Dreams Related To Shotgun

Holding or handling shotgun

To bear a shotgun in your own hands signifies the struggle to control the situation you are in and the need to be recognized as an authority over someone for your relationship to work.

Firing a shotgun

If you dream of firing a shotgun, you will have a sustained moment or prolonged season of increased self-confidence and a positive outlook on life.

Hunting rifle or hunting shotgun

Going out with a hunting rifle or shotgun in hand portends of your sudden interest in starting a new venture in your life.

Becoming the target of a shooter

It's at night, I'm walking alone, I see a suspicious truck. I cross street walk in front of a cop car trying to signal the truck to the cop. I look up and see the truck, all I see is a laser light on the end of a shotgun sticking out of the truck window pointed at me and I run. Then I wake up terrified and I can't go back to sleep.

Walking alone at night and then being targeted with a shotgun indicates you may have recently become interested in someone or something new. If it is a material things, in your hurry to catch up with the latest information, technology of trends, you may be tempted to buy or have already purchased gadgets of devices you are after. However, this vision warns of excess, suggesting that you might be wasting your money on something that will not last or make you happy for very long. If it is a person or people you are interested in, the dream vision could simply be a reflection of your apprehensions or doubts if they have sincere intentions, and whether you can rely on them when you are in need of their help and support.

Menacing or very advanced shotgun

Experiencing the presence of a menacingly-appearing shotgun means that an individual within your circle of close people will create problems for you and will become very difficult to handle because he will try his best to exert control over you.

Hearing shotgun rounds

The sounds of shotgun rounds being fired indicates a distant relative is seriously ill or dying. There is also the possibility of you becoming a victim of slander or insult from people who envy you.

Old-fashioned or antique shotgun

Watching an old fashioned or antique shotgun suggests that either a long-standing debt will be successfully repaid or an item you lent a long time ago will finally be returned to you.

Accepting shotgun as a gift

Accepting a shotgun as a gift or reward is a sign of looming failure in a task that you are trying to achieve in a dubious and unlawful manner.

Buying a shotgun

Purchasing a shotgun in a dream advises that you take extra care to avoid becoming a victim of some form of burglary or theft.

Cleaning or reassembling a shotgun

Observing a shotgun being cleaned or reassembled warns about you being too wary and cautious that causes you to be overprotective and needlessly worried, even when dealing with insignificant things in your life.

Firing a shotgun at the ceiling

The image of any guns and ammunition in a dream is usually an allusion to particular situations in our life or certain changes that are bound to happen. Shooting in the air is a metaphor for your awareness that some matters in your life have come to an end or have failed. Additionally, the act of pointing the gun at the top of something symbolizes your fear that someone in your close circle is plotting a scheme against you. Hence, you tend to detach yourself from intimate relationships, which affects your social skills.