Dreams Related To Shouting

Shouting at school classmates

I was in my past attending school in seventh grade. I saw all my then friends sitting in a class, meanwhile I had an anxiety attack which made me feel irritated with everyone and I started fighting verbally with my classmates, disrespected the teacher, shouting at everything and got scared because of one of the classmates and ran out of the school immediately as the school authorities called my mother.

Your dream indicates a lot of stress and anxiety building up in wake life. Being at school in a dream vision is directly related to uncomfortable, tense situations in reality. Your anxiety attack during the vision and the fight you had with your classmates only serve to reinforce the image that you are under a lot of pressure in wake life. In fact, running out of the school at the end of the vision may allude to desperately needing an escape. It would be wise to listen to your subconscious and either step back from your responsibilities, seek professional guidance or take a well-deserved vacation.