Dreams Related To Shorts

Blue shorts

Male blue athletic shorts.

Dreaming about seeing or trying on blue shorts has negative connotations of an ambiguous situation soon developing in your wake life, something you did not expect to happen or someone surprising you in a disappointing way.

Trying to find shorts and a childhood toy

I was in Eastbourne (which looked nothing like Eastbourne) looking for a pair of shorts I'd dropped. I kept walking past a beautiful view and indented on taking a photo, but had to find my shorts. I met up with some people who told me that a toy I had when I was a child had been found by a man who wanted $2 for it, but also charged $30 for a phone call. I ended up not finding my shorts, instead I walked down an ally.

The preoccupation with trying to find your shorts in the dream probably mirrors your own search for spontaneity and adventure to match your personality in the real world. The shorts reflect a carefree and laid-back attitude. Similarly, another symbol of being young and free-spirited is the childhood toy. You may be missing out on opportunities to grow and find success due to your inability to let go of infantile pursuits and unproductive interests. Perhaps you are having trouble accepting the realities associated with your journey to becoming a full-fledged adult.

Little red shorts

It seemed like I have had this dream before, something felt very familiar about the little red shorts outside my bedroom door. I don't know what else was in the dream, I just felt I dreamt about the shorts before.

Symbolically, images of shorts in a dream are reflections of your regrets or worries related to some silly or thoughtless act or behavior you have committed or shown in front of someone who did not deserve such treatment. You could be subconsciously questioning your motivations or reasons for behaving this way and thinking of admitting the wrongdoing to the person or people affected. The red color of the shorts also indicates that these mistakes have been made on the spur of the moment or while acting in haste.