Dreams Related To Sick

A loved one being sick

Dreaming that a loved one is being sick, for example when you visited a friend or family and you saw that the person looks weak and needs to be taken care of and brought to the hospital, could mean that this specific person needs your help and support at this point in time in your waking life. It could be that the vision is letting you know that you need to be proactive in sensing this person's needs and provide your help. The dream may also be telling you to reach out to this person to learn about his or her status in life and offer where you could extend your assistance.

Sick with gout

To dream that you are sick with gout, like during a daily workout when you suddenly feel a nagging and sharp pain in your inflamed joints and become unable to lift anything, could mean a possibility of being extremely irritated by someone's stubborness, especially with your family or within your household. Finances-wise, this may also refer to material and financial losses as a result of inability to allocate and manage resources. If you noticed gout on your left foot in the dream, this could be a sign of luck, while gout on the right foot could mean misfortune and potential losses in business transactions.

Not feeling well in a dream

A dream about feeling unwell.

Being sick in the context of a dream often points to being on the receiving end of bad news. If you were expecting to hear back from someone about something positive, such as a new job or special opportunity, you may be very disappointed. In one case, you may get just the opposite news to what you were hoping for, or you may find that the other party is ignoring your calls, giving you no sense of closure.

Someone dying after being sick

Dreaming that someone is dying after being sick, for instance when a relative's condition detoriated, and he or she was still declared terminally ill and incurable even though all possible treatments were already conducted, could symbolize damaged connections with the person or some personal problems you may have in reality. The vision may be letting you know that if not remedied soon, the frayed relationship could dramatically worsen with the concerned person. It is best that you take some time to mend shaky relationships which would benefit you in the long term.

Sick and coughing

Dreaming that you are sick and coughing, like when you see yourself sputtering and barking like a dog in the middle of a class recitation and you have to excuse yourself to gather your composure, could mean a possibility of revealing too much to strangers or even trusted friends when speaking. Slow down as what you may be saying could be used against you down the road when you least expect it. You should think before you speak and mindfully send across your message to the other person in the most diplomatic way to avoid any misunderstandings or abuse.

A sick enemy

Seeing your most bitter rival in reality suffering from sickness or disease is a negative sign to behold in the realm of visions. It is a harbinger of misfortune and sadness, predicting that at present they are capable of dealing out harsh punishment and retribution. Their current ability to cause you great damage and trouble should not be taken lightly. If you are currently battling with this individual or see an opening to instigate a conflict yourself, it would be wise to take a step back and take the high road. Any instigated fight on your part is sure to end in your opponent's victory.

Being sick

Dreaming that you are being sick, like seeing yourself pale, weak and confined to a hospital bed while friends are visiting you, could mean possible health problems that you are unaware of and which could be manifesting. The dream could be advising you to take better care of you health, an area that you may be neglecting in your waking life and that you should address any issues as soon as possible. Alternatively, there could be a possibility of having unpleasant or difficult conversations with someone from your office or a friend about a challenging situation that is causing you or them anxiety.

Sick and itching

Becoming sick and having an uncomfortable itchy sensation is thought to be related to unpleasantness and difficulty in reality. You may soon find yourself going through a period of time where things are not going your way. You would probably feel very frustrated with the turn of events and face much internal turmoil over the emotions this causes within you. Until this time passes, you would feel agitated and almost unwell, worried about what else could happen or go wrong.

Sick with scarlet fever

Scarlet fever, as a dream symbol, has multiple interpretations depending on who became ill. If you were the one who was sick, you could become ill in reality or be stabbed in the back by someone you thought you could trust with your life. In both cases, you are likely to feel shock that this is happening to you and upset that there was nothing you could do to prevent it from happening. Alternatively, if someone else in your vision caught scarlet fever, it means those you are relying on to help you on a special task or project may not be the best fit. Their lack of enthusiasm might lead to little attention to detail and a poor outcome. It would be better to find others who are truly interested in your vision or simply take care of things yourself.

Recovering from being sick

To dream that you are recovering from being sick, like seeing yourself feebly moving and starting to go back to your daily routines, could mean that you would be able to prevent some unpleasant or threatening situation happening in your waking life. This may entail tuning in to your intuition to know where this unbecoming event may pop up in your future. Stay alert and be wary of possible curve balls that could be thrown in your way, so that you would not be caught unawares.

Sick with a whooping cough

Having a dream that you are sick with a whooping cough, like when you are barking like a dog due to coughing uncontrollably in the dream while telling a story to a group of kids and your voice is already hoarse because of it, beware because you could soon be blamed for someone else's mistakes and wrongdoings in your waking life. You should ensure that you know your facts and own parts of the story to avoid being the scapegoat. Telling the truth cancels all lies and you would benefit if you own up to your mistakes but never back down from a blame game if you are on the right side.

Sick person being healthy

Seeing someone from your reality who you know as sick in a healthy, robust state in your dream is a fortunate symbol to perceive. Experiencing this sign means you may soon go visiting someone, and nurturing this connection would bring benefits to both parties. This is especially true if you go to see the ill person from your dream. Your companionship during this time would lighten both of your moods.

Someone being sick

Traditional dream analysis sources suggest that envisioning someone else is sick or ill in your dreams may allude to danger in reality. If you recognized the individual who did not seem to be feeling well, your unconscious mind may be picking up on some subtle clues that they are in grave danger. For example, they may be exhibiting mild symptoms of substance abuse or be hanging with the wrong crowd. If you did not recognize the man or woman in your dream, it is possible that they are someone you do not see or interact with regularly even though you are in close proximity. For instance, you may be picking up signals from the barista who serves you coffee, someone you share your commute with or someone from your neighborhood.

Unable to help a sick grandchild

I dreamt that my first grandchild was sick and in the hospital dying and the doctors and nurses were not helping. I was doing everything I could to make sure he would be OK, but he was not getting any better. I woke up before the dream ended and he was still alive in my dream, but it was very upsetting.

There are two main aspects of this vision which need to be addressed separately, although they are closely related. The first is the image of your grandchild sick in the hospital. This symbol is often thought to be prophetic, usually predicting sickness for either him or another child related to you. Seeing this image may represent a warning, so that you can make preparations for this time or perhaps find a way to intervene and prevent the sickness from happening in the first place. Alternatively, the notion about the hospital staff doing nothing and that you were alone taking care of him could be an indication that you tend to go overboard when caring for others. While a nice quality to have, constant attention and interruptions demanded or solicited from you could get in the way of much needed quiet and rest you require for yourself.

Sick with cancer

To dream that you are sick with cancer, for example seeing yourself undergo chemotherapy and getting bald as a result of the treatment, could indicate a major quarrel with a romantic partner, leading to episodes of stress, depression and total indifference toward your daily routines and life plans. In addition, growing feelings of alienation from your partner may give you worries and concerns about your mutual future, thus adding further to your disengagement in general. It may be time to re-asses your life values and priorities, and see where you may need to improve things.

Sick with a cold or flu

Dreaming that you are sick with a cold or flu, such that you are sniffling while wearing a thick jacket or watching television with lots of tissue beside you, could be warning you about too many tasks on your plate to accomplish. This may also be referring to underestimating your own abilities while working on an important task or project, when you could do more. However, if you dream of caring for someone with the flu, like handing him or her soup and some medicines for the cold, it may be a warning that you could be starting to reluctantly deal with some shady or unpleasant individuals because you need them. You would need to endure their presence because they may be instrumental to what you are trying to achieve.

Sick and having a blood transfusion

Coming down with an illness and having a blood transfusion as a result likely points toward increased energy and motivation in reality. You may soon find an abounding source of inspiration or vitality with which to accomplish your greatest goals or overcome the obstacles that stand in the path to your success. Under the influence of this wave of renewed strength and creativity, you are sure to be able to do anything you set your mind to.

Sick with pus excretions

Becoming ill and having pus secrete from somewhere on your body is a two part symbol. On one hand, it suggests you would soon go through a rough and harrowing experience. This crisis or other dramatic scenario would create much stress, anxiety and disruption in reality. However, once all is said and done, the situation is likely to work out in your favor. While you would always remember the trials that got you there, the pleasant conclusion would more than make up for the momentary discomfort.

Suffering because of being sick

To dream that you are suffering because of being sick, like when you are unable to get up from your bed because of high fever to do daily chores and work, could mean that you may have commited some wrongdoing in the past and caused hurt to some people in the process. The act of suffering in the dream may therefore mean that you could now be regretting these past actions for the harm that they caused, and looking for redemption. It may be in your best interest if you do some internal assessment to search for the source of this possible wrongdoing and rectify it as needed.

Crowds of sick people

Having a dream that there are crowds of sick people, for instance when you see yourself stranded and surrounded with ill people carrying various types of diseases on an island or in a desert, could be a sign of environmental catastrophe or natural disaster that could be taking place soon in the area where you live. The dream could be referring to an impending danger in your waking life and warning you to be prepared when this time comes. It may be a good idea to take the necessary measures to have a back-up plan in case an unexpected disaster occurs.

Sick with boils

Coming down with boils is a neutral symbol closely associated with the idea of something unexpected or surprising taking place. You may soon get a shock because things would turn out differently than you expected, or you may find some aspect of your existence change right out of the blue. Whether this is a change for the better or worse, however, is unclear.

A sick relative

To dream that your relative is sick, for example during a family holiday vacation when you see your relative feeling nauseous all of a sudden, could indicate an unexpected event or occurence coming to your life and destabilizing you and the people close to you. This may cause a huge disruption to your otherwise peaceful and stable family life or household, and you would perhaps be caught off guard because of this nuisance. It would be best if you try to be flexible and deal with surprising events with an open mind and cool head.

Sick with a headache

Dreaming that you are sick with a headache, like when you are reading a book and a mind numbing migraine struck you which prompted you to lie down and take a break, could be telling you certain concerns about your own sexuality or the image you present to others. It may also symbolize the great respect you get from others because of how you project yourself towards them. If for example you see your spouse with a headache in the dream, this symbolizes a dying passion that may need to be revived before it could get worse. Seeing enemies with a headache in a dream on the other hand, may mean a peaceful resolution of arguments or differences.

Sick with chickenpox

Coming down with a case of the chicken pox in the dream realm, especially if you still appeared to be an adult, reflects the number of rumors or gossip currently circling around about you. The number of spots correlates with the intensity of the words being spoken against you. You would probably be helpless to do anything in this situation, feeling both frustrated and disappointed. You should avoid standing out too much until those who speak ill about you have moved on to another target.

Sick and sneezing

Being sick and sneezing in the dream realm is a symbol with two distinct interpretations, depending on the circumstances and other symbols present. In some cases, this symbol is seen as a harbinger of unfavorable news, especially if you have been waiting for some response in reality. On the other hand, it can also refer to positive developments taking place in reality, especially on projects or causes you have been supporting for a long time. To understand which interpretation applies to you, you would need to think carefully about your circumstances in reality and look at the other symbols surrounding you in the vision.

A sick baby

A sick baby, be it a boy or a girl, means your turbulent emotions will lead to problems within your social group. In dream analysis, the sick baby symbolizes immaturity which is a projection of your personal issues. For example, you may be getting reprimanded at work and this stress is making you lash out at your loved ones. Unfortunately, a sarcastic comment or an aggressive tone could snowball into bigger arguments and dredge up long-buried issues which could potentially end a friendship or a romantic relationship.

Sick and immunized

Becoming ill and receiving a shot or another means of immunization is a symbol that represents both the roadblocks that impede your progress and your efforts to overcome those challenges. In essence, the sickness itself is the manifestation of the problem you face, while the injection shows your direct efforts to solve that problem or mitigate whatever stands in your way of success.

Sick because of minor issues

Dreaming that you are sick because of minor issues, for example when you are unaware that you are allergic to seafood and red rash appeared all over your body after accidentally eating some lobster or crab during dinner, could indicate possible dissatisfaction with intimacy or sex life after being married for several years already. This may also be telling you about a lack of emotions during intimacy with your current lover or sexual partner. You should pause and take a look at the cause of this dissatisfaction so that your relationship could grow and flourish.

Sick with ulcers

If you have a dream that you are sick with ulcers, for instance when you felt a burning pain or discomfort in your stomach and you grabbed your midsection during lunchtime, could be an indication of internal aggression or violence which is looking for ways to be unleashed or released. If you see yourself as an introvert, this could manifest by redirecting the aggression towards yourself which could be self-harming by nature. The ulcer then symbolizes the target the individual has marked within, which may manifest in real life.

Sick with anemia

To dream that you are sick with anemia, such that when cleaning the house you felt shortness of breath, was easily fatigued than normal and you sat down to rest because you got dizzy, could mean that you would have a prolonged period of good health and abundance of energy to accomplish many things in your waking life. You may rejoice as this vision could signify persistent endurance you possess to take on challenges and succeed in life. Believe in your capabilities and you should attain whatever dreams you may have.

Sick with ringworm

Having a dream that you are sick with ringworm, such that when a roundish and itchy skin infection on your feet appeared after you waded through a dirty swamp in the dream, may be telling you that your consciousness cannot rest because of some past mistakes or wrongdoing you are unable to forgive yourself for. Having the ringworm on your head in the dream, however, could mean increasing your wealth in various ways. The vision may be telling you that good luck and fortune are coming your way with amazing opportunities and you should be prepared to receive the wealth you have been aiming for.

Visiting someone who is sick

Visiting someone who is sick in the dream realm, such as a friend or family member, actually reflects the positive energy and good health you are likely to have and exude in reality. After experiencing this vision, your overall health and welfare are likely to be better than normal, and you would attend events or get news that would make you happy and content. In some cases, this same vision is interpreted as a sign of impending rain and cold weather, especially in the fall and spring months.

Occasionally, this same image of visiting someone who is sick could reveal that you are about to receive sad or unfortunate news from this individual. While it is unlikely to affect you negatively in the long-run, you might be temporarily disappointed or set back. This is also true if you happened to hit or hurt the man or woman who was sick in your vision.

Instantly falling sick

Falling sick all of a sudden in the realm of dreams is often thought to be a predictor of things coming to a head in some conflict or tumultuous period in reality. You may soon find that the stress and emotion has reached an alltime high, making it difficult to find appropriate outlets to expend this nervous energy. You may need to find someone to talk to about your situation or work off your extra energy by hitting the gym or focusing on a cathartic activity.

Dying after being sick

Dying after a sudden or prolonged illness in the dream realm is often considered a neutral symbol despite the dark imagery. Depending on the context and your situation in reality, it can be interpreted in slightly different ways. In some cases, this symbol is associated with financial security and wealth, especially for those who were once well off but lost it due to some circumstances. Alternatively, this symbol can predict the cancellation of travel plans, both for business and private matters, due to outside and unforeseen situations. This could be due to inclement weather, political turmoil or a natural disaster.

Sick with dysentery

To dream that you or someone else is sick with dysentery due to a food that you ate, for example when you are attending a wedding and you get the bad symptoms of a sick stomach along with a persistent diarrhea, could indicate failures and shortcomings that will negatively impact your existing projects or plans. This dream could particularly point to someone else's lack of detailed attention or negligence, causing the plans to fail unexpectedly. You may need to manage these projects more closely and effectively to prevent these shortcomings from happening in your life.

Being mentally sick

Dreaming that you are mentally sick, for instance while on duty in a stressful work environment when you start experiencing hallucinations or hear strange voices whispering in your head, could mean that your recently accomplished work may unexpectedly bring very negative or disastrous outcomes despite your hard work and best efforts. This vision could also mean that your long term plans may suffer due to your inability to anticipate things. The dream may be telling you that you may be stressed out and this condition is affecting your judgment in the process.

Sick with croup

Dreaming that you are sick with croup, for instance when making a speech and suddenly experiencing hoarseness in your throat and words coming tumbling out barking like a dog, could be an encouraging sign of being able to overcome your existing fears, anxieties or uncertainties you have with regard to something important you have been putting off. Additionally, the sickness may also mean finally acquiring peace of mind and stability, especially within your own household. It could be that whatever turmoil and hardships you could be experiencing would be soon put to rest.

Sick with leprosy

Having a dream that you are sick with leprosy, such that there are hideous skin sores appearing all over your body and people avoiding you like the plague for fear of getting infected, could be an indication of the onset of some other disease that could lead to financial losses and failed expectations from others. On the other hand, seeing others affected by this contagious disease may mean unexpected turn in romantic relationships, causing stress and emotional instability. The dream could also refer to your own bad influence on someone that you would need to turn around and redeem for yourself.

Sick with arthritis

To dream that you are sick with arthritis, such that when you just bend over to pick up a wallet that fell to the ground in a dream and you felt a stab of pain in your hip joint that made you wince, may hold the opposite meaning in your waking life. This could indicate a period of excellent health and a great physical shape allowing you to accomplish a lot of tasks and projects. The vision may be telling you that you should always invest in your health as this itself is considered wealth and could propel you to greater heights when properly nurtured.

Sick with measles

To dream that you are sick with measles, like when small red rash spots suddenly appeared all over your body accompanied by fever and flu while you were enjoying a night out with family in the dream, could indicate a big reason for worries and concerns ahead, even to the point of depression following a big slump in your business or working circumstances in your waking life. This could be hinting that you should not be too hard on yourself as failures are generally part of life to test your faith and character. It may also be preparing you to be brave and treat any breakdown or downtime as a recharging moment to be a better you.

Sick with pneumonia

Becoming sick with pneumonia during a dream can shed light on your overall health and wellness in reality. In particular, this dream symbol suggests you need to take better care of yourself physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. You may need to allot more time for healthy meal preparation during the week, increase the amount of exercise you are doing, visit your doctors more regularly or seek guidance for issues of the mind and heart. Ignoring even smaller issues can cause them to grow into larger ones in the future.

Being content with your sickness

Being content in a situation where you are sick, such as not feeling fussy or asking others to care for you, sheds light on your naturally kind and thoughtful nature. In a sense, your peacefulness and serenity in the vision reflect the way you interact with others. In particular, you treat them with kindness, respect and generosity. Your friends probably admire you and love you for these qualities and are likely loyal to you because of them.

Sick for single young women

If you are a single woman and you are dreaming that you are sick when you are alone at home, for example seeing yourself looking pale and wrapped in a heavy blanket while eating warm soup, could mean an opportunity to appreciate your independence in your life from someone you are dating or having a relationship with currently. This may also be referring to your unwillingnes to enter a stable relationship or marriage, unable to enter a steady commitment and in the meantime favoring your comfortable and single lifestyle.

Sick with rabies

Dreaming that you are sick with rabies, for example when eating dinner with family and suddenly feeling nausea after you were jogging around the neighborhood and a rabid dog bit you out of the blue, could be a warning of a possible retaliation or revenge from your enemies. This vision may also signify possible deception or betrayal from a trusted friend or coworker which you could be unaware of at the time and which would hurt you when it happens. The dream may be also reminding you to be extra vigilant and on your guard in discerning who your true friends or vengeful enemies are.

Sick with typhoid fever

To dream that you are sick with typhoid fever when you felt chilled to the bone but feeling very hot due to the high fever, could be a warning for you to be extra cautious while dealing with your enemies who want to destroy your reputation. This imagery may also signify the need to take care of your health so that you would not get sickly, so you better schedule that doctor's appointment soon. If, for example, you got sick because of the typhoid outbreak in your dream, this could be an indication of negative developments occuring in your current business or project, so be wary and take precautionary steps.

Sick with edema

To dream that you are sick with pulmonary edema, for example when you are coughing violently due to lung inflammation and have difficulty breathing, could be a sign that you are recovering from any existing sickness or health condition. It could be a positive twist in your existing health situation because of a continuous and proper nurturing and following the doctor's orders. However, if you see someone else sick with edema in your dream, such as a friend or a relative, it may mean that you are going to receive some positive news in one of your life areas soon.

Sick with gangrene

Dreaming that you are sick with gangrene, for example when you see yourself in the dream holding your affected foot swollen with red blisters, may be a prediction of negative developments or failures in your current undertakings. Just like it takes a short period of time to decide whether a gangrenous part should be removed or not, the dream suggests that you need to make the right decision quickly in order to succeed or save yourself from unwanted outcomes. Otherwise, you could be too late in preventing unnecessary delays while accomplishing your goals.

Sick with jaundice

To dream that you are suddenly sick with jaundice, for example when you get this yellowish colored eyes and skin pallor while staring at your reflection in the mirror, could be telling you that your current problems of challenges are about to be solved for good. This change may bring about positive developments in your life. However, if you dreamed of others with this sickness, it may signify disappointments in your teammates or colleagues, leading to failed expectations and eventually loss of hope.

Sick with cholera

Dreaming that you are sick with cholera, such that when you drank water from an untreated well and you experience severe and cramping diarrhea to the point of extreme dehydration, could indicate a possibility of being immersed or involved in an outbreak of a transmittable disease. This may mean days or weeks filled with struggle for you and dealing with apprehension and uncertainties with regard to your state of health. The dream could be hinting that you should take better care of your health and nurture it to avoid the worst case scenario.

Treating your sickness

To dream that you are treating your sickness, for example when you see yourself taking medications and adopting a healthy lifestyle in between scheduled visits to a doctor, could be an indication of your open-mindedness and kindness towards other people. It could also be a realization that you may have a knack of contributing or changing other people's lives, and which could put you in a strategic position to have a positive impact on people around you. This may be your opportunity to lend your hand to those in need, and could provide you a meaningful outlet in how your life progresses.

Working while being sick

Having a dream that you are working while being sick, for instance when you see yourself very pale and coughing uncontrollably while typing slowly in front of a computer, could be a warning about some temptation that may be appearing in your waking life. Take heed because if you are not able to resist it, it could erode and cause serious damage to your character which took years for you to build. You should ensure your good reputation is intact, if not in the eyes of other people, then for yourself and your family.

On the other hand, seeing someone else in your dream who is working while being sick when he or she should be recovering at home, may mean being successful in taking advantage of your rivals' or enemies' weaknesses and coming out the one triumphant in the end. You could leverage these shortcomings to move past the hurdles and obstacles and emerge the winner out of any complicated event or situation.

Afraid of dying while being sick

To have a dream that you are afraid of dying while being sick, similar to seeing yourself having flashes or visions of key milestones of your life when facing a life or death situation in a hospital bed with the white tunnel ahead, could indicate doubts or crossroads in choosing the right path in life. This could also hint at some bad habits or temptations which need to be taken care of in your waking life, before they lead you down an unwanted path. Depending on your real life situation, the dream may be a call to be less aggressive, be more tolerant or less susceptible to external or environmental factors affecting your peace of mind.

Sick with asthma

To dream that you are sick with asthma, like gasping or gulping for breath while reaching out for your inhaler during a marathon race, could pertain to big changes ahead which are either positive or negative depending on the circumstances you could be experiencing at the time when the dream took place. It could be that the vision is preparing you to be flexible in adapting to these upcoming changes in your life, and implement the correct action. Try to be like the bamboo when you could always bend to where the wind is blowing, and not break during sudden moves or changes in the wind direction.

Sick and paralyzed

To dream that you are sick and paralyzed, for instance when you dream of seeing yourself strapped in a wheelchair and unable to move from the neck down due to a debilitating stroke, could be an indication of being under someone else's influence or control to your own detriment. This may also mean that you should be more independent, self-sufficient or act like a grown-up and come up with sound decisions. A little more maturity could enable you to grow throughout your life and avoid bad decision-making which could harm you.

Someone sick and singing

To dream that someone is sick and singing, for instance when you see yourself attending a concert and recognize that the lead singer who looks sickly is someone you know from the neighborhood, could signify that a grave danger will be occurring with this person in your waking life. You could try and reach out to this person and find out how he or she is doing lately, and if there is anything that you could help that person with. It would never hurt you to show that you care when you have the chance before it is too late and this person is already harmed.

Being sick and looked after

Dreaming that you are being sick and looked after by a doting family member, for example when you are lying in a bed and looking pale and your mother or father is serving you food and running errands on your behalf, could indicate a personal trait of being constantly dependent on others or their decisions. This may also refer to your lack of self reliance and accountability when dealing with your life decisions. You could take small steps towards independence and ownership in some areas in your waking life to give your relatives or friends some slack.

Sick with a viral infection

Having a dream that you are sick with a viral infection, like when you see yourself in the dream constantly coughing and sneezing caused by microbes or bacteria, could predict success and prosperity in the future. If in the dream you are being scared or wary of transmitting it to others such that you may want to contain it before it spreads, it may mean you are going to have to make a serious choice or decision soon which will greatly influence you in your waking life. You could take some time to ponder on this choice so that it could greatly benefit you and those close to you in the long run.

Sick with an injury

To dream that you are sick with an injury or after a physical injury, for example when you see yourself taking off the bandage from a wound you got in a recent biking accident, could be a warning that your health could be in danger or jeopardy in real life, so you need to take better care of it as soon as possible. You should start that healthy lifestyle you have been putting off in a while. However, seeing someone else with an injury in a dream, could mean that people are spreading rumors about you and you may need to get to the bottom of it and do damage control.

Sick with a dislocation

Having a dream that you are sick with dislocation, for instance when you accidentally and painfully twisted your limb while doing a yoga pose in the dream, could indicate big obstacles and challenges in a current project or task in your waking life that could hamper its success and completion. You should look into this as it could be costly or would take a lot of effort to get back on track. It would be better to prepare for these challenges and push through them to emerge stronger and successful in the end despite these.

Sick with an adenoma

To dream that you are sick with adenoma, for example when you have a persisting tumor in your already protruding stomach and may need surgery to take it out in the dream, could mean your unfailing faith in your ability to resist the actions of your current enemies or rivals in real life. This may mean that you could be undefeatable in the face of these adversaries and their backhanded plots because of your proven measures to counteract their plans. You should continue to stand your ground and maintain your composure to emerge as the winner from this battle.

Sick with allergic reactions

Dreaming that you are sick with allergic reactions, for instance when something stung you while swimming in a lake and red, persistent rash suddenly appeared on your face and all over your body, could signify your trust in people who are closest to you. This may mean an assurance that you could always get help and support from them during difficult times, and could count on them without question. You should build and nurture these relationships so that you would have strong emotional and community support when needed.

Sick with amnesia

To have a dream that you are sick with amnesia or someone else your know closely, such that when you or that someone you know are attending a family reunion and cannot remember some of the close relatives's names and keep forgetting where you left your belongings, could pertain to old and buried problems, issues or mistakes from the past that may be resurfacing in your waking life. You could find out what these unresolved issues are that may unnecessarily cause inconveniences or problems once more, and close them once and for all.

Someone sick with angina

Dreaming that someone is sick with angina, for example when you witness a teacher clutches his or her chest due to a feeling of constriction or pressure in that area while teaching to a group of students, could mean that suffering in your waking life could become a reason for your concerns about the person affected. However, if you are trying to treat yourself from angina, such that when you single-handedly confine yourself in the hospital in the dream without the aid of anybody, may mean that someone you were counting on could turn out to be self-centered and does not care at all about you.

Sick with arrhythmia

Dreaming that you are sick with arrhythmia, like when you experience light headedness and fluttering in your chest as if you heart skipped a beat due to escaping or running from some bad elements or creatures in a dream, means there could be some disturbing news that are coming your way that could rattle you from your otherwise complacent life. However, if the doctor diagnosed that you are not sick with arrhythmia in the dream, it may mean that all the challenges and obstacles you encounter in your waking life would be minor and could be easily overcome when properly addressed.

Sick with atrophy

Dreaming that you are sick with atrophy, like when you feel a slow degeneration of your muscles after being bed ridden due to a terminal illness and you can no longer perform normal tasks effectively, could indicate that you would finally overcome all your current issues or problems and leave them behind you. If, for example, you envisioned a particular body organ like your kidney or bladder failing and not functioning, it may mean that you would have to endure these existing problems for quite some time. You should use this instance to grow through the pain and be a better person after the suffering.

Sick with infertility

Dreaming that you are sick with infertility, such that when the doctor confirmed in your dream that you would not be able to bear a child due to an abnormality in your reproductive organs, could mean difficulties or obstacles in making your current plans or dreams come true or materialize. You could anticipate these hurdles to make strategic moves around them. If you further envisioned being successfully treated from it like when the doctor misdiagnosed infertility after getting a second opinion in the dream, it may mean that your goal or aspiration would be reached or accomplished.

Sick with myopia

To dream that you are sick with myopia or nearsightedness, such that when you think you see a person waiting for you at the end of the trail you are hiking and it was only a trunk of a tree shaped as one when you get closer to it, could indicate that you could be really confused about your goals or place in your waking life. You should take a step back when you can and look inwards at what could be your heart's true desires. On the other hand, dreaming that your romantic partner is having the myopia, may mean that they could greatly disappoint you somewhere along the road of your relationship.

Sick with bronchitis

Dreaming that you are sick with bronchitis, like when you are shivering from a fever and you hear wheezing murmurs from your tightened chest while making your way to a drugstore to treat yourself, could indicate that you could soon be facing some big and serious decision-making in the real life. If you envisioned that the disease was accompanied by uncontrollable coughing, this may be a sign of obstacles and challenges in your current tasks or projects. The dream may be warning you to take charge and prevail to avoid hiccups in your endeavors.

Sick with gonorrhea

To dream that your are sick gonorrhea, such that when you urinated in the bathroom you feel a burning sensation followed by an unexplainable pain in that region, could tell you that you are having some serious issues with your health but never pay attention to it in real life. You should take a pause and do an overall health check to regain your balance and well being. However, if you see in the dream that you are going through a treatment from this disease, it could indicate that your recent achievements are the results of self-deception, or just a mere figment of your wild imagination.

Having sex with a sick person

Dreaming that you are having sex with a sick person, for instance when you had the intercourse with someone whom you barely know and that person did not tell you that he or she is a carrier of a contagious disease, could mean that you could be soon getting in a very complicated and difficult situation which would require a lot of money or financial assistance, time and effort to get out of. Take heed and you could apply discernment to every situation you want to enter to avoid getting into shady deals. You may tune in to your intuition and you would know which situations would serve you greater good.

Sick with a hernia

To dream that you are sick with hernia, such that when you see yourself having difficulty and in the process strain yourself, could mean big troubling times and emotional ups and downs ahead in the real life. However, if you dream that you are treating the sickness such that you consult physicians' opinions on how to do this, it may be referring that you will be able to solve a difficult challenge without much effort on your part. To dream that you are getting ready for a surgery to get rid of it, brace yourself as there could be more problems waiting for you which would surface soon in your waking life.

Sick with heartburn

Dreaming that you are sick with heartburn, like when you suddenly feel a burning sensation close to your heart or throat while talking to your colleagues or friends, could give you a hint to pay attention to your food or medication intake because there could be an ongoing poisoning in progress which you could be suffering from. You should be mindful and self aware with whatever you nourish yourself with to live healthier. You are what you eat and what could nourish you could also harm you, so consciously choose your food intake.

Sick after having a stroke

To dream that you are sick after having a stroke, such that when you were impacted by a severe stroke in the dream which caused the left side of your body to be totally paralyzed and you are confined to a wheelchair to be taken care of, could mean groundless and baseless fears about your material wealth or job situation that should be ignored. You should take charge of these unwanted emotions and forge through despite the discomfort to master your destiny. When you do, you could be limitless and unstoppable in reaching your goals and dreams.

Sick and in a coma

Dreaming that you are sick and in a coma, for instance when you got hit in the head in a motorcycle accident and the blunt trauma caused you to be in an indefinite comatose condition, means that your laziness and lack of initiative could lead to losing some incentives, rewards or being promoted at the workplace. You could be more proactive and request bigger tasks to showcase what you could offer as more value to your supervisors and company. This way, they would see your positive energy which would pave the way to your much needed recognition.

Someone sick with malaria

To dream that someone is sick with malaria, for example when you see a close friend experiencing the chills, nausea and followed by extreme vomiting and diarrhea after being bitten by a deadly mosquito, could indicate that someone from your circle of friends or one of your family members needs your advice, help and guidance in one or more areas of their lives. You may try reconnecting with your friends and loved ones and see how you could provide assistance. It would never be too late to extend a helping hand to those in need and this effort would be greatly appreciated.

Sick with tumors

Having a dream that you are sick with tumors, such that when you see yourself staring incredulously at the results of a scan showing several lumps appearing around your reproductive organ, could be an auspicious sign of multiplying wealth in the real life. On the other hand, seeing yourself in the dream having tumors all over your body may mean loss of hope or becoming desperate about a recent event or decision you made. Furthermore, rejoice because fresh appearance of tumors in the dream could be a sign of increasing income and growing wealth. If, however, you were scared or frightened with having the tumors in the dream, be prepared as getting to the point of being wealthy could require a lot of effort and initial investments on your part.

People sick with pox

To dream that people are sick with pox, for instance when blister-like rash was visible on people in a small community you visited for a supposed research in a dream and they all have loss of appetite but cannot find a reason why, could indicate that you could soon contract an infectious disease from other people you were in touch with recently in your waking life. You should ensure that you are in a top shape of health and get all the required vaccines to protect yourself from possible contagious diseases before going to new places. Better safe than sorry!

Sick with pleurisy

Becoming sick with pleurisy during the course of a dream vision can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon become sick with some issue of the stomach or gut. In particular, this symbol is associated with digestive issues and sudden bouts of food poisoning, although it is sometimes seen as an indicator of poor nutritional intake too. You should pay more attention to the food and supplements you put into your body and consider seeing a physician in the near future to talk about gut health.

Sick with epilepsy

Suddenly getting epilepsy or having an epileptic seizure during the course of a dream vision may be a harbinger of upcoming financial disaster and ruin. Creditors and repo men could soon be on your trail, hounding you for payments and seizing your possessions. You may need to reevaluate your finances and put more money toward paying off what you have borrowed. If someone else had epilepsy in your vision, it is symbolic of great changes or shifts in your current living or professional situation.

Sick with radiculitis

Those who suddenly become ill with radiculitis in the realm of dreams could soon find themselves swindled in reality. This dream symbol is closely tied to the idea of becoming involved in fraudulent activities or getting your identity stolen. You should avoid situations where your personal information could be made public and ask someone with tech experience to evaluate your safety online.

Being sick and naked

Being both sick and naked at the same time has highly negative connotations in the realm of dreams. It portends your own impending doom or loss of life in the near future, especially due to sudden, unavoidable circumstances. Avoiding death may be possible if you are extremely careful with your health and activities for the time being, but you may still run into some health problems or accidental injuries.

Listing your sicknesses

Making a list of your symptoms or telling someone, such as a doctor or physician, about the conditions you suffer from is actually considered a positive symbol in the dream world. It often points to a knack for avoiding serious illness and injury in reality. For example, your friends and family may all come down with colds, but you would come out relatively unscathed. In a more general sense, this symbol suggests you can steer clear from most misfortunes or unlucky situations.

Being sick for young males

For young men or those who identify as male, becoming sick during the course of a dream vision can be considered a warning to stay away from people, places or things that could influence you to act in a bad way. Making poor or rash decisions now may affect you negatively in the future, even if you cannot see the correlation at this time. This includes mundane things like posting malicious or rude material on the Internet or something more serious like drinking and driving. It would be wise to reflect on what you want out of life and act in a way that would allow you to achieve those goals in the future.

Feeling pain while being sick

Feeling pain during the course of an illness in a dream is often interpreted as a positive symbol. It predicts good times and rewarding experiences in the near future, especially when you were expecting things to be difficult or boring. You may be pleasantly surprised to find that some event you were dreading, like a meeting, a class or a retreat, is actually very interesting and inspiring. You would look back on this experience with happiness and appreciation for many years to come.

Taking care of a sick person

Caring for someone who is going through an illness in the dream world is often interpreted as a positive symbol. It suggests you would go through a period of great happiness and joy, especially concerning particular events and occasions. Whether you are feeding this individual, making them more comfortable or simply sitting and talking to them, you would surely feel much contentment and satisfaction during this time in your life.

Sick with appendicitis

Becoming ill with appendicitis or what you believe is appendicitis suggests you would be able to not only overcome the challenges and obstacles put in place by your enemies but also thrive in this atmosphere of conflict. You would be able to swiftly make great strides in your plans, leaving your competitors in the dust with their mouths agape. Not only would you be proud of your own actions, but you would also feel content in the knowledge that you did this on your own.

Sick with bunions

Getting bunions on your feet during the course of a dream vision has negative connotations. It predicts disagreement and conflict with someone you know in reality. You may get into a shouting match with a friend or an all out physical altercation with a potential rival. While the outcomes of such a dispute are unclear, it is sure to have negative repercussions for both your mental and physical well-being. You may need to take some time for yourself after to process all that has happened.

Sick with concussion

Getting a concussion at some point during the course of a dream vision represents soon receiving visitors who are bringing ill tidings. These guests in your home would relay news of an unpleasant or unfortunate nature, leaving you with a feeling of loss or desolation. Alternatively, this same symbol is also associated with the idea of instant or sudden success, particularly of a head-spinning variety. Your jump into fame or recognition may be disorienting, requiring you to think carefully about where you now stand and what the future holds.

Sick and losing consciousness

The idea of being sick and losing consciousness during a dream vision is often thought to be a harbinger of great turmoil and crisis in reality. This harrowing experience could end up one of two ways, depending on your personal character and drive for improvement. On one hand, you might be able to overcome some weakness or deficit in your character by the end of your ordeal, but it is also possible that you would give up part way and completely succumb to your baser instincts.

Sick with hemorrhoid

Finding you have hemorrhoids in the dream realm is associated with mundane, troublesome tasks in reality, namely dealing with bureaucracy and a lot of red tape. In order to accomplish what you desire, be it as complex as starting a business or simple as renewing a driver's license, you would have to jump through multiple hoops, wasting both your precious time and energy. This is likely to leave you feeling disenchanted and frustrated.

Sick with tuberculosis

Becoming ill with tuberculosis or consumption actually has a positive connotation in the realm of dreams. It often means you would have a very long life, filled with many years of happiness and good health. You are unlikely to suffer from any serious diseases, and any minor infections would be sure to heal quickly and without long-term negative effects.

Sick because of plague

Becoming sick due to the onset of a widespread plague during the course of a dream vision is a positive symbol associated with endurance and the ability to overcome hardships. No matter what you seek to accomplish or challenge in reality, you would succeed in dealing with the problem quickly and efficiently. This would allow you to find great success throughout life, bringing you much happiness and satisfaction for many years to come.

Sick and having a cardiac arrest

An episode of sickness culminating in cardiac arrest is considered a neutral symbol in the realm of dreams. It is sometimes thought to represent some sort of betrayal by someone you know in reality, although it can also be seen as a reaction when someone acts contrary to how you believe they should. The annoyance, suffering or frustration you feel, then, is projected in the form of heart pain in this vision. As such, quickly recovering suggests you would get over this transgression with little trouble, while continued pain could represent more long term effects.

Sick and undergoing surgery

Becoming sick during the course of a dream vision and having a surgery to rectify this situation represents your subconscious need to remove a certain individual from your life or extract yourself from a particular group, place or situation. You likely know on some base level that whatever or whoever you are currently involved with would not turn out to benefit you in the future. By getting rid of the dead weight or allowing yourself to move on, you are essentially allowing yourself to grow and prosper free from that negative influence in your life.

Having same sickness as someone else

Having the same sickness as someone else in your dream can reflect an upcoming occasion where you would work with this individual in reality. While this is unlikely to happen right away or even soon, working together with this man or woman would be mutually beneficial, adding great value and purpose to both of your lives. In the meantime, you might consider working on building various skills and knowledge so that you are ready when the time to march comes.

Being sick for elderly

For elderly people, being sick and infirm in the realm of dreams takes on a special meaning. It often sheds light on upcoming times and situations where friends, family and even strangers would give you help and support. This aid could come in the form of money, such as receiving a monetary gift from younger family members, or emotional assistance, such as a shoulder to cry on during troubled times.

A sick person recovering

The recovery of a sick person in the dream world is a good premonition. Better days are ahead of you, especially when it comes to mental health. After experiencing a foggy state or being overcome by sadness, you will go through an awakening where your motivation will return. This period of enlightenment will put your focus back on things that matter. You will finally find the strength to take concrete steps to live a better and more fruitful life.

Former boyfriend sick

So I had a dream about a person who I was romantically involved with and had developed strong feelings in a short amount of time but things ended very recently mostly because he disappointed me. In this dream, he was very sick and dying, and I found this out by meeting his father. Then I saw his parents crying and praying in a Church and I was debating going to see him or not. I eventually did go to see him and talk to him since he was dying and I remember seeing his ex girlfriend, for whom I have (mutual) feelings of dislike and she was completely indifferent towards him and seemed happy.

Dying in dream interpretation is often related to upcoming or ongoing changes and renewal. In the context of this dream vision, it could probably symbolize your shifting views about whom you consider to be worthy of dating and establishing intimate relationships with after a string of unsuccessful of failed attempts to find the perfect date or lover. It could signify your current personal situation when you see opportunities knocking on your door in the form of other men with a good potential to become your intimate partners, at least the way you perceive it to be happening. The appearance of the dying former boyfriend's girlfriend in the same dream does not seem to be coincidental at all, because you perhaps subconsciously compare your romantic experiences, including failures, with those happening to your peers and this comparison serves you as a safety cushion in case something does not work out the way you planned. The proverbial "can happen to anyone" justification in life's "trial and error" cycles.

Being too sick to do anything

Female. I dream very often that I am sick and can't go to school or work.

Being sick in your dream is a reflection of your real-world disposition. Hence, you could be feeling down and tired in your waking life. It could also be an allusion to your actual situation, such as factors that are stressing you out or causing some anxiety. Finally, being sick may be your passive reaction to the situations that are giving you problems. Instead of fighting, you may be giving in and giving up. Perhaps the only way to recover is to face your problems by prioritizing them.