Dreams Related To Soulmate

Finding a soulmate

Dreamed I was young, and met a soulmate, in love. We were going to find a house and live together. In the house we found, the ceiling in the bedroom was painted with beautiful bluebirds. I felt young in the dream, as if I found a soulmate, so much in common. I even saw my deceased mom in the dream, and spoke to her. There was other people I don't know in the dream just hanging around with us.

Meeting your soul mate in a dream means you are unceasing in your quest for self-actualization. The blue birds allude to something unexplored within you or untapped potential. You are embarking on a journey of self-fulfillment, possibly by taking up a new hobby or rallying people around a noble cause. The presence of your dead mother represents the affection and comfort you may have been looking for recently. You are close to finding a purpose that will ignite enlightenment in you and in others who respect your vision.

Trying to remember your soulmate's name

Trying to recall your soulmate's name as you awaken from a dream can have different interpretations according to various sources. Christian sources allude to this symbol meaning you would soon meet an individual who would change your life. This person may be a love interest, but it is equally possible that they would simply be someone with whom you share a special connection. Zoroastrian sources point toward finding love specifically, but it could mean either romantic or platonic love between friends. Finally, Hindu tradition suggests that if you remember the face of this individual but not their name, you would hear about this special person through a third party, like a friend, matchmaker or arranged marriage service.

Soulmate dying

Foreseeing the death of your loved one denotes ongoing conflict with your significant other in the real world. For men, having this dream suggests that someone in the real world harbors dismay toward you, which might be a result of your high self-regard and always being on the different side from the majority. On the other hand, a woman who sees her partner deceased indicates that her need to be more open with her partners and start communicating her feelings better. Moreover, it also implies the need to be more realistic than having idealistic views in life.