Dreams Related To Spat

A spat with an old friend

I had a dream of an old female friend who was sitting on the couch across me, my mom and dad were there also. This female friend was on her phone ignoring me. My dad sitting beside me asked what's her dad's name again, I said don't know. She got closer beside me, I told her "You know what my real intentions were". I offended her, she takes scissors and cuts lock of hair from my knee and sewing needle in other hand, than sits on my lap and I grab her waist. Then I clip my nails after.

Being ignored in the dream realm may in fact be the manifestation of depression or negative thoughts from reality. These dark ponderings are making their way into your dreams, disturbing your rest and making you even more prone to feelings of sadness, frustration or anger. The presence of your father and mother in this case could mean that there is a specific someone or group of someones who are ignoring you. Perhaps you are on good terms with some friends, but another has recently pulled away. The cutting of hair from your knee and the act of clipping your own nails both represent a literal cutting off of affection or care, further supporting the notion that you used to be close to this individual. It is unclear if you would be able to turn this situation around or repair the connection.