Dreams Related To Shore

Swimming and reaching the shore

Dreaming about successfully reaching the shore often is a good sign. It could reveal that your current projects, activities or businesses would be successfully completed. That is, you would achieve your current goals and objectives, some of which could have been occupying you for quite a while.

Leaving shore in a boat

Dreaming about leaving land, such as departing from the docks or the shore in a boat, could symbolize unhappiness. You could be currently occupied with some project, business ideas or activities. However, the dream suggests that you would not be able to successfully finish the project. As a result, you would become disappointed, disgruntled and frustrated.

Driving along the shoreline

Hello, been trying to find answers to my dreams. Past couple of nights been dreaming of water, in which I believe was in Hawaii. I went on a trip with a friend and her dad, he was driving on the shoreline in a red jeep with top down. We were in the back seat (waterside). I could feel the nice breeze and see the clear blue ocean. I recall the waves would splash a bit on us as we were driving and I told the dad to speed up a bit, so we would not get caved in. I was a bit concerned but happily enjoying the beautiful ride.

Dreaming about sea or ocean water usually is a symbol of new and exciting experiences ahead. You might soon have an interesting encounter or become involved in some kind of enjoyable situation or experience, involving the people who were present in your dream or others whom you are fond of. You may be also desiring, planning to, or have recently traveled. Both the water and the car suggest the idea of movement, either recent or forthcoming, although not necessarily in its literal meaning. For example, you might have a social gathering which could feel like traveling, in the sense that you are exposed to new and transformational circumstances. The part of your dream about waves splashing on you could be adding some negativity to the overall interpretation. You might be facing some minor contentions, hurdles or obstacles. These events could spoil the journey when it happens or make you disappointed because of the way it would unfold. Most likely, the things you envisioned could point out some unpleasantness or dissatisfaction, but they would not become a major complication or nuisance according to these dream visions. As you noted, you were slightly displeased and yet enjoying the ride.