Dreams Related To Snowman

Children making a snowman

My 6-year-old son had a dream that he and his little sister were playing outside in the snow. He said everything was covered in white snow and they were building a snowman. Also that they were alone.

Normally, snow hints at cold feelings, however in your son's dream, the playful element and the making of a snowman reveal a curious and lively disposition on his part. Perhaps he wants to spend some time for fun and recreation. Having no one else around besides his sister could be indicative of his yearning for family time and togetherness, a time to truly bond.

Fighting with a snowman

This mini abominable snowman big foot thing 1-foot tall constantly chased me and I'd pick him up to chuck him but he'd bite me every time. I'm Australian male, 29 years old.

Dreaming about something abominable could be a manifestation of your own fears which you may be experiencing in your waking life. The idea of trying to get rid of the strange creature points towards your desire to escape from these troubles which plague you. The notion of chucking the snowman represents your efforts to make the necessary amends which would help you overcome these feelings of trepidation. Try to confide in a loved one. Doing so would help you conquer your apprehensions and make things easier and more bearable.