Dreams Related To Sink

Kitchen sink

The sink in the kitchen can hold a variety of meanings in the dream world. The drain itself can represent having to deal with emotional turmoil, possibly relating to family or other close relationships. Some feelings may stem from a situation that is giving you a lot of stress, and you feel drained as a result. On the other hand, this could also signify fulfillment. If the sink is full, it could mean that you are overflowing with ideas, and perhaps you need support from your social circle to implement these ideas.

Forced to breathe through a sink drain

An older Korean woman commands me, as punishment and as a totalitarian, that I must put my mouth up to drain opening in the sink to breathe in only the filth from the sink.

Dreaming about being punished means you are feeling guilty or ashamed about something you did in wake life. You may have committed an offence which you have come to regret or simply acted rudely without thinking. The dirt or filth from the sink symbolizes your insatiable appetite, perhaps indicating that you have a hard time appreciating your loved ones or that you take your blessings for granted. While it is important to be grateful and appreciative, you should take it easy sometimes and give yourself some slack for little mistakes here and there.

Blocked sink

A blocked drain in a bathroom sink is symbolically linked with difficulty coping with negative emotions, according to Jungian interpretations. You may have recently been bottling up your feelings, leading to a sense that you are on edge and ready to explode at any moment. Letting it get to this point is unfortunate, but it is not impossible to deal with. Finding a hobby that allows you to blow off some steam or a friend with a willingness to listen should be all it takes to regain your equilibrium.

Bathroom sink

The image of a bathroom sink or a kitchen sink is tied to the idea of washing away negative energy in reality. Just as a sink is a tool for washing your hands or the dishes, so does this symbol allude to overcoming emotions or obstacles that are getting in the way of having meaningful relationships. Furthermore, it could also point to situations in wake life that would need a new idea or a fresh perspective.