Dreams Related To Singing

Yourself singing

To dream that you are singing reflects your positive disposition. You may be happy with the way things are going at work and at home, so you choose to focus on productive pursuits to provide a comfortable lifestyle for yourself and your loved ones. The singing shows your optimism about the future and that you are certain you would reap the rewards of your hard work. Consequently, since you are feeling fulfilled at work, perhaps you have also begun sowing seeds for bigger responsibilities and passion projects. Instead of a dead-end career, you are actually opening yourself up to even bigger possibilities.

Someone singing

A dream in which you hear someone singing relates to feelings of joy and nostalgia. This kind of symbolism portends a possible reunion with childhood friends or personalities from your past. It is also possible that you would receive information or a message from an acquaintance living overseas or who has moved in a far-flung location. Alternatively, the sound of someone singing could also allude to an annoying personality in the waking world who constantly complains or nags you about mundane and inconsequential issues.

A child singing at a gathering

I am a female aged 60. I dreamt of being a part of a gathering where young children are being asked to sing. I find this child, a boy, who sings beautifully. I find that he is from my town. I call this colleague and tell him about the child.

Hearing or seeing a little boy singing in the dream reveals your desire to revisit your youth or channel your inner child. There could be a lot of dreams or passions you have set aside over the years because of other priorities, but this time your mind is encouraging you to pursue a hobby or activity you have always wanted to try yet you never had the time. It could also be an investment opportunity or a business venture you and a friend are contemplating on setting up.

Singing in general

Singing in the dream world is generally associated with disappointments and frustrations. The song is a metaphor of expressing overwhelming emotions in the real world. It is a cathartic act and a kind of release especially if you are the type who would hold back feelings or control emotional outbursts. For individuals involved in the sales industry, this type of vision denotes significant losses, while dreamers in the seafaring industry could endure storms and bad weather. Furthermore, if you happen to be in love then you could expect negative experiences involving disappointing behavior and attitude from your romantic partner.

A famous singer

Envisioning a famous singer may represent a few different possibilities, depending on your context. In the most general sense, it may reveal an admiration for those with a talent for singing, even if it is not the particular individual you saw. Similarly, you may be subconsciously trying to emulate the singer you saw. Perhaps their style is something you think you could pull off, or maybe you aspire to support the same charities they favor. Finally, sometimes seeing a particular person in your dreams is only a reflection of having seen or heard something about them recently, like a news report or an interview.

Singing at a funeral

Dreaming of singing at a funeral pertains to a remarkable event about to happen in the waking world. This is more likely to occur if the song you sang in the dream was upbeat or joyful. The contrast between the somber affair and the happy song illustrates the impact of the event you would figure in. It is unclear whether your behavior or involvement in the said occasion would have a negative or positive impact on the folks in attendance, but it would certainly leave a lasting impression.

Inaudible singing

Hearing muted or inaudible singing in the dream world likely reflects your grit or resilient nature. While others may take criticisms personally, you have the capacity to open your mind towards them and use those feedbacks for continuous self-improvement. Alternatively, the muffled sound of singing could also point to a loved one in need. Perhaps you have friends or family members who are in dire financial straits or needing basic needs yet they are too ashamed to ask for help.

Singing as a performance

Dreaming that you are performing a song in front of an audience reflects your need to manage your emotions in the waking world. The performance hints at your lack of tact and empathy for others which may put off your colleagues, or even your loved ones. Perhaps you tend to be impatient and allow your emotions to make irrational decisions and judgments. On the other hand, performances, such as singing at a concert, could refer to a budding romance in reality. The exuberance and vitality of falling in love is represented by the bravado required in being vulnerable and expressing yourself on stage.

Singing at a wedding

Singing at a wedding in the dream world portends possible health issues and physical ailments. The type of song and performance depicted in the dream provide clues to the kind of ailment and the severity of the condition that you or a close kin would have to overcome. For instance, a fun and upbeat number could mean superficial injuries, but a sorrowful song likely points to a long period of recuperation.

Gentle singing

Singing or hearing a gentle song being sung in the dream world warns you about upcoming failures or frustrations in reality. The sound of a lullaby, for example, serves to soothe and comfort you while facing possible disappointments that could come your way. On the other hand, if the voice seemed familiar, then the gentle song hints at significant news and pronouncements you would soon receive. The nature of the news may come as a relief to you, possibly because it would provide clarity to an issue that has been going on for a while.

Being judged at a singing competition

I had a dream where I kept practicing different songs because I was auditioning for the X-Factor. I finally found "the right song " and sung it in front of the judges. One of the judges buzzed me (they didn't like me) but the other ones didn't press their buttons. What does this dream mean?

Dreaming of auditioning for something, whether it is a reality show or for a movie, usually means that you may not handle success and fame well in reality. A tendency to become overconfident and arrogant could make you fall for dubious opportunities and tempt you to take part in risky activities. Alternatively, your audition in this dream vision may also reveal your desire to please others or gain their approval. In this context, singing in front of judges is akin to showing off your skills and achievements, hoping that your friends and loved ones would approve of your choices and admire you for your accomplishments. However, no matter how much you try to be perfect and become an achiever, there would always be those who would either not approve or think your efforts are not enough. The reality of not pleasing everyone is embodied by the judges in your vision. It is also possible that the judges are your own strict standards. You may be a perfectionist and putting a lot of pressure on yourself.

Church singing

A dream in which you hear the sound of church singing, or when you are participating in one, reveals your efforts to acquire wealth. This wealth would likely come from an inheritance from a relative who passed away. Then again, you could also receive this material or financial gain by being a trusted and reliable worker. Your industry would be rewarded in kind just when you need a little boost in your finances.

Strangers singing

Dreaming of strangers singing foretells looming obstacles for your friends or loved ones. Hearing a song coming from unfamiliar people in the dream world means you are acutely aware of their needs and feel obligated to help them in times of trouble. While helping is purely voluntary, your subconscious is showing you your generous nature and that by doing your part you can make a difference in the lives of the individuals you care about.

Boisterous singing

Dreaming of hearing boisterous or uproarious singing from a distance connotes a concerted effort to feel better. Perhaps you have been down on luck, suffering from seemingly endless setbacks, and you are now deciding to turn your life around by refocusing your priorities. With some clarity, renewed motivation and tons of effort, you may now be ready to chase after the kind of existence you used to dream of.

Singing gospel

Hearing or singing gospel songs implies a challenging period ahead of you. The act of singing gospel songs shows your faith in a higher power, a belief in God for example, that allows you to endure tough situations in a steadfast way. It is also possible that someone you know will experience hardship and you will need to step up in order to help them overcome it. Alternatively, singing could mean singing praises or being grateful that your heart's desires have been fulfilled.

Singing making you sad

Hearing a song in a dream that makes you feel sad, lonely or depressed could suggest a similar mood happening in the real world. Perhaps a project or work-related task has not gone particularly well and you are starting to doubt your abilities in the process. Unfortunately, the dream suggests things would not become better anytime soon which may contribute to your distress.

Gruff singing

Hearing someone singing in a gruff or brusque manner in the dream world alludes to a bumpy road ahead. The quality of the singing in your dream vision represents your way of coping with the rough and difficult period you are about to face. This coping mechanism may involve hedonistic pursuits such as spending indiscriminately or developing vices. The root of this self-destructive activities could be familial troubles, personal failures or insurmountable losses.

Vulgar singing

Crass or vulgar singing in the dream world points to pointless pursuits in the waking world. You could be enmeshed in some tedious tasks and duties which you think are absolutely a waste of your time and effort. This meaningless duty is probably draining you of mental and physical energy, hence the offensive and reprehensible song manifesting as its metaphor in this dream vision.

A chorus singing

Being part of a chorus or hearing a chorus singing in a dream is likely a testament to the strong bond you share with your friends and family. Whenever trouble arises, you can always count on the individuals whom you trust and love to extend help and support even without you asking. If it is an all-female chorus singing in your vision, then the interpretation is geared towards pleasurable pursuits. Certain preoccupations or hobbies you may get involved in are most likely going to be fun and fulfilling for you.

Singing an aria

A dream involving singing an aria, or an operatic piece, foretells the coming of a long-anticipated news. This significant information or update you have been waiting for may arrive in the form of a letter or in another written format. The aria, thus, represents your strong emotional response to the message contained in the letter.

Singing in a bass voice

To dream of singing or hearing someone else performing in a bass or low-pitched voice denotes a rocky period in the near future. The low register of the voice represents the depressing tone accompanying the different problems and challenges you are about to face. These trials could temporarily derail your plans and goals. However, the act of singing implies the strength of your resolve to keep going despite the setbacks.

A male singing

The sound of a male singing in a dream reflects your own trepidations in the waking world. The masculine quality of the harmony speaks of your tendency to wallow in negative emotions, such as fear and anxiety, whenever you are faced with seemingly insurmountable odds. You may need to be more optimistic when times get tough.

Singing with soprano voice

Singing in a soprano voice or hearing a soprano singing in your dream is a metaphor for emotional upheavals. The song is likely a representation of wailing or the sound of grief resulting from a period of misery and depression. You may be dealing with losses and failures in the waking world and the voice you hear symbolizes the shedding of tears as a way of relieving yourself of the heaviness and despair inside you.

Dissonant singing

Discordant, off-key or dissonant singing in the dream world is a metaphor for malicious rumors. If left unchecked, this gossip being spread about you could end up seriously damaging the reputation you have worked so hard to build. This vision could be the wake-up call you need to do something to counteract the misleading information going around about you or your loved ones.

Joining singing

Dreaming about joining a chorale or singing along with a group of individuals reveals your people-pleasing personality. You likely tend to look to others for validation and approval. This attitude either points to your low self-esteem or an inflated ego constantly seeking attention and affection from others. Furthermore, it can also illustrate a level of neediness and dependency on the support of peers in your endeavors.

Singing psalms

Singing church hymns or psalms in a dream, especially with a choir, bears an auspicious message. It means things are starting to settle down and you are going to be right back on track with your happy and stable existence. If you have been having a bad time recently, then this dream vision serves to assure you that things would start looking up starting with a happy occurrence to uplift your mood.

Singing on stage

Seeing yourself perform an activity involving interacting with a diverse crowd, such as singing on a stage in front of a large audience is a sign of possessing a highly confident and dynamic mindset. This is a declaration by your subconscious mind that you have attained the qualities to make an impression on all kinds of people. To do justice to your abilities, you need not to impress or please everyone but allow this confidence to enable you in achieving your goals and dreams.

Singing in church

Singing in a church in a dream could be a very heartwarming experience and symbolize a need for spiritual guidance or a desire to connect with a higher power. The biblical references to the imagery of church represent a desire for moral or ethical guidance, a sense of community, and an urge to help others. Moreover, the dream is full of fortunate signs that are going to change your life for the better. Overall, this dream is encouraging you to seek advice and support from those around you and follow the right path.