Dreams Related To Socks

Putting socks on

Putting socks on in the dream realm refers directly to contracting a specific disease that is attached to your genetics or family. Similar to the old adage that the apple does not fall far from the tree, so does this symbol suggest you would suffer from an ailment already present in your family tree. In most cases this sign alludes to physical ailments, like heart disease or high blood pressure, however, it can also be associated with mental issues, such as depression, multiple personalities and dementia.

At work without socks

Finding out you are not wearing socks while at work suggests you do not feel supported in your workplace. You probably have a lot of ideas and suggestions on how to be more efficient or market your products more effectively, however your superiors do not take you seriously. It is probably partly due to a generation gap, especially between Millennials and Boomers. In order to get through to them, perhaps finding a neutral third party to back you up on your suggestions will help strengthen your position. Otherwise, prove yourself in other tasks, so you can gain their respect and catch their attention.

Wearing socks that do not match

Mismatched socks hint at an encounter with a kooky individual at some point in your life. This interesting person will worm their way into your heart with their unconventional wisdom and colorful personality. You will share precious moments which you will forever treasure. This symbol can also refer to your diverse group of friends. Though you have different opinions and personal beliefs, your bond remains strong because of your deep love and respect for one another.

Dirty socks

Dirty socks may refer to the ugly side of illness, that is, the gory details most people try to avoid in polite conversation. This symbol suggests you would have to deal with complications from an illness that may cause embarrassment and discomfort. For instance, you may suffer from bouts of vomiting or diarrhea if you catch a stomach bug. This situation would be difficult to explain to friends or co-workers without possibly grossing someone out.

Someone putting socks on

Seeing someone else put socks on in the dream realm, like a friend or a family member, suggests you recognize these individuals may be compromising their health or welfare in some way. For instance, you might notice that a child is a very picky eater and prefers video games to sports. You could be concerned that they are not getting a good balance of nutrients or enough exercise to maintain a healthy body weight or develop their motor control. Alternatively, you could see a friend or older family member getting into drinking, vaping or other drug use, causing you worry about their state of mind and physical well-being.

Buying socks

Buying socks at some point in a dream can allude to taking risks with your health that would negatively impact you in the future. In some cases, this refers to long-term habits, like vaping, over-eating or heavy drinking, that can slowly damage your body and internal organs with time. On the other hand, this symbol is also associated with failing to get recommended vaccines, not wearing a medical mask in a contagious area or even not following proper hand-washing procedures. In this case, you may even be affecting other people's health by spreading diseases.

Washing socks

Washing your socks alludes to forgiveness. You are ready to pardon the transgressions of others after a long period of stewing in your anger and putting your walls up. You may start by unblocking people who wronged you or you might invite them for a coffee to clear the air. After this period of cleansing, you will emerge with a more peaceful and lighter heart. In addition, this symbol points to turning a new leaf and breaking your bad habits. This a period of personal growth, so enjoy the journey.

Taking off boyfriend's socks

I dreamt my boyfriend and I were lying in bed talking and he let me take his socks off his feet.

Being in bed with your boyfriend symbolically represents strain and stress in the real world, particularly in regards to relationships. You and your boyfriend may be going through a rough patch currently or could soon go through an ordeal that shakes your foundations. This is opposed by the image of you removing his socks. Socks represent illness or disease, so it is possible that your disagreement revolves around sickness. Possibly you worry about how this disease was contracted or who would be responsible for what in the case one of you cannot work. Taking off the socks, however, points towards turning over a new leaf, meaning you would be able to move past this event and perhaps grow stronger as a couple because of it.