Dreams Related To Shot

A friend getting shot in the head

My friend got shot in the head right in front of me.

Dreaming about someone getting shot in the head is usually considered an ominous sign to perceive. On one hand, it could mean your relationship with this person in real life will undergo some serious negative changes, perhaps even end soon. On the other hand, your own views and opinions about some aspects of this person's life could get to a point when maintaining a meaningful friendship with them would greatly interfere with your values and beliefs, regardless whether they are your good intentions or something less noble.

Shot in the head

Getting shot in the head is a bad omen. This specifically points to a negative development characterized by a lot of suffering. You could be rejected by someone you love very much and in the process you will try to change yourself hoping to win this person back again. Alternatively, a traumatic incident, especially involving physical assault, could force you to lose certain memories due to extreme trauma. This life-changing ordeal will transform you for better or worse.

Someone getting shot

Witnessing someone get shot, in the head or other parts of the body, predicts relationship troubles. Differences in values and political beliefs will cause a significant rift between you and another person, especially if you know the person getting shot in the dream. An outreach or group project will further highlight your opposing views and ultimately change the dynamic of your relationship. If the person is your significant other, then this symbol indicates an awakening for the both of you. Perhaps your personalities are not compatible enough for a long term relationship to work.

Getting shot and not dying

Being shot in a dream but not dying is an ill omen, but it does not suggest all is lost. In general, being shot at points toward attacks by your rivals and competitors who are eager to see you fall or fail in some way or another. Actually being hit with the bullets further suggests some minor troubles or inconveniences due to their interference. For instance, you may have to deal with unflattering rumors. However, the fact that you did not die because of your wounds means you would eventually overcome the difficulty and succeed.

Being shot at but not hit

Being shot at without any impact on your health or life in the dream world is still considered an ill omen. It predicts someone is out to get you in wake life, possibly by destroying something you are working on, stealing credit for your hard work or ruining your good name with false rumors. In many cases, the source of your enemy's ire would be a conflict of interest. Look out for those who want the exact same or exact opposite of what you desire.

Being shot and chased

Being shot and chased is often interpreted as a sign that someone specific is out to get you. This individual is purposely trying to make your life difficult or endanger you as a way of getting what they want. If you see this symbol in your dreams, you should be wary of those whose ambitions conflict with yours. They are likely to do whatever it takes to get you out of the picture.

Sounds of shots fired

Hearing sounds of someone getting shot in your dream, likely a person getting assassinated or killed during a robbery incident, suggests receiving surprising or shocking news in reality. This information would not just affect yourself, but also your loved ones. Maybe there is an unexpected tragedy falling upon your relatives or it is also possible that someone gets pregnant out of wedlock. Alternatively, this dream symbol has also been associated with whirlwind romance. You could meet someone new and fall in love almost instantaneously.

Taking a shot at a target

Taking a shot at a target, whether it is at a target shooting range or an actual living being you are trying to shoot, suggests a quick ascent to success. Your waking life would be blessed with not just a single triumph, but many achievements which would elevate your career significantly. Successfully shooting or hitting a target can also mean that your love would be reciprocated, especially if you are courting someone in reality. On the other hand, missing the target means being heartbroken because the object of your affection may not love you back.

Shooting at a target can also mean that someone you do not know very well may become infatuated with you. It may be the target in the dream or someone else entirely. It could get awkward or complicated if you are not remotely attracted to this person. On the other hand, the same dream scenario can also point to your possible active participation in contentious issues or controversial debates which could potentially cause conflict within your social circle, especially people who do not share your views.

Taking a shot at someone you know

To dream of taking a shot at somebody you know in reality, using your hand gun during a heated fight for example, means you may hold a grudge or hostile feelings towards this person. This negative emotion may have been growing overtime and an upcoming incident could make you lose your temper. There is a big chance that this could become an all out rivalry with a lot of clashes and conflicts that would ruin whatever semblance of civility you may have right now with this individual.

A bird shot down

Dreaming that a bird has been shot down, by a rifle-bearing hunter, yourself or a kid throwing stones at the unsuspecting bird, carries a prophetic dream interpretation. The meanings may vary depending on the dreamer's situation. For people in the sales industry, it is an auspicious sign of surpassing targets and sales quota that could potentially lead to a promotion. For dreamers who are in love, this means your relationship would become even deeper and more stable, so it could even result in marriage.

Unfortunately, if shooting the bird ends in failure, then this points to a series of misfortunes and failures. No matter how much effort you put it, fate does not seem to be on your side as you continue being disappointed with the lack of rewards to your hard work. On the other hand, if you managed to shoot down a predatory bird like a vulture, then this means your would successfully thwart your most vicious enemies in the waking world.

Exchange of shots during a shootout

Getting caught in a shootout, as shots are being fired from both camps, means getting entangled in a very tricky situation in the real world. A friend, colleague or relative could drag you into a conflict which may or may not involve you in the first place. Unfortunately, being impartial would be a difficult thing to pull off, so tread lightly. For young and single women, this means catching the attention and interest of possibly several eligible bachelors. An event or encounter could make you more desirable to the opposite sex.

Injuries from being shot

Getting wounded or injured from a shootout, or as a result of getting shot by an assailant or some crazy person, means you may be unfairly blamed for a mistake or become a victim of fraudulent activities. This could also point to your weak will as you slowly start succumbing to bad influences in your life. In worst case scenarios, you could get addicted to harmful habits or participate in shady deals. On the other hand, women who dream of this symbol can expect a current or upcoming relationship to start turning sour.

Initiating a shot

Initiating a shot or starting a shootout in a dream vision, perhaps in the battlefield or a rescue mission means you probably need to prepare for your own battle in reality. This could be a battle for your rightful place in the industry you belong to which would require you to use your utmost skills and intellectual abilities to show your worth. For young women, this dream symbol may refer to romantic affairs and intimate encounters. You may become physically intimate with someone you know or even just met.

A shot from above

Dreaming that a shot or shots are coming from above, perhaps the higher floors of a building or high elevation areas like a hill or mountain, means you may soon become acquainted with an individual who would make a terrible impression on you. Maybe this person comes off as arrogant and condescending or seems insincere. This may be your first impression of a first date or your friend's significant other. Whoever this person turns out to be in reality, you are likely going to hope that your would not cross again.

Sound of shots

Dreaming of shots being fired, from a nearby shootout or a gun firing range, means you may become responsible for causing conflict in your household or within your family. Perhaps it is your hard-headed or stubborn attitude which would make matters worse. Your unwillingness to compromise or selfishness could also create this division between you and the rest of the family. This familial problem may also extend to your work life as you become distracted because of your anger and frustrations.

Taking a shot while hunting

A shot made during hunting, likely to shoot down a deer or a bird for game, is a bittersweet dream symbol. The happy news is that you are about to enter a favorable period. However, the bad news is that you would not be able to achieve anything substantial during this lucky time. Similarly, this dream symbol can also point to unrealized dreams or unrealized potential. This would likely happen because you would be too distracted by meaningless pursuits or hedonistic activities instead of working on your personal and professional growth.

A fatal shot

Fatally shooting someone, perhaps to defend yourself during a mugging incident or with the intent of committing murder, has an auspicious dream interpretation. This means that you would be able to achieve your goal. You have probably been working on accomplishing something for a while now, like a degree or a complicated project. Fortunately, this means all the time and effort you put into this undertaking would eventually pay off and it would happen soon after this dream vision.

A shot while dueling

A shot taken during a duel, which either hit or miss your opponent in the dream vision, means you often blame yourself for mistakes and mishaps even when others are responsible. Taking too much responsibility may have been ingrained in you since you were young, that is why it is difficult for you to let others be accountable for their actions. You always feel the need to protect others, especially if they are your loved ones. Unfortunately, this may be wrongly interpreted by people who do not know you as it would seem as if you are always doing something wrong.

Being shot multiple times

Getting shot multiple times, such as in a shooting incident or while in a gun battle, alludes to an identity crisis. You are probably very sensitive when it comes to other people's perception of you. This need to please people puts you at risk of losing yourself in the process. In dream analysis, multiple shots symbolize peer pressure and intrusive individuals who like to impose their opinions and expectations on you without even considering your feelings.

Someone getting shot and killed

The vivid and violent imagery of someone getting shot and subsequently killed indicates triumph and overcoming adversity. If you have been battling the darkness within you, then this is a positive sign that you are destined to defeat your personal demons. Whether it is quitting your vices or becoming more self-confident, this journey will end in a better version of yourself where your best qualities will emanate in your aura.

Being shot in the chest

Getting shot by a bullet in the chest means you lack emotional or social support in your life. You are probably fairly independent, so not a whole lot of people check up on you or ask about your well-being. According to Sigmund Freud, the presence of guns and bullets in a dream reveals a safety issue. You feel threatened by a situation or person who could give off an intimidating or domineering vibe. It may be best to steer clear of headstrong people, especially if you are feeling sensitive or vulnerable.

Being shot in the head but not dying

Getting your head injured by a shot in the dreamscape and surviving this incident conveys both negative and positive messages. On the negative side, this symbol is a bad omen about rejection by someone you love. You may confess your love to someone and find out that your feelings are not reciprocated. On a positive note, not dying from a gunshot to the head means you will recover from this heartbreak and even find a more suitable partner. Alternatively, it could also refer to a traumatic incident which ends up being character building for you. An accident, for example, can strengthen your resolve to keep your body fit and healthy.

Being shot in the leg

Being shot in the leg alludes to a once close friend betraying you. This is likely because they were a false friend to begin with, someone who was getting close to you to keep tabs or find a weakness that they could use to gain the upper hand in whatever is the source of your rivalry. It would be wise to take stock of the friendships in your life and be wary of anyone who seems suspicious.

Being shot in the mouth

Dreams about shot in mouth, broken tooth. Bleeding from one tooth. Call my mother, but not heard.

Envisioning yourself in a dream being shot in the mouth is an indication that someone has been closely watching you recently in order to physically or emotionally attack or assault you. This dream vision serves as an advice to start paying attention to what's happening around you or be more careful with those who may start showing signs of hostility toward you. Bleeding from your mouth could also portend having serious disagreements or conflicts with your relatives or family members in regards to the rights to property, household items or real estate. This disagreement might prove to be insoluble, which would probably require some legal actions.

Children shot and killed

I had a horrible dream where lots of people were shot and killed. One daughter (aged 10) was not harmed, while the other daughter (aged 4) was killed. My children in reality are a boy and a girl aged 40 and 36! Later a friend of mine was found dead in the same big mansion. What does this mean?

This dream contains a lot of negative imagery within it. The most prominent signs are the shooting and killing, which suggests making careless mistakes which negatively affect many people. You may not be the cause of this problem, but rather a victim of someone else's actions. The symbol of the child becoming injured and killed is much more direct, implying a child around you may become seriously ill in the near future. This may or may not be related to the error mentioned before. Finally, finding a friend who has passed away separate from other people points towards feelings of loneliness and guilt, possibly for wronging this person in the past or not spending time with them recently. While the images are rather disjointed, it is recommended that you be on your guard and watch out for any dark forces that may be trying to wreak havoc on your life.

Being shot by a gang at home

I had a dream that two gang members walked up to my house and shot my mom, my boyfriend, and me. The shooter threw the gun and I picked it up to shoot back, but it was out of ammo. None of us died but were all shot in multiple areas of our bodies. What does it mean?

Being shot in a dream is an ominous sign warning you to be more careful of your surroundings. There is likely someone who has been watching you closely, waiting for an opportunity to attack or take advantage of you. Trying to shoot a gun without ammunition may be a metaphor for ineffectively dealing with other people's attitudes and opinions. Your lack of positive reaction toward them or uncaring nature may give people the wrong impression, causing arguments and disagreements with those around you.

Surviving after being shot

I dreamt of a serial killer and a criminal pointing a gun on my forehead, I pleaded with him not to shoot me so much that he ended up not shooting me. We actually got along. What does that mean?

The act of befriending or being cordial with someone shady or threatening indicates certain issues with one of your current relationships. Be it a friendship or something romantic in nature, some unexpected outside factor may put a strain on this relationship in the near future.

Being shot and not afraid of dying

I was being threatened by someone with a gun but I wasn't afraid. I was thinking about what happens to you when you die and how I might not suffer long after I get shot. I stood there without fear and got shot in the head and was expecting to die, but instead of dying I woke up in the hospital with nurses around me.

Getting shot by someone in your dream indicates that an individual could be monitoring your behavior, watching you closely with the intent of physically or emotionally attacking you. However, it seems as though you are not worried about your rivals or detractors based on your reaction in the dream. Nevertheless, your vision serves as an advice to start paying attention to what is happening around you or be more careful with those who may be showing signs of hostility toward you.

Being shot by an Arab woman

It was me, my cousin Corey and his girlfriend Anna and we were at some house sitting on the bed and we were goofing off and what not, well someone tries coming in and Corey said it was his grandpa. Well it was some Arab chick who looked like she was in the navy and was looking at me and had a machine gun and I was sitting behind Corey on the bed and every time she would point it at me, Corey would block and she tricked Corey and shot me in the chest 20 some times.

This dream of hanging out on a bed with your cousin and his girlfriend suggests that you are comfortable in your skin. This also means that you keep a small and close-knit circle of family and friends. Perhaps it takes time for you to warm up to other people or make new friends. This kind of attitude may be misinterpreted by others as being cold and aloof. The Arab girl represents strangers and individuals outside your social circle. Unbeknownst to you, some personalities may be harbouring resentment and anger towards you. A machine gun is a heavy weapon and could cause serious damage, which equates to tremendous anger directed your way. Family and friends may try to defend you, but in the end, you have to learn to take some hits and adjust to the expectations of others, even if their opinions are false.

Being shot at while on the porch

In my dream, it's late at night and I'm sitting outside on the front porch of a house I do not recognize. It feels like it's fall, the air is cold and I'm just sitting there with a bag of some sort. It's different, at times on my lap. Then two military vehicles which also change at times, but one always has a machine gun with someone on it. They don't see me as they pass by but when they circle back around someone whistles and the gun starts firing at the porch I'm on, but I don't move.

Dreaming about sitting on the porch of a house you do not recognize from waking life is a sign that you may soon have an unexpected encounter with someone who wants to be a part of your life. The intentions of this individual are unclear, but the presence of military personnel driving nearby could mean that you would perceive this individual as someone who could add positive value to your life. However, the machine gun being fired at you suggests tremendous anger is about to be directed your way. This would suggest that either this man or woman got close to you under false pretenses or that someone else in your life may be jealous of this newcomer's sudden presence in your life.

Being shot while apologizing to a friend

I was in a garden and I saw a friend that has passed away in my dream and I was apologizing to her for everything that I have done and she forgave me and while that was happening, shots were being fired at me.

The setting of your dream bears positive meaning. Being at the garden with a deceased friend alludes to your readiness to confront your past and the things that are weighing you down. You are willing to analyze the parts that are holding you back. Being forgiven alludes to acceptance and letting go of guilt or shame, even with the mistakes you may have made. Only in doing so can you open yourself up to new opportunities and turn your attention towards improving your situation, as symbolized by the shots going in your direction.

Being shot from the outside of the house

I'm female. Dreamt that I went to a house I don't know. A modular. I walked up onto the porch and then went in. It seemed I was looking for something important. I have a faint memory of an infant being in there. I don't know if that was what was the important thing I was looking for or if it was something classified. While I was searching the house, some official or governmental looking vehicles pulled up and surrounded the house.Then they started shooting through the walls at me and then throwing bombs.

Entering an unfamiliar house in your dream usually means that you may be becoming a hindrance by interfering in another person's way of life. Perhaps you have become too invested in this individual's life, offering up advice and opinions which may not be welcome or needed. Alternatively, the house may be a representation of your past and the memory of an infant or baby may have something to do with loss of innocence. Maybe you miss your younger, more carefree days and the people shooting and bombing the house represent the harsh realities of life which made you jaded, cynical or disillusioned.

Being shot in the stomach

I was on the inside of my fence and I was shot in the stomach by someone unknown on the outside of my fence and they fled the scene. It was evening time. I did not go inside to my parents, who were there, but instead went to my neighbor's house. I don't remember being in pain, just needing medical attention. The medical attention was in an African country, I forget which one, and I would fly there with my neighbor's father soon. My parents were present as we made the decision to go to the country.

Specifically being shot in the stomach means you would soon find yourself in a situation where you would be disparaged and belittled where it hurts the most. Considering your location on the inside of a fence and the shooter's position on the outside, it seems as though this attack would come out of the blue from someone you do not normally associate with on a regular basis. The only way this outsider could have learned about your deepest, darkest secrets would be if they had heard it from someone close to you, namely a family member or good friend. This makes sense, especially because you ran to your neighbors for help rather than going directly to your parents. Discussing your plans with your parents suggests you can usually rely on them for important matters, so either they were not the ones who accidentally let your business become public knowledge or they did so completely on accident. This vision, then, is a warning of what is to come as well as a reminder that sometimes people make mistakes. While their actions may be hurtful, they are not always malicious.

Witnessing people being shot

I dreamt when I reached in a place and 3 people were shot dead at different interval and the person shooting was not known, I searched around and saw where the gun was but did not see the shooter, then I started running while hiding for my life until I left the place.

The threat of being shot in the dream world is often associated with frivolous or careless behavior, particularly off-hand comments or observations that you may find funny but that could be offensive to others. This suggests a certain tendency to speak or act before you actually think, which could possibly cause some friction between you and someone you see on a regular basis, like a family member or co-worker. The three people who died during your vision could represent a desire to improve your relationships with others before it is too late. This vision, then, is a warning to carefully consider your words and actions so that you do not hurt those you seek to live and work harmoniously with.

Bullets bouncing off while being shot

Dreaming of getting shot and dodging or missing it means that you could be in a situation in the waking world where someone is attacking your reputation. For instance, someone at work might be spreading bad accusations about you, but you are able to steer clear of any issues thrown at you. Likewise, this imagery also represents your assertiveness and that you will always bounce back no matter what difficulties you face.

Surviving multiple shots

Surviving multiple shooting attacks or dodging bullets and getting away in the dream world is a common vision that hints at how you perceive and present yourself to people. In the real world, you might have strived to always please people, which made you lose your real identity in the process. This scary experience in your dream also suggests that someone is out to destroy the hard work you put into a particular area in your life. This is why you need to be careful with whom you entrust your ideas and secrets.

Protecting someone from getting shot

According to dream interpretation experts, dreams about protecting someone from getting shot are a reflection of the dreamer's desire to protect someone they care about. This shows a sense of responsibility towards others and a desire to keep them safe. However, the dreamer may be feeling frightened as these visions can be scary and cause anxiety, but it also shows the strength and resilience of the dreamer in the face of challenges. From a spiritual perspective, this detail in the dream can build a sense of purpose and is an omen for the dreamer to be brave enough to conquer the negative emotions and energies around themselves and their loved ones.