Dreams Related To Space

Falling into a deep and dark space

Falling endlessly into deep and dark space reveals a loss of direction or sense of purpose. It could also signify a downward spiral into depression or despondence. When things start to fall apart or you experience failure, your response may be more negative than normal. So your mind is likely mirroring a typical reaction of losing hope and motivation when things get tough. The depth and darkness likewise reflect your tendency to dwell in negative situations instead of looking for solutions to your problems.

Being confined in a limited space

To be trapped or confined in a small space, such as being confined in a claustrophobic cubicle-type space or a small room, means you may be backed up into a corner because of being too indecisive. The deadline may be approaching when you would have no choice but to make a decision, otherwise your problems would never go away. Trying to ignore issues or running away from your problems would not help you develop as a person and a professional, so sooner or later you have to face your responsibilities.

Flying through space

When considering the flying through space dream meaning, it is important to pay attention to the surroundings or objects you witness. General images of space flight may be a sign of distraction or preoccupation, but the cause may or may not be your fault depending on the other signs present. The Moon may point toward worries of a romantic nature, while a comet or shooting star may mean you are awaiting the arrival of some important news.

Being in space

Dreaming about being in space can represent either contentment or fear. Dreaming about floating in space without any gravitational pull symbolizes the communications and closeness you enjoy with your friends. However, if you experienced fear and discomfort about being in space, it can represent a sense of fear and a perception of threat related to your close bonds with your friends. It could mean that you are worried that being preoccupied with chores and obligations can negatively affect your communication and closeness with your friends.

Becoming an astronaut in space

A dream of becoming an astronaut in space can represent your feelings associated with making new friends and navigating social interactions with new, unfamiliar people. Perhaps you are about to, or have just recently moved to a new city, neighborhood or school, or started a new job where you will be forming new friendships and expanding your social circle. Dreaming about being an astronaut in space could also predict or allude to subconscious or conscious thoughts about starting a new family.

Someone as an astronaut in space

If you dream about a friend, family member, celebrity you follow, or anyone familiar or unfamiliar as an astronaut in space, clad in a spacesuit and other equipment, it is a negative sign. This dream most likely represents family issues that are about to occur. It is a sign or emerging conflict and tension particularly between younger and older generations in the family. Perhaps you or other members of your family who belong to different generations do not see eye to eye on certain issues, which can cause conflict and tension.

Alone in an open space

If you see yourself being alone in an open space like an empty stadium, field or desert in a dream, it symbolizes that you are in the midst of, or just about to solve some important issues. Perhaps they are some work, family related or legal issues. It is also a hint and reminder to be prudent and cautious when signing any important and binding contracts or documents. Maybe you are signing papers for buying a new house or signing a new business contract. Whatever it is, make sure you go through the fine print thoroughly before committing.

A dream where you see yourself being alone in an open and empty space can also signify an upcoming journey. This can be a long physical journey, or even a spiritual journey you could be thinking of embarking upon. The purpose of taking this journey is to deal with and escape feelings of loneliness you are experiencing. Perhaps you feel lonely because you are physically isolated from loved ones. On the other hand, it could also be loneliness of the philosophical kind, where you are surrounded by people, but still feel alone in your ideas or way of being.

Exploring space with your eyes

If you dream about exploring space with just your eyes as you are seated or standing in one spot, or exploring space in a planetarium, or through a telescope, it means that you need a break or change from the daily grind. Perhaps, you are currently going through a particularly busy and challenging period at work or in other areas of your life, where you do not have time for a breather and cannot escape from your routine due to pressing deadlines. This dream signifies that you are desperate for a change and some relief from your daily responsibilities.

In space in a spaceship

Seeing yourself travelling in space inside a spaceship is a warning sign. You might feel trapped, desperate and out of your depth as you are in a spaceship away from the rest of humanity and everything else that is safe and familiar. This dream is a sign that you could be facing challenges and troubling times very soon. At some level, you may already have a sense of what these upcoming challenges may be. It is a warning and nudge to prepare yourself, and take precautionary measures to deal with these matters.

Space in general

Dreaming of space in general, such as envisioning yourself drifting through space or observing the vast expanse of space through a powerful telescope, means you may have a lot of options or opportunities coming your way. So space in this scenario refers to a period wherein you would have to carefully weigh your options so you can get the best possible outcome. This could also symbolize your personal growth, especially when it comes to being more open-minded and having a broader perspective on life.

Bright and vast space

A bright and vast space, like rolling fields full of flowers or a brightly lit office with an open floor plan, is a testament to your strong skill set and brilliant mind. It means that if you set your mind to it, you can achieve just about anything. The only missing thing is a bit of self-confidence so you can motivate yourself to pursue your passions in life. Maybe you need more supportive people in your life to encourage you into being more assertive when it comes to your goals. Otherwise, you may stagnate out of fear of failure.

The universe as space

Observing the vast space of the universe, beyond our Solar System and even outside the realm of the Milky Way Galaxy, likely reveals your impatience over a project or task that is taking a long time to complete. Unfortunately, you may have to muster more patience and focus because the success and failure of this undertaking most likely depends on thorough and meticulous work. So perhaps taking a break every now and again or allowing your mind to recover after long periods of concentrated work can help you avoid a burnout.

Space around morphing and fluctuating

I feel like I'm standing, frozen in place in a white blank area. I can't see anything in the front, back, sides or above. It's like a point of view dream from my eyes. This is where it gets weird. I can feel what I see and I see the blank space and see that it becomes smooth and I'm still stuck in place. Then I feel the smoothness on my skin, it feels like a soft silk fur blanket. Then I see the texture change again and it's rough like rocks. It fluctuates between them about every 2 seconds.

The white, blank expanse in your dream likely reveals emptiness or a sense of isolation within you. You could be struggling to find a space in the world and this causes uncertainty as well as confusion about the path you want to take. Alternatively, white can also be an allusion to a blank slate. Perhaps you are looking for a fresh start or a new beginning and you would soon have the opportunity to start anew. In that case, the changes in texture refer to the roughness or smoothness of your new journey. The success or failure of your venture depends on how you navigate this new phase, yet it cannot be smooth-sailing all the time.

Space capsules falling from the sky

I was with a group of people leaving a farmer's field, heading to our car and this giant "thing" fell from the sky. It was the size of a vehicle and it crashed in front of us. It looked like a rocket or space capsule or space shuttle. Something they would put in space to record things for research. We panicked and another one fell, then another. We run to this "shack". It was bigger than a shed but smaller than a house. A few fell on the roof but we were still safe. They didn't crash through.

Finding yourself in a farmland in your dream means you need to work on yourself to reach your full potential. In this context, the giant satellites or aircraft symbolize the enormous challenges you need to overcome in order to become the best version of yourself. These obstacles could be rivals and enemies you need defeat, or they could be your own failings and weaknesses you have to quell. This whole process of transformation will begin once you accept an opportunity. Taking shelter in the shack represents your current state of mind. The shack is not strong by itself, but it has the foundations of your beliefs and values that are essential in keeping you focused.

Not enough space around

There is not enough space.

If you felt uncomfortable because you did not have enough space somewhere during a dream vision, it can predict some future minor health problems which may cause you similar uneasy sensation in reality. Having not enough space can also signify that you may experience some small issues regarding your general well-being.

Squeezing through small spaces

A dream where you see yourself squeezing into small or tight spaces indicates how you feel about life in general. There might be times when you seem to be missing something in your reality. You might be looking for ways to fill this gap but to no avail. You might also be looking for a shortcut to success. In addition, this dream also means that you will soon experience significant loss. This incident might circle your relationships which could result in dire situations.