the past events, you might become puzzled and confused. Alternatively, you could come across periods of uncertainty and doubt. During these moments, you would be unsure about what your next move should be.

If, in this dream, you managed to walk through the missing steps, this could be a positive sign. Namely, you would be able to surpass, overcome or solve these strange, complex or uncertain situations. If, however, you could not move upwards or fell through the void space left by the missing step, this could be a negative sign instead. In this case, you should expect serious forthcoming difficulties and hardships. These could force you to change or re-start your path. For example, you might have to completely abandon one of you current projects or activities. You might also fail at a particularly important task or activity and see yourself starting it all over.

Climbing stairs

To climb or walk up the stairs is a metaphor for success. One by one your goals will be realized and with each achievement you will get closer and closer to your ultimate dream. You have a chance to make the most of this auspicious period to gain momentum and secure a prosperous future for yourself and your family. Walking upstairs is also an allusion to an upgrade to your social status. Perhaps due to becoming more wealthy or respected in your community, you will solidify your position in the upper echelon of society.

Someone you know on top of the stairs

Dreaming about a person of the opposite sex standing on top of the stairs could symbolize a desire to have a relationship. You could long for the start of a new close relationship, be about to start a new intimate relationship, or currently have a very pleasant intimate relationship. In any of these cases, you might be subconsciously wishing to make the relationship more serious. For example, you might be wanting to go steady, marry or have kids. You could also want to move forward by deepening and refining the intimacy bonds. However, you may presently be too shy or insecure and refrain from expressing your true desires.

The reason behind your silence may be social or cultural, rather than personal. That is, there may be some unspoken taboos or ethical reasons that make you so reserved or render you feeling unable to openly discuss your thoughts and feelings with the person in question. For true love to come about, you should gain courage, resolve your fears or overcome the moral social constraints.

Climbing up and down the stairs

Dreamed I was traveling home. I took a different route, after 30 minutes was lost. Too late to turn around, confused. There was a rest stop. The house looked like my childhood house, except now it had a second story added. I climbed upstairs to find the bathrooms, and there were more steps so I climbed up to a resting area. I kept climbing up and down the stairs. I saw a lady with tight short sapphire blue hair, and gold hair.

Having a dream vision involving your childhood home may show tension or sentimentality. Such an image typically expresses your wish to turn back to your childhood innocence and escape a current situation. This may be connected to issues in professional life or relationship problems. You may be seeking a safe and carefree lifestyle that you probably lack in this period of life. So envisioning being lost and not finding the right route to your home reveals enthusiastic and brave sides of your character which you may have been overlooking. It is quite possible that you are seeking an opportunity to travel to a new place or environment where you can feel safe and less stressed.

On top of stairs and someone at the bottom

Female. I am at the very top of a flight of stairs full of boxes. At the bottom there is an unhappy looking man staring up at me.

When you find yourself atop of a flight of stairs in a dream, it can be a symbolic image of your life achievements. The boxes you remembered in the same dream could be a metaphor for the things you hold dear to your heart and of which you will never let go, while the man staring at you from the bottom could be someone you have left behind, someone who was not able to keep up with you for some reason and now there is a vast distance between the two of you.

Someone falling down stairs

To see a person falling down a flight of stairs indicates a lack of direction or sense of purpose. It also suggests losing sight of your original goals. You are due for a true awakening which will guide you back to your true calling. Perhaps you need to take a break from whatever is derailing you such as unhealthy habits or toxic relationships. This is your subconscious reminding you to search within yourself and channel the drive and motivation you used to possess.

Running fast up the stairs

Dreaming that you are speeding up the stairs could be a warning. You could be ignoring important details and rushing towards your goals. However, you might benefit more from being more attentive, mindful and conscious. You should not ignore the past helpful, considerate or loving deeds of everyone with whom you had a close relationship or who has been of assistance. Alternatively, the dream could signify that your success and popularity is quickly increasing. You would transpire confidence and charisma in everything that you do. You might soon experience the professional or sexual benefits of such fame and attitude.

By highlighting the quickness of your pace, the dream alerts you to be grateful to those who have helped you achieve your goals and move forward. It would be kind, honest and fair to reciprocate their favors and support. This would maintain the balance, security and healthiness of your relationships. Later on, you might need or benefit from such thoughtful action.

Running fast down the stairs

Dreaming about running fast down the stairs could symbolize a personality characteristic. Namely, you may have high standards when choosing an intimate, romantic or sexual partner. That is, you might be a picky person when it comes to dating. It would likely be associated with communication difficulties. This means that sustaining a conversation with someone of the opposite sex might represent a demanding challenge for you, principally when looking for a potential life partner. This could be an ever-present or recently acquired personal quality.

Steep stairs

When considering steep stairs dream meaning, it is important to look at which direction the dreamer was facing. Looking to climb a flight of steep stairs could mean achieving great things even in the face of adversity, while looking down a steep staircase could reveal a quick and decisive fall from someone's grace due to bad behavior or the actions of a third party.

Wide and beautiful stairs

Dreaming about observing yourself standing or walking on wide and beautiful stairs is a very auspicious sign. It often reveals that you are on the right path and making the right choices. Such just and promising performance could have very positive consequences. Specifically, you could soon become a more affluent, respected and fulfilled person.

Reaching the top of stairs

Dreaming about observing yourself reach the top of some stairs commonly has positive connotations. The symbolic success could be associated with your primary and most significant activities in reality. For example, for young men, this dream could translate wishes coming true and achieiving self-fulfillment. For businessmen and entrepreneurs, it could symbolize prosperity, profit and social recognition. For farmers, it could indicate an excellent harvest and prosperous existence.

For students and academics, it could signify successful completion of their currently pursued studies and projects. For widows and anyone who might have recently experienced a great loss, it could translate the end of their mourning period. That is, the feelings of sadness, anger or unhappiness would finally resolve themselves for good, creating opportunities for happiness and contentment in the near future.

Tumbling down the stairs

Dreaming about observing yourself tumble down the stairs often is a negative symbol. You are moving downwards. This means that you are distancing yourself from your main objectives in life. Moreover, you tumbled. This is suggestive that such unfortunate fall was caused by some envious, mean and ill-intended person. This enemy or opponent could express hostility and hate towards you, while simultaneously trying to make you fail at everything that you do. That is, the dream acts as a forewarning. You might have a strong and powerful adversary sabotaging your plans.

This dream could also speak of a confrontation between the idealized and factual. That is, there could be someone that you adore and fully respect. You think that this person is the best of the best, has no faults and is irreproachable. Such idea would perhaps have originated in the great sexual relationship that you both once had, but not necessarily. Unfortunately, you could soon realize that you were wrong. In reality, that person did not deserve such unconditional esteem. It would perhaps be beneficial not to indulge yourself in the relationship with this person.

Sitting on the stairs

Dreaming about finding yourself sitting on the stairs reveals that you could be on the right track towards happiness and self-fulfillment. You are doing what you need to do to achieve your goals, well-being and satisfaction. However, you might be moving forward very slowly and effortfully. This slow progress could irritate and distress you. Alternatively, in its calmness and easiness, this pace could suit you perfectly. That is, what you feel in regards to such rhythm will determine how positive the dream could be for you.

Taking slow steps on the stairs

Dreaming about walking slowly up some stairs could translate a slow progression. That is, you might be carefully, safely and steadily moving forward towards your objectives. Such slow and attentive progression would have a benefit. Namely, you would be able to monitor, control and prevent the negative effects of any displeasing, adverse or damaging situation encountered.

Others walking down the stairs

Dreaming about observing people walking down the stairs usually is a negative sign. Namely, you may currently be very happy and proud of something that you have done in the past. However, the dream suggests that such self-fulfillment and satisfaction would not last long. Some unexpected and unpredictable occurrence would come into play and destroy, spoil or damage your contentment. That is, the overall positivity that you feel would turn into negativity and pessimism for reasons beyond your control.

Walking up and down the stairs

Dreaming about observing yourself endlessly walking up and down the stairs could symbolize inner doubts. You may presently be in the process of making some important decisions. However, you might eventually be at loss about what to choose. Such uncertainty could become painful and anguishing. If you further saw yourself falling off the stairs, you may face a subtle, discrete and inconspicuous opponent. This person could cause you to fail in your decision-making endeavors.

Someone coming down the stairs

Dreaming about observing someone coming down the stairs could symbolize disappointments. You may currently be happy and satisfied with something or someone. However, some extraneous, unpredictable or uncontrollable circumstances would take place. Their occurrence would transform your satisfaction and happiness into dissatisfaction and sadness. For example, you might suddenly gain a deeper insight into someone and dislike that perception.

Stairs without railing

The imagery of a staircase with no rails means you are missing a stabilizing force in your life. This could be a significant other, a friend, a family member or some other person who makes you feel in control even when facing difficulties. Alternatively, you may be afraid of pursuing your goals and this fear makes you keep pretending that you are content where you are. In reality, you actually want more from life, you just lack the self-confidence to do something about it.

Falling down stairs

To fall down a flight of stairs is indicative of a setback. It means losing your focus or lacking the motivation to pursue your goals. Each step of the stairs is a metaphor for tasks you need to accomplish and decisions you need to make in order to be a step closer to your dreams. You could be languishing or there are roadblocks that prevent you from forging ahead. In any case, this can also be an opportunity for enlightenment. A failure or a mistake that stalls your life plans could take you to a whole new path. It may not be what you want, but it could be what you need.

Seeing things from the stairs

Me being in stairs of the house, start walking up the stairs and I saw my house a little different from what it was. Also I saw out of the window a single bed and a Christmas tree.

To understand this vision, we should consider the symbols in the opposite order, in this case, the single bed and the Christmas tree. The bed meant for one may represent a tendency to withdraw or be left out of things, while the Christmas tree is suggestive of family and inclusiveness. As such, seeing your house as slightly different than it is in reality could mean you perceive your situation in reality in a different way than others. Once you are able to learn of and understand other peoples' points of view, the symbol of walking up the stairs points toward improved connections with others that give you great satisfaction and happiness.

Wooden stairs

A wooden staircase carried two interpretations, according to traditional dream interpretation sources. The first is a reflection of the dreamer's character. It suggests you are a person with some traditional values and a strong work ethic, someone who can be relied upon to do the right thing even when it is hard. The other meaning is more of a predication for the future. You would be able to overcome certain problems or mistakes by looking to the past. There is already a solution to your issue, you just have to see what other people have already done.

Child falling down stairs

In general, witnessing a person fall down the stairs in a dream vision means the dreamer feels rudderless. This lack of direction can lead to career stagnation and a negative perception of yourself. If it is a child who fell down the stairs, it means you are losing touch of your child-like wonder. Perhaps you are feeling jaded and pessimistic about your future. You think your childhood dreams are so far out of your reach that it would be easy to just give up. This is merely a projection of your frustrations. It is up to you if you decide to give in to negativity or forge on with your aspirations.

Spiral stairs with a river underneath

I saw a set of spiral stairs which was shining brightly and it was silver in color with a stream of river below it, with some unknown bugs in it (looked like bees but not too sure). I was scared of climbing the stairs so I just stood there.

The silver-colored spiral staircase before you represents lifting yourself out of a difficult situation or "picking yourself up by your own bootstraps". Your hesitancy to climb the stairs, then, may mean you are emotionally stuck, unable to move on or get over your current problems. The flowing stream below the staircase is suggestive of monetary affairs, while bees are more suggestive of romantic entanglements. It's possible that your difficulties lie in the balance between your work life and personal relationships. Unless you find a happy medium, you would find it almost impossible to rise above your current position.

Getting dizzy while walking up the stairs

Having a dream about walking up the stairs and becoming dizzy could be a warning sign. It could reveal the way you feel about what you currently are trying to achieve. For example, you may doubt, fear, question or distrust the admiration and praise that is presently being offered to you by those that are involved in your life or project. However, such reservations would be unrelated to other people’s intentions. Rather, these undesirable outcomes would consist of seeing the power rise up to your head. This could lead you to become disrespectful of other people’s expectations, wishes and feelings. You could also become excessively authoritative and bossy. Such attitude could cost you other people’s respect and admiration. Your current reputation might be ruined in a heartbeat. Hence, you doubt the path you are taking.

Stairs and a donkey

I was going up the unknown stairs and then down there was a vineyard and a donkey was staring at me very close to my face.

Dreaming about walking up and down the stairs could be suggestive of your tendency to distance yourself from important life goals. Instead of steadily moving toward fulfilling your aspirations and completing your projects, you tend to retract from and boycott your own progression. There could be many reasons behind this tendency. Some of the obstacles could be the result of your own behavior, but also the actions, wills and behavior of others. Moreover, the dream could be related to many areas of your life. For instance, you could be in a non-reciprocated love affair. That is, you could be in love with someone who does not love you back. The vision of donkeys being close to your face is an indication that you could be dealing with some kind of stubborn and opinionated people who are standing in your way to move forward. Since you encountered them while moving downwards, this reinforces the idea that some of the obstacles are being put in your path partly due to the attitudes of others. Their proximity to your face is most likely a subconscious reflection of having to confront a lot of people who could be disagreeing with you, dislike your ideas or be excessively controlling. There would be no way of fleeing from that confrontation.

On the stairs of a tall building

Me and a female friend were in a tall rectangular building (maybe 3 stories tall) and inside it was hollow, except for a staircase against the left wall leading up the top where there was a locked door. Suddenly a talking friendly dancing rat or raccoon appeared. Then, the huge stone door comes sliding up out of the ground covering the front wall of the building, trapping us. Building starts to fill with LOTS of water, fast. We run upstairs, through the door where there is a scared male owner and he starts shooting.

This vision seems to allude to a path that is before you or a choice you would soon have to make. Choosing correctly would reap great rewards, while choosing poorly could lead to disaster. The tall building at the beginning of the vision represents the potential to make it big. You have the opportunity and ability to succeed in your chosen field or business, if only you could take the first step in the right direction. However, your hand may be forced at some point, which is seen in your suddenly being trapped in the room. Combined with the flood waters, this symbol literally refers to the idea of sinking or swimming. Taking the stairs in this situation points toward making progress in the right direction, so it is very likely you would overcome whatever shortcoming or holdup that is preventing you from getting ahead now. Bursting through the door at the end of the vision and seeing the man shooting represents the carefree, peaceful future you could attain.

Circular stairs

Dreaming about seeing or walking on circular or spiral-shaped stairs could translate a Herculean task. That is, you may currently be involved in some pointless, overly complex, purposeless and time-consuming activity. However, if the stairs were spiraled, rather than circular, it is possible that the task or activity might have some positive or encouraging results at the end.

Falling down the stairs

Everywhere I was going I would fall down the stairs.

Going downstairs in the dream world is synonymous with moving further away from your goals and true purpose. Falling, then, could be interpreted literally as moving quickly away from what you once considered important. Perhaps you have recently made some bad decisions that do not really align with who you are and what you want. This vision may be a warning to start focusing on what you want out of life and to move in a direction conducive to those goals.

Gently-sloping stairs

Dreaming about seeing or walking down gently-sloping stairs could symbolize an effortless task. That is, you may be involved in or working on some project or activity. Despite the effortlessness and easiness with which you seem to carry on your plans, you may need to be on the watch for decisive moments. You might have to turn these critical moments to your advantage so that you successfully complete the project or activity.

Endless stairs

Dreaming about walking on endless stairs could symbolize an eternal quest. You would be in pursuit of your place in life. This would translate a desire to emotionally belong to a place or a circle of close others. This emotional or physical place would have to deeply resonate with your inner self. You could also want to find out who you are. You would be searching for your most inner and deepest desires and needs, for a purpose in life or for the meaning of your existence. This would be a very introspective and demanding process. At times, you might feel lost and confused.

Being atop of stairs with an older man

Woman, 30. As a child, I had a reoccurring dream that I was standing on top of some stairs holding the hand of a strange middle-aged man. The stairs went up like a pyramid and flat on top. Behind us was an electronic sliding glass door. Through the door, I can see only the wall. A small rectangular building. It's a starry night. We don't speak. I think we were in the middle of nowhere. When I woke, I would be paralyzed and scared, not able to call my mom.

There are many symbols in this dream and because it is not recent, some of the symbolic images may have changed or already come to pass since that time. The first major image is that of standing at the top of a flight of stairs, which symbolizes achievements in your life. At the time of experiencing these visions, you may not have begun this journey, so it is possible that in retrospect, you had already achieved certain goals in your life. The old man represents someone in your life you are or were destined to meet, particularly a creative person who would make a strong impression on you, like an artist or teacher. This person may have influenced or aided in the achievements you had made when you were having this dream. Being unable to move upon waking up points toward having some reservations about acting on this person's advice. They may have wanted you to do something you were not comfortable with or which you had little prior knowledge of. The sum of your experiences, however, is what has made you who you are today and, with more reflection and insight, could guide your future decisions as well.

Many stairs

Dreaming about seeing or walking on all kinds of different stairs could represent insanity. You could be feeling slightly insane, dispersed, fragmented and lacking focus and direction. You could also have an interest in all sorts of mental disorders or role-playing personalities.

Stairs with nice detailing

Dreaming about walking on or seeing perfectly crafted or wonderfully detailed stairs is a promising symbol. It could mean that you would soon become involved in exciting, amusing, fulfilling or rewarding projects, businesses or activities. These would make you feel good about yourself at a spiritual, intellectual, emotional or physical level. You would become more positive about what you are doing with your life. This state could also feedback upon your relationships. That is, you would get along better with others and others would enjoy spending time with you.

Stairs crumbling down

Dreaming about walking on or standing on crumbling, frail or subsiding stairs often bears negative connotations. It could portend ruined plans, failed projects or inabilities to stand up to the challenge. As a consequence, you would feel disappointed, sad, demotivated or frustrated. You might need to re-focus your energy and courage to start over.

Missing a step while climbing a set of stairs

I have been getting this dream since childhood. I always dream about myself climbing the stairs and I missed one step while climbing. And get shocked, I shake in the dream as well as in real life.

Walking up the stairs in a dream vision is a highly positive symbol associated with making progress on your goals or dreams. Skipping a step, then, suggests much the same, especially if you are constantly concerned and anxious about completing a particular project. Namely, it means doing seemingly less work, but still getting to where you are supposed to be. While it may shock you a little to find you have forgotten to do something important, as long as you get where you are meant to go with available time and resources, everything is likely to (and may have been) turn out alright.

Stairs leading to places

I was walking down small, very very steep stairs with a good friend and coworker. I held onto the rails but was afraid of falling, so had him go in front of me, then I was calm. The stairs went down to a beautiful boardwalk with clean, pretty water, couple of restaurants. We went to eat outside at a table. It was pretty, peaceful and calm. I went to the bathroom, and took too long and he called me. The toilet was full of toilet paper and I flushed it, washed hands and hurried back out. Then we left.

Dreaming about finding yourself walking down the stairs is an unfavorable sign. Symbolically speaking, you are distancing yourself from your main life goals, whatever these may be. Sitting at a restaurant is furthermore associated with the idea of being in a period of waiting, suggesting that it could take time before you are able to resume your efforts. Given how prominently your co-worker stands out in this vision, it is possible you are seeking a relationship with him or someone else in order to get through this period. The toilet filled with toilet paper, however, can be interpreted as a sign that once you identify the problem with your progress, the actual matter of fixing it would not be so difficult, meaning you are perfectly capable of doing it yourself.

Being able to glide above a flight of stairs

Many many times I have a dream that I am at the top of a flight of stairs and jump off the top and float, gliding just above each stair, to the bottom. Sometimes there are just a few stairs, sometimes there are many and they are a curved flight and I am able to glide to the landing at the bottom without touching any stairs.

Being on top of a flight of stairs oftentimes refers to the apex of enlightenment as well as triumph. In your dream, in which you jump off and float, the stairs could be a representation of your emotional and psychological journey. Whereas the majority of individuals prefer not to confront their repressed issues and past experiences, you probably have no trouble delving into your subconscious as a way of understanding your actions and motivations. You are likely highly self-aware and as a result, you have a pretty good understanding of your strengths and weaknesses whenever you are facing new challenges.