Dreams Related To Shrimp

Seeing shrimp

Seeing shrimp, whether they are alive in a tank or packaged in a grocery store, represents coming improvements to your way of life. You may be able to afford more and better things than you have in the past. Instead of buying cheap items, you may now have the option to invest in higher quality pieces.

Having a shrimp as a pet

I dreamed someone had a shrimp that was swimming around in a tank, the tank was full of glitter. I fished the shrimp out, and put him in a clean bowl of water. Later I held him, I carried him around like a baby. He would wrap his arms around my neck just like a baby, but was a shrimp. He ended up a few times back with others, he would turn into a worm, until I picked him back up, then it was a shrimp. Like a pet.

The shrimp in your dream represents your object of affection and reverence. This person is likely out of your league because you either do not share the same interests or your feelings are not reciprocated. The image of a shrimp swimming in a tank full of glitter suggests homosexuality or perhaps gender fluidity. In this context, putting the shrimp in clean water means you may be imposing your beliefs and expectations on this person. In dream analysis, transforming into a worm can be a projection of your self-righteousness. You believe this person is better off with you instead of living their authentic self. Perhaps you need to re-examine your feelings and whether or not your emotions are making you selfish.

Catching shrimp

Catching shrimp, such as in a net on a fishing boat, suggests you need to take stock of certain areas of your life. In particular, it points toward a tendency to not pay attention to important details. Someone in your life may be leaving you hints, or you may be missing the signs that something bad is soon about to happen. Lack of care for the small signs could have disastrous results later.

Eating shrimp

The act of eating shrimp in the dream world is usually associated with sexual intercourse. Your partner in these intimate activities would be someone rather unexpected or unusual, as they would not have the attributes or features you consider to normally be "your type". For those who are upper class or famous, this could mean having sex with someone relatively unknown or in a completely different field than yourself. For the average Joe, this might instead mean being intimate with someone famous or unique in some way, such as a circus performer or treasure hunter.

Peeled shrimp

Clean, peeled shrimp that are ready for cooking reveal that it would soon be important for you to be cautious and more conservative with your outspokenness. If you do not watch what you say, you could risk losing someone very close to you, such as your best friend or crush. They would abandon you because of your seeming lack of compassion or understanding for others.

Fried fish turning into a live shrimp

I was offered fried fish by parents but it ended up being a live large pink shrimp.

Dreaming about being offered fried fish portends that you are about to receive a certain piece of news which could actually bewilder you. Since it was your parents who offered you the meal, it could be a possible indication that the tidings which you get could be related to some major decisions made by your parents. The notion of the fish turning into a large pink shrimp could be indicative of a loss of wealth or material property. Perhaps you have been anticipating financial help from your folks but would be surprised to find out that you would not be getting the assistance you expected to receive.

Shrimp scattered on the floor

Shrimp scattered across the floor is often interpreted as a sign that you would soon have to go on a trip for business purposes. Your meeting would likely be with someone important or well-connected who may play a large role in helping you achieve your goals. They could help you accomplish this by voicing their support for your ideas or putting you in touch with the right individuals who can make your dreams a reality.

Fresh shrimp

Dreaming about fresh shrimp, whether it was just caught in a net or was being kept in a tank of some kind, means you would soon go through a series of major changes in your personal or home life. However, whether these changes would affect you positively or negatively is unclear based on this image alone.

Frozen shrimp

Frozen shrimp often refers to depression and negative thoughts making their way into your nightly visions. You may be obsessing over small, insignificant details, unable to move on with your life or solve the issues that are plaguing your mind. In a sense, it means your tendency to focus on the bad is preventing you from improving your situation and not allowing you to see the other good things that may be happening around you. Alternatively, frozen shrimp is also associated with meeting someone new in wake life.

Shrimp with shells

An unclean shrimp that still has its shell on can be considered the manifestation of your wealth and prosperity in wake life. You have enough money and resources to provide for the needs of you and your family. This brings you a sense of satisfaction and contentment.

Dying because of a giant shrimp and being found by friends

I dreamt that a giant shrimp, the size of a small boat was dragging me through the water and I thought "No, no, no, not again". And as I thought that, the shrimp dove down. I could feel it tearing at me. I was screaming. I saw little baby shrimps too coming to me. After it went black, I went to a part where I could see my friends say how I died. They found my bones on the ocean floor covered by sand. When I looked at who I was, I wasn't even me, I was Natalie Portman.

Images of shrimp in a dream are usually associated with the idea of money, particularly gaining it, so being dragged through and underwater by a large shrimp can suggest one of two things. On one hand, it can represent having too much money and not knowing what to do with it. The other case is that you do not have enough money and are under heavy financial pressure. Seeing yourself released from this terrible burden through death in the vision indicates much the same in wake life, namely that you are likely to find a way to get through this period and enter a more balanced and settled phase of your life.

Dividing the shrimp up

My dream was about my deceased grandma taking food (shrimp ) from me, after I split the amount of shrimp up evenly and I remember the amount of shrimp was 7, but when I split it up I split them into 4 1/2 a piece which makes no sense at all to me in real time?

Portioning shrimp in this dream could be symbolic of having to divide a small pile of available money among many fiscal responsibilities. After paying your bills and buying food, you may be left with little for pleasure or even to create a safety net for yourself. However, the image of your grandmother taking the shrimp from your hands suggests you should not excessively preoccupy yourself with these things. Your family and friends are always there to help you when you need it and would be happy to support you through difficult times.

Raining with shrimp

The image of shrimp raining down on you in a dream is often associated with being astounded and having unexpected occurrences. In many cases, it means you would suddenly be gifted something rather valuable. This would come as a pleasant surprise and leave you with a warm, happy feeling.

Fish and shrimp together in water

I saw fishes and shrimps in the same body of water.

Seeing both fishes and shrimps in the same body of water points to a possible loss of wealth or material possessions in the future. You may find yourself in debt and with no other option than to sell some or all of your own possessions to make up for it. There is also a possibility that you could be robbed sometime in the near future.

Talking to shrimp

Talking to shrimp during the course of your dream vision may reveal that you would soon become privy to some very important information or valuable advice. This would likely come from someone who loves and cares about you, like a family member or good friend. This vision, then, should be interpreted as a sign that you should heed the news you have been given and follow through on any additional instructions or tasks.

Cooking shrimp

Cooking shrimp in a kitchen or on a grill often reveals that you have the resources and knowhow to provide a comfortable life for you and your family. You would be able to grow and prosper while doing activities you find interesting and fulfilling. Seeing this symbol in your dream should be considered highly auspicious.

Boiling or frying shrimp

The act of boiling or frying shrimp while cooking in a dream is often considered a harbinger of misfortune. It suggests you would soon find yourself in a situation that causes you great embarrassment and discomfort. The source of your unease would likely be caused by your own lack of attention to important details.