Dreams Related To Soil

Digging soil

Digging in soil, such as removing dirt to plant something or creating a hole in the ground, carries an interesting interpretation that is similar in both Hindu and Christian biblical traditions. The soil represents secrets and questions. As such, removing those things out of the way suggests you are getting to the root of a problem or discovering the beginnings of something that has troubled you for some time. It is possible you would need to work through some complicated emotions or open a potential Pandora's box that has been buried for a long time. However, the benefits of dealing with this now far outweigh the risks.

Black soil

The explanation for black soil, sand or dust in the dream realm is related to idea of success. You may be experiencing tough times now, but all that hard work would eventually pay off. You would see the results manifest both in and around you, possibly in esoteric ways.

Stealing fertile soil

Acres and acres of fertilizer dirt with sprouting seeds of grass. I was taking some with me because I needed some for my home.

Dirt that is beginning to sprout could represent your budding intellectual prowess, suggesting you are slowly learning how to organize your thoughts and arguments in order to get what you want. However, trying to take some of those seeds away could predict that your efforts to utilize these powers may be hampered by health issues. You need to remember to take care of your physical needs before working on any other endeavors.