Dreams Related To Snow

Walking on snow

To dream that you are walking on snow is a sign that brings a lot of promise. You could soon land a dream job, start an exciting business venture, embark on a journey of a lifetime, receive a surprise gift of great value, be able to do what you love, or anything that would bring you so much joy you could not ask for anything more.

Snow in general

Dreaming that you are seeing snow or surrounded by snow is an indication that you could be a mere observer to the hardships and difficulties that the people around you are going through in reality. You would be faced with the dilemma of helping these people out of their predicament, thereby risking your own life and limb, or of ignoring their pleas for help and being accused of callousness and indifference. It is up to you to call the shots.

Dreams about snow or snowy weather or walking on snow

Snow-covered landscape

To dream about observing the landscape of snow-covered mountains and valleys glistening under the sunlight is a bittersweet sign of the impending end of a long period of bad luck and misfortunes in your life. After experiencing so much suffering and misery in real life, this vision could usher in the beginning of your empowerment and prosperity. As a result, people would respect and admire you, which is something that you have longed for ever since you can remember.

This dream could also be seen as a symbol of your unquestionable integrity. Not a few of your known adversaries might engage in a smear campaign against you or try to paint a grim picture of you in an effort to tarnish your reputation. Not surprisingly, they would fail in their bid because the truth is on your side.

Snow and ice

If you are a farmer or gardener dreaming about snow and ice at the same time, you are a lucky person. The vision of snow and ice symbolizes a season of good farming and plentiful harvest. Coupled with hard work and experience, you should expect to reap the fruits of your labor in the form of higher yields and far better returns of investment than the last harvest season.

An avalanche of snow

Dreaming that you are witnessing an avalanche in progress is a sign that you could soon receive a barrage of disappointing and discouraging news that would hit you like rapid gunfire and weaken your morale. If you are a victim in the avalanche, this vision is reminding you of the universal law of nature which has biblical origins - "You sow what you reap". Therefore, you should treat people the way you would want them to treat you.

I dreamt of mountains covered in snow around me

Snow on the mountaintops

Dreaming that you are observing snowcapped mountaintops from a distance is a symbol of great ambition. This vision indicates that you could be setting lofty goals for yourself but your plans of action to achieve these goals may fall short. Nevertheless, if only for your brazenness and sheer audacity, you would earn the respect of the people around you that you otherwise might not deserve.

Dreaming that you are seeing snow glistening under the sunlight is a reminder that tall ambition should be coupled with grand action. It would take your unwavering determination and will power to be able to conquer new heights and achieve your goals in life. If you find yourself heading to the summit and actually reaching it in the same dream, this symbolizes the pinnacle of your career or signifies that you are on top of your game, aware that only from that vantage point would you be able to see the bigger picture. You would realize that a mere mortal like you could achieve the impossible if you give it your best shot.

Snow or snowy weather in dreams what is meaning

First snow falling on the ground

Dreaming that you are observing the first snowfall connotes change. You would go through a series of transformations in your life which may have something to do with your physical appearance, marital status, career, business or project. Whether these changes are positive or negative would depend on your outlook on life.

Fluffy snow falling on the ground

To dream that you are looking out the window and observing snow falling on the ground depicts a gloomy scenario of separation and sadness. Your spouse or your partner could be leaving you soon because you could no longer support your family or relationship. You may have recently lost your job or your business may have failed. The absence of your loved one could leave you devastated, both emotionally and money-wise.

Snow falling as big flakes

Dreaming that you are witnessing giant snowflakes falling to the ground is bad luck. It is a premonition of great depression, discontentment and regret. You might fall deeper into this pit of hopelessness unless you muster enough strength and will power to turn your life around by rethinking your directions in life and leaving your old self behind.

Slowly falling snow

Dreaming that you are observing snow slowly falling to the ground is an ominous vision that could bring sadness in real life. You could soon be facing a lot of disappointment and discouragement from a botched relationship or a failed project. These events could cause you to withdraw more and more from your social circle and might result in depression if left unchecked.

Endless snow-covered ground

Dreaming that you are staring at the snow-covered ground that stretches to the horizon without any tracks or footprints is a metaphor for your unrewarded curiosity. It indicates that you may be seeking answers to questions that have been nagging you, or taking a keen interest in an elusive object or evasive person, or attempting to broaden your knowledge about some mysterious phenomenon, or trying to develop some business acumen, but you would not succeed. People may be fiercely protective of their privacy or could be hesitant to share their trade secret or business skills for fear that competing with you might jeopardize their interests and stakes.

Impure snow

Dreaming that you are seeing impure snow on the ground is a sign of sheer humility. The hurt and injustice caused by other people to you in the past would not deter you from initiating or making the first attempt at reconciliation with your transgressors, even if they receive your peace offering with a smirk or a hint of insincerity. Your genuineness and kind spirit would eventually cause them to have a change of heart.

White and clear snow

Dreaming that you are staring at pure, unadulterated, blindingly-white snow is a telltale sign of grave health problems. You could fall seriously ill and land in a hospital for ignoring early signs of bodily pain or symptoms of some dreaded disease. If someone else is looking at snow in your dream, it is a stern warning that you should avoid any kind of contact with the person in question to make sure you do not contract their contagious disease or get infected yourself.

Snowy weather

Everywhere is covered with snow and weather is white and cloudy.

Seeing everything covered in a layer of snow is a sign that you have a curious nature. However, you may not be getting answers to any of your questions at the moment. The people around you may be concerned about sharing their trade secrets or personal information with you, possibly because you seem too nosy or forward in your requests. The cloudy, white sky means that there may be a lot of agitation in the space where you are asking these questions, most likely school or work. Until everything calms down and returns to normal, people are likely to be on their guard and unwilling to diverge any more information than necessary.

Dreams about being in love or crush from the past

Walking in snow with your lover

Dreaming that you are taking a walk with your spouse or partner along a snow-covered path is a metaphor for deep love and affection. It tells you that you could not be any more fortunate for having the person of your dreams who truly cares for you and makes you complete. Of course, your spouse or partner would feel the same way about you.

A snow whiteout

Dreaming that you are observing a whiteout and its blinding effects depicts a scene of commotion within your social circle where all members would engage in the blaming game for a series of blunders of which no one would be willing to take full responsibility. Regardless of whether the issue would be resolved, or whether someone would finally take the blame, you would be able to get around it and might even emerge a hero.

Inspecting snowflakes

To dream that you are inspecting snowflakes and admiring their intricate patterns is a cause for celebration. You would soon meet a person whose bubbly personality is infectious and endearing. This person's enthusiasm and energy would bring a smile to your face and a positive change in your heart, helping you develop a positive attitude toward yourself and others and become a better person each day. On the other hand, this dream also indicates that a famous personality or someone of great authority might take notice of your talent and skill and could serve as a guide in propelling you to success in just a short time.

Being lost in the snow

Dreaming that you are trudging through heavy snow and realizing you are in the middle of nowhere and unable to find your way home portends a long period of personal and professional struggles. You may have made bad decisions and serious miscalculations as regards your relationships, family life or undertakings in the past that have all led to your current predicament.

Shoveling snow

Dreaming that you are shoveling and clearing off snow from a pavement is a sign that you might be involved in some activity or project that would take a lot of your time and energy, leaving you physically drained and exhausted. This may be the reason for your crankiness and irritability. This dream vision could also symbolize legal squabbles involving you and some people in your circle which would require you to participate in lengthy proceedings and court appearances, and you would be bored out of your wits.

Being targeted by snowballs

Dreaming that you are being snowballed by someone or a group of people is a sign that you may be embroiled in a tug-of-war between you and relatives or members of your family concerning rightful claims to inheritance that once belonged to them. This may include lengthy litigation and several court appearances which could take a lot of your time and energy. You should be aware that this bickering could turn nasty and you could become a victim of betrayal by a member of your own family.

Throwing snowballs

Dreaming that you are with someone and throwing snowballs at each other is a clear warning that you should exercise extreme caution when resolving financial issues with family members, some of whom might be consumed by greed and envy and do everything in their power to deceive you to advance their dubious monetary agenda. This would require you to maintain an unbending stance regarding communal property and inheritance in order to forestall any attempts at gaining unfair control of your rightful claims.

Dreaming that you are forming snow into an object other than a snowball implies problems with health. These may include resperatory diseases, angina, common cold or any ailment that would not normally pose real threats to your life and general well-being. Even so, this dream reminds you to stll exercise caution and take immediate action to avoid health complications in the future. Moreover, you must remember that prevention is better than cure.

Dreaming that you are a spectator or participant of some snow-related game or activities indicates a period of rest and recreation. You would soon take a break from the daily grind and embark on a pleasurable trip to your favorite destination, where you could do whatever you want albeit for a short period of time.

Snow covering backyard

Dreaming of seeing a snow-covered backyard is a symbol of death in the family. You could soon lose a member of your family who is closest to you. Their passing away would leave a gaping hole in your heart and life may never be the same again. If you go outside and discover that snowflakes do not touch your body in the same dream, you may lose an elderly member of your family.

Sledging on fresh snow for a female

A woman dreaming that she is sledging through heavy snow is a sign of the hardships and difficulties it would entail to attract and snag the man of her dreams. This could mean fierce competition and proverbial hair-pulling matches with other equally qualified women who also desperately want the guy to themselves. This dream reminds her to be fully prepared to employ even the most unconventional means to win the guy over if she is really dead serious.

Someone standing in the snow

Dreaming that you are staring at someone standing in the snow is an indication that you may regard that person with great suspicion and skepticism, and that person may feel the same way about you. Because of this, both of you would often engage in mind-guessing games which could turn out to be physically draining and could take a toll on your health, without ever realizing that your notions of each other are unfounded and untrue.

Caught in a snowstorm

To dream that you are caught in a snowstorm signifies emotional distress and depression. It alludes to your inability to accept the things that could not be changed and your irrational tendencies to dwell on what-ifs and might-have-beens. There is a danger that you might get stuck in your unfortunate past. You might be so absorbed in your own version of reality that your thoughts could render you virtually immobile and unable to move forward or ever accomplish anything at all.

Snowflakes glistening in the sun

Dreaming that you are staring at snowflakes that glisten as they fall under the sunlight signifies a happy gathering of family and friends on a special occasion. It could be a birthday, a wedding anniversary or a clan reunion. Such an occasion may seldom happen, but when it does, you would savor every minute of warmth and togetherness and being in the company of people who mean so much to you. The feelings of joy and contentment would remain in you long after your loved ones have gone back to their respective households.

A wall of snow

Dreaming about a formidable wall of snow is a sign of financial stability. You may be currently leading a highly comfortable life or would soon be in a good position in terms of wealth, property ownership and career advancement. All indicators would point to your success as you continue to invest in profitable projects and business ventures, or climb up the corporate ladder for your exemplary work performance. Because of this, you would be able to enjoy your financial security and freedom.

Snow falling in summertime

Dreaming that you are watching snow falling in summer depicts an event full of pleasant surprises. Due to some recent changes you have made in your life in an effort to improve your situation, other changes and improvements which you had not foreseen would soon take place in some kind of a chain reaction that would turn your life around and put you in a far better position than where you are now.

Snow burning

To see snow burning is a sign of an uprising. All the people around you who are oppressed and undermined by the community will finally snap and organize a protest to fight for their rights. Perhaps the LGBTQIA community will rally for same-sex marriage or women who have been sexually abused in your workplace will report their abusers as their voices get bolstered by the #MeToo movement.

Flying over snow-covered ground

Dreaming that you are flying over vast land completely covered in snow is a vision of success in partnership. You and your spouse or partner may have complementary traits, skills and talents, and your relationship could be bringing out the best in both of you. As a result of working in great harmony and perfect unison, you would find more happiness and success.

Being snowed-in

If you dream that you are stuck in a house and it looks like you will be snowed in for a while, you could go through a period of bad luck. A very difficult situation may turn up in your personal life, career or current undertaking which would test your limits and drive you to the point of losing faith and giving up. You might actually lose the battle if you do not have the patience and the will to persevere despite the odds.

Eating snow

To dream that you are catching and eating snowflakes is an indication of your open-mindedness and receptiveness to ideas, opinions, ideologies, and beliefs other than your own. Your upbringing or education may have something to do with your awareness that no one could live by themselves, and human lives are intrinsically related and connected. This dream symbolizes your profound understanding of the concept "unity in diversity".

Falling into the snow

Dreaming that you are falling into the snow connotes sporadic and temporary periods of difficulty in your present career, business or project. The global economic uncertainty is most likely to blame for your current woes, but you would have very little control of the situation. Hence, you may have to tighten your belt a little bit for the time being.

Snow as sporadic flakes

Dreaming that you are observing snow falling at irregular intervals is a good sign that translates to good times and memorable moments spent with your spouse, partner or current fling. Doing things together, such as sharing a meal or watching a movie, would be enough to make your day. It is the simple joys in life that you would look forward to as long as you have each other to share the magical experience. If you are a married woman, this dream is an indication of a happy married life characterized by happy and peaceful coexistence, profound love and material abundance.

Feeling snow touching you

Dreaming about snow touching your skin and giving you a shiver is a metaphor for a satisfying and fulfilling sexual life. You may be currently involved in a romantic relationship or have just recently met a person who shares your sexual fantasies. Each encounter would be a new discovery, as well as another chance to explore and experiment on new ways to make your partner extremely satisfied and happy.

Snowbanks in summertime

To dream about a snowbank in summertime is a representation of the ironies of life. You work so hard and yet you earn so little. You show kindness to a needy person and you get robbed. You eat right and exercise regularly and you learn you have some form of cancer. Everything seems to be working against you, and nothing you ever do is right. Before reaching for that noose, though, consider looking at it from a completely different angle and you might find wisdom.

Getting stuck in a snowbank

To dream that you or your car is stuck in a snowbank and you are unable to get yourself or pull the car out is a sign that favorable things are coming your way. You would find that your plans are taking shape, your business is picking up, your job is going well and your projects are completed on time. Everything seems to be running smoothly at this point in your life, and just when you think you have had enough blessings already, more positive things would present themselves to you in the near future.

Walking barefoot on snow

Dreaming that you are walking barefoot in the snow is a disaster waiting to happen. If you are extra careless with spending, you could be in deep financial trouble. You would think that your hard work and sacrifices in the past deserve to be rewarded, so you may feel entitled to indulge your every whim. This dream reminds you to go slow on your spending or you could end up losing everything.

A city during snow

I saw beautiful Hunza city which I have already seen recently for the first time, but in dreams I see Hunza city covered with little snow and light snow falling with a mild cold which is not irritating. I can recall in my dream that I have already visited this place, then I called my friend's name and ask her to come so that I can show her the beauty and then I started taking pictures of the scenery by doing some camera setting in my phone.

The presence of snow in dreams generally means some of your loved ones will experience challenges and hardships in reality. Your dilemma would be whether you are going to extend a helping hand, and get entangled in their affairs in the process, or turn a blind eye to their plight and be accused of being callous. Meanwhile, taking pictures with your camera is an indication of nostalgia. You could decide to give your opinion by giving advice to your struggling loved ones. These pieces of advice will come from your own past struggles and experiences.

White snow

Envisioning yourself standing in the middle of a road covered with white snow on a cold wintry night with your hands and arms stretched wide open symbolizes beginning of an emotional change. White color of snow represents a change whereas snow is a symbol of purity. The emotional change you are experiencing in your life may be caused by either development of a new relationship or falling out with someone you love, which could be an easy move or a difficult challenge. Alternatively, this may also indicate a positive change in your personality. What matters is that you keep your heart pure and have patience.

Brushing snow off by hand

Dreaming that you are brushing off snow with your own hands is an indication that your current problems, failures and hardships are likely the result of your own negligence and shortsightedness. You may have grown too complacent to pay attention to minor problems and inconveniences in the past, which allowed them to accumulate and gradually inundate your life to a point that you may already find impossible to disentangle.

Crawling up the stairs when it snows

Crawling up the stairs in the snow.

Making your way up the stairs in your dream illustrates your slow yet steady progress towards your goals. Despite the odds against you, you choose to persevere, hence this vision reveals the enormous willpower and motivation you possess. Furthermore, snow in dreams usually represents feelings of isolation. Perhaps you feel like no one is supporting your goals and aspirations to succeed. When you are left alone, overlooked or misunderstood, you have to rely on your own skills and resilience to trudge the path you chose for yourself.

Snow in summer

Snow in the summer, according to Islamic interpretations, means that you are expecting an answer or an explanation for something that happened already. However, you may be afraid of learning the deeper meaning behind what happened. You may be aware of some of the circumstances, but the thought of the parts you do not know is what scares you. You would need courage and fortitude to hear these words and perhaps a forgiving heart as well.

Big snow banks

To dream that you are seeing snow banks alongside the road is a sign of happiness, peace and contentment. You may have simple pleasures and desires in life and take no interest in amassing great wealth or attaining widespread fame. You could easily be pleased, your modest wishes easily granted, offenders easily forgiven, work easily done. For you, life is simple and should be lived exactly in that way.

Snow melting in your hands

Dreaming about snowflakes falling and melting in your hands is a reminder that before taking a plunge into some project, you should have the proper training, technical knowhow, financial backing and right mind to undertake such a project and tackle all its intricacies to ensure a greater percentage of success. This could also be true in other respects, such as developing an intimate relationship, which entails maturity, commitment, and financial and emotional stability.

Snow followed by rain

To dream about snowfall followed by rain is a sign that you could soon receive good news and bad news in quick succession. This could elicit contradictory feelings of joy and sadness almost at the same time, giving rise to your emotional confusion. First, you would be handed the good news, and your wide grin would indicate your excitement and happiness. The bad news would come next, and your grimace would give your disappointment and sadness away.

Trying to tell snow from rain

Dreaming that you are trying to figure out whether it is snowing or raining outside is a symbol of your desire to lead a life which is solely based on your own beliefs and values. This vision reflects your resistance to other sets of views or lifestyles, and your hesitance to explore uncharted territory outside of your comfort zone. But sooner or later, destiny may take over, alter the course of your life and take you somewhere you truly belong, whether you like it or not.

Melting snow

Dreaming that you are observing melting snow is an indication of your hanging anxieties or irrational fear of some silly thing that you could not place at the moment. However, your constant fidgeting could actually make you fully aware of your surroundings and the dangers that might lurk in your midst. As a result of your alertness, you would feel considerably relieved and self-assured.

A vision of melting snow in your dream could also translate to minor health issues or ailments such as a headache, common cold, sore throat and the like that you could easily remedy without the aid of a doctor or a qualified health worker. Such a small feat could mean a lot to you and help boost your sense of independence and self-reliance.

Someone offering to buy snow

Dreaming that someone is offering you to buy snow is a strange but welcome sign. Soon people would give you a lot of attention and importance, and you would find yourself the object of their affection and love. It would surprise you that not too long ago, you were yearning for the same treatment, and no one would pay attention or everybody was too busy looking at someone else. All of a sudden, they would smother you with praises and words of admiration short of groveling on the floor in awe of you or declaring you a saint.

Snow covering someone's footprints

Dreaming that you are looking at footprints softly fading amidst a snowfall is a sign of bad luck. It indicates that your inner thoughts may be marred by doubt and skepticism, which could cause you to exhibit antisocial traits and force you out of your social circle. You might even grow aloof with your own family and friends, the very people you are supposed to trust but now regard with suspicion. If this goes on, there is a real danger it could develop into paranoia, and it is all downhill from there.

Dreams about snow covering trees or icy trees

Trees snowed-in

To dream of snow-laden trees poses a dangerous trap. It speaks of your inability to move on from your ugly past which could be bearing you down and keeping you from pursuing other dreams. If you continue to live in regret, you might not be able to see through the thick snow of your past failures and beyond the horizon where a bright future and the promise of success could have long been waiting for you.

An animal hiding its tracks in snow

Dreaming about an animal trying to hide its tracks in the fresh snow is a sign that calls for persistence and perseverance on your part to solve a problem or overcome difficulties which are currently slowing you down on your path to success. This dream vision is a reminder that no obstacle is too difficult for a determined mind and a big heart.

Struggling to walk in snow

Dreaming that you are trudging with great effort through snow is a sign of struggle. You could soon go through some obstacles and hurdles appearing in your personal or professional life, your business or undertaking. In fact, these would come as no surprise since they had long been anticipated and taken as part of your plan for success, so you would have an easy time tackling them and solving them to your advantage.

Washing or rubbing body with snow

Dreaming that you are washing or rubbing your body with snow is luck in the strictest sense of the word. There is a good chance that all your dreams, ambitions, plans, aspirations and desires concerning your personal life, your career, your business, your current undertakings, and everything else in between could be achieved in one clean sweep which you imagined could only happen in movies, making you slap your face several times in complete disbelief as you try to recall what good you could have possibly done in the past to deserve all this.

Walking in the snow with a candle

I was walking in an area fully covered by snow with a white lit candle in hand in the evening. I was trying to extinguish the candle but I couldn't. I stumbled many times, but each time I got up and was hoping to have the candle unlit, but again it was lit. I kept going forward. I bumped into my ex-lecturer and asked him to extinguish it, but he couldn't. Instead, he said, "Do you know you are the last member of a family that will go to Canada from Germany?".

Walking in a snow-covered area or being snowed in suggests bearing witness to the hardships and difficulties that the people around you are going through in reality. You may be faced with the dilemma of helping these people out of their predicament, thereby risking your own life and limb, ignoring their pleas for help and being accused of callousness and indifference. The candle you hold in your hand with the flame that cannot be extinguished predicts a happy reunion with someone you have fallen out of touch with or have not seen for some time. Perhaps you may soon become a beacon of hope for this person. Alternatively, dream visions of this nature portend finding new opportunities or being offered a chance to do something exciting and fulfilling. A lit candle is a sign of intellect and enlightenment, this would be your guiding light in the coming challenges you could face in your life.

A snowball fight

A snowball fight.

A dream about a snowball fight presages a warning. It portends a period of negativity that might cause you to make irrational financial decisions. You could end up being surrounded by individuals who might try to deceive you or extort money from you for their own gains. The snowball fight symbolizes the unexpected blows which would be thrown at you preventing you from moving ahead. You should make sure that you maintain your stance, follow your principles, and not let anything faze you.

Playing in snow

Having a dream related to snow brings an interpretation typically associated with the spiritual aspect of the dreamer. If you see yourself playing in the snow, it represents your active state of mind. You live in the moment and enjoy life. You have a vivid imagination for how to spend each day meaningfully. Furthermore, this dream is also a sign of a happy disposition in life, ready to welcome every door of opportunity coming your way.