Dreams Related To Staircase

Explain meaning of dreams about stairs or staircase

A staircase leading to a strange area

I had walked down a set of spiral steps onto a metallic floor without walls or a ceiling that you could see through the small openings. It was suspended over shallow, clear water, and went on farther down to my right from where I had exited the staircase. Beside me I saw a sturdy dark brown bookshelf. It was as if this area suspended above the water was a library, and rows of these bookshelves went far down past my field of view. Some had books.

A staircase in dreams usually alludes to progress or development. You could be trying to improve your current situation by aiming for a promotion at work or acquiring a new skill. The shallow, clear water upon which the staircase and the bookshelves are suspended likely alludes to the sharpness and clarity of your personal and professional goals. You know exactly what you need to do to get to the next level until your eventually achieve your ultimate dream. In that context, the bookshelves represent wisdom and continuous learning. It is possible that you are also contemplating on pursuing graduate studies as a way of increasing your market value. You may also be embarking on extensive research in relation to your current projects or preoccupations. Ultimately, the convergence of symbols related to achievement and motivation convey a high possibility that you would achieve your dreams through your consistent efforts at self-improvement.

Afraid of walking the staircase

Being afraid of walking on a staircase depicts your personal insecurities as well as a sense of uncertainty. Your insecurities are preventing you from fully promoting and marketing your skills or your business. This could be your obstacle to finally starting your own YouTube channel or becoming an influencer in your own right. Additionally, your fears could stem from a lack of safety net. If you quit your day job and pursue your passion, there is no guarantee that it will work out and pay the bills.

Staircase leading to nowhere

A staircase leading to nowhere means you feel you are at a dead end job. No matter how much work you put in, there seems to be no professional development or career growth available for you. On the other hand, you may feel like you lack purpose in life. Instead of getting stuck like a cog in the machine of your company, perhaps you want to explore entrepreneurship or get involved in ethical organizations where you will feel like you are making more difference in the world.

Staircase pieces not connected

Female. 39. So I'm in a building I live in on the 4th floor (I'm from Oklahoma I might add)...flat one level honest etc. Every floor was fairly well except 4th which wasn't bad. I get to top stairs and it doesn't connect to my floor by a step or 2 and stairways down about 5-7 steps to a bi-level room, eventually shaking head 2 head 2 hall for home. Awake! As I'm walking, so never saw home in dream?

This vision seems to be an analogy for your relationship with others in reality. For instance, walking up the stairs is usually considered a positive symbol with each step up representing an achievement or successful moment in your life. However, as you reach your house and the top of the stairs in your dream, some of them are missing or broken. This can be considered the manifestation of stress and sluggishness in your life. Until recently you were probably pretty happy and content with the pace and direction your life has been taking. This is supported and explained by the fact that you never actually reached or saw your home in the dream. This suggests that a friend or family member has betrayed you in wake life, and this situation may have negatively impacted your faith in those around you. Perhaps you need to find someone or something else to believe in so that you can establish your positive life trend once again.

Climbing a staircase with a sword

Female. I am climbing a steep staircase carrying a large sword.

The prominence of the steep staircase in your dream depicts a precarious path to success. Fortunately, wielding a sword means you are channeling your inner warrior. You are not the type to back down from a challenge or become easily intimidated by difficulty. Carrying the sword also means you are equipped with the necessary skills or tools to achieve your dreams.