Dreams Related To Slaughter

Slaughtering a pig or a piglet

Dreaming about slaughtering a pig or a piglet in your dream is a good sign of finding happiness and getting the most out of your life in the nearest future.

Slaughtering chickens, geese or ducks

Finding yourself slaughtering chickens, geese or ducks signifies happiness and peaceful existence entering your life because you have managed to secure wealth and provide for yourself and your family.

Slaughtering a bull

Slaughtering a bull in your dream or eating its meat means you will become more wealthy either in material possessions or financially.

Slaughtering a sheep or a deer

Dreaming about slaughtering a sheep or a deer in your dream signifies approaching sickness or unexpected accident that will afftect your health or physical conditions.

Slaughtering a sparrow bird

If you are a male and had a dream about killing a sparrow bird in your dream, it may be telling you about problems with your wife or a female lover in the future.

Slaughtering a tiger or leopard

Slaughtering a tiger or a leopard in your dream signifies securing a very important job or getting a higher-paid position which will require more responsibility from you.

Slaughtering a turtle

Slaughtering a turtle in your dream can be a sign of upcoming mourning and long period of grievance related to losses you will have.

Slaughtering a donkey, a camel or a horse

Slaughtering a donkey, a camel or a horse in your dream means you will soon be preoccupied with buying party or festivity supplies such as alcohol, finger food or snacks.

Slaughtering a cow

I dreamed I had to slaughter my cow which I had for a long time.

Slaughtering a cow in your dream in order to provide food for your family indicates your strong sense of responsibility towards others or your propensity to be assertive and control other people for their own good. Alternatively, if you had to slaughtering it without any particular reason or motivation to do so, it could signify your desire to express your ambitions, it can also be a sign of anger and dissatisfaction with social taboos society is placing on you.