Dreams Related To Song

Songs never heard in real life

Dreaming of songs you have never heard in real life portends an exciting adventure ahead of you. Those unfamiliar songs represent new experiences which will take you out of your comfort zone. You could be sent overseas to supervise a new team, go backpacking in an entirely new continent or adopt a pet which will change your day-to-day routine. Whatever it is, expect your life to adjust with the new changes or environment.

Remembering an old song

I dreamed of bits and pieces of an old song. It stayed on my mind. I looked it up and it was by Gladys Knight, "I've got to use my imagination. Got to make the best of a bad situation". It just stayed with me in the dream, and all day when I woke. Haven't thought of that song in years, nor did I really know the lyrics fully, but love the song. The words make me feel sad, and it brings a smile of hope to me just listening to it.

Dreaming of an old song indicates nostalgia. You could be yearning for better days or your life in the past which is much happier than your current situation. Perhaps you are trying to stay optimistic despite the challenges you are facing. This is revealed in the lyrics of the song which may have seeped deep in your subconscious and manifested in the dream to articulate your feelings. Alternatively, this also has spiritual meaning. The music could mean you are searching for a deeper meaning instead of focusing on surface-level events. Certain encounters could strengthen your faith in higher purpose and meaning. You will find opportunities for personal growth and healing amid all the chaos.

Listening to an unfamiliar song

I've had the same dream every night for the past two weeks. All I can remember from it is my friend standing there saying "All these girls screaming "Logic", but I wanna hear my real name. Come from the lips of a beautiful woman that's real, man". These are lyrics from the song 'Man of the year' by Logic. I didn't know this song and had to look up the lyrics to find out what it was called.

Hearing a song that is unfamiliar to you but being able to put it together later on usually means you have, at some point, heard this song before, though it may have only been on a subliminal level or just as a background noise you have not retained in your consciousness. This sudden, unexpected memory you just had of music, however, has a slightly deeper meaning, pointing toward an exciting opportunity shortly. This opportunity has likely been brought about by other people noticing your uncanny ability to pick things up quickly.

Hearing songs played together

I was with my mom and heard a violin start playing, only I could hear it. Then I heard a little girl. All of a sudden, 5+ songs all started playing loudly at once, and I started screaming "Make it stop".

Violins in dreams are usually associated with luxury and wealth, but they can also trigger nostalgia. In the context of your dream, the violin likely calls to mind more innocent times or your childhood. Either way, you could be longing for a less complicated period because of your increasingly stressful reality. Therefore, the songs playing simultaneously in your dream could represent confusing, maybe even contradictory, pieces of information which you have at your disposal to guide you in making an important decision. Perhaps a number of individuals are pressuring you to heed their words or take their advice and you just want to listen to your own voice and make your own decisions.

Hearing same song

Music is typically a metaphor for emotions in real life. Hearing a bird singing represents good luck in real life. This event suggests that you are in for a pleasant surprise. Likewise, a happy song alludes to your level of happiness. The more upbeat the sound you hear, the happier you are in the real world. However, a repeated lyric or words from a song may indicate that some negative emotions bother you despite looking joyful and putting on a happy face.