Dreams Related To Stabbed

Seeing someone being stabbed

Witnessing a stabbing incident or someone getting stabbed indicates backbiting and slander. A malicious individual and rumor mongers will try to turn your friends against you by exploiting your weaknesses. On the other hand, Sigmund Freud associates sharp objects like knives with power which means you will fall victim to abuses of power by community leaders or influential personalities. Maybe this abuse will test your character and allow you to speak out about injustices.

Watching someone get stabbed

Watching someone being stabbed in your dream, with a knife or any sharp implement, means you are a victim of backstabbing. Beware of disingenuous people trying to infiltrate your close-knit circle of friends because they are bound to betray you. Meanwhile, Freudian interpretation of this symbol indicates domination since sharp objects often signify power and masculinity. Perhaps you observe an increasing trend of violence and overbearing behavior within your community.

Being stabbed

Dreaming of getting stabbed, especially in the front of your body, signifies power struggle. You may be struggling to assert your dominance over a colleague, a team member or even your significant other. Maybe you are feeling inadequate in certain areas of your life, so you tend to become passive or agreeable when conflict arises instead of airing your side or asserting yourself when necessary. Maybe you need to become more confident with your skills and value yourself more.

Being stabbed but not dying

According to data analyzed by John Paul Jackson, the image of being stabbed without sustaining a fatal blow or dying can be interpreted as a sign that you are currently struggling with someone or something in reality. This may be some sort of power struggle between yourself and another individual, such as in a race or competition, but it may equally refer to internal struggles, such as with addiction or trauma. Not dying in this vision, however, is a promising sign, as it suggests overcoming the difficulty or at least not being hindered by it in any significant way.

Stabbed by someone

Dreaming that you have been stabbed by someone is often thought to be the manifestation of some type of power struggle taking place in reality. This may stem from a tendency to be more demure or passive when conflict arises instead of asserting what you really want or believe in. In some cases, you could be struggling to find your place in a work group, making it difficult to ascertain what your actually responsibilities are. Alternatively, you may be in a relationship with someone who thinks you should act one way when it goes against what you really want. You may even be allowing yourself to be manipulated. This vision should be considered a reminder that your opinion and presence in the world is important. Your voice and feelings are valid. If you have trouble expressing them, you should talk to a professional or a trusted friend.

Being stabbed by a friend

I keep having this same dream with one of my friends in it. We're in a white room, but every time we touch we end up on a mountain with an ocean below us. She stabs me 3 different times in the dream then the final time she just pushes me off the mountain and I wake up.

This dream does not necessarily represent bad or negative things, most likely it is a reflection of how your relationship with this person is. Being on top of the mountain and above the ocean could mean that there is something in your relationship with her that makes you hesitant or unwilling to pursue something out of your comfort zone, and she manages to make you think otherwise. The only bad thing about this interaction could be your uncertainty in regards to what's going to happen next. This dream vision could also be an indication of your submissive and easy to control personality.

Being stabbed in the chest

Being stabbed in the chest during the course of a dream vision has ominous connotations for your reality. It suggests you would struggle for dominance in an important area of your life, such as with a co-worker or romantic partner. You would have little to no support, however, even if you are morally in the right. This could lead to friction with other members of your social circle outside of the conflict, in addition to making you feel very alone and vulnerable.

Being stabbed or shot

Being stabbed or shot during a vision while dreaming is often considered a negative symbol. It predicts some trouble between you and someone else in reality, likely in the form of a rivalry or power struggle. For example, someone relatively close to you in wake life may try to force their will upon you, like a parent encouraging you to take a certain course of study or a friend trying to get you involved with the wrong crowd. Alternatively, a contender for the same prize as you may also be searching for a weakness or flaw in your plans in order to sabotage your efforts.

Mother being stabbed

Dreaming of your mother being stabbed can be distressing but does not necessarily reflect a literal desire or intention to harm her or that she is in danger. Instead, it symbolizes underlying feelings of conflict, fear, or vulnerability in your relationship with her. This dream also points towards unresolved emotional issues or a sense of powerlessness in a particular aspect of your life. You need to address certain painful memories or experiences that involve your mother. Consider the emotions you felt during the dream and your current dynamics with your mother to gain a deeper understanding of its meaning. If the dream continues to bother you, it might be helpful to talk to a professional, like a therapist or someone you trust.