Dreams Related To Siblings

A sibling naked

Seeing your brother or sister naked in the dreamscape and according to Freud's philosophy is a reflection of your openness and frankness with each other in wake life, nothing sexual as it might seem to signify. Even when you get on each others' nerves, you have the love and respect for each other that allows you to work together to come to a solution that would be mutually beneficial. This relationship is special and should be cherished. But watch out if any younger men appear in your reality, because according to this theory you could get in trouble by imagining sexual things towards people in your vicinity when it is not necessary.

Death of a sibling

Many wonder what does it mean when you dream about death of a sibling. In most cases, this symbol is highly negative in nature and is connected to past events that have caused you great heartache or mental stress. Some people see this sign in reaction to psychological conditions like depression, anxiety or PTSD. In essence, if you and your sibling have a good relationship in wake life, there is some chance of overcoming your trauma with their help in the near future. However, if you are not currently on good terms with this sibling, you may have to live with this condition looming over you for some time.

Sibling becoming sick

A sick sibling according to Jungian philosophy sheds light on the shadow cast by your regrets and the mistakes you have committed in your life up to this point. There will be a reckoning which will force you to confront your personal demons. A slighted friend could call you out on your flaws and pretensions, thus forcing you to introspect. The good news is this will make you more self-aware and help you police your own negative tendencies. Over time, other people's perception of you will improve.

Siblings surprising you

According to Jung's interpretation records available to date, dreaming that your siblings have surprised you in a dream, such as with a cool gift or a special party, represents the close relationship you have with them in wake life. You would do anything for each other to make each other happy and comfortable. This includes giving advice, lending money or even caring for each other's families if the need arises. This closeness is to be envied, as not everyone gets along so well with their family members.

Fighting with your sibling

Fighting with one of your siblings in the dreamscape represents some tension or bone of contention between the two of you in wake life. The interpretation may vary greatly depending on the circumstances in reality, some of them fall into Freudian psychology when siblings fight. For instance, siblings close in age or of the same gender may be subconsciously fighting for attention or resources from one or both of their parental figures. Alternatively, siblings with a large age gap between them may have different views based on their generational gap as Carl Jung once suggested (as he noted in his paper about the world of unconscious) or the different ways in which they were parented.

Siblings fighting over money

At home we are three siblings, it's my sister, my brother and me - in that order. I dreamt of my older brother beating and fighting with our older sister over money. Please help interpret this dream for me.

This vision points toward the love and hate relationship that can occur between siblings. While you may love and care for them deeply, they are also the same people who know how to get under your skin the best. This vision does not point to any particular scenario. Rather, it is reflective of either a current bit of family drama that is causing you trouble or a premonition of familial discord to come.

Together with all your siblings

Being together with your siblings in the dream realm often reflects your fondness for them in wake life, especially if you live close to each other or get along well. For instance, spending time with your brothers or sisters during a dream can both represent past instances, like memorable parties and rites of passage, or predict upcoming occasions for merrymaking. If you have had a falling out with one or more of your siblings in reality, this symbol may also shed light on a subconscious desire to forgive past hurts and be together once again as a family.

Deceased siblings

Dreams about deceased siblings often allude to current problems tied to past psychological trauma or repressed memories resurfacing in the unconscious mind. If your relationship with your sibling was good, then this means you will overcome your personal issues. If you were not on good terms, then the dream analysis for this symbol points to falling back to old, destructive habits and an inability to learn from past experiences.