Dreams Related To Spouse

Spouse leaving you for someone else

Edgar Cayce's notes on dream interpretation suggest that your spouse leaving you in the dream world is not a literal prophecy of something of that nature coming to pass in reality. Rather, this symbol suggests you have a naturally gentle and trusting personality that could be taken advantage of by unscrupulous individuals. Although it is possible, it is rarely your spouse who is to be feared here. You should be aware of online phishing scams attempting to steal your login information or calls from individuals pretending to work for the government.

Spouse leaving

Envisioning that your significant other has packed up their bags and left in the dream world is a sign with negative connotations, although it does suggest there would be a happy outcome. Whether something happened in the dream prompted the separation or not, this symbol means that you would experience a brief rift or separation with your spouse in wake life. This is likely due to some shocking news or a misunderstanding. However, in many cases, this issue can be patched up through mutual hard work and a desire to improve the quality of the relationship.

Spouse dying

In general, witnessing your spouse perish in the dreamscape signifies a shift in one of your valued relationships. It could signal disintegration of a friendship or the blossoming of an even stronger bond. If the wife is dying, this predicts a coming blessing. A loved one may beat a lifelong illness or your own wife may enjoy a healthy life. If the husband is dying, then it indicates infighting and disagreements within your social group.

Spouse in love with someone else

I'm a female. I dreamt that my spouse moved on with a very brown pretty girl, and though I was there he didn't care. His brother said I should just move on because he doesn't love me anymore. I want to know what it means. Thank you.

Dreaming that your spouse has left you for another woman actually has little to do with his fidelity or love for you in wake life. Rather, this symbol is a reflection of your own trusting or gullible personality. While this vision does not predict your husband would cheat on you, it does suggest that your own nature would prevent you from recognizing the signs of deceit happening around you. In essence, you could consider this vision a warning to be more careful about whom you trust and what information you share, especially online. There are plenty of people, be they supposed friends or faraway hackers, who could take advantage of your lack of discretion.

Your spouse's ex

Your partner's ex symbolizes a past issue that could resurface. Finding the answer to what does it mean when you dream about your spouse's ex is dependent on your interaction with this person. If it is antagonistic, then perhaps something about your spouse's past is driving a wedge in your relationship. On the other hand, if you are civil or even friendly, it is an auspicious omen about your readiness to embrace his past life for all its ups and downs.

Losing sight of the spouse

I was filling out paperwork and when it was my turn, the father of my son approached the clerk and told her we were there for him to sing overall rights over our son. We later walked out to the bus stop, I got on the bus, but he said he needed to use the bathroom and the bus left without him. I felt nervous because he did not have money to get back, so I got out of the bus and looked for him in a corner store and eventually he showed up and I woke up.

This vision is full of nostalgia but suggests these memories may be holding you back. For example, filling out paperwork in regards to the guardianship of your son in this dream indicates that you could be focusing on how things once were instead of how they should be. While remembering where you have come from is important, it could distract you from your future and prevent you from making progress on your goals and dreams. This is also supported by being at a bus stop, which indicates that you believe in true love and may think someone from your past is the one deserving your time and affection. By not considering others who may provide you with the same in your present or future, you may be missing out on the person you are waiting for.

Separating from spouse

Dreaming about separating from a spouse represents the dreamer's subconscious fear of repeating past mistakes and the potential dissolution of their marriage. The dream serves as a symbol of their anxiety surrounding divorce or separation, highlighting a deep concern about losing their family and love. The dreamer may be harboring unresolved concerns, worrying about unintentionally contributing to the breakdown of their relationship. It's essential for the dreamer to explore these emotions and address any underlying issues, fostering open communication and understanding to strengthen the bond and ensure a harmonious future with their spouse and family.