Dreams Related To Skydiving

Skydiving with someone

In the dream realm, seeing yourself doing a fun and adventurous activity such as skydiving using a parachute with someone you love to be with, is possibly a hint of solidifying your relationship. It is about time that you express your inner desires to belong to and protect that person in real time. Your conscious and subconscious thoughts are in tandem at this point, telling you to make your relationship matters finally work out for both of you. You must take advantage of the freedom of picking an opportune moment and going ahead.

Skydiving without parachute

Envisioning yourself doing an adventurous and risky activity such as a free fall jump in the sky without a parachute in a dream symbolizes your inner courage to suppress fears in life. Despite the possible problems and reasons to save yourself from taking the risks, you are capable of taking the bold steps. According to the teachings of Carl Jung, an act of risk taking in a dream also represents the dreamer's desire to take control of a situation or to break free from constraints or limitations.