Dreams Related To Soap

Bathing with soap and sponge

The act of bathing in a tub with soap and a sponge carries special meaning in both Judeo-Christian and Islamic dream interpretation sources. This symbol is associated with washing away shame and blame by absorbing the moisture, which represents good, and cleaning away the dirt and grime, which symbolizes moving past situations in which you may have felt disgrace. Prayers and good wishes from those around you would be instrumental in your rebirth, but ultimately it would be your own belief in your goodness that would be the determining factor in making yourself truly clean again.

Soap suds coming from vagina

My dream is about my period starting and I went to sleep and wake up to pee and right after I finish peeing there's just loads and loads of soap suds like substance or foam coming from my vagina.

Getting your period in the dream world often represents a problem that is on your mind in reality. Just like your monthly cycle, this symbol indicates that this is probably a recurring issue, like not having enough money to pay all the bills or getting into disagreements with the same people over and over again. Peeing soap, however, means you are about to cleanse yourself of this issue with a little help from someone in your life. Just like soap washes away dirt and other debris, so does this symbol suggest you would be able to clean up the mess with a bit of help and flush it away like it never happened.