Dreams Related To Soldier

German soldiers entering the house

I am female, I dreamt I was a young Jewish man hiding in a French Resistance Safehouse. I was tipped off the Germans were coming to get me so I packed my bag with some clothes and hid, ready to run. The Germans arrived by the truckful with guns and barking dogs. When they banged on the door I woke up.

Dreaming about seeing military people, such as soldiers or troops, entering your house could foretell forthcoming favorable changes. That is, you could be about to experience some positive life changes. Alternatively, you could soon benefit from a chance lucky circumstance or encounter. You also mentioned a vision of barking dogs. This could indicate that you would most likely be unable to get the most out of this fortunate change or circumstance. This incapability could result from your current busy schedule or reluctance and resistance to change. That is, there could be some self-created obstacles preventing you from moving forward and from changing for the better.

Killing a soldier during war

I am a male. I dreamed that India and Pakistan fought war. India shot down a warplane of Pakistan and the pilot was handed over to me for guarding. Then he tried to escape, I didn't have a gun so I took something like a round shield and threw at the running enemy soldier. It hit him in the neck and the neck broke and he died. What does it mean?

A dream vision about war conveys a negative message. The war represents a period of struggle and emotional turmoil which you will experience in reality. The circumstances behind this war imply social problems you are grappling with which will contribute to your overall hardships. Meanwhile, the pilot who was your prisoner represents your ambitions and goals in life which unfortunately will not come into fruition because of your current circumstances. The fact that you killed the pilot denotes a sense of hopelessness. Your failures could be your own making because you lack faith and belief in your capability to succeed against all odds.

Standing on the mountain of dead soldiers

Why do I get the dream of me standing on top of a mountain of dead soldiers on one side of a river running red with sword in one hand and my people looking up to me. Some with their hand closed in the form of a prayer and bodies littered everywhere. And I see in the distance the sun setting and huge number of soldiers approaching with their eyes glowing more like demons than soldiers.

This vision has a number of complicated images that require analysis. The first symbol, you standing on a mountain, suggests feelings of discomfort and hesitation. In wake life, you may soon find yourself in a situation where you are unsure what step you should take next. This is also supported by the soldiers you saw in your vision. In general, being around soldiers suggests receiving news, and it is likely given the gruesome scene painted by your vision that the news you receive is not pleasing. However, while you may be facing some troubling or difficult times in the future, both holding a sword and the people who look up to you suggest eventually overcoming these evils, though it is likely to take a lot of time and effort.

An affair with a soldier ending in murder

I was cheating on my husband with a soldier and my husband found out and confronted the soldier, he asked him why he wants to take me away and the soldier did not answer back. I went there and grabbed the soldier's pistol and shot my husband in the stomach at very close range, then I woke up.

A dream concerning cheating on your husband means you may soon lose the love and respect of your spouse. This loss could be due to the anger, irritability and other negative emotions you have expressed towards him for a while now. Cheating on him with a soldier possibly points to the source of your disagreements and conflict. A soldier symbolizes strength, courage and discipline. Perhaps you feel as if your husband lacks those qualities and so shooting him at close range reveals your diminished respect for him. You may need to communicate with each other better in order to preserve and strengthen your marriage.