Dreams Related To Soup

Hot soup poured on the body

My grandmother's sister poured hot soup on my body while I was holding a silver kettle, noticed my body was still the same. Please help me interpret the dream.

Giving soup to someone often symbolically represents the time and effort somebody sacrifices to help the other party. In this case, seeing your great aunt pour soup on you could imply two things. First, it suggests she has spent some time, money or effort on you. Secondly, the idea that she poured it on you could represent the amount of sacrifice she has made or reveal that she feels her efforts have been underappreciated. The silver kettle you were holding represents parties or gatherings, but in this case may refer to the idea that you are in your own world and unaware of the life and hardships of your great aunt. This is also supported by the fact that your body seemed unchanged by the hot soup. This vision may be a reminder to pay more attention to those who support you and perhaps to show more gratitude to your elders for their past help and guidance.

Cooking turtle soup from a giant tortoise

I had a dream that I was catering a party and the main course was turtle soup. The turtle that was delivered was about 4 feet in diameter. My boyfriend was going to cook the soup for me. The next morning I told him about the dream and he said "I know I had a hard time getting that turtle in the pot".

To dream about catering a party alludes to your tendency to place other people's needs over yours. You could be feeling a bit overworked or underappreciated in your service toward others. As turtles represent longevity and faithfulness, it is possible that your mind is trying to tell you to slow down and practice a steady pace in your day-to-day duties. On the other hand, turtle soup indicates getting involved in an exciting venture which could at the same time put you in a compromising situation. Try not to get too caught up in the moment and fail to consider the consequences of your decisions. Be wise in your choices and protect yourself from the harsh realities of life.

Best friend unhappy with cold soup

I dreamt that l prepared plenty of food and invited my best friend to come and eat with me. When we started to eat my friend told me that the soup is not hot enough, so l should heat it and the dream ended in the course of hearing the soup.

Eating food that you prepared and inviting your best friend to join you reveals your generosity. You tend to be very giving, not just in material terms, but also in terms of emotional support. However, the soup which your friend pointed out is not hot enough could be referring to your personal needs that are being set aside because of your tendency to prioritize the needs of others over your own. Maybe this vision is reminding you to take care of yourself first because you cannot help others as well if you also have your own problems to deal with.