Dreams Related To Snake

Being bitten by a snake

Dreaming of being bitten by a snake is a warning against envious competitors or malicious intent. A venture that you are working on right now is being targeted by people who are jealous of your success, and they are planning on trying to jeopardize your plans. Be careful of such people and try to protect yourself from them.

A snake going into vagina

A snake crawled into my vagina and laid eggs, when it was coming out I cut it in half because it started going back in. The other half came out and died.

Dreaming that a snake has entered your vagina may refer to becoming more comfortable with or interested in exploring your sexuality. Whether you are just beginning your sexual journey or coming to terms with who you are and what you truly want out of a sexual relationship, this symbol points towards self-reflection and sexual awakening. However, the snake itself and the eggs it lays represents the sowing of seeds of conflict. Perhaps your discoveries will make your current partner uncomfortable or you may feel some incompatibility with your religious or moral beliefs. In either case, take your time when you are exploring these new emotions and desires, so that you do not alienate someone close to you or make rash decisions that hurt you in the long run.

Hissing snake

Being scared of a hissing snake in your dream tells of being overpowered by someone else. You may be persuaded into sacrificing your own happiness for well-being of someone who may be dear to you. You might also let go of something that is valuable to you in the process for the sake of that other person involved in this situation.

Killing a snake

Killing a snake in your dream tells you that you are dead-set on asserting yourself to others. You would want to sell your ideas to others in order to earn their respect and admiration, and in so doing, be able to accomplish your plans. This can also refer to advancing or gaining advantage over your rivals or enemies.

Gigantic snake

Seeing a gigantic snake in front of you is an omen. Someone who is very dear to you is gravely ill, and it may be a long-term disease. You will play a big role in his or her life by providing support and strength during this trying time.

Walking through snakes

Dreaming of walking through snakes or passing through a path cautiously in order to avoid them is a sign of constant fear over sickness. You are often afraid of being sick or of contracting an disease. This can also refer to having competitive friends who aspire to take over your place in your social circle.

Snake coiled up around you

Having a snake coiled up around you and about to bite you is a symbol of weakness against enemies. You fail to defend yourself when rivals or enemies try to attack you. If this vision is recurring, it can also mean falling into sickness.

Close contact with a snake

Having close contact with a snake, for example looking at it closely or touching it, tells you to open your mind when opportunity comes your way. A good opportunity is about to be offered to you, and you should grab it right away. This could be your chance to succeed in your plans or goals.

Interpret my dream about being bitten by a snake

Poisonous snakes

Dreaming of poisonous snakes is a dire warning against your enemies. They may do everything in their power to win over you. Take extra caution when dealing with them because they possess more power than you think. Try to handle the situation with as much diplomacy as you can so you will be able to get out of it peacefully.

Snake inside your house

Having a snake inside your house, such as in your kitchen or living room, indicates danger or an unfavorable situation. You may be faced with some kind of danger or a threat while you are away from home or while no one is watching it. This can also happen whether someone is inside your home or not present. It might be better to take some kind of precaution when you are leaving your home for some time.

Holding a snake in your hands

Dreaming of holding a snake in your hands foretells facing seemingly inconsequential events. You will experience situations that you think are useless or unimportant making you try to just dismiss them. However, you will be hounded by these situations as they may cause stress and irritation later on. They may not be as irrelevant or minor as you think they are after all.

A bunch of little snakes

Seeing a bunch of little snakes in your dream refers to suffering because of malicious attempts against you. You will be able to handle negative behavior of other people towards you by ignoring their actions. These people will try to spread rumors about you or would try to jeopardize your plans but you will be able to brush them off.

Snake crawling inside your anus

Having a snake crawling inside your anus is a warning against conflict with people close to you. You may end up quarreling or disagreeing with people who are helpful to you. Try not to worsen the situation or else you might end up burning bridges with these people.

What does it mean to dream of black snakes

Gigantic black snake

Seeing a gigantic black snake is a bad omen. It refers to evil and suffering in the future. Such trial would be so severe that it would be very challenging to get out of the situation or to get over its repercussions.

Snake biting someone else

Seeing a snake biting someone else is a warning that you are about to cause some pain to someone who is close to you. You will unintentionally hurt the feelings of somebody who means a lot in your life, so try to be more careful of your actions.

Snakes entangled in a ball

Seeing snakes entangled in a ball is a warning against evil. You are about to be faced with wickedness taking many forms, so be careful. It might be in the form of temptations or someone who will try to wrong you or influence you to commit misdeeds. However form it make take, be mindful for it may lead you to commit acts that you will regret later on.

Your hair and snakes in same dream meaning

Your hair as snakes

Dreaming that you have your hair as snakes or having a bunch of lean snakes as your hair is a sign that you focus your time and energy on trivial things. This takes your attention away from things that are really important. Try to reevaluate how you spend your time and think what is of value to you.

Snakes inside the body

When I was a child I had dreams that snakes were let loose inside my vagina and would supposedly bite me if I didn't do what I was told to by people I didn't know, what does it mean?

Snakes represent threats in the real world, though their phallic appearance also lends sexual and intimate meanings when it comes to the dream world. You may have been dealing with an aggressive figure in your childhood trying to advance their interests at your expense. This powerful individual may have been trying to manipulate you into submission because they saw you as a passive personality who could be easily controlled. Perhaps your mind was making you aware of your weakness and tendency towards passivity so you could learn to be more outspoken and assertive.

Snakes in large numbers

A large number of snakes around you in a dream vision represents the potential for attacks and attempts to bring havoc upon you. There are likely some individuals lurking in the shadows who seek to do you harm. The success of these dark intentions would have disastrous effects on your everyday existence. It would be wise to be wary of those who would benefit from your downfall or humiliation.

A snake in your house

A dream of a snake in your home indicates that you are at risk of being placed in an ominous situation or maybe even in danger. This threat could be something that you face while you are away on a trip, when you are least expecting it. You may be at risk of someone entering into your home uninvited, or even coming into your home when a loved one is there, placing them in danger as well. Make sure to take extra precautions if you will be leaving your home for an extended trip for business or vacation, and keep an eye out for suspicious activity.

Snakes in house

To see snakes entering your home, slithering through windows or through the plumbing system, means a member of your household is being threatened or bullied. Freud's teachings explain snakes as phallic symbols, so someone with toxic masculinity is probably bullying your loved one, perhaps with a tendency to become violent during heated arguments. In addition, it could also point to sexual assault, so make sure you are observant about people who may project negative aura in order for you to protect your family and yourself. Finally, if you are able to catch or contain the snakes in this dream, then you will receive help from people who are experienced in these types of crimes or abuse.

A dead snake in bed

I dreamt about seeing a snake under my pillow, it seemed dead because it wasn't moving but I am certain it was a snake because its tail was extended outside the pillow.

A dead snake refers to suffering, particularly the feeling of betrayal that comes when someone you trust causes you pain. However, your lack of interaction with the snake may mean you have not actually experienced this pain yet, only that you are aware it is nearby. This is supported by the image of the bed. Your bed represents your safe space, so finding the snake under the pillow reveals your knowledge of the precarious situation you are in. This may be similar to the idea of making your bed before you get into it. You may see a choice you have made leading somewhere you would rather not go. There may still be time to change the outcome if you act carefully and thoughtfully.

Snake eye

Seeing a snake's eye and being hypnotized by it is a warning against heartless people. Some powerful and merciless individuals are giving you their attention at the moment, and are possibly watching your move. Be more careful and beware of any cunning ploy that may be planned to bring you down.

Surrounded by snakes

Being surrounded by snakes in a dream vision is usually thought to be a reflection of your concerns about your own health. In many cases, it highlights a phobia of getting ill or becoming sick. For example, school teachers may be worried about catching influenza from one of their students, or those who work in laboratories may feel apprehension about working with certain contagious pathogens. Seeing this symbol may reveal a need to get some extra sleep or take vitamins so that you do not have to be so preoccupied with such serious thoughts.

What does it mean to dream about a green snake

Green snake

Dreaming of a green snake means that you may be involved in an event where alcohol is flowing freely, a party or celebration for example. It can also be a warning that you have a tendency to drink too much alcohol so be mindful of your intake. Seeing a snake of a green color in the grass could also shed light on your luck with money or personal growth in general where you do not possess any power to meet your expectations.

Snakes everywhere

The vision of snakes surrounding you, especially in large numbers, means your enemies will descend upon you. This is a prediction of getting into an altercation with an influencer with thousands of followers. As a result, you will become a target of trolls and fanatics trying to defend their idol by flooding you with personal attacks. Alternatively, the snakes are metaphors for scammers who will try to hack into your accounts and steal your savings. Perhaps, as a reflection, you have been dealing with this issue lately.

Being bitten by a poisonous snake

Dreaming of being bitten by a poisonous snake is a warning of being placed in a scandalous situation. You may be faced with a very tight situation, being a victim or subject of a scandal, and you may have a difficult time getting the situation under control.

Harmless snake close to your body

Having a harmless snake close to your body or coiled around you, tells you that you are developing emotions that may overwhelm you. This can be romantic or otherwise, but it is something that will have a profound effect on you.

Someone you might meet in the near future will bring you emotions and experiences, which could lead to a possible romance. This can result in a long-term relationship leading to a possible marriage, additional marital responsibilities and even starting a new family.

White snake

Seeing a white snake in your dream indicates that you are about to unearth some disturbing information. However, this knowledge will not be beneficial to you in any way and may even cause some distraction to you when you get hold of it.

Snake chasing me

Getting chased by a green snake is an allusion to your struggle with addiction. This dream symbol is particularly about alcoholism and the threat of going off the wagon. You will be tempted to indulge in alcohol because of an upcoming celebration or party with overflowing booze. The green snake is also a metaphor of friends who are bad influence or enablers. Your subconscious is telling you to stay away from people who do not care about your well-being. People with negative aura will just push you into a downward spiral, so try to protect yourself from their bad intentions.

Being able to control the snake

Being able to control the snake that is attacking you in your dream is a promising sign. A very prominent organization or group will be behind you in your current ventures or projects. They will lend assistance in whatever kind of help you need, and they will be very instrumental in the success of your undertakings.

Being bitten by a black snake

The black snake in itself is an ominous dream symbol referring to future suffering and threats to your way of life. The severity could vary depending on the behavior of the snake in your dream. So, a bite from a black snake means there is no way for you to avoid the challenge ahead of you. To be more specific, this bad omen hanging over you will be a destructive force that will bring you face-to-face with your biggest fears. A death in the family or the loss of a beloved friend will send you spiraling down a dark path. Be cautious and surround yourself with good people who will keep you from straying and becoming self-destructive.

Snake in the grass

Seeing a snake in the grass or unsuspectingly stepping over it and being scared tells of having unfounded fears. You feel that people are not taking notice of you right now and that they do not respect you well enough. You also think that you will fail in your current plans or activities. These are all misplaced judgments about yourself and should not be entertained.

Such negative notions about yourself are totally false and misleading. Your mind may have played them a lot that you started to believe in them. It would benefit you greatly to ignore them while focusing on your strengths. Try believing in yourself more, put your efforts and energy towards your goals, and in the long run you will be rewarded with success and peace of mind.

Snake in water

Seeing a snake in the water or several snakes while you are swimming or trying to cross a shallow body of water, is a sign of worry. You wish you were in a better situation than what you are in right now. This thought makes you anxious and worried.

Walking into a bunch of snakes

Walking into or among a bunch of snakes while dreaming is often considered the manifestation of constant worry or fear in reality. It represents a tendency to see the glass as half empty, and you may even have hypochondriac episodes. This may be an aspect of your personality that you are content to live with, but it may also be a good idea to seek counseling or talk to a friend about the things that bother you.

Snake behind your friend

Seeing a snake behind your friend which is about to attack means being successful in dealing with rumors or negative situations. You will be able to handle gossips and shaky situations well, particularly those that are threatening to your reputation.

Crushing a snake with your foot

Crushing a snake with your foot until it dies is a good sign. Your health will improve because you will be able to overcome any possible minor or major health issues that you have been afflicted with.

Running from snakes but cannot get away

Being chased and overtaken by snakes could refer to being inconvenienced or followed by a persistent individual. This man or woman may be a stalker, or they could be someone who is just unable to read the air. You would have a lot of trouble dealing with this individual, either because you would feel frustrated or intimidated by their constant presence.

Snake bites

There was a girl that told a man to take a snake and make it bite me on the arm by holding it upside down. I saw him coming closer with the snake while I was about to climb into a car but it was too late, I couldn't close the car door quick enough so the snake bit me 4 times on my arm.

Having a dream where you are bitten by a snake may serve as a warning that people who are filled with jealousy are making plans against you. They may be envious of your material possessions and seek to ruin you financially, or they may desire to have the influence and charisma you have, spreading rumors to humiliate you in front of others. The unusual positioning of the snake may indicate that these rivals are willing to do anything in their power to bring you down. You should be careful and take precautions to safeguard yourself.

A snake wrapped around a baby

I am a female and I recently dreamed of a baby playing with a snake and the baby was being wrapped up by the snake. I tried to unwind the baby and was somewhat successful and then it just kept getting wrapped up, then I started running and the snake chased me. The snake became longer and longer and the baby was still wrapped up in the snake, but the snake kept chasing me. I tried throwing rocks at it and trying to get away but the snake kept catching up with me and the baby was still attached.

Dreaming of a baby playing with a snake means you are about to be betrayed by a scheming individual. The baby symbolizes a plan, an idea or a project you have been developing and planning to come into fruition. The snake is a rival who will snatch this idea from you or even sabotage your project out of spite. There is likely some history of bad blood between the two of you which will suddenly resurface again due to this undertaking which this person will take an interest in. You need to stay on your toes and be prepared for attacks or else all your hard work will crumble down from their nasty maneuverings.

Stepping on a snake

My dream was about a very large and long snake, grayish or brownish in color. I was outside in a field, I stomped my feet and made it slither away. It stopped, so I stomped again, and it slithered away.

A particularly large snake often alludes to someone in your life becoming ill. While a large snake by itself does not necessarily give any context to this idea, the grayish brown color suggests this may be an illness of the mind. It is more likely to be something like depression or anxiety, but more serious conditions are possible as well. Your ability to scare off the snake with your stomping may reveal that you could have some positive influence over this individual's recovery. As your subconscious has obviously picked up on their disease, perhaps you are close enough that you can offer guidance, support or extra help to this man or woman. Assisting them in their time of need would bring you closer and make you feel like you have really made a difference in someone's life.

Snakes around legs

Envisioning multiple snakes curling around and slithering past your legs is often thought to be the manifestation of fears related to the contraction of diseases. In many ways, standing there without moving could suggest that your fear hinders some aspects of your life, such as getting close to new people or traveling. If you were able to remove yourself from the entanglement of snakes in this dream, you may find a way to overcome this particular obstacle.

Black baby snakes

Many baby black snakes were being released. They were going away from me to a dark field or dark water. Some tried to cling or stick to me but I brushed them away. They were sticky and some were stuck to each other. They were a few inches long but had adult sized heads. As I went about my life I would see them across the dark water or field. Some would come towards me, but I scared them away. One baby black snake, almost like a worm, kept coming towards me, but he was dragging a ridiculous bright colored scarf or string. I could see him easily, he could not sneak up on me. I laughed at him and flicked him away.

While the imagery in this dream is rather negative, your attitude during the vision gives the impression that it is actually neutral in nature. Specifically, black snakes point toward suffering, and seeing multiple small snakes also portends someone trying to sabotage you, most likely through trickery or gossip. The water symbolizes some worry over these attacks against you, which is understandable if you are the victim of some malicious deeds. However, you are very likely to overcome these troubles if you take the moral high ground and avoid being pulled down to this person's level. While it may be difficult to be patient, it would be wise to let things take their course instead of getting involved in someone else's drama.

Dreams about snakes meaning and interpretation

A bite of a dead snake

Dreaming of a bite of a dead snake refers to suffering. You will fall victim to the actions of a person whom you trust, and experience agony and pain. He or she may deceive you in a very unexpected manner, and because of this you will feel the hurtful consequences of this behavior or attitude towards you.

2 snakes intertwined

Two snakes that appear to be intertwined with each other is an ominous symbol to perceive in a dream vision according to shamanistic sources. It is a harbinger of evil and misfortune. You may be tempted to act in an unjust or illegal way, or you may fall victim to someone with a weakness to the dark forces. Be on your guard and stay away from anyone you do not trust.

Killing snakes

To kill snakes in a dream vision depicts your determination to defeat your rivals. You are dead-set on asserting yourself in order to achieve prominence in your field. You have no problem marketing yourself and selling your ideas if it means gaining power and influence over your colleagues. However, your ruthlessness and ability to embrace the cutthroat culture of your chosen profession will also lead to an awakening and a re-evaluation of your moral compass once you are faced with the dilemma of backstabbing a friend in order to advance your career.

Tamed snake

Having a tamed snake in your dream signifies prosperity and wealth. You are about to receive sudden material acquisitions due to an unexpected inheritance. It can also be the result of all the effort and time you have put into your work.

Snake with many heads

Dreaming of a snake with many heads tells of deception. You will be the victim of a major fraudulent act or deception, sometime in the near future. This may happen around the time that you had this dream so try to be more careful.

Marks from a snake bite

Getting marks from a snake bite symbolizes pregnancy. Either you (if you are a female), your spouse (if you are a male) or somebody dear to you, will be expecting a baby some time in the future.

Caged snake

Seeing a caged snake or being able to contain a snake in a cage or a box is an indication of upcoming prosperity. You will be able to grab an opportunity and use it to your advantage, building you material wealth in the process. It can also refer to finding someone who will be your guide and protector.

A grey and a black snake

In the dream I was sitting in the veranda of my friend's house, at night time, I saw a big grey snake crawling and it had a big black snake in its mouth. It was moving along the outside area of the right side of the house. We entered house immediately due to fear. In the dream I felt like my eyes encountered with grey snakes eyes.

The image of the snake is very prominent in this dream. Snakes can indicate both the presence of opportunities or be a warning of difficulties to come. In this case, the black snake seems to represent lucky chances or experiences that would better you, while the large grey snake portends others trying to keep you from gaining success and notoriety, especially within your career, field, or community. Successfully avoiding the grey snake by moving indoors means that, at least for now, the danger has passed. However, feeling some connection with the snake, like making eye contact with it, suggests that this is not the last you have seen of your enemies.

A snake turning into other animals

My dream was about a snake that I found in the house, but I only saw it's tail every time I entered the house. I looked at the snake as it was trying to escape from me. Later I found that it has two heads, even it's tail has a head, then it later changed to moving in a different direction as I was looking at it, then it turned into a fish and last into a hare.

A two-headed snake in the dream world can either mean cooperation or deception depending on how you felt when you saw it. Snakes also suggest looming threats or problems in the real world, so perhaps this vision is a warning of an upcoming complication about to fall on your household. This obstacle would rally members of your family to work together in order to find a solution. Consequently, its transformation into a fish which then turned into a hare alludes to ideas and quick thinking. There could, in fact, be a way for your family to turn this crisis into an opportunity.

Two snakes

The image of multiple snakes portends misfortune in the actual world. Someone with a toxic personality is around you, and this person can easily change his or her behavior when you are not around. This specific individual will act nicely in front of you but would turn entirely different once you are gone. The sensation of getting bitten by one of the snakes suggests that you feel someone will betray you, but the journey to identifying who this individual is won't be easy. Therefore, being wary of the people in your circle is highly advisable.

Water snake

Seeing a water snake is a symbol of being haunted by a disturbing past. You are still being bothered by something that happened in your past and this will cause you some trouble sometime in the near future, catching you off-guard in the process.

Being bitten by a white snake

A white snake symbolizes disturbing news. Usually, this piece of information is harmless, but since the white snake bit you in the dream then this represents a threat. At first you may simply find the news distracting or even annoying, but if you give it more thought then you may find that your own safety or reputation could be put on the line because of this new knowledge or discovery.

A snake trying to bite me

A snake attempting to bite you could be an omen about enemies plotting against you. In biblical terms, the serpent symbolizes evil power. Since the snake has not yet succeeded in biting you, it means your enemies do not have enough clout to actually hurt you. However, if you underestimate your rivals, you could just give them the ammunition to take you down. Your instincts tell you that there are treacherous people around you, so your subconscious is telling you to be cautious.

Someone constricted by a snake

Seeing someone being constricted by a snake or being strangled by a snake, is a warning against danger. The person who is being victimized by the snake could be in great danger at the moment. Try to warn this person, because he or she needs to be more careful of his or her actions.

Snakes in the house

Dreams about 2 big snakes going inside the house and I protect the twins baby and 1 big snake caught.

Seeing snakes entering the house and becoming a threat to the twins you were trying to protect could serve as a sign of you or perhaps your children recently becoming intimidated or threatened by someone. At the same time, the vision of being able to catch one of the snakes could represent receiving help or piece of advice to help you in overcoming possible situations difficult to handle on your own. Therefore, although you may face some possible issues or complications, you can expect protection and safety. Nothing serious should harm you or disrupt your normal course of life.

Killing a snake and a frog

Saw a snake which I had wanted to kill and at the same time I saw a frog and I killed it first, as I proceeded on to kill the snake, it was trying to hide from me. What's the meaning?

The main symbols in this vision, killing a frog and then a snake, point to two conflicting issues you may face in the future. The frog in this context is associated with wellness, so killing one may represent health problems or issues with your physical condition. This may be related to lifestyle choices, such as poor diet, excessive alcohol consumption or smoking. On the other hand, killing a snake reveals your desire to be more powerful and assertive. At the present or in the near future, however, you may become a slave to your deteriorating condition, so it may be wise to take better care of your health to avoid any serious declines health-wise.

Snake standing on its tail and swinging

A snake standing on its tail and swinging at the same time in front of you is a sign of being surrounded by deceit and ungratefulness. People around you are dishonest and unappreciative, and this could be a sign that you need to choose your friends well. For certain people, it could also mean imprisonment or incarceration as consequence of their misbehavior.

A headless snake chasing

The image of a headless snake chasing you in the dream realm is often considered a negative omen. It suggests that you are being looked into or scrutinized in some way, though whether or not it is something you need to be concerned about may depend on other symbols in the vision and your circumstances in wake life. For instance, your financial activity may be looked over by a company if you are applying for a credit card or having your taxes done. These are legitimate cases that should cause no concern. However, this vision is also associated with online stalkers or international hackers trying to gain access to your passwords, bank accounts or social security. If you have concerns about your online safety, you should take measures to improve your security by updating passwords and installing antivirus software.

Being threatened by a snake

I dream that my husband held this big black snake straight to me. In my face. We were sitting in the valley with two of his church colleagues. His sister, she is also a pastor actually, he is also a pastor, and the Evangelist. He held the snake straight to my face and his colleagues held my hands. I was crying, screaming for help but nobody heard me. The snake looked straight into my eyes and said "Pssssttt, don't tell the others about this", while he and his colleagues laughed at me.

The image of the snake is very prominent in this dream. Snakes can indicate both the presence of opportunities or be a warning of difficult times to come. In this case, the symbol of a black snake held to your face by other people represents their strong desire or even urge to tell you that something you have recently done or are doing at the moment is either wrong or seem to bother them a great deal. The fact that you were making an eye contact with the snake reveals that you stand firm in your beliefs and resist other people's attempts to change your ways, possibly ignoring the fact that it may later negatively affect both you and others involved.

A bite of a three-headed snake

I am a female. Last night I had a dream about a 3-headed snake, at least that's what I remember it could have been. I was really looking towards it and remember being told that it could kill or bite me one day. I remember then sleeping with the snake and it bit me in the butt and I was trying to get in literally into one of my butt cheeks (weird I know). I remember I killed it and I left it in there because I didn't want to tell the person, I think my dad, that it bit me, but it did end up doing so.

Dreaming of a snake with three heads tells of deception. You would be the victim of a major fraudulent act or lies some time in the coming days or weeks. Being bitten on the butt specifically may refer to this deception being the work of someone you are actively competing against, like a co-worker or fellow student. Their attempts to trick you are only to further their own selfish plans. You should be careful of those whose interests directly clash with yours or those who wish to have what should soon be yours. It would not be wise to leave yourself open to attacks, as even the smallest losses may jeopardize your chances for success.

Snake crawling under your sleeve

Seeing a snake crawling under your sleeve is a sign of having a new member in your family. You or someone in your family will be blessed with a child, and you will celebrate the addition of another family member.

Snakes fighting

Watching snakes fight each other while dreaming represents your position as a bystander in a major incident or fight. You may witness a fistfight break out at the lunchroom of your school or witness police attack an unarmed subject without provocation. In any case, you should be vigilant of how affairs develop, as you may later be asked to give eyewitness testimony to the event should something serious, like injury or death, follow.

Kids playing with snakes

Watching kids playing with snakes tells you that you are temporarily unable to use your judgment well about other people. For whatever cause or reason, you will find it hard to discern if people are being sincere to you. You will not be able to tell who are true friends and who are enemies in your social circle. Take note that this is only a temporary clouding of judgment, probably because of being too focused on other important or urgent matters.

Snakes coming to my home

Seeing snakes slither into your house or place of residence is an ominous symbol in the realm of dreams. It suggests a troubling or dangerous situation looming on the horizon. If you were able to avoid the snakes or get help, it could mean you would be able to get advice from the right man or woman in wake life to avoid major failings. However, being cornered or trapped by the snakes could reveal getting entangled in a series of highly unfortunate events.

A snake attacking in the barn

A snake lying on the floor of a barn. I fell and it immediately came toward me. When it reached me, it went under my legs and back around to the front side of my legs. It went to strike and I grabbed it behind the head to prevent it from biting, then woke up.

The image of the snake is very prominent in your vision. Snakes can represent both the presence of opportunities or be a warning of difficult times to come. In this case, the symbol of a snake suggests jealous individuals who may be plotting against you and trying to find your weaknesses. However, your ability to keep the snake at bay by holding it could predict being able to avoid these individuals or make a successful counterattack against them. The cause of their jealousy may be related to the notion of the barn. Barns are associated with abundance and contentment in the dream universe, so these envious personalities may be upset at your success and prosperity in certain areas of life.

A white snake inside intestines

Dreamt that there was a big long white snake in my intestine with the mouth about to enter my stomach. I am a female.

A white snake in dreams often refers to a disturbing piece of information. This bothersome news can distract you from the important things you need to attend to. The snake is in your intestine because this information would send you into a roller coaster ride of emotions. Furthermore, because this snake is entering your stomach, it means there will be a significant and abrupt shift in your life because of this shocking news and in order for you to overcome this trial, you need to manage your emotions and remain in control no matter how hard it hits you.

Strangely shaped snakes

Seeing strangely shaped snakes in your dream tells of facing problems or trials in the near future. You may be faced with some hardships and the best way you can solve them would be to ignore them completely.

Snake basking in the sun

Seeing a snake basking in the sun tells you of getting a very demanding assignment in your job, or a job that will require a lot of your time. You might be putting too much effort and energy into something that could turn out to be useless or bring no happiness or satisfaction in the end.

Snake in clear water

Snakes usually refer to threats or fears, so seeing snakes in clear water means your thoughts are going to be invaded by trepidation. Usually, if you are about to do something significant with your life, such as putting up a business or moving to a new place, then you could be overcome by thoughts of failure or uncertainties about the outcome. This could be a crippling incident which may cause delays to your plans.

A snake being buried

Burying a snake is a fairly complicated symbol in the context of dream visions. In the most general sense, burying a dead snake refers to putting some suffering to rest. For example, the hurt of someone unfriending you may cause you some emotional pain, but you would eventually be able to recognize the benefit of knowing who your true friends are. Similarly, you may come to see that escaping into the fantasy worlds of online gaming, fan fiction or Hollywood are only ways to distract you from your life, not help you improve it. This vision can be seen as a reminder, then, that sometimes things we perceive as bad may actually be good for us in the long run.

A snake with legs

A snake with legs and feet carries both an impression of your overall character as well as a prediction for the future. This symbol suggests you desire easy victories in life. You want to accomplish many things, such as raising a family or starting a business, but you do not want to deal with the associated struggles, like babies that do not stick to a sleep schedule or searching for investors. The sign of a snake with legs suggests that should you continue to ignore the inevitability of hard work, you would wind up deceiving yourself totally. This could cause some major problems or headaches in the future.

Snakes spitting in the face

Lots of different snakes all spitting me in the face.

Having a dream about a bunch of snakes attacking you could be symbolic of people trying to take advantage of you and attempting to destroy your reputation and image because of some mistakes you have recently made. The vision of snakes spitting venom in your face is your subconscious anticipation of these people's retaliation and revenge. Someone could be spreading rumors or false information about you and the only way to prevent possible damage would be not to focus excessively on their behavior, attitude and actions. Alternatively, you could be just imagining possible threats from people in your waking life because you do not fully trust them or think they know too much about your past.

Chased by snakes and a man cutting grass

Me and my son were being chased by snakes and out of nowhere there was a man outside cutting my grass. And I wake up.

We assume that these events in the dream were taking place around or close to your house. Being chased by snakes, especially if they looked menacing, could be a sign of you or your son being the subject of a stalker or being intimidated by someone. At the same time, the vision of an unfamiliar man cutting grass is associated with starting a relationship with someone who may become useful and help overcome possible situations difficult to handle on your own. Therefore, although you may face some possible issues or complications, you will be protected both by the law and by friends who are concerned about your safety. This will ensure that nothing harms you or disrupts your normal course of life.

Daughter with snakes

My daughter grabbed the snake, a big red brown I jelled at here. Then there where little ones and some medium ones (boa)ish type. One of my cats was killed by one and I get fire started to burn them. My other whom is dead was also in my dream.

Seeing a brown or bronze snake in a dream is a symbol of jealousy. It may be that someone you know is envious of your success or life, possibly enough to interfere with your plans or dreams. This is further illustrated by the multiple snakes that appear, which point to experiencing hardship due to other people's actions against you. However, despite their gossip and attempts to make your life difficult, you will overcome and even come out stronger. Seeing a dead cat or watching a cat die represents bad behavior or unwise choices, especially when you have to make a big decision quickly. It might be a subconscious sign that you need to take some time to carefully consider your options before acting. Also, seeing someone in a dream who has passed in real life means possibly exhibiting rude or awkward behavior, at least from the perspective of others. You may need to look at your words and actions more carefully in the future.

A snake in the pile of leaves

A small pile of leaves set to the right of myself and in the leaves a venomous snake came out with about half of its body. Then I woke up.

Dreaming about a pile of fallen leaves has negative connotations. It symbolizes that you may experience some difficulties in your waking life. The venomous snake could represent the presence of a wicked and malicious individual in your social circle. They may try to cause problems for you or place obstacles in your path. Make sure you stay alert regarding any untoward activities and keep yourself away from people who show signs of possible harm directed at you.

Hypnotized by a snake

Being hypnotized by a snake especially one that is menacing, is a sign of being the subject of a stalker or being intimidated by someone. This may cause some threat to you but you will be protected both by the law and by friends who are concerned about your safety. They will help ensure that nothing harms you and disrupt the peace.

Bronze colored snake

Seeing a bronze-colored snake in your dream that is at level with your feet indicates jealousy. Somebody in your social circle is envious of your success. This person will do everything in his or her ability to compete with you and possibly take your place.

Snake talking to you

Snakes usually convey both positive and negative interpretations in dreams. They can signify fear or hidden potential. In the case of a snake conversing with you, it means a cunning individual will charm you into becoming their friend or partner. This person is far from harmless, so handle this relationship with caution. Should you be smart enough to harness their strengths without earning their ire, this has the potential of becoming a productive partnership. A cautious person with an intimidating and risky partner can be a good combination for professional venture or even a romantic one.

A black snake entering my house

Envisioning a black snake entering your home in the dream realm is a highly ill omen according to traditional dream interpreters. It suggests that some evil or seed of discontent has already been sown in your household. In a sense, this vision is a projection by your unconscious mind of the darkness lurking in your own territory. For families, this could mean incidents of fighting or ignoring each other would take place. For people on their own, it is possible that their home would make them feel lonely and cut off from the rest of the world.

Water snakes without heads

It was about water snakes and everyone was picking them up but you couldn't see their heads and I was yelling at my son because he was try to catch them.

Dreaming about one or a group of water snakes which are swimming or trying to cross over shallow waters could be a warning sign. You could be displeased by your current life circumstances. For example, you could dislike your house or your friends or your profession. You already would be, or soon would become extremely preoccupied, anxious or nervous about the current state of affairs. You further dreamed that the snake's heads were hidden from your sight. This could suggest that there would be some resolution attempts on your behalf. However, you would be unsuccessful. Such inability to find a solution for your worries and problems could be a result of the adoption of inappropriate strategies and approaches. It could also be a result of the interfering intervention of someone. This person could be trying to prevent you from succeeding or creating obstacles to the implementation of your plans and solutions.

A woman giving men a green snake

A lady giving the men green snake.

Dreaming of a green snake means that you may soon be involved in an event where alcohol would be flowing freely, a party or celebration arranged by the woman you saw in this dream and possibly together with men she chooses to invite. The same dream vision could also be symbolic of the fact that this woman may have a tendency to drink alcohol excessively, so if you know this person or tend to hang out with her, you should be mindful of her actions at this upcoming gathering because she may get you involved in some inappropriate behavior.

A snake suddenly appearing under feet

Dreamed that all of a sudden there was a snake under my feet. He was a dark snake. I woke up screaming, because I was so afraid.

The sudden appearance of a snake under your feet and your natural reaction to it reveals that you may nurture unfounded fears, including a complex of not being appreciated enough by other people or making others think that your efforts are destined to fail. Such perception of yourself is completely unfounded and does not merit your true abilities. Having an open mind and accepting new opportunities seems to be the road to take in order to change your perspective on life. Despite the endless opportunities you see in your waking life, you may be reluctant to check if any of them could be your lucky chance.

Stepping on a green snake

I dreamed someone had a box of small green snakes that were trying to escape. The person was trying to move them because I was uncomfortable but not terrified. One escaped and I accidentally stepped on it which severed it in half which made me feel bad.

Stepping on a green-colored snake at some point while you are dreaming often alludes to soon being shocked or surprised by something that was under your nose the whole time. For instance, a good friend could get an amazing job that you did not even know they were applying for. Alternatively, you may actually have the winning lotto ticket numbers or a lucky set of dice that would suddenly earn you a great mountain of money.

A snake that heals its wounds

Gay female, I had a dream about a captive dark orange poisonous snake, they called it a golden taipan, that had lumps in its body. It bit a guy who said he was fine, I took the snake to get help and next thing I know it was healed but with scars on its belly from the lumps removed. In the dream I could feel the presence of the woman I love whom we've been not talking for months. I could not see her, just felt her presence. I miss her so much. I like snakes by the way.

A dream of seeing a poisonous snake represents jealousy and betrayal in real life. Someone in your social circle might be secretly envious of your success, and this person will do anything to take your place. While this sounds alarming, the image of the man getting bitten in your dream symbolizes the awareness of who this person might be. That said, you will soon recognize the person who tries to stab you in the back. However, this incident will leave you with some emotional pain knowing that you once trusted this person. This can even lead you to be on your guard in making friends and in forming new relationships. On the other hand, the presence of the woman you love in the vision is a representation of yourself and your bottled emotions. You might be suppressing some feelings or thoughts that want to be addressed. Since you are missing this person a lot in the real world, her appearance in your dream suggests wanting to communicate your feelings and sentiments.

Multiple attacks by a snake

Having multiple attacks by a snake or being attacked repeatedly in your dream means that the near future may bring you hardship and losses. You may experience difficulties possibly due to some kind of material damage that is destined to happen.

A snake growing in size

A snake that is growing before your very eyes is a really bad omen relating to a loved one's health. You will witness the slow but steady decline of the health of a person who is very dear to you. Unfortunately, this disease has no cure and treatments will only slow down the progression. Your role as caretaker or financial supporter will become even more critical as this person grows weaker and unable to function on their own.

Killing a giant bright-colored snake

I was dreaming having a close contact with a snake colored in bright colors. I was trying to scare this snake away but nonetheless in just came towards a place where it find something like an alligator which it cuts off it head and ate it. This was a huge snake!

Dreaming about having a close contact with a snake, such as looking at it or touching it, is a warning sign. You should pay attention to new opportunities. It is a promising, auspicious vision. You should grab it right away for it may lead you to success. However, if the snake in your dream was bright in color, it could symbolize jealousy and envy. Someone or some people with whom you have a close relationship with might hold these feelings against you. This individual or individuals would do everything in their ability and power to prevent you from succeeding. They could even want to replace you. The snake's size further translates their influence, status and resources. The larger the snake, the greater their power is. You further had a vision of an alligator eating the snake. This suggests that they are most likely going to fail in their attempts to interfere with your objectives. Some external intervention or event might occur and render their efforts ineffective.

A woman swallowing white snakes

I had a dream of a woman surrounded by many snakes and she was swallowing them alive. The snakes were white. The woman was not fearful she was just swallowing snakes one by one.

This dream vision could be interpreted as you recently becoming aware of someone, most likely a woman who is your acquaintance or whom you know closely, learning or finding out using some other way or method, too much information about you which you consider to be private and personal. And even though this woman does not go around sharing this information with other people, you have growing concerns that when she reaches a certain level of such knowledge, she may become a real threat to your well-being and peaceful existence.

Holding a constrictor snake

I was praying about an upcoming important event and suddenly I was holding a snake, a black boa constrictor? Not sure about spelling, but I had it clutched in my hand, it was looking right at me but I was restricting its movement. Not sure what this may of meant any ideas may be helpful. Thanks!

Holding a snake in your hand foretells facing seemingly inconsequential events. You may experience situations that you think are not worth paying attention to or unimportant, making you try to just dismiss them. However, you could be hounded by these situations later on, so they may not be as irrelevant or minor as you originally thought. Having an eye contact with the snake, especially if it was menacing, could be a sign of becoming a target of a stalker or being intimidated by someone or some people. However, being able to control the snake in your dream is a promising sign. A very prominent organization or group is behind you in your current ventures or activities. They will lend assistance in whatever kind of help you need, and they will be very cooperative to ensure the success of your undertakings.

A snake and its eggs in the car

Hi, I dreamt that I was inside the house looking outside through the window. I saw a king cobra standing, facing the opposite side. Its back was facing me. And later I dreamt there were eggs in my car, and they started hatching. There were lots of chicks all over my car. What does this mean?

Both of these dream visions contain images of being inside some space, which is the house and the car. The first vision seems to suggest a possibility that you could be knowingly and intentionally preventing someone from taking advantage of some opportunity or a chance to succeed. The image of the snake standing and facing the opposite way is a projection of your realization that you are guarding something important and valuable to you. Similarly, you anticipate that you could yield too much of your own current success to the person or people if you let them have it, as suggested by the vision of hatching eggs. Overall, the dream is a reflection of your unwillingness to relinquish control over your current position for the good of others.

A coiled yellow and green snake

Hello, I visualized a huge yellow and green color snake near my aunt's old house. The snake was just lying over there coiled. I was watching my aunt do her normal chores irrespective of the presence of the snake over there. Also, the snake was moving around the house in and out. I was simply watching the behavior of the snake intently and worried that it might harm someone.

Snakes are ominous signs of a potential bad fortune. The huge snake that you saw coiled up and then moving in and out of the house suggests danger or a threat in your household that you may be unprepared to face. Specifically, green snakes symbolize feelings of greed and superiority. Perhaps someone domineering is causing trouble to your loved ones. Keep a watchful eye for enemies and adversaries, especially those you suspect are more cunning than kind. They may charm their way into your good graces, quietly gaining your trust before preparing to pounce.

Coiled by a shiny snake

I had a dream about a shining snake, shining like a peacock's feathers and while I am going near to the snake, it coiled around me. That was all, no bites. I am male. Thanks.

Dreaming that a snake is coiled up around you, whether it is about to bite you or not, symbolizes passivity. Perhaps you have a tendency of becoming submissive and non-confrontational when facing rivals and enemies in the waking world. Your distaste for arguments and conflict in general may stem from your fear of authorities or disappointing your peers. Unfortunately, your inability to defend yourself could lead to bigger problems. If the wrong sorts of characters find out about this weakness of yours, they may end up taking advantage of you.

Snakes falling on someone

Dreaming of snakes falling on someone you know is a sign of your inner struggle. You are realizing the mistakes you have made in the past and are truly feeling sorrowful about them. These realizations are stirring up feelings of guilt within you, affecting you deeply in the process.

A black snake eating itself

A snake eating itself, or biting its own tail, suggests the necessity for change in your life. You are starting to fall back to your old patterns of unhealthy behavior. You could be drawn to friends involved in drugs or other illegal activities. Alternatively, you may just be too comfortable with your life that there is no room for personal growth. It is time to shake things up and challenge yourself. You could discover skills and potential you have not yet fully tapped for your own good.

A snake curled on my head

A snake that is curled up on your head like a turban alludes to the presence of an emotional vampire in your life. This friend, family member or possible colleague is giving you a great deal of stress. Their narcissism turns every conversation into their issues and you are left absorbing every negative thing they see in their life. Alternatively, the snake could also refer to your personal demon. To unlock your creativity, you tend to resort to drinking or doing drugs. Perhaps it has become a habit that in order to be creative you have to be inebriated. It will take a long time and personal commitment to break this bad habit.

Snakes attacking someone else

To see someone getting attacked or bitten by snakes signifies enlightenment when it comes to discovering your true enemies. In Islamic belief, a snake symbolizes rivals. This means this dream scenario is telling you of an upcoming incident which will help you uncover two-faced friends or people stabbing you in the back. This could also mean that someone you love has a malicious friend who may reveal their intimate secrets to humiliate them.

Bunch of little snakes from eggs

I dreamt that there are two eggs and when I break them I see small baby snakes coming out.

Seeing a bunch of little snakes in your dream refers to suffering because of malicious attempts against you. You will be able to handle negative behavior of other people towards you by ignoring their actions. These people will try to spread rumors about you or would try to jeopardize your plans but you will be able to brush them off. The appearance of the two eggs being found by you and breaking them could symbolize something about you or the way you are acting towards others to allow this type of behavior to incubate. Be wise in not only who you allow to be in your inner circle, but also with how you represent yourself. Behavior is learned, sometimes you need to show people how to treat others through your own actions.

A snake coming out of the purse

Backstory: I had a close friend shoot herself. Upon being released she found a live snake in her home. My youngest daughter (10) said she had seen snakes coming out of the girl's purse. Lots of them. Don't know the color. But I know she doesn't like when a friend comes around anymore. And I had been feeling very irritated... I am a very spiritual person and don't doubt what my daughter saw, just want to clarify, so I know exactly what I'm praying about. Thanks so much! God bless you all.

Although you did not specify whether this was an actual dream vision or real-life matters, snakes present or found in the house, when seen in a dream, indicate some sinister air and malevolent presence still remaining in your immediate environment. It could be that you are feeling that you were somehow connected to this unfortunate event, or you could be in a guilty state questioning what you would have done to prevent the tragedy from happening. The most disturbing part of this personal ordeal is that you seem to have begun distancing yourself and your family members from other people, who may never have been involved or knew about what was to come. Maybe this is what you should be praying for?

A snake caught before striking

Rattlesnakes were slithering about, but then a man grabbed one as it was about to strike.

Snakes that are aggressive and seem like they are about to attack represent competitors and rivals in your life. These people may soon be ready to launch an attack against you or sabotage your efforts to get ahead in life. In either case, a man preventing the snake from biting you represents a third party or a situation outside your control which thwarts your enemies' efforts, protecting you from their evil intent.

A snake biting liver

A snake in a basket bites my liver. I then wake up from the dream. What does this mean?

Seeing a snake inside a basket predicts upcoming health issues in the context of dreams. The snake bite to your liver could point toward unhealthy habits and self-destructive behavior, particularly drinking or drug use. Alternatively, the snake may represent a lurking danger or personal fear that you have been carrying around with you. These insecurities may be hindering your progress on important tasks or goals. Perhaps you are undermining your own potential by focusing too much on what could be instead of what you can do now.

A snake giving birth

My gender is female. I had a dream about snakes I can't understand. In dream there was an incredibly large snake. Its body was misshaped like it had humans or animals in its belly. It was green with orange stripes. The snake ended up being killed (car ran over it). The snake's belly split open and a baby snake came out. I was incredibly scared when the baby snake came out and tried to get my friend to catch it. The baby snake had a broken neck or injury. It quickly got away before it got caught.

Snakes in dreams usually indicate fear or threat lurking in your waking life. The large size of the snake in your particular dream vision could mean that you are dealing with a powerful and influential personality who poses a significant problem to you. Maybe this individual is trying to sabotage your career or social standing. In addition, a green-colored snake is often related to parties, drinking and hedonistic habits or lifestyle. In that context, the threatening personality could be a well-known socialite or a person you socialize with. As for the baby snake, it means that time and circumstances may quash your main rival or enemy, maybe by surpassing this person's influence or rising up to his or her status. However, that person's friend, relative or protege may continue the grudge match between you and your rival, so you still have to keep your guard up. Alternatively, this large and destructive force in your life may also refer to your self-sabotaging ways. Are you perhaps involved in risky activities or engaging in self-destructive habits and behavior? If that is the case, then the dream suggests that you may be able to kick the habit, though a new addiction may take its place. It may seem benign at first, but if you do not keep it in check, you could just as easily go back to a downward spiral.

Fighting a snake

Fighting a snake refers to a cutthroat environment where you always need to be prepared to defend yourself. This could mean getting into a legal battle for the custody of a child or defending yourself after being accused of slander. A simple opinion about a person or company posted on Facebook or Twitter could lead to a lawsuit, so make sure you have the means to fight. Otherwise, be more cautious about what you share to the public. If you successfully kill the snake, then expect a triumphant end to your legal battles and other contentious matters.

Coming across snake skins

I was in a bush when I first saw two snake skins (no heads) hung together next to each other like clothes on a washing line. The scene immediately changed after a moment to myself walking past a pride of lions. They did not touch me or react in any way, but when after passing the pride the cubs noticed me, two or three of them started playing with me. I tried to shoo them away, but to no avail. They kept playing with me nibbling and tugging at my bottoms. Eventually one of the male lions got up and started sauntering towards me as I kept walking away from the cubs and the pride.

The first vision in this dream could be a reflection of you recently being exposed to a conflict or breakup between a couple, two lovers or life partners with the details of their private life being revealed to other people, either by one of these individuals or by someone wishing to drive a wedge into this relationship and potentially destroy it. The second vision of encountering a lion family is more of a reflection of your own take on this matter, you could be trying to express your concerns or try to mend what had happened, but your beliefs and personality do not allow you to step in and act on it, even though you may feel you are obligated to for some reason. However, you keep returning to this issue in your mind because you do not see how it could be resolved otherwise.

Seeing a huge snake while traveling

I dreamed I was abroad standing in a very modern hotel or villa and the next minute a huge snake, really huge with a big head, was sailing between the buildings, we were in awe looking and then we tried to warn people the next minute the snake came back all of a sudden. I was trying to pay for my stay and my old friend said no and gave me an envelope with a card which she loaded 100s of euros on and swiped to pay saying this is my hubby's hotel and he can afford it. You do not need to pay. Then I was sitting in a chair with her and others and a dead friend or boyfriend was rubbing my back saying it is ok.

Seeing a gigantic snake in front of you is an omen. Someone who is very dear to you is gravely ill, and it may be a long-term disease. You could play a big role in his or her life by providing support and strength during this trying time. Paying someone with money in your dream symbolizes being faced with hardships. There might also be some undesirable events which can possibly disturb your personal or work life, perhaps because of the aforementioned circumstances. If a dead person was touching you in the same dream, it means you are about to start suffering from the actions and behaviors of people who do not like you and desire to gain an advantage over you while you are dealing with personal issues.

A pet snake eating a dog

Dreamt of a snake that was little, it was a pet. Then I couldn't find it, looked for it everywhere. Next thing you know I found it eating my dog like an anaconda, then woke up.

Dreaming of a pet snake means you are enabling someone close to you into becoming a hard-headed and rebellious personality. This individual's destructive habits and careless disregard for the consequences of bad behavior could end up hurting a loved one or a family member, symbolized by the dog which was attacked in your dream vision. The snake may even be a metaphor for your own rebellious streak. In fact, your thoughtless actions could drag your family members in the mess you managed to create for yourself.

Killing a huge snake

Killing a huge snake signifies a major triumph in the real world. This would likely be the biggest achievement for you so far. The bigger the snake, the tougher the challenges you would have to face before you emerge victorious. It may have something to do with marrying the love of your life or landing the job of your dreams. However, this symbol does not mean you get to be complacent. It just means that if you put in the work, you would achieve your goal in the end.

Snakes and scorpions

I dream about beautiful white snakes and green snakes and a scorpion. I say I will send the scorpion to the pawnshop and anyhow snakes later on.

Scorpions often signify vengeance, betrayal or that you may be under another person's control. It could be that you have a friend or friends who are not such good friends as you think they are. The white snake indicates that you may soon discover some unpleasant information, this news is not likely to benefit you it could have the opposite effect. Green snakes usually mean parties where there is a lot of alcohol involved. It could be a warning that you tend to associate with people who abuse alcohol or may be prone to excessive alcohol consumption yourself.

A snake and eggs

I dreamt that I was walking with a child along an asphalt path with dry grass on either side. I felt something behind me, so I turned around and saw a snake looking at me. When I turned back around, the child turned into a giant turtle that proceeded to lay an egg into an armchair in the middle of the path. The snake hissed then snatched the egg and held it in its jaw. I somehow scared the snake and it dropped the egg into the armchair. I looked at it and was concerned for the egg but couldn't tell if it was okay or not. Then I woke up.

This is a rather complicated vision with multiple symbols. The child and the turtle represent positive forces while the snake symbolizes negative forces. Seeing a snake, in the context of this dream vision, suggests you feel undervalued or embrace others who may be taking advantage of your kindness. You may also have begun to lose faith in yourself, thinking you cannot achieve your dreams or make the improvements to your life that you wish to make. The child you are walking with, however, portends finding the power to overcome obstacles in your path through determination and perseverance (and maybe a little luck). This is also supported by the turtle, which is often interpreted as a sign of experiencing peace of mind and being surrounded by positive energy. If the snake had eaten the turtle egg at the end of the vision, it would have meant other people would try to get in the way of your plans. However, successful scaring off the snake before it could eat the egg predicts most people feel happy for you and those that don't are not likely to cause you any trouble.

Snakes in boxes under blankets

Me, Larny and Nathan were at mum's and Nathan and Alarna were back together again, so they were sleeping in the same room. Mum had rows of boxes in her lounge room and dining room with a blanket covering them. I walked out to the lounge room at night and there was a snake in 2 of the boxes on either end curled up I told mum she has to put the boxes outside because of snakes. So she did with blankets still covering them and then the next minute I'm in the corner standing on a stool to get away from the snakes.

Dreaming of snakes inside the house portends danger or an unfavorable situation. You may soon face some kind of danger or a threat while you are away from home or while no one is watching it. This can also happen whether someone is inside your home or not present. Perhaps some part of you feels threatened hence you look to your parent's warmth, love, security and protection to keep you safe, as represented by the blanket. It might be better to take some kind of precaution when you are leaving your home for some time. Look out for suspicious people ingratiating themselves into your lives.

A green snake from a fake tree

I was in someone's house and they had a fake tree and the tree was light green and a green snake came out of the tree and said "I am going to get you" and snapped at me and I snapped back and the snake put its face on my face and I grabbed its neck and told my daughter to give me scissors and I started stabbing it and it died.

Being inside a house that does not belong to you suggests your actions maybe be a hindrance to someone else around you, possibly a co-worker or community member. Fake trees can represent being on the wrong path in life, so it seems likely your disruptions are done on purpose and meant to annoy this individual specifically. However, the image of the snake contains a warning that you should avoid meddling in the affairs of others lest your behavior come back to bite you later on. You may have been successful in overcoming the snake in your vision, but karma always gets its way in the end.

Snake biting its own tail

Seeing a snake biting its own tail tells you that you need to change. You tend to fall into monotony, doing the same things over and over without giving them much thought. Being too comfortable with your current situation stops you from growing and developing yourself further.

Snake's nest

Seeing a snake's nest in your dream is a vision that someone undesirable or unlikable will enter your life. This person will cause you a lot of trouble, disrupting your current life in the process, but it can be challenging for you to remove him or her away from you. This can also mean that you could be facing some misunderstandings among your family members.

Being chased and bitten by snakes, numbers of snakes and some are pregnant

Being chased and bitten by a snake means your rivals are plotting to jeopardize your plans for their personal gains. Multiple snake bites refer to the severity of the backlash once their plans get underway and the huge impact this would have on your career and reputation. The presence of a large number of snakes, chasing and biting you, further points to betrayal and enemies banding together just to take you down. If some of the snakes are pregnant, then you have to be extremely careful and guarded because their tactics of psychological attack can tarnish your credibility for years to come while they bask in success and glory from your downfall.

A snake swallowing a lizard

The image of a snake eating or swallowing a lizard is complicated and ambiguous in meaning. In dreams, such a symbol is usually associated with gaining what you desire only to become the worst version of yourself. Just like Jafar in Aladdin who seeks power only to become trapped as a genie in a lamp, so does this symbol suggest that getting what you want would only take you further away from what you need. While you may desire more money or a fancier car, perhaps a simpler lifestyle may provide you with fewer distractions so that you may be grateful and thankful for the blessings you already have.

Snake coming out of my body

A snake coming out of your own body is a powerful image to perceive according to shamanistic interpretations. It suggests you have the power to create opportunities for yourself through your own ingenuity and cleverness. For instance, you may see an area of your work that could be improved through the use of different techniques or technology. Coming up with a plan and presenting it to your superiors would not only earn you their thanks for improving the efficiency of the work, but it could come with a hefty bonus or special promotion as well.

A green snake around mother's neck

I had a dream that I heard someone knocking at the door but no one was there to open the door I saw my mom open the door and she caught a snake, a big green snake. I ran upstairs to tell my aunts about the snake. When I went back downstairs I saw the snake was around my mom's neck and she was fighting with it. I tried to help then I woke up.

Hearing someone knock on a door in a dream can be taken a premonition of news to come. Because you were unable to intercept, this information is likely negative in nature, and because the door was answered your mother, this situation is probably concerning her or her actions. The image of her being strangled by a snake predicts risk and the possibility of grave danger. Running and trying to find help during the dream reflects feelings of helplessness, therefore it would be wise to warn your mother against taking chances or becoming involved with strange, unsavory people, as her words or actions may be a cause of conflict. If your mother lives alone or if you will be leaving her for a time, it might also be a good idea to ask someone to stay with her or to check in on her periodically. The green color of the serpent is symbolic of alcohol consumption, and therefore may be a key factor in any issues that arise, though whether it is your mother or the other party who is drinking is unclear.

A bird being devoured by a snake

Snake eating a bird.

Both the image of a snake eating a bird and a bird being injured and dying are ominous signs that suggest you are about to go through a very disappointing and trying time in your life. These signs do not point to any one particular area of your life, indicating that whatever occurs is likely to be big enough to affect multiple aspects. You may want to take precautions in various dimensions of your waking life, financial, health, etc., to offset the most serious side-effects of these potentially disastrous events or circumstances.

A snake getting in a child's room

I dreamt about a black snake in my dream. When I spotted the snake, I screamed and the snake started moving to try to get out. He went into my son's room, crawled under the bed, and went up the wall and into the air vent. Not sure what that means.

Dreams that take place inside the home are often related to matters that are very personal to you. Considering the snake you saw entered your son's room, it is likely that this vision is connected to your son directly or to your relationship with him. The black color of the snake indicates that there is some unfished task or business that you may have been putting off recently. However, this vision may be a warning that bringing up the topic again or rocking the boat after it has already settled may just make matters worse. It's better to let sleeping dogs lie than to stir up trouble again.

Killing a snake at the parents' house

Saw a very fast-moving snake within the boundary wall, but outside the rooms of my parental house, being killed into pieces by a peacock. Then the head part of that snake is smashed by me and then I move my fingers in the snake's blood.

This dream vision of being threatened by a snake but helped with an outside influence is symbolic of your current efforts and determination to solve some important issues you could be going through at the moment. These difficulties or problems are most likely home-bound, as the image of the parents' house suggests. The blood you had on your fingers is a warning to be careful and watch you every step if trouble does arise, since snake blood is very uncommon to be exposed to while dreaming or in reality.

Saving a snake

Chased by a snake, but turns out the snake was trying to ask for help. It was panting, tongue out and thirsty. Offered water and the snake drank.

These are two contradicting symbols, but both visions of having a close contact with the snake and offering it water tell you to open your mind because there is a chance that a great opportunity is coming your way. It could be high time to look around for chances to succeed or take first steps toward accomplishing a goal or making a dream come true. If you remain indolent, someone else could grab and make use of it to their advantage. This possibility is strongly supported by the imagery of the thirsty snake looking for your help in the dream.

Saving a child from a snake and drowning

There was an albino snake by the poolside standing beside me, then the snake jumped in the pool, then jump out, then my three-year-old son appeared and I ran to the other side of the pool where he was and he fell in and I jumped in after him. I got a hold of him but I couldn't bring him out of the water and I suddenly woke up.

Seeing an albino snake is an ominous sign indicating being on the receiving end of some disturbing, unpleasant news. This is likely related to the sign of your son drowning, which indicates that someone close to you could be developing a problem with their breathing, such as asthma, bronchitis, or a bad cold. Your difficulty getting him out of the water suggests this problem could last for some time, though it is unlikely to develop into a serious issue.

Snakes mating

In the closed light-blue living room of my 1st home, there was a female red snake and a male light blue snake following the red across the carpet. Both were white underneath. I can't remember what they were saying, but the female allowed the male to impregnate her (by entering the middle of her body with its head) out of duty or loyalty to their species. It was all very serious. Then the dream restarted and this time she said "No", but the male ignored her and chased her around the room eventually telling other slightly smaller whitish grey snakes under the carpet to attack and rape her too.

The two symbolic visions that stand out in this dream are colors and acts of procreation. The colors going from vivid and vibrant in the beginning of this dream to white and pale at the end speak of your disappointment and loss of faith in an ongoing relationship with someone special. You may have entrusted this person with your most deep and sacred feelings, but now begin to realize it was a big mistake. The imagery of the snakes having sex, which turns into an act of rape could indicate your second thoughts and reservations in regards to confiding in anyone else because the emotional wounds are still fresh and need to be healed first.

A yellow snake in the corner of the room

A yellow cobra upright in the corner was hovering over me when I awaken, then it moved back to the corner of my bedroom and just looked towards me and then slowly disappeared.

Seeing a yellow or bronze-colored snake nearby in your dream could be an indication of existing feelings of jealousy directed at you. Someone in your social circle could be envious of your success or recent accomplishments. This person may be determined to do everything in his or her ability to compete with you and possibly take your place. Regardless of whether you already identified their presence or only suspect possible rivalry, you need to be more vigilant and attentive to maintain your current position.

Giant snakes around the property

I keep having this dream, but there are these gigantic snakes coiled up either in my yard or my house, usually both during the same dream. Since it is a reoccurring dream, I feel I should probably listen to the message.

Snakes in dream symbolism are often seen as nefarious creatures and are typically harbingers of bad fortune. Seeing gigantic snakes coiled up inside or around your house implies danger or a threat in your household that you are unprepared to deal with. The recurring aspect of the dream could also be a sign of sickness. A loved one could succumb to illness and you may find yourself being the only source of strength and support during this challenging period in your life.

A snake hanging upside down

I was with my daughter and a big fat long snake bit a male person we know as he was trying to catch it. I rang an ambulance, but it was taking a longtime to arrive, so l started driving around to find it... It finally arrived back at the same place where he was bitten. The snake was hiding upside down in a alley way full of vines with two other snakes, we left it there. He survived...

Because you were not directly bitten by the snake in this vision, it seems that your dream is the manifestation of feelings and situations from your wake life. Snake bites are typically connected to the idea of jealousy, so seeing a snake bite someone you know may indicate watching others become envious. Perhaps you can even see the detrimental effect this strong desire has on different aspects of your life. This is a sign, then, that you should consider helping this person to see beyond their immediate wants to prevent something bad from happening.

Snakes giving protection at a temple

I was scared and I was running away from something and then I reached a temple of Lord Shiva in the middle of a thick forest, I climbed up and tried to hide. When I looked up, many snakes were protecting me from the thing I was running from.

Seeking refuge in a temple most often symbolizes the possibility of being positively charged. In other words, opportunities for success and happiness may present themselves to you shortly. The snakes protecting you from the thing that was chasing you represent overwhelming emotions, often romantic, which you may be feeling toward someone. If you play your hand right, there is a good chance you could turn such feelings into a fruitful and fulfilling relationship.

Snakes in water

I saw two snakes floating in the river, one was then killed by a lion and the other escaped into trees near the riverside.

Dreaming about snakes floating in the river water, for instance when they are swimming or trying to cross over, could be a warning sign. You could be displeased by your current life circumstances. For example, you could dislike your living arrangements, your friends or your current occupation. You already may be or soon would become extremely preoccupied, anxious or nervous about the current state of affairs. The visions at the end of this dream indicate both your determination to change this situation, and your conviction that some things are better left the way they are.

Attacked by a snake while at a water park

I dreamed I was at an aquarium water park and I was riding a bike through its site-seeing and as I was approaching a glass bridge, a strange-looking snake jumped out of the water and bit me on my upper right thigh.

The bike you ride through the aquarium in this dream is a manifestation of your youthfulness, light heart and the predominance of your instincts over common sense, suggesting that you rely on irrational emotions to guide your everyday actions and decisions. The snake that jumps out of the water represents the people who know you well enough to take advantage of your kindness and compassion toward them. You may need to pay more attention to the way you act and be more careful with your generosity, as it could become a great disadvantage for your own life shortly.

Surrounded by thousands of snakes

I've had this dream all my life. I was little. I was in my childhood house, in the kitchen, surrounded by thousands of snakes, I was scared. I tried picking the snakes up over and over stuffing them in a huge garbage can. They would not stay in. I'm 44 years old now. At that age and the time I lived there, I was being molested by my 2 uncles. I never confronted them as I got older. I stopped visiting them, I don't know. Anyway, I have bad feelings about the house. Thank you.

Given your personal background, this dream seems to reflect the emotional turmoil that you felt as a child and still go through. Childhood homes are usually associated with the idea of comfort and protection. However, the image of snakes covering the floor and other surfaces twists the meaning of the house, pointing to feelings of fear and frustration. Additionally, snakes can be connected to the physical self to suggest problems with the body, such as a distorted body image or being uncomfortable in your own skin. Stuffing the snakes in the garbage, then, could be your subconscious attempt to cover up the damage and move on. But, as you saw in the vision, the snakes cannot be hidden away or brushed aside. This means you may need to tackle the problem head-on either through direct confrontation or talking it out with someone you love and trust,

A snake in a stolen bag

Picked up my stolen bag only to discover a snake in it. Threw the bag and the snake away. While I watched, the snake crawled away.

Getting back your stolen bag only to find a snake in it could be interpreted as competitors and rivals in your life, people who would like to pull the rug from under your feet may be scheming against you. Using some sort of underhanded method these individuals may soon put their plan in motion. Be careful with any special project or endeavor you decide to take on.

Given snakes which attack someone

I was in a bad neighborhood, and a little old lady, almost like a witch doctor, gave me 3 venomous snakes to take home. But they managed to get out of the container they were in and got loose. I ran scared looking at the 3 snakes slithering around everywhere very wildly as if looking for someone. Then, all of a sudden, I am outside next to someone and 1 snake bites him in the leg and coils around itself, seems it just caught his pants. Then I woke up. Ugly, fast venomous snakes.

Witch doctors and their magical mystique are often regarded as signs of opportunity or possibility, although not necessarily in the good sense. In this case, the venomous snakes represent the rise of your enemies, and their escape from the container you took them home in suggests their power and influence are beyond your control, which puts you at a great disadvantage. Watching a snake bite someone else predicts that a friend may come to your aid in this time of need, but in your own fear and hurt you may wind up lashing out at this person, possibly resulting at the end of the friendship.

A two-headed snake at work

I dreamed about a two-headed snake. I went to my workplace to clean the place. And that time the owner said there was a snake in the corner. But I did not see it. A few minutes later I saw a snake with two heads. I felt afraid. It was brown in color. When we sent it out, it went upside down.

Dreaming of a snake represents a threat to your well-being. Finding the snake in your workplace means that this threat may be an unassuming individual at work who may be looking for the perfect opportunity to take you down. The two heads allude to the duplicitous nature of this individual. He or she may be working to get your trust and would end up betraying you. As such, your subconscious mind is reminding you to stay alert for lurking threats wearing the mask of a benign and well-meaning persona.

Snakes coming out of forehead

I dreamed that a snake was coming out of my forehead. The snake would spit fire and try to bite anything. Even after cutting one snake off, another would appear at any given moment. The second snake that came out from my forehead bit my father's tongue, which swelled and went numb. I begged my brother to cut off the second snake and when he did, all that was left was an ash mark on my forehead. I was scared that another snake could appear at any time, but was woken up by external noise.

Snakes in dreams typically represent real-world threats that may stem from external elements or internal conflict. Meanwhile, the forehead represents intellect and rationality. As the scenario in your dream implies, you may be guilty of using your mental powers and knowledge to hurt others instead of treating them properly. Therefore, the snakes coming out of your forehead serve as a warning that you could cause real pain and suffering to someone who is close to you. You may unwittingly be hurting your loved ones because of your condescension, which could lead to the silent treatment or a gap in your relationships with others. As such, this vision reminds you to be more mindful of what you say and how you say things because they could easily be taken negatively by others.

A snake from an anthill attacking the son

My son wanted to sit on what I thought was an ant pile and I told him no. Then he got up. I was on the phone and when I looked back over there, he was pulling down his pants. I'm guessing trying to use the bathroom, trying to sit back on the pile. Before I could tell him no, a snake came out of the pile, bit him on his ankle, and began to swing my son all over the place slithering down the street. Of course, I'm chasing after them, my son is reaching for me. When it finally lets him go I grab him and I wake up.

Ant hills in dreams are normally associated with growing problems in waking life, so watching your son try to sit on one could represent your knowledge of issues in his life that you are not addressing or taking seriously. This is further supported by the image of him trying to use the top of the pile as a toilet, a symbol which alludes to declining fortune and existing struggles. The situation culminates in the snake bite your son receives from the serpent that crawled out of the hill. Being bitten by a snake predicts that others could try to take advantage of your son and use your lack of care or attention to better themselves at his and your expense. You may want to seriously consider being more responsible and diligent, so that matters do not spiral out of hand.

Behaving like a snake

Had a dream that I was acting like a snake, kept spinning like snakes do.

Dreaming that you are behaving like a snake likely reveals your inability to suppress your negative emotions. Perhaps you are being consumed by your anxieties and apprehensions, thereby making you lash out on your family and friends. You may be transforming into a worse version of yourself because of your fears and insecurities.

Snakes being placed on the body

I woke up screaming "Please don't put your snakes on me!".

Snakes in dreams can refer to fears and anxieties about threats in the waking world. When you said "Don't put your snakes on me" you were probably alluding to the pervading sense of apprehension and uncertainty in your workplace or your social group being projected onto you and inevitably affecting your own worldview. Snakes are also phallic symbols, so perhaps your dream is also a metaphor for unwanted sexual advances you may be fending off in the waking world.

Snakes and a mountain lion

I dreamt about my friend, he's passed about 3 months ago, that there was a bunch of snakes in here trying to kill him in my bedroom and then he did a mountain lion came in just make it right about the mountain lion but then the mountain lion killed him.

Both the snakes and the mountain lion represent threats in the waking world. The nature of this threat is unclear. However, in relation to your deceased friend, your mind could be warning you against your own demons. Perhaps his death has made you angry and pessimistic about the world. This could be making you lash out on unsuspecting friends and family members. You may need to address personal issues that came bubbling up after his death, otherwise you could become susceptible to self-destructive behavior.

A long gray snake

I dreamed of a very long, thick gray snake. The name Moke kept coming up. Maybe the gray snake was named Moke. The gray snake was not causing any problems for me, seems someone didn't like the snake and might have harmed it, but not me.

The long, thick snake in your vision seems to represent someone close to you who is ill, injured or otherwise unwell. As snakes are generally smaller and more agile, this very long snake that appears to have been hurt by someone may not just be suffering physically by emotionally as well. The color gray also reveals that this individual is someone you enjoy spending time with, like a grandparent or older co-worker. Their pain and suffering surely also hurts you, as you are likely an empathetic person to see a dream like this. Your subconscious may be urging you to support and be there for this individual in their time of need. While it might pain you to see them in such a state, taking care of them and supporting them is sure to grow the bond between the both of you and give you a sense of fulfillment and calm, even if they are unable to recover in the end.

Snake biting your wrist

Getting bitten by a snake in your sleep, especially on your hand, is an ominous sign. You might soon find yourself in a slanderous incident in real life, which could greatly damage your reputation. Similarly, this image is connected with your creativity. At present, you might be looking for inspiration to continue working on your passion. Overall, this vision requires your full attention to be more conscious of everything around you and be reminded of your drive and motivation.

Snake shedding skin

According to most Western dream interpreters, this symbol of a snake shedding its skin is seen by those with a propensity for divination, spiritualism or related other-worldly arts. It speaks of transformation that is unlocked through expression, often sexually or spiritually, but could also be seen by those with a close connection to nature or other planes of existence. With this knowledge in mind, you may desire to find ways to unlock your full potential and learn how to best utilize your gifts for the service of others.

Black and yellow snakes fighting

Black and yellow snakes fighting in a dream represent a clash between opposing forces in your life. The black snake symbolizes hidden fears, negativity, or challenges, while in some cases the yellow is positivity, growth, or enlightenment but beware as it could be the opposite too. Moreover, this dream might reflect an inner struggle between these conflicting aspects of your psyche, and you may need to find a way to reconcile or choose a path that aligns with your values and goals.

An orange and black snake

Encountering an orange and black snake in your dream suggests you stand on the threshold of new awareness and growth opportunities. However, hidden fears, doubts and guilt from your past may act as barriers to your progress. This dream signifies the need to confront these unresolved issues head-on and strip them of their power over you. It is crucial to address your deepest fears, dispel doubts and release any lingering guilt or shame. This inner work is essential for achieving inner peace and realizing your full potential. Embrace this opportunity for personal growth and healing to move forward with confidence.