Dreams Related To Someone

Someone telling you something

Dreaming that someone is telling you something can have different meanings depending on who is talking. If you see someone you know and trust, their words may have some truth to them even if it hurts. On the other hand, if you did not know the person talking to you or if you did not see them, you should probably ignore or even do the opposite of what they say.

Someone dying and coming back to life

Seeing someone dying and then coming back to life in the dream world carries special meaning for those of the Christian faith. Much like Jesus ascending to heaven after his death and resurrection, so does this symbol point toward someone in your life going through a great change or positive transformation. This vision further suggests that your influence or intervention may be the catalyst to this change. For instance, you may get an addicted friend to enroll in rehab or encourage a past member of your religious group to consider attending again.

To witness a person die and then come back to life conveys a strong message about enlightenment and a second chance. The dying aspect of this symbol indicates a failure or catastrophic circumstances that would render you incapacitated. Fortunately, the resurrection foretells triumph over adversity. Unlike reincarnation, this awakening challenges you to turn your life around no matter how hard things might get. You might have to hit rock bottom before you get back on track, but these hard-won lessons will keep you from going back to a destructive path.

Looking for someone and finding them

Looking for a specific person and finding them in the dream realm, even if you do not actually recognize them in reality, indicates you have a strong desire to reconcile with someone in wake life. Perhaps you had a disagreement with a co-worker or friend that has not sat well with you for some time. While you may have vowed to never forgive or forget, your spirit is in a position that is ready for growth and reconciliation. Maybe you are missing them or some aspect of their personality. In any case, you are likely to feel contentment and satisfaction once apologies are made and the relationship is mended.

Someone you are no longer friends with

Seeing someone you are no longer friends with while you are dreaming can have two possible meanings. If you recently saw or were reminded of this individual, their presence in your dreams could be your subconscious reflecting on the friendship you once shared. Alternatively, if you have had no contact or reason to think about this person, this symbol could have a more esoteric and figurative meaning. For instance, their presence may be the result of underlying regret or loneliness that you are feeling in reality. Although they may not have anything to do with your present circumstances, their memory is a reminder of past emotions that are connected to the way you feel now.

Carrying someone in your arms

Dreaming about carrying someone in your arms symbolizes a sense of responsibility or burden that you are feeling in your life. It also reflects a desire to support or care for someone in a nurturing or protective way. The dreamer may feel a sense of heavy responsibility or burden as he or she carries this person while dreaming, suggesting that you are feeling overwhelmed by the demands or problems in your life. In essence, this dream is a reflection of your efforts to cope with difficulties and support those around you in your waking life.

Trying to find someone

According to modern dream workers, the dream of trying to find someone indicates that there may be a person or a part of yourself that you're missing in your life. This longing may signify a need for love, connection, or companionship. The dreamer's emotional state during the dream can help to reveal the underlying feelings and desires that are driving this need to find someone. For instance, if the dreamer is able to find the person, it may indicate that they have the necessary resources and tools to reach their goals in life. However, if they are unable to reach the person, it may suggest a feeling of helplessness, lack of control, or obstacles in their life.

Sensing the presence of someone

It started with me feeling a presence in my house, and because I had just gotten home in the car with my grandma I think (I don't always remember dreams clearly), and there was a young boy stuffed in the front door, curled up like an embryo, (sounds weird, I know) and I had noticed that before the car went up the driveway and after trying to check it out, there was no boy there, where he front door was or anything. The next day after that, that area by the front door and the rest of the home was cold.

Frightening situations in dreams often mirror similar fears and anxiety experienced in waking life. Seeing the curled up young boy at your front door indicates an unravelling of surprising information or an unexpected encounter. Just as the boy's appearance in the dream suggests, you will be unprepared to handle this impending development. Be prepared for some major changes as you enter a new phase in your life. It is unclear whether this bit of news or discovery is positive or negative, however, the lingering cold by the front door left by the boy's presence implies fear and trepidation. Perhaps, this change could trigger feelings of abandonment or hopelessness. To overcome inevitable changes in your life, you must first prepare yourself to be brave enough to face them.

Someone disappearing

As a dream imagery, the disappearance of someone is a prediction of waning interest towards this person. You would likely discover something you dislike about this individual's personality or they will do something that will turn you off. In addition, this could be an indication that you are missing someone. It could be the specific person who is missing in your dream or someone else you have not seen in a while. This yearning for companionship will prompt you to reach out and touch base with people you have lost contact with due to other preoccupations.

Someone killing you

A dream involving someone trying to kill you, whether it is someone you know or a criminal, is a vivid representation of your desire to make a big change in your life. The Biblical meaning of death also refers to change, so you likely want to transform yourself in a significant way, such as breaking a bad habit or severing ties with someone who is bad for you. Alternatively, this symbol could also mean that you have a threatening enemy motivated to take you down and the stress of this rivalry is invading your subconscious.

Having a family with someone

Dreaming of having a family of your own with your partner, when you do not have one in reality, foreshadows an auspicious development in your life. This great improvement in your existence may come in the form of a life-long partner, a job with a lot of opportunity for growth, or moving into a loving community where you will feel accepted and loved. This will make your life more memorable with a lot of vivid moments of happiness.

Feeling uncomfortable with someone

I once had a dream about a guy I was very interested in. He is about three years older than me and also had a girlfriend, so due to that we never had much of a chance to talk. In the dream, we were in a church where I had met him. He had come into the building and walked up to me without saying a word, then he proceeded to grope my left breast which I received a very negative feeling afterwards. So, I began to walk away quickly and he followed behind me in a speed-walking type of movement until I rushed outside the church and he was trapped inside crying. He couldn't exit the building at all.

Dreaming about a specific person usually means they have been on your mind recently, either because you have been thinking about them or because you have recently had a chance to interact. Churches are normally symbolic of protection, so it seems your subconscious self is trying to protect you from this man in the vision, first by limiting his speech and after by trapping him inside the building. This is supported by him touching your breast, which suggests close or intimate contact with this person, but in a way that makes you feel uncomfortable, like moving too quickly or doing something you are not interested in or repulsed by. While you might have some feelings for him still, you may be better off not getting involved with him even if an opportunity presents itself in the future.

Letting someone in from the pouring rain

I had a dream that the father of my son was standing outside in the pouring rain trying to come inside. I didn't let him, he left, came back again and stood outside in the pouring rain. I felt bad and let him in, then I woke up. Can you please tell me what this dream means? He is in jail now.

Disagreeing with a former lover is usually a good sign, one that symbolizes a new, romantic experience in your life. The rain, on the other hand, is most often associated with negative feelings that are plaguing your waking life, such as depression and feelings of inadequacy. The fact that you eventually let your son's father inside the house to escape the rain indicates that you might come to a crossroads point in your life. Unless you overcome the negative emotions that could be holding you back, you will prevent yourself from starting a new, passionate relationship that could greatly enrich your life.

Someone giving kisses while in bed

I was sleeping and someone was sitting on the edge of my bed caressing me and kissing me. It wasn't clear who that person was, it felt so real. I even thought my sister was doing that before I fully woke up.

To dream that someone is kissing you symbolizes love and satisfaction. You could be getting into a period of your personal journey where everything seems to fall perfectly into place. The kisses and caresses you felt in your dream vision also predict lasting happiness no matter what obstacles or frustrations you may encounter in your life. This sense of contentment could only help you overcome them quickly and with little effort on your part.

Being picked up by someone

Being picked up by someone you know in the dream realm, whether you were lifted by force or carried with your consent, can have positive meanings for either your personal life or work. Some experts associate this symbol with making real action and progress on a task that is important to you. This would likely be done with the help of someone who you have a good partnership or connection with.

Someone you never met

To see a person you have never met in the real world reveals a distracted mind. Psychologists after Jung and Freud find that all the faces you see in dreams are ones you have already encountered while you are awake. So, if you think you have never met this person, perhaps your subconscious is telling you to pay more attention and be more present. Alternatively, Miller associates unfamiliar people, male or female, as a source of stress. Other dream symbols attached to this person, the clothes or demeanor, will give you additional detail about this stressor.

Someone you miss

Manifesting a person you miss in the dream world is a sign of the imitativeness of your subconscious and your reality. A strong desire to connect with this person is being fulfilled by your mind by way of dreaming. Other sources interpret this symbol as a prediction of an impending event. Just like the secret, you are going to attract whatever energy you out into the world. So, if you have been thinking of getting your dream job, then it will happen soon.

Not being able to find someone

Dreaming that you are having difficulty locating someone can be an allusion to a looming identity crisis. You do not quite know who you are yet, so you tend to emulate your idols or follow the footsteps of your elders. However, you will reach a crossroads when you have to decide what you really want to do versus what other people expect from you. If you know the person from the dream, then you can use their initials as a mnemonic for an issue you are trying to resolve. A person with a name that starts with an "H" can represent your search for happiness.

Someone else while in a relationship

If you are in a relationship and you dream of seeing someone else, it means you are experiencing some dissatisfaction with your partner. The gravity of this dissatisfaction will depend on your interaction with this person in the dreamscape. On the positive side, this does speak to your self-awareness. There is something lacking in your relationship, whether as partners or individually, which you think you need to address before going to the next level. This can also be a projection of your restlessness and fear of being tied down.

Someone giving you food

Receiving food or a meal from someone during the course of a dream, such as from a waiter or from someone in the fast food industry, is a unique and special symbol to perceive. It often means you would get some recognition or be treated in an especially kind way by someone you would not expect. For instance, a local celebrity may offer you their seat on public transportation or a boss may check in to see how you are faring.

Someone standing over you

The image of someone standing above you or over you in a dream is an allusion to possible future success and prosperity. You would soon be able to put your plans into action or see your goals through to the end, bringing you much pleasure and peace of mind.

Someone you've never met

Jungian philosophy suggests that the image of someone you have never seen before is a metaphor for an opportunity or path. Just as the circumstances of how you meet someone can affect your future interactions and relationship with them, so does this symbol point toward the beginning of your efforts being the most important.

Someone not loving you anymore

Dreaming that someone no longer loves you may have prophetic implications. It suggests you would soon need to make a decision that would greatly affect your future. For instance, you may need to ponder a proposal for marriage or consider a job offer. You may want to seek advice from someone who has more experience or reflect deeply on what you want your future to look like.

Someone who doesn't like you

The presence of someone who does not like you in your dreams should be considered an ill omen. It suggests you are about to make a huge mistake. In particular, this symbol predicts you would do something embarrassing or deceitful, and your enemies would use this knowledge as fuel to bring you down a peg or two. It would be wise to be very careful with your actions for the foreseeable future and keep all your actions above board, so to speak.

Someone you haven't seen in a long time

Envisioning someone you have not interacted with in a long time is a fairly common dream symbol to perceive. Oftentimes the presence of old friends or far away family members is the result of the subconscious mind being reminded of them in wake life. For instance, you may have passed by your old school or heard a song on the radio that reminded you of this individual. It is also possible your subconscious is reacting to an action or series of events. Your connection with this individual, then, may give you some clues about how to proceed in the future.

Accident of someone

Seeing someone else have an accident during the course of a dream vision usually signifies that you would soon receive help on an issue that has been plaguing you in wake life. For instance, you may meet someone who has the right experience to help you fix a problem or make the acquaintance of someone who can open the door to a new and important opportunity for you. All you have to do is take the first step and ask for help.

Someone but can't see them

The presence of a faceless person or someone who is invisible to you in the dream world can carry both a negative and positive message. Dream workers speculate that common answers to what does it mean when you dream about someone but can't see them or their face indicate a manipulative person in your life. These people have significant influence, so they tend to impose their opinions on you. This could also reveal your clairvoyant abilities as you sense that someone is looking out for you for something they need. This could be a person who loves you or a more metaphysical force gently guiding you to your destiny.

Trying to get to someone but can't

If you are unable to reach someone, whether physically touching them or via common electronic means, it may indicate there is a disconnect between you and someone you know in real life. You may be experiencing communication problems, either because the other party is not receptive to you or you have trouble expressing yourself. It is also possible that the clairvoyant part of you is manifesting this esoteric symbol because you sense that people are being disingenuous towards you. You may have to start looking for allies somewhere else to help you navigate the politics in your social group or seek therapy answers online or in person.

Someone's presence in the room

I am laying in bed in my dream and I feel someone's presence in the room and I can't see it and it's like I'm looking from two different views. And I wake up screaming and trying to hide under my husband or wake up in the bathroom running from my room.

This dream vision of being watched or feeling someone's presence without knowing who or what it was could be a manifestation of your remorse and guilt for something wrong you have recently done. The notions of your bed and husband in this dream point to some personal choices you have made and now regret about what the consequences are or could soon be. Overall, these feelings of being haunted inside your own home mean that you are worried and concerned about the possibility that some other person could threaten the stability of your relationship.

Getting to know someone while dancing

I'm in my house and somehow we're having a party, so family members are arriving for this party. However, this guy that I don't know who he is, but he seems older by a few years. We started talking, laughing, getting along really well, and somehow we start dancing with each other to the music from outside. We were real close to dancing the bachata, but after a spin, under his arm, I stop the dance and I remember he told me he was going on a date with another girl, maybe his age, named Yesenia, to which I told him "Oh, OK".

If you are currently single, the party in your dream is indicative of your resolve to be more sociable and open yourself up to a possibility of a romantic relationship. Dancing with the older guy represents sensuality and sexual desires. Perhaps you are looking for someone who is a perfect fit for you and complement your personality. The fact that he appears to be older and confesses to a date with another girl of his age shows some insecurity on your part. You may think you are not mature enough to get into a serious relationship, or it could be your cynical side manifesting doubts about men's faithfulness and fidelity.

Someone not wanting to be left alone

My dream was about my daughter's father and me. We were laying down and I had my eyes closed as he started telling me that he will miss me and that he asked me not to leave him when payday comes. I opened my eyes and reassured him that I won't leave him and as I looked at him, I realized that he was crying. What does this dream mean?

While this vision is centered around the image of you interacting with your daughter's father, it is more closely related to your relationship with your friends and loved ones. In this case, your subconscious has chosen one person whom you have or had a strong connection with to represent the other equally important people in your life. This vision indicates you have a strong network of people you can rely on when things get tough and that your loyalty and devotion to them are reciprocated.

Someone calling and unable to react

Someone walks to my bed and gets on the bed. They call my name from far away. The voice is familiar, but I do not know who it is. I try to wake up, but my eyes won't open.

Hearing a familiar voice calling your name indicates your current ideas or theories are not well-received by those around you, making it difficult for you to get your way or influence others. Seeing someone get on your bed, however, suggests you can still win people over if you change your approaches and better communicate your wants and needs to those who are listening.

Being with someone in a hotel room

Kindly interpret my dream. If a married lady dreamt she was in a hotel room in a single bed that was green and clean with another lady in another single bed, but both in the same room.

A hotel room often symbolizes a fresh perspective or a transformation. The two single beds with a woman on each of them alludes to a need to connect with another person, yet being unable to. Perhaps the dreamer is feeling isolated and is trying to reach out to someone for comfort or sympathy. The color green in dreams is associated with fertility, growth, and even jealousy. Hence, it may also be related to a need for independence or breathing space to grow as a person.

Someone kicking a woman in the crotch

I dreamt that a guy used his leg to hit a female friend of mine's private part and she was crying. I saw myself comforting her in the dream. I don't understand.

Legs are associated with control and independence. Within the context of your dream, using the leg to hit woman's privates suggests that a male figure may be controlling your friend by using her femininity against her. Or perhaps he is taking advantage of her womanhood and manipulating her to his whims. Your female friend may be suffering from a low self-esteem and in need of support and affirmation. She could use some counseling to help her get out of a possibly destructive pattern of behavior.

Extreme sadness about someone passing

I was running in this hallway, at first I had no clue where to, then I saw this girl and I just ran to her and hugged her. We both had turned and there was this lady, on her death bed, and I suddenly felt this huge thing of regret and began balling, it took me some time to be able to go talk to her, I was lost for words because nothing I could say would make up for the feeling I had. Right as I was about to grab onto her hand and sit next to her, I woke up.

Feeling great sorrow towards a complete stranger during the course of a dream vision often predicts a fateful meeting with someone in the near future. This person could turn out to be a friend, a mentor, or an enemy with equal probability. However, the second part of this dream gives a warning about the first. Being upset about the imminent death of an unfamiliar woman suggests you could covet or desire something that this new acquaintance possesses. Whether it is a material possession, status, or a lover, this vision warns that your desire to get your hands on something or someone that does not belong to you could cause major problems.

Being with someone while it snows

I had two consecutive dreams. In the first one, I was holding hands with a blonde guy. We were sitting on top of a log cabin looking out over the lake and it was snowing. The second dream was kind of the same except he was a brunette. He and I were sitting face-to-face and talking. I don't remember the conversation, but we were also sitting on top of a log cabin, but this time we were looking over grass fields and it was once again snowing. In the end, he hugged me.

The log cabin surrounded by beautiful nature, whether it is a lake or a grassy field, represents the happy life you currently live, most likely because you and those around you take care to live and work inside the lines without ever doing anything controversial or exciting. Looking out over nature, then, signifies your desire to move past the white picket fence guarding your life and see some action or adventure. This is supported by the image of the falling snow, a strong indicator that you feel like an observer on the sidelines as everyone else gets to live in the spontaneity of real life. The man is the manifestation of these developments taking place in your life, but the changing hair color could point toward having difficulty choosing between different options now that they are available to you.

Someone disrespectful towards the homeless

I dreamed I asked for help in getting food to a homeless person. The guy I asked looked me in the eye as he put out a cigarette in the plate of food as he handed it to me.

Dreams containing the image of someone who is homeless predict the possibility of soon experiencing great disappointment and frustration. This is likely due to unfair treatment, disrespect, or some other form of discrimination that is being directed toward you. Because your subconscious is weaving this warning into your vision, it also must contend with your ego, which is where your desire to help the homeless individual comes into play. This imagery signifies your current state of being, showing that you are in a good position right now and that you feel happy and content with what you have achieved in life. In a sense, your mind refuses to believe that something is or could go wrong. However, the man who puts out a cigarette into the food suggests you should listen to the warnings and prepare for the worst.

Someone sleeping with girlfriend

Somebody sleeps with my woman in a dream using my face and in the morning I tell her I went to sleep with her. What is the meaning of this dream?

This dream of someone being intimate with your partner reflects your current insecurities or doubts about your relationship with her. There could be some outside influences or factors that make you doubt the strength and commitment between you and your lover. The notion of someone using your face while being with your woman could also point to some secrets or shameful moments you try to keep to yourself, without her being aware of those, whether she deserves it or not.

Someone flapping covers

Dreamed about somebody flapping my covers really fast up and down.

Dreaming of flapping your covers or any type of sheet reveals your tendency to depend on others for support. You may soon encounter problems in the waking world and you could end up imposing on your friends and family hoping that they would bail you out. This neediness could backfire once your loved ones get tired of constantly coming to your rescue. Perhaps it is time for you to start helping yourself become more independent.

Someone appearing out of nowhere

If you happen to see someone emerging out of nowhere in your dream, then this is a sign that you deeply miss a particular person in the actual world. This dream is your brain making you realize that whether you are aware or not, someone is always at the back of your mind. At some point in time, you feel lonely and wish to be reunited with this person again. You likely miss all the things you used to do together, or that some hint of regret is the reason why you feel this way.

Someone saving you

If someone saves you in a dream, it could mean that you are making progress with your social connections. You are learning how to trust others and to ask for help when you find yourself in a tough situation. Someone else may have the ability to rescue you from your self-sabotaging ways. Alternatively, you may find the love of your life who will magnify your positive traits and give you a more hopeful perspective in life.

Someone lying next to you

According to teachings of Carl Jung on dream interpretations, if you envision a person lying next to you in your dream, it indicates a desire for intimacy or connection with others. Lying next to someone can be a sign of trust and vulnerability, so the dream represents a need to express your feelings and be open with others. Furthermore, the person lying next to you symbolizes a feeling of power or control in your relationships. In a nutshell, the dream is a reminder to pay attention to your relationships and to make an effort to connect with others on a deeper level.

Someone lying on top of you

Someone sleeping or resting on top of you during the course of a dream vision is a fortunate symbol to perceive. While it is probable that you felt some pressure or weight from the body, the interpretation of this sensation equates it with power and encouragement. In essence, there is an individual in your life who is putting pressure on you, pressure that would have a positive impact on your life and help you make something incredible happen in the future.

Someone lying on your back

Someone lying across or sitting on your back means the answers you are seeking are where you least expect them. While asleep, a normal person sees a variety of symbols, ideas or glyphs that reveal various aspects of their life. In this case, the end of your troubles may be nearby. It may even be right under your nose or behind you. Looking for a solution in a different place than you have been would likely yield better results than just doing the same thing over and over again.

Someone looking for me

The dream of someone looking for you indicates that there may be something missing in your life that you're not fully aware of. The negative emotions you feel during the dream are a warning sign that you need to pay attention to this situation and find answers to your problems. Moreover, this act of staring at or watching you through a window conveys your need for introspection and self-reflection, which also represents that you are going through a period of emotional turmoil, and you need to take a step back to evaluate your situation and feelings. Overall, you need to take some time to identify the missing pieces, confront your fears, and make changes to move forward.

Someone in your closet

Dreaming of someone hiding in your closet represents a relationship in your life where the truth or answers are being concealed. Generally, the clothes in the wardrobe symbolize the different roles or personas this person is presenting to you. In Hinduism, the concept of Maya or illusion can also be associated with this dream, implying that you need to look beyond appearances to see the truth. In a nutshell, this dream is a message to trust your intuition and seek clarity in your relationships.

Someone who did you wrong

Dreaming of someone who did anything wrong to you in the past signifies unresolved feelings and hurt caused by that person. It suggests a need for closure or answers to understand their actions. In general, it is crucial to recognize that getting caught up in the reasons behind their wrongdoing can perpetuate feelings of insecurity and loss. Instead, focus on healing and nurturing relationships that bring love and positivity.

Someone being half dressed

Seeing someone half-dressed in the dream world symbolizes being doubtful of the people around you. You cannot fully rely on someone you think you get support from. It might be that you lack full confidence in this person or you are just overly anxious about whom to trust. In addition, this dream may be a spiritual manifestation of an unfolding problem you would have in life. It is best to heed this dream as a warning to be extra cautious with your words and actions.