Dreams Related To Skirt

Son choosing between two skirts for the mother

Mother asks adult son to choose between two skirts.

A skirt is a symbol of femininity and sexuality in dreams. They can also symbolize tact and chastity, depending on the length and material. The longer the skirt, the more old-fashioned and traditional the values that are being exemplified by the skirt. In a sense, the son is basically being asked to choose between two points of view when it comes to handling his sexuality. Would he prefer to handle his relationships in a more traditional way or develop progressive values? Perhaps this is your own preoccupation as well. You could be torn between two possible value systems and choices to make.

Looking at a skirt in the mirror

Wearing a skirt down to ankles and looking in the mirror at my legs.

This dream imagery can be a reflection of your strong and independent personality which may be causing disagreements with someone close to you.