Dreams Related To Sister

Talking with your sister

Envisioning a conversation with a real-life sister in the context of a dream usually points to strong interpersonal communication skills on the part of the dreamer. This is true whether the conversation was about a serious topic or about something fun and light-hearted. It may not be true if the conversation resulted in a conflict or fight, however.

An altercation with sister

Fighting or seriously disagreeing with your sister in a dream can indicate that you are finally willing and able to handle the fact that some of your more lofty dreams may never come to pass. This vision, then, symbolically represents growing maturity and accepting the fact that you cannot achieve everything you have set out to do.

Sister getting married

Having a dream in which your sister is getting married, particularly if you are present at the actual wedding ceremony, predicts the beginning of a new relationship in your life. This person is likely to give you a lot of attention and be constantly present, even if you do not actually want them there. While you may enjoy this person's company, there is also the possibility you may find them clingy or overly attached to you, which could cause their presence to be more of a nuisance than pleasure.

Deceased sister

Visions of a sister who has already departed this world are commonly associated with the idea of loss or confusion in wake life. More specifically, this means you may not have a concrete solution to a problem you are facing or even know what the problem is. It is also possible, especially if her passing was recent, that the presence of your sister in your dreams could be the manifestation of sad feelings you are experiencing in wake life, particularly your concern for other family members like your parents, if they are still living, and her children, if she has any.

Absence of real sister

Having a sister in wake life but feeling that she is either missing or does not exist within your dream vision could indicate a strong independent streak in your personality. In this case, your sister likely represents the family as a whole. If your relationship with your family is strained or weak, this can also be interpreted as a sign that you want to break ties with your relatives, whether you consciously admit so or not. This could be related to a particular family member or to all your relatives.

Younger sister

Dreams revolving around your younger sister, especially ones in which you are specifically interacting with her, are often interpreted as a sign that your concerns for her future and safety are well-founded. This means you probably have a good reason to be overprotective of her or wary of the friends she hangs around with. Additionally, this vision can point toward having concerns about her future success and well-being.


Visions of a half-sister, whether such a person exists in wake life or not, are often interpreted as a sign that others are becoming more interested in what you do and say. While this could manifest as admiration or popularity, it is likely to bring about its fair share of scrutiny and criticism, especially from those who think they know better. You may find that people around you are giving more input on your life than it is necessary, or that others are trying to control you, making you act in a way which best suits their schemes.

Sister who does not exist

Having a sister in a dream vision when you do not have one in wake life is often interpreted as a sign of running into or being introduced to people who could be very useful to you in the future, either for your personal life or business endeavors. Additionally, the presence of a sister in the context of a dream could represent that your efforts to network and build strong interpersonal relations with people in your field are going well. This could lead to a vital connection that helps you get to the next level in your career.

Sister for women

For women who are currently in a relationship or other romantic partnership, envisioning your sister is a somewhat ominous sign which carries a worrisome interpretation for you and your significant other. Specifically, seeing your sister points toward the emergence of a rival for the affections of your partner or a serious competitor who is willing to do whatever it takes to get between you and the one you love.

Saying goodbye to your sister

Dreaming about goodbyes being exchanged between you and your real sister predicts being totally unable to rely on those around you during a difficult or challenging situation. While you may feel overwhelmed or in dire need of support, your own intellect and experience are the only things you can count on to get yourself through these times.

Dying sister

Having a dream vision in which your sister from wake life is afflicted with a life-threatening illness or has been in a possibly fatal accident could serve as a forewarning of hard times ahead. This is most likely associated with finances or your work situation, which may go through some disruptions. You may even find it difficult to provide for you and your family's most basic needs. Even if things do not turn out so badly, this symbol should inspire you to start making a budget or keep to a stricter spending plan. It may also be a good idea to stash some money for a rainy day or put any available income into a savings account or retirement plan.

Sister showing up uninvited

Having a dream in which your sister pops up unexpectedly or without invitation could predict being inconvenienced or constantly side-tracked in wake life. Your inability to sit down and get things done is likely to negatively impact your mood and sense of self. Additionally, this same vision could portend an act of betrayal or gross negligence from someone you were once close with or whom you looked up to with respect and adoration.

One of many sisters

If you have many sisters in wake life, but are only interacting with one of them in a dream, suggests you are currently in a difficult, challenging situation in your life that you cannot handle on your own. As a result, you may already be searching for help either from someone with more experience with these types of problems, or you may be researching possible solutions on your own so that someone can help you solve it later. In addition to symbolizing a need for help, this vision can also predict this particular sister becoming ill or bedridden in the near future.

Living sister dying

Witnessing your sister dying in a dream, if she is alive in reality, means she will disappoint you sometime in the future. News about her rude behavior caught on camera or illegal activities will completely change your impression of her. It will take a while for her to regain your trust and respect. In the meantime, the immediate aftermath of this unfortunate discovery will make you distance yourself from her. Other family members may stay by her side, but you will refuse to enable her bad behavior.

Sex with a sister

I am a male. I had a dream last night that my little sister walked into my bedroom and asked me why I never play with her and my brother anymore. I said I do and she said alright. I then walked into her room where she was lying down on her bed playing a game on her tablet. I then said "Hey, I can play with you now?", she looked at me and said "Yay". "So.." she said "What would you like to play?" I looked at her and smiled. I then walked over closer to her, pulled down her pants and then started to have sex.

Incestuous acts in the dream world refer to unification. In extreme cases, they can signify forbidden desires and repressed sexual urges. However, in your case, sex could be an allusion to a merging of personalities. Perhaps you long for your younger years and envy your sister's innocence and carefree ways. What you desire is not physical but more of a mindset or characteristic you associate with her. Similarly, not having time to play with your siblings means you are busy with grown-up concerns and responsibilities. While you are well aware of your duties and the need to deal with reality, you cannot help but feel nostalgic about your childhood years as embodied by your younger siblings.

Physically hurting sister

I saw myself arguing and fighting my sister, then I started kicking her on the floor. I was trying to wake up in the dream so I could stop myself from hurting my sister, then I started crying uncontrollably.

An argument or disagreement with your sibling in the dream realm often reveals some yet unresolved issue between the two of you in reality. While the initial pain or disagreement may no longer be on the surface, the bad blood and hurt it caused still simmer below the surface for both of you. Your desire to wake up and stop yourself from hurting your sister clearly indicate that you love her and wish to be totally aligned with her once more. Perhaps finding a calm time and place to work through your past emotions would give you both a chance to open up and grow.

Deceased sister dressed nicely but rude

I am a female. In the dream my sister who passed away in 2007 was dressed elegantly in a black coat, reaching down to her calves and she wore heels. She carried a medium sized bag and she was just closing the gate as she was leaving my house. I was in the street with some people and I remarked about how beautiful my sister was as I saw her coming down the street. Her daughter asked her something and my sister answered her in a rude way.

Dreaming of your dead sister is a reminder to be circumspect. Your subconscious is telling you to choose your friends wisely and use lessons from your past to make better decisions. This is related to the black coat she was wearing which points to an accomplishment. Using the knowledge you have accumulated throughout the years, you will be able to navigate your problems with more ease. You will also be more equipped to handle bigger challenges. In addition, the medium bag represents stability and having supportive loved ones around you. Their positive effect on your life will allow you to thrive and be successful. Finally, her rudeness to her own daughter underscores your sense of responsibility towards raising her. Since you are older, your guidance and advice as she matures into adulthood would be invaluable in shaping her future.

Sister smiling at you

Seeing your sister smile at you in a dream vision is usually seen as a negative sign predicting an eruption of conflict with someone you already have difficulty getting along with, such as a rival or jealous colleague. Being able to reconcile your differences with this person is likely to prove challenging should you even want to mend the bridge at all. This vision may also indicate that the other party in this disagreement is likely to make the first move in trying to let go of the past.

Several sisters

Seeing, meeting or interacting with multiple sisters in a dream vision, whether you met with all of them or only a few, represents your internal desire to interact and connect with others on a deeper level. You are the type of person who needs at least one or two close confidants with whom you can share your concerns, problems and hopes. These people may or may not be your actual sisters in wake life. For women in particular, this vision can also point toward having contenders in love, meaning there is already a rivalry between you and another woman for the affections of a man or that such a situation is about to develop.

Sister fighting and drowning

Sister fought with someone and drowned in a ditch with the person while fighting.

Witnessing family members or close friends in a fight translates your possible involvement in a disagreement between people close to you. They may be stuck in a quagmire and refuse to resolve or confront the consequences of their actions. You could find yourself as a mediator in the conflict between squabbling parties to keep the peace. Your diplomatic nature could kick in and come in handy to help cooler heads prevail before anyone gets hurt in the process.

Arguing with sister over a metallic substance

My younger sister died two months ago after long fight with cancer, but incredible attitude throughout. Was a key support for my elderly parents - daily visits to them and doing various things. Always unlimited patience and positive words. In my dream, we're at some gathering at my parents, and some type of dark metallic substance is spilled. I repeatedly insist we must clean it up, and my sister gets very angry at me (would be out of character) and berates me for my impatience and insistence.

As part of the grieving process, our subconscious can often relay messages via dream symbols that would help in moving on. In your case, the metallic substance symbolizes clutter, instability and turmoil. After her passing, your emotions and psychological state are probably unsteady and volatile. So wanting to clean up this spilled substance reveals your desire to regain your composure and get back to your normal routine. However, this is usually not something that is easily controlled. As such, being reprimanded and disparaged by your deceased sister is you subconscious telling you to trust the process. You need to acknowledge and embrace the complicated emotions associated with death instead of trying to repress the pain or forcing yourself to appear brave and in control. Mourning is different for everyone, but you will recover eventually if you just let it flow naturally.

Sitting next to sister outside

My sister was sitting on a safe solid concrete step, that was approx 300 meters high, I was sitting alongside her on top of a rickety wooden clothes airer that was moving side to side.

Dreaming that your real-life sister is sitting on solid steps reveals that you are on the right path towards self-fulfillment and about to realize your goals toward happiness and prosperity. You may be going ahead rather gradually as the symbol of the step suggests. This moderate improvement could be somewhat upsetting for you. The symbol of a sister in dream visions also denotes effective social skills. The vision that the airer was moving side to side signifies hesitation inside you about the direction you want to take to achieve your goals. You may feel that you are wasting your time in some unproductive pursuits, or you could have a tendency to spend a lot of your time before you bump into something meaningful or interesting.

First cousin sister

Watching or interacting with a female cousin who you consider to be like a sister in wake life actually represents upcoming conflicts and drama within your immediate or close family. Whether or not you are currently close to this female relative or not, this sign in a dream vision predicts serious discord among family members which could result in a major rift-forming.

Deceased sister giving a check

Dreamt of receiving a check from my 2 years dead sister. And water poured on the check, but did not erase all. I didn't know the amount. And she gave it to me to exchange and it was hers and not for me.

When you dream about your deceased sister, it could mean you are experiencing feelings of uncertainty or confusion in your waking life, or that you are lacking a proper solution to a problem you are facing, when you are not even exactly sure of what the problem is or where it is originating from. It could also allude to being concerned about other family members who were once also associated with your sister and the way they are dealing with her departure. The notion that she was giving you a cheque without an amount showing could be symbolic of something valuable she provided you with, such as guidance or care, but now you must rely on your own wits and life experience.

Late sister giving advice for the sick

I have a 35-year old male cousin suffering from epilepsy for a year now, I dreamt my late sister washing his clothes for him. She seemed very cheerful and happy. Also in the dream she told me to let my cousin light a white candle in the house. She was instructing me to tell my sick cousin.

Your vision seems to be a message from your late sister to look out for your cousin. Her action of washing his clothes shows her care and love for him, while her instructions to light a specifically white candle may mean he needs help in official matters, like handling legal matters or medical bills. Perhaps she knows that something more serious is about to take place and is giving you a head start in helping him prepare for the future.

Sister gone missing at a public pool

My sister went missing at a public pool, cops were searching for 2 days. We lived across from the pool and I would freak out if I seen someone go to the bottom of the pool thinking it was her.

A dream involving a missing relative usually means you are going to experience a rough patch in your life. Since the missing person in your dream was your sister, then the troubles ahead of you will be very personal in nature. You could lose self-control and develop addictive habits, such as gambling or taking illegal drugs. On the other hand, going missing at a public pool depicts mental health issues. Yourself or a loved one could suffer from depression and it will be a herculean task to resolve this issue without seeking professional help.

In a car accident with sister

I dreamed about an accident together with my sister and my co-worker and her kids. Me and my sister fell out of the vehicle before the vehicle was totaled by another vehicle and dropped out.

Dreaming about your sister falling out of the vehicle as a result of a car accident can mean she will be able to avoid confrontation with someone who is actively attempting to contradict her or persuade her to do things according to what they they think is best for her, which is not necessarily true. She may become able to pursue her plans on her own without these people or a person standing in her way.

A strange woman as your sister

Envisioning a strange, unfamiliar woman in the role of your sister in a dream vision tends to suggest that someone close to you is about to experience great happiness. Most commonly this sign is associated with marriages, so it is likely you are to be invited to a wedding celebration for someone close to you. Other possible cases could include special anniversaries or a pregnancy announcement. No matter the case, your happiness for your friends is likely to lift your spirits and improve your mood as well as theirs.

Sister pregnant with twins

This dream symbol of having a sister pregnant with twins represents bittersweet situations coming to pass in wake life. Something very sudden and potentially painful may happen, like the death of a family member or an unplanned pregnancy. While these events would certainly cause sadness, worry or apprehension on the surface, they also have the potential to bring family members together to show support to those who need it.

Sister drowning in dark water

I dreamed I was somewhere different, my sister and one other person was there too. There was water nearby, my sister and the other one decided they were leaving. I asked them not to, but they did anyway. They started out crossing the water. It was dark water. There was 2 black bears nearby in the water. I was afraid for my sister, I again yelled at them to come back, don't go. But they kept going. Then my sister slipped, went under the water, her legs were straight up out the water, body under.

The dark water in your dream vision refers to grief or depression. The image of your sister and her companion represents a loved one who is suffering and may need your help and support. It could be your own sister who is experiencing negative emotions and she is sinking deeper and deeper into darkness. Black bears symbolize illness. She or someone else in your family could be hiding their illness from you so you would not be burdened by it, but your subconscious is urging you to reach out before they meet their demise. There could still be hope for recovery if they do decide to accept the help from the loved ones, but you have to be ready to make sacrifices on your end as well.

Sister pregnant by ex-boyfriend

In my dream my sister is pregnant with my ex-boyfriend's child.

Seeing a pregnant woman in your dream suggests depression or an unhappy period. You could face challenging times ahead which could disrupt your regular routine. Someone close to you, quite possibly your sister, could also be riddled by problems you have encountered before. This problem may consume them and weigh them down. Being someone who already went through the same situation, you are in a position to lend a hand and help them get through this difficult time.

Bitten by a snake while with sister

Me and my sister by the water and a snake hits her with its tail then bites her. Then I jump in the water and grab the snake off of her and the snake bites me and I wake up.

When you dream about seeing your sister and yourself being bitten by a snake, it could mean that you are growing aware of mortality in general. You could be coming to terms that you are both becoming older and you can see the signs, such as a lack of motivation, more tiredness, maybe even some sort of illness. You are thinking that both of you are not quite as carefree and free-spirited as before and you are still subconsciously processing these feelings.

Sister leaving your family

Despite seeming like a negative or unlucky sign, envisioning your wake-life sister leaving your family unit predicts a growth in your personal happiness, particularly in your freedom to do as you please when trying to follow the goals of your endeavors. This happy, pleasant situation is likely to be mutually desired by both you and your sister, indicating that you want the best for each other.

Sister swimming in a canal

I dreamed of being outside, beside a water canal, and my older sister was swimming toward me with her head barely above water. The canal is known to have quicksand-like mud, but she was swimming and seemed to be almost to the end.

Dreaming of quicksand indicates existing feelings of helplessness. Since quicksand tends to suck you in the more you struggle, your subconscious may be telling you that you, or someone close to you, maybe caught in a situation with no clear resolution and that any action could lead to more complications. Your sister is a possible representation of spiritual issues forcing their way into your consciousness amidst the dilemma you are confronting. Belief and faith are strong motivators that can get you out of the predicament you are in, even as your issues continue to drown them out.

Sister warning to be careful

Reoccurring dreams about my older sister telling me to be careful.

A dream in which your older sister advises you to be careful and exercise caution is an ominous sign. This vision symbolizes the possibility that there could be someone trying to meddle with your current or future relationship. You should heed what your sister told you in the dream and be more careful, do not give your trust to just anyone. Be sure that you really know someone before giving them any important information which could be used against you.

A recently deceased sister

My sister that just passed away from an overdose at 29 years old came to me in my dream. She was crying and trying to tell me something but I couldn't hear her. I am a female.

Seeing your dearly departed sister so soon after her passing is not uncommon. It is often associated with the progression of your feelings of loss and grief. You may be experiencing some confusion or heartache as well. This situation is likely exacerbated because there is not straightforward way to heal a broken heart. The best thing you can do for yourself is give yourself the time to go through your feelings at your own pace. Perhaps you have some trusted friends or close family members who can lend an ear in your time of need as well.

A co-worker as your sister

Envisioning a work colleague as your sister in a dream vision could indicate the blossoming of a partnership with this person in wake life. This could indicate that the high quality of your relationship may produce fruitful offspring in relation to your business or projects. However, it is also possible that you suspect this person is too nosy and has ulterior motives for wanting to be so close to you. You may want to be careful about how many of your ideas you share or how much personal information you provide.

Sister crying in the dark

My sister was crying hard somewhere in the dark, it was just really dark. I couldn't see anything and I couldn't find her. I could just hear her crying.

The sound of weeping or crying in a dream is a projection of your own sadness. You may be repressing feelings of loneliness and hopelessness in the real world for the sake of your loved ones. You are trying to be strong on the outside, but inside the insecurities and pain are piling up. On the other hand, because you recognized your sister as the person crying in the dream, this may be empathy at work. You could be sensing that she or any member of the family is undergoing trying times and your subconscious is urging you to reach out and help them.

Losing younger sister at the mall

I dreamed that me and my family were in the mall and all of the sudden my younger sister goes missing and we never find her before my dream ended.

Dreaming that you are at a shopping mall means you are in a secure place in reality. In some cases this refers to financial security, but the other symbols in this vision point toward a more figurative interpretation, suggesting that you are secure in yourself as a person. You probably have a good idea of what your future would look like, and your personality has likely not changed much in recent years. To dream that your sister has gone missing sheds light on some growing chasm in your connection with her. Perhaps your growing sense of self has distanced you from her in some way, such as in maturity or interests. Perhaps this vision is a message from your subconscious that you should spend more time doing things she enjoys so as to protect and strengthen your bond.

Sister announcing her pregnancy

Having your sister announce her pregnancy in a dream is an implication of a change that would take place in your life. This dream means that someone else around you may bring potentially disheartening news. However, this will not be entirely bad, for some good results might come out of it. For instance, if your sister announces that she's carrying a Chinese baby, it points to the possibility of a job promotion or any endeavor that will allow you to travel.

Sister falling off the boat

Me and my family were away in a city, sort of rundown area, and we went on a boat trip, when my little sister fell over board, I saved her but I think she was injured by the boat, when we got to shore, my memory of the dream blacked out, and came back, but at that point I wasn't aware she had died or where she was?

In general, having a dream when you see yourself on a boat trip with your family members could be an indication of upcoming changes. Some anticipated or unexpected event or circumstance would soon occur. As a consequence, you may have the need to look for new living arrangements or restructure your life. In particular, the visions of your sister falling out of a boat into the water could serve as a warning to be careful and watchful because your relationship with her could also be affected in a significant way. The end of this dream could be predicting a possibility of rejection, abandonment, loss or separation from each other.

Sister moving to live nearby

I saw my sister buying a room near my house.

Having a dream vision of seeing your sister moving to live closer to you and if you felt bothered by this fact, it could serve as a prediction of upcoming period in your life which could be inundated with challenges, difficulties or inability to solve emerging issues. The same dream could portend betrayal or acts of deception originating from people whom you used to care about a lot. Sometimes, dreams of this nature mean that your sister has a tendency to pry into you private life or tell you what to do, which could bother you a great deal.

Dealing with sister and other people

My sister lost a bunch of weight and was kinda rude, she was wearing a red and pink outfit, said she lost 89 pounds, she had an old lady cleaning her house, then all of a sudden I was in a grocery store, apartments bars etc. in one building and my boyfriend was with another woman and he said it doesn't count because I am not around.

This sign is the manifestation of troubles brewing within your relationships, especially the one with your sister. The red color of the dress indicates you may be under some stress and are in prime condition to lash out at someone whether they deserve it or not. Additionally, your sister's weight loss in the vision suggests you might feel as though you are being treated unfairly and, as a result, may be inclined to take more than your fair share at the next available opportunity. All this may culminate in the prediction given by the last sign, which is your boyfriend cheating on you. This symbol means a major confrontation is ahead, and you should either try to avoid it or be prepared to deal with it when the time comes.

Upset with a sister with hidden condoms

I was dreaming about my sister and she had hidden condoms under the bed. When I asked her about them she denied it. I found them and then started crying. I woke up.

Condoms in dreams could either mean frustration or self-preservation. In this case, the hidden condoms underneath your sister's bed may allude to your unwillingness to listen. This dream vision could be symbolic of your tendency to jump to conclusions without hearing out other people's side of the story. Perhaps there are unspoken issues within the family that are kept under wraps and instead of openly communicating this issue, you have chosen to come to your conclusions. Alternatively, this dream could point to the possibility that someone close to you is in an intimate relationship and you are feeling protective to ensure your own life remains unperturbed because of it.

Saving sister inside burning walls

I had a dream that the walls were on fire and only the walls, and my sister and her baby were in that room and she was in a daze where she couldn't move or talk. She was just sitting there and I went out of the house to get the help I looked at the window while I was outside and it looked like the whole thing was on fire. And then I heard my sister screaming and I ran back in and she was just sitting there and the walls were glowing with fire and I got her and her baby out of the house then I ran back for my baby.

Despite the tragedy unfolding for an event occurring in wake life, the burning, glowing walls of your dream vision are most likely a positive sign pointing to unexpected but welcome occasions taking place in your future. The glowing walls themselves are associated with the idea of passion and zeal within you, suggesting this surprise is related to something you care about deeply or that it can gradually develop into a cause you are truly committed to. Dreaming about saving your sister, her child, and yourself from the blaze also point out that letting go of any past negative experiences may help you find the best path for your future.

Arguing with sisters

I was on a holiday and I was arguing with my sisters as we do at home. This dream upset me.

A dream wherein you are arguing with your sisters or family members during a holiday carries a connotation of difficulties or obstacles you may be facing while trying to move towards your goals. These difficulties could be related to some specific details, such as logistics or organizational issues. Alternatively, the arguments could also represent your fear of failure, your reluctance of taking a risk, or your hesitation to go through changes.

A teenage sister who does not exist

My dream was about my teenage sister. She was dead, and this was the first time I found out about her. In real life, I don't have a sister, so this was weird. She comes to me sometimes and helps me with my problems in life.

Having a sister in real life but not having one in your dream vision represents the strong, independent personality of the dreamer. In your case, the opposite situation should be applied, indicating that it is possible that you rely too much on others. The sister you see in your dreams, then, is the subconscious manifestation of this desire to receive help. This is not necessarily a bad thing, as it also represents strong ties with those around you and a deep sense of loyalty ingrained in you.

Sister dying on a hospital bed

My little sister lying in a hospital bed because she overdosed on pills and won't wake up. Her step dad walks into the room with a sinister grin on his face as her heart flatlines. That's when I wake up. I'm a female.

Envisioning your little sister staying in the hospital is often a prediction of discovering some unpleasant, potentially shocking news in the near future about her. What you learn from this news could completely change your opinion about her, most likely causing disappointment or embarrassment. Watching her die at the end of the vision, while a tragic connotation, could predict finding a reasonable explanation for these actions after the fact, which would allow you both to move on and continue having a peaceful, reciprocal relationship.

Sister bitten by a snake

My sister being bitten by a rattle snake.

Seeing your sister, no matter if she is younger or older than you, being bitten by a rattle snake in this dream suggests your growing awareness of mortality in general. She may be showing signs of aging and perhaps not being as strong or motivated as she used to be. It does not necessarily have to be an illness or bad habits, it is just a realization that she is changing in some way and no longer carefree and free-spirited as before.

Sister as an aggressive bird

I was giggling and laughing on a blanket at a picnic. When I looked up at a tree branch, a black bird swooped and started pecking and clawing at me. When I looked the bird in the eye it was the face of my sister.

Being at a picnic reveals your carefree and laid back attitude. You may prefer the simpler things in life and are quite content with the way things are going for you. In contrast, the black bird swooping in and pecking you could represent all the voices that surround you trying to convince you to aim higher and dream bigger. Your sister, or any other family member in general, may be pressuring you to pursue more productive, high-reaching goals and aspirations you tend to disagree with or brush off repeatedly.

A younger sister killing a child

There was an African American boy, maybe 3 years, sitting on the bed with my younger sister and I, and all of a sudden my sister attacked him and cut his face up, it looked like it went through a meat processor and she kept chopping away at it and laughing and he died. Well, I was terrified of my sister from that point, so I told my dad and he cried and knew about it. So we're hiding from my sister when she came home. She walked in acting like nothing was wrong. Then I woke up. I'm 24 and she's 19.

Sisters tend to represent our loftier ambitions in the dream world, so the presence of your younger sister should be no surprise if you have recently been working toward a specific goal in reality. However, the fact that she viciously attacked a child suggests your hopes for the future may not be as pure as you try to make them seem. This means that your motives may be self-centered or lift you up at the expense of others. Your inability to intervene and your fear of your sister later in the dream may be your subconscious mind urging you to see your plans for what they really are. If you understand how much suffering may be caused by your decisions, you are less likely to make a poor choice in the future.

Dating sister's boyfriend

I keep dreaming that I show up to my 5-year high school reunion with my sister's hot friend as my date and I try to make people jealous and I want to rub it in people's faces that I'm dating my sister's hot friend.

Dreaming about reunions generally reveals the dreamer's unfinished business, especially regarding childhood and adolescent issues. Perhaps you did not have the best time when you were younger and you are still harboring resentments or frustrations for the individuals from that period of your personal journey. Meanwhile, showing off or bragging in whatever form, in your case using your sister's attractive friend, actually alludes to your insecurities and low self-esteem. You may still feel like you have not changed much from when you were younger, hence you have a tendency to overcompensate. This could be your mind's way of making you more self-aware, so instead of building a facade, you would actually work on self-improvement from inside out.

A man torturing and killing sister

There is a man standing a few steps from me. The room is dark with just one light over my sister strapped to a chair, she is sobbing with a gag in her mouth, a few cuts and scrapes. The man, who I feel like I know but cannot work out who he is, said "Either you kill her or I will". I start running towards my sister, but she just gets further away. Then the man says "I see you've made your choice". As I scream my sister's name I hear a gunshot and wake up. I am female and very close to my sister.

Dreaming about your sister crying in the dark signifies the empathy that you feel for her in waking life. She could be going through difficult times and this has manifested in your dream. The unknown stranger symbolizes the presence of a malicious individual in your lives who is trying to create problems for both you and your sister. This person would try to malign your sister's name and spread false rumors about her. The gun shot that you heard could represent the slander which would eventually become the reason of your sister's ruin. The best thing would be to remain wary of people who are out to betray you and your loved ones. Focus on keeping yourself safe and eventually this hard time would pass.

Discovering sister's death while camping

I am a woman, I've had this reoccurring dream in which my family and I go on a familiar vacation, like camping, and at the camp site I find a shrine-like thing dedicated to a baby girl that was stillborn and I find out that she is my older sister and I can't help but cry really hard and uncontrollably. Then I wake up with my heart racing.

Going on a camping trip with your family means you have this desire to get away from a toxic environment, such as your workplace or even home setting. There may be too much going on in your life right now, so you are looking for a getaway or a vacation to help you recharge and recover. In connection with this desire to escape, the shrine of your sister probably means you have been neglecting your own needs and not taking care of yourself properly. Ultimately, your subconscious is reminding you to attend to your physical and spiritual needs as well.

Sister stabbing a deer with keys

A deer was limping in my back garden, then one of my sisters appeared holding keys that she had used to stab the deer in his side a few times.

Your dream about encountering a deer by itself could be symbolic of an uneventful and stable family life, which can be described as peaceful but also boring. It is also a symbol of the deep ties you have with your loved ones, be it friends or family members. However, the recollection of your sister stabbing the deer could mean that there is some kind of approaching conflict or unexpected circumstance that could affect your family's cohesion and stability, and your sister could be the reason why these things happen, whether she would do unintentionally or willingly.

Fighting with sister over food

I dreamed I was going to eat some chicken, my sister came by and said she invited people from the church to my house to eat. I told her no, only had enough for us. Then she lit a piece of paper on fire that I was holding. i got angry and started kicking and hitting her. My hits were so light, barely touching her, could not get a hard kick in.

Depending on how you view chickens in reality, it can be interpreted as a positive or negative dream symbol. If you like eating chicken, then this means you are going to improve your financial status as well as your personal relationships. In this context, refusing to share the chicken with your sister means you lack generosity and prefer to keep your wealth to yourself. On the other hand, if you are not particularly fond of chicken meat, then this implies fear and cowardice. You are trying to hide your insecurity from your loved ones. Instead of confiding your problems and personal issues with them, you tend to put your walls up and keep everyone at bay. Meanwhile, setting paper on fire or burning paper is a generally auspicious symbol which also refers to success. So in combination with the presence of your sister, this means your subconscious is telling you that to prosper or to achieve more in your life, you need your loved ones to either support you or work with you in implementing your goals. Similarly, your weak attempts at kicking and hitting your sister refers to your weak willpower and motivation. You need an extra push to assert yourself and actively work on your goals. You cannot succeed on your own.

Late sister with a message

I dreamt about my late sister vividly talking to me like she was complaining that she worked hard but never got recognition. Then she told me she had a message for me and asked if I will be strong for that message and I replied yes and she laughed and I woke up.

Dreaming about your dearly departed sister usually is considered a reflection of some problem you are dealing with or some confusion you are facing. In particular, this image is associated with loss. It possible that it may be related to your sister's passing, but it could also be that another more recent loss is being channeled through the emotions you felt at the time she moved beyond this realm. In any case, you are probably unsure how to handle this situation or where to even begin looking for answers. When she asked if you would be strong, it was probably referring directly to having the strength to persevere and overcome your current situation. Because you answered yes, it seems likely you would find a solution and come out on top.

Flies, a parrot and undernourished sister

I dreamed there were dozens of flies in the house. I took the fly swatter and was able to swat and kill them, some 2 or 3 at a time. Then my oldest sister was there, she had a green parrot. When she left, she left behind the parrot. She didn't leave his food, just the bird. Before she left, she showed me her arm up around the shoulder. It was like a skeleton, just bones. She said she had osteoporosis. I told her it was something else, probably drinking diet drinks, it looked awful.

The presence of dozens of flies in your dream reveals your tendency to form wrong impressions. You tend to trust the wrong people and neglect or rebuff genuine people. In this context, swatting and killing flies represents your journey in finding the love or friendship of your life. Fortunately, out of all the types of people you will encounter in your lifetime, this vision is telling you that you will find a good match but only after several hits and misses. Meanwhile, the green parrot symbolizes unsolicited advice. Perhaps your sister often interferes with your personal business and this is causing some friction in your relationship. Similarly, her bony body could be a metaphor for having a bone to pick with her because of her constant intrusion and invasion of your privacy.

Disagreeing with sister about clothes

I dreamed about my sister wearing a black gown and I was saying I am not going to wear black color dresses as she copied later on. We were planning to give order for jewelry for sister's marriage.

Black dresses are generally considered to represent sadness and bad luck. In this case, your sister wearing a black dress while you refuse to could mean that you see others doing things you know will eventually cause them harm or unhappiness. For instance, you might see someone else smoking and decide not to partake because you know of the negative effects. Because you are hyper aware of the weight of your actions, you are likely to be very considerate in your relationships with others. Looking at wedding jewelry, while usually a sign of happiness in a committed, romantic relationship, can be extrapolated in this context to mean you have good connections with others because of your sensitivity and kindness.

Flirting with a sister's boyfriend

So I am hanging out with my younger sister and then I start flirting with her celebrity boyfriend (Shawn Mendes), we all then run away from the authorities because we are there without permission. Dreams about my younger sister are quite often.

Flirting with your sister's boyfriend typically alludes to sibling rivalry. The fact that she has a celebrity boyfriend in the dream probably means you are envious of your sister. Celebrities as dream imageries symbolize fame and aspiration. Perhaps you view your sister as more popular and charming. These are the attributes you want for yourself. It could be a positive thing where you actually admire your sister's natural abilities and not necessarily covet them. Having recurring dreams about your younger sister indicates a strong bond. As for running away from authorities, it means you crave freedom and independence. You probably feel stuck and limited with your current situation, so you want to escape.

Sister becoming richer and richer

I dreamed my sister was driving a brand new white Mercedes, and she had just bought 32 more houses and mobile homes to rent out. She already has that many. The cost for the 32 new ones was $3.2 million and included 2 homes on the water. I'm still driving an older car, have enough but not as much.

The social comparison theme of this dream reveals self-doubt. It is possible that seeing the achievements of people you deem are more successful than you are triggering your inner saboteur. The new car is a metaphor for what you perceive to be a stronger drive and ambition possessed by someone close to you, not necessarily your sister. However, success can mean different things to different people. Unfortunately, comparing yourself to others and focusing on what you lack may lead to self-sabotage. Instead of questioning your own ambitions and drive, dreaming about perceived to be more successful business people such as your sister could predict difficulties in implementing plans and facing a dead-end if you keep second-guessing yourself.

Younger sister suddenly getting married

I had a dream I saw my younger sister getting married, people were happy, there was lot of partying. I came in and I wasn't pleased because she's young and I complained I wanted her going to school instead, not getting married at that age.

Dreaming of a younger sister usually suggests you are worried about her and that your concerns are likely well-founded. It is possible that her recent behavior sent red flags to your subconscious and this is manifesting in your dream. Reaching out could be helpful especially if she is not opening up for fear of being judged. Alternatively, this could be a projection of your own fears and insecurities. Maybe you are scared of losing your sister to people you do not trust. Either way, opening a line of communication to her will help bring you clarity about the situation. In some cases, this dream imagery is a prescient symbol of a blossoming relationship. This new person in your life could be a potential partner or a good friend. You are likely still figuring out how to feel about this person and only time will tell how this relationship will develop.

Sister and animals in a house

I dreamed I saw my sister, in a house. There was a strange dog, looked like a wolf or unusual. It attacked a lizard that was in the house. I helped the lizard to safety, it ran up the wall. Its tail was gone because of the attack. I tried to catch it to put outside but couldn't. At least it escaped the dog with my help.

The presence of your sister at a house suggests that this dream may be about her or someone else closely related to you in wake life. It also suggests that it has something to do with the relationships among different family members. With the holiday season and new year fast approaching, this is probably linked to a recent or upcoming social event. The strange-looking dog that resembled a wolf means your sister or someone close to your is behaving in a reckless or irrational manner. The rest of the family may not understand their feelings or intentions. The wolf attacking the lizard symbolizes this individual trying to restore their good name but perhaps in a defensive way that leaves others questioning their sincerity. The loss of the lizard's tail despite its safe getaway with your aid suggests you can help this person be accepted or at least tolerated by most of the family, but there would likely be a few who are still skeptical or hostile even after the fact.