Dreams Related To Shopping

Shopping in general

To dream about shopping in general, whether at the mall, at the local store, or at the bazaar, is a sign of progress in financial terms. If you are employed or into some form of business, you could soon have a salary raise or enjoy a dramatic increase in your sales and profits. Quite naturally, you would be able to afford a more comfortable lifestyle, that is, a bigger place of residence, a better car, pricier brands, fancier restaurants, and longer travel miles, among others. If a better life would not make you and your family a happier lot, you would not know what will.

Shopping for clothes

Shopping for and buying clothing in the dream realm is often linked with the idea of enlightenment or self-reflection in reality. It represents opportunities or a need to delve a bit deeper into your psyche and learn what makes you tick. If you tried on clothes during your shopping trip, it could mean you are trying to work out the type of person you are or how you want to be perceived by others. This is a good chance to make amends with those you have hurt and have a fresh start, especially in your relationships with others.

Shopping with someone

Shopping in dreams generally refers to prosperity and a level of financial success which affords you the occasional splurges. Having a companion during shopping, whether it's a friend or your significant other, means you and your inner circle have the magnetism for the good things in life because of your optimism and hard work. Your household will continue to be blessed for the foreseeable future, so grab hold of great opportunities when they come.

Bargain shopping

To dream about bargain shopping or buying merchandise which was on sale in order to maximize your money's worth is a positive indication of a happy and fulfilling romantic relationship. Being a wise and cunning shopper in this dream also signifies your expert take on love. You know what makes your romantic partner tick, and you would build on that aspect to make the person love you even more.

Shopping for fragrances

Shopping for fragrances and perfumes in a dream is a symbolic reminder to look on the other side of the fence for greener pasture. You might think that what you have at the moment is the penultimate experience which you could get out of life. But for all you know, your life could be even better if you considered other things or were brave enough to explore other possibilities. In other words, you could be missing out on what life has to offer because of your inability or unwillingness to think outside the box.

Shopping in a strange place

Dreaming about shopping in a strange place or in a market where you would never shop in real life is a stern warning that haste makes waste. You could soon get an offer which is hard to resist, or a business opportunity whose return oo investment would seem to be exceptionally lucrative. This dream vision is reminding you to carefully examine the merits and viability of this proposition because there is a high likelihood that it could be just another scam waiting for you.

Shopping for fun

Dreaming about going shopping for fun is a reflection of independence and self-sufficiency. You have learned and valued your freedom from a very young age. You are an empowered individual who can stand on your own with very little or no outside help. On a sad note, this same dream vision indicates that your current undertaking might cause you trouble or distract you from what you really want your life to eventually amount to.

This dream vision also signifies your tendency to spend lavishly, even to the point of racking up debts just to satisfy your psychological needs. This behavior could escalate into a medical condition which might require an excruciating series of withdrawal and recovery treatments. Ironically, the procedures might cost you more money. Therefore, it is best to watch your spending habits as early as now so you would not fall into this ugly trap.

Shopping for art

A dream about shopping for art, for instance bidding for an expensive painting, predicts disappointing outcomes relating to a business venture or money-generating project. Even if you placed all the necessary support mechanisms to ensure success and to avoid setbacks, nothing you have done would seem enough to save your business or project from taking a plunge soon, and it will only be a matter of time.

Shopping in bulk

To dream about shopping in bulk or in huge volumes, say at a warehouse store, is a forewarning that the seemingly peaceful and quite surroundings could camouflage an assortment of evil faces in various disguises. You must have the ability to distinguish the good from the rotten, so to speak. Otherwise, you could end up succumbing to their sinister schemes and therefore losing your bid to succeed.

Shopping for coffee

Dreaming about shopping for coffee, at a grocery store or at a farm shop right at the source, is a positive indication of growth in terms of business and income-generating investments. The money you would put into something you believe would hit the big time would soon prove to be successful. In turn, the money you would make out of this rewarding endeavor could be used to make more profitable investments, and that is exactly what this dream vision suggests would happen.

Shopping for carpets

To dream about shopping for carpets or rugs is a good sign indicating substantial financial gains. If you are working, you could soon receive a monetary incentive or a salary raise for a job well done. If you are in business, you would notice a remarkable increase in your sales and profits after conducting a promotional scheme or operating more efficiently.

Running into an old friend while shopping

I was living with the last sister wife on the Sister Wives show.. She came to me about a food bill and the food bill was really expensive.. I was told to rip off a section and go down to the store and pay for it. So I paid for the cheapest meal and then I went to the store and bought pistachio pudding that was pre-made in a container and I saw an old high-school friend there that was also going to college with me.

Dreams containing images of buying food can have two possible meanings depending on your personal situation and income level. It could be a good sign for poor people who are in hopes of getting better off, but it can be an unfavorable sign of potential losses for richer and wealthier people who happened to experience the same dream. Seeing your high-school friend in the same dream could also reveal your tendency to constantly compare your lifestyle or quality of living to that of other people, such as relatives, friends or neighbors.

Shopping for luxury items

Dreaming about shopping for luxury items or signature brands is a symbol of your desire to lead a similar lifestyle. For you, it seems imperative that your external bearing exude your expensive tastes, probably in keeping up with the environment you are moving in or with the type of people you are rubbing elbows with. It is important to look impeccable and flawless all the time because you think you owe it to the people who look up to you. Moreover, this dream vision is an indication that you are currently or soon would be working on your self-esteem and confidence either to improve your life or just to fit in.

Preparing and shopping for an event

Dreaming two nights in a row about getting ready for something. 1st night dreamed of someone braiding my hair in some kind of style, another was doing my makeup. 2nd night, dream of someone, a stylist, finding clothes for me to wear for an event. Both felt normal to me. A 3rd dream of going to buy produce. Inside the portions were packaged to go but it was sparing and almost gone. I looked around for more. Some guy came and I asked him where the rest was, he told me "Look through the window". Outside, there was a lot more. I said, "That's what I want", he said, "You have to go out there and get it"! Then I woke up.

Dreaming about getting ready for a special event in a dream vision predicts a similar situation in wake life, namely that you are to meet someone whom you want to be prepared for. This could be physical preparation, such as getting ready for a date, or mental preparation, like considering forming a life-long partnership with this person. However, dreaming about grocery shopping suggests you may be the victim of gossip or rumors started by someone who was once your friend. The little bits you saw in the store represent the tip of the iceberg, as most of the damage is likely to present nearby, but not immediately obvious. There is no indication this is directly related to the first two visions, but it cannot be ruled out either.

Shopping without buying anything

Having a dream about window shopping or wandering around a shopping mall without buying anything is an ominous sign indicating an involvement in serious conflicts and disagreements. This dream vision suggests that you are the aggressor in the feud and you would put up an impassioned fight against what you might consider to be despicable behavior. You might even take your case to court where you could settle your differences in a more formal, and certainly more sensible, manner.

Shopping for emeralds

Having a dream about shopping for emeralds is a forewarning that investing in a lucrative business or engaging in an ambitious project might not be a wise idea after all. Just because a money-making activity has proven to be successful in someone's helm does not mean it would turn out the same way under your supervision or ownership. Contrary to how much the emeralds could be worth in your dream, the hundreds or thousands of dollars you are planning to invest in something which seems full of promise in the beginning could end up being worth no more than just a few cents.

Shopping for something you need

To dream about shopping for something you actually need in waking life, such as a pair of work shoes or a suit, symbolizes additional duties and responsibilities. This would probably be the result of a promotion at work, a business expansion or a growing family. As the dream vision indicates, you would do everything necessary to prove that you are up to the challenge.

Shopping and using credit

Using a credit card to shop in a dream mirrors the same tendency to engage in excessive shopping. You should know whether you might be a shopaholic or a victim of consumerism. If you were particularly serious and overly zealous throughout your shopping spree in the dream, it also indicates the gravity and seriousness of your shopping addiction. In relation to this, you could become overbearing and controlling of others because you might think you could buy their silence and loyalty.

Shopping for household items

Shopping for household items in a dream signifies the effects of worries and concerns which could make life difficult. You could be wallowing in self-pity and self-loathing for thinking how miserable your present life might be and how uncertain the future could seem. Perhaps all you need is a change in your attitude and way of thinking so you can find contentment in what life has to offer at the moment, as well as excitement in what tomorrow might bring.

Shopping while chaos ensues

I had a dream I was in a supermarket with dimmer lights with my parents. We were there to get groceries to prepare for the end of the world. When I got the supplies we needed I went back to where my parents were and they were gone then everything went black. When everything came into focus, nothing look the way it did before. The walls were smashed, rays of sunlight spelled in, but since the grocery store was so large, it still seemed dark and in the center of the grocery store I was sitting next to a huge tree in the middle of the store and I was all by myself. Can't say the rest not enough words.

Dreams about experiencing an event resembling apocalypse suggest the occurrence of some major, catastrophic change in your life. This is most likely something directly related to you, such as unfavorable developments within your body or a break up with your significant other. These changes are probably unwelcome and may cause frustration, sadness, and, in some cases, depression. However, the image of the tree in the middle of all this chaos indicates something good coming out of the negative situation you find yourself in. While things may not be as good as you would have hoped, this can also be the beginning of a completely new phase in your life.

Shopping for trinkets

Dreaming about shopping for trinkets or things which are otherwise of little value is a symbol of hardships and difficulties for the entire family. You may soon have a hard time earning money to support your family, probably as a result of losing a job or failing in your business or current money-generating project. If you cannot address it immediately, it could mean an extended period of misery not only for you but also for those who depend on you.

Shopping at a street booth

Dreaming about shopping or buying from a street or mobile vendor predicts huge financial and property losses. The vision of patronizing informal trade to be able to haggle and get the lowest possible prices in the dream seems to speak of your current or future situation in life in which you might find yourself hanging out in low places more and more because you can no longer afford a better way of life.

Shopping without money

A dream about going shopping and realizing you did not have any cash with you reflects a similar situation in waking life. You are currently or could soon be having financial difficulties to the extent that you might no longer be able to satisfy your own basic needs. In like manner, this dream vision indicates that you might be longing for the love, care and attention of someone you are rooting for but have so far not been lucky enough to receive any.

A dream vision of shopping without having any money could be a symbol of self-control, especially with regard to spending, or a sign of sociability and friendliness. Your financial savvy may be something you have learned from your parents, who may have had to work hard and become self-made persons themselves. Your ability to attract people to you may be due to your pleasant personality, which could be a combination of your comely outward appearance and your positive attitude.

Shopping and buying from a friend

Dreaming about shopping in an unconventional way, that is, buying from a friend or acquaintance whose type of business involved direct selling and hawking merchandise from house to house, and which made you feel special and gave you an impression that the item you were buying was meant only for you, is a symbol of your worries and concerns about your relationship with this same person in waking life. You could be feeling guilty for the way you treat this person, and you might begin to realize that you have not done enough to make this individual feel that he or she has a special place in your heart.

Shopping at a country market

Shopping at a country market or farmers' stand portends the possibility of becoming a victim of rumormongering and backstabbing. For lack of better things to do, people would engage in malicious talks targeting your reputation and social standing. If you cannot stave off their childish actions, you might end up losing face even if there is no truth to what they are saying.

Helping a guy while shopping

I was on my way somewhere and I saw where they were doing a phone promo, besides it they were selling olive oil. I got some olive oil, and there was a guy in front of me, we were heading in the same direction and he lost his gold wristwatch and chain. I found them and gave them back to him. He was so excited.

The symbolism of olive oil has to do with peace and reconciliation. Your personal journey may have times of difficulties and challenges, but you, and the humankind around you in general, just want to achieve a smooth sailing existence free from conflict. The gold watch may be an allusion to the age-old saying "time is gold" and that giving someone the time of day and making an effort to understand their struggles is essential in attaining peace and harmony in the world.

Shopping for goods that are free

In a large department store where everything was free and you could keep as much as you could and put in your trolley. Every time I filled up my trolley with goods, whilst I looked away my trolley would disappear. This happened about seven times in one dream before waking.

Shopping without needing to pay money could reflect a personal tendency to want to fill your life with joyful events, social engagements and experiences. You probably want to get the most out of your time here, taking every spare minute to learn something different or see something new. However, envisioning everything disappearing from your cart and having to start all over again suggests you may simply be filling your life with fluff rather than meaning. It would be wise to go for quality over quantity when it comes to making good memories and experiences.