Dreams Related To Shooting

Caught in a shootout

Getting caught in a shootout suggests going through a predicament in real life. This dream reflects a situation wherein you may find yourself under fire over certain actions or decisions. Alternatively, if the dreamer is a woman, this could point to romantic propositions from several admirers. The shootout reflects declarations of love towards the dreamer which leads to quite a big decision to make in order to choose among the suitors.

Being shot

Getting shot by someone in your dream means someone could be out to get you. A rival or adversary may be keeping tabs on your activities and behavior in an attempt to find flaws and weaknesses that can be used against you. Your subconscious is telling you to stay alert and pay attention to suspicious people, especially those who have shown hostility or aggression towards you in the past. Short of being paranoid, be extra cautious lest you unwittingly give ammunition to the people trying to take you down.

Being shot in a dream, such as from behind you or point blank and in your face, serves as a warning that danger is lurking around you. Someone who hates you may be watching you closely and trying to analyze your movements before attacking. It may be a planned violent attack or a psychological one. In this case, your own gut instinct may be urging you to be more vigilant in your day to day interactions, so you would not attract people who are trying to take advantage of your weaknesses.

Sounds of shooting

Hearing sounds of shooting from a distance portends unexpected news. You may soon receive a surprising message or announcement that will shock not only you but also your friends, colleagues and members of your family. In other words, the news will be heard loud and clear resonating throughout your social circle. An announcement that elicits such a substantial reaction from your loved ones could be connected to your love life. A whirlwind romance may be in the cards.

Someone shooting at me

Getting shot at multiple times means your life is greatly affected by external forces. In Biblical dream analysis, getting shot by bullets means you will find yourself in a chaotic situation which will have lasting effects on your life. You could be enlisted to serve at a war-torn country or volunteer in an organization providing services for victims of calamities. It also means that certain people in your life will make controversial decisions which can negatively impact you and your family.

Trying to shoot in self defense

Was in the house, my son's baby mama came over to pick something up. Then the people start stealing, I confronted them, then they start coming into my house but I stopped them. Then they came in the back door, I would shoot but they didn't die. Then I notice it's not my house.

Traditional dream analysis suggests that seeing something being stolen from you in the dream world is actually an auspicious symbol associated with favorable circumstances in reality. In a sense, having material items removed from your possession in the dreamscape means you understand that they are only a barrier to your own success. As such, shooting a gun at the intruders having no effect could reveal that your focus would still be on the wrong things even with fewer distractions. For instance, if you are single, instead of focusing on finding a new relationship, you should consider putting more time and effort into improving your connection with your child or having a good co-parenting strategy with your son's mother.

Hearing the sounds of shooting

If you dream of hearing shots being fired nearby, you could experience some discord within your family. The sounds of shooting in your dream means issues and disagreements may arise among members of your family due to your selfishness and reluctance to compromise. Personal problems could affect other areas of your life, including work. You could end up performing poorly, even submitting careless and sloppy work as a result of the rising tension at home. This dream vision attempts to expose certain undesirable traits of your behavior to help you take responsibility over your actions.

Fatally shooting someone

To dream of shooting and killing a person or a group of people is an auspicious sign. This vision alludes to the upcoming realizations of your goals and long-time aspirations. You may soon get the chance to reap the rewards of your hard work and determination, or you may finally reach a great conclusion to a project you have been working on.

Mass shooting

A mass shooting, whether it is an act of random terrorism or police brutality against citizens, can be considered a prophetic vision of upcoming change and turmoil in your life. This symbol is commonly associated with traumatic, calamitous events that could change your life completely. Perhaps the death of a loved or an uptick in violence in your area would scar your heart, leaving you with a hurt that can only be felt and not seen. In times of trials and difficulty, leaning on your loved ones or support circle can help you get through even the hardest of times.

Someone trying to shoot me

To dream of someone attempting to shoot you is a bad omen that a specific person is hell-bent on destroying your life. This plan to ruin your reputation may include sabotaging your work, backstabbing you or seducing your significant other. To remedy this situation, you need to uncover the reason for this person's hatred. Maybe at one point in time you took credit for their work or humiliated them in front of friends. On the other hand, this symbol could also refer to an embarrassing incident that will haunt you for the rest of your life.

Shooting a son in the eye

Hi, I dreamed that I shot my young son in the eye with a gun and blinded him in one eye for life. I was also trying to hide the fact I had done this, trying to hide the gun etc. It was quite horrific.

Dreaming about shooting your son in the eye is a symbol of dominance and control on your part. The eyes represent dreams or aspirations and because you injured them in this dream, it could mean that you feel like you are preventing your son from experiencing things he is interested in and you could be feeling guilty about it, even if you believe it is the best thing to do as a parent. You could also be afraid of being judged by others because of the way you try to raise your son and this is perhaps why you were so desperate about covering it up.

Yourself shooting a target

Having a dream where you are shooting at a target means achieving your goals. Whether you are toppling objects or taking out people by shooting at them in your dream, the likelihood of enjoying some semblance of success in real life is high. Your focus and determination will shoot down obstacles in your way and get you closer to what you set your eyes on. On the personal side, it is possible that a romantic prospect may soon reciprocate. However, if you miss your target in the dream, it suggests missed opportunities or unrequited affection.

A dream vision that involves shooting at someone or something also conveys the possibility of becoming the apple of the eye of an acquaintance. You may well be the recipient of unwanted affection. Make sure you do not offend an admirer or unwittingly lead them on in order to avoid misunderstandings. Alternatively, you could get embroiled in a controversy over a hotly-contested issue which could result in heated arguments and tension within your social circle.

Getting wounded during a gunfight

To dream of getting injured as a result of accidental participation or involvement in a shootout denotes experiencing injustice in real life. There could be some impartial proceedings or deceitful dealings within your sphere of influence that could seriously damage your reputation, hence the need to nip them in the bud. If the dreamer is a woman, this dream vision suggests the deterioration of an existing relationship. There may be some suspicions and hurt feelings going around.

Surviving a mass shooting

Mass shootings often preclude major traumatic events taking place in reality, often involving violence, injury or death. You may see a lot of civil unrest in your area soon or go through the loss of a loved one in the near future. However, surviving this experience not only means you would get through this difficult time, it also means that you would come out stronger and wiser than before if you have an open mind and heart.

Shooting someone you know

To dream of shooting someone you personally know or someone familiar to you alludes to your negative feelings towards this person. The level of dislike and hostility could be getting worse, hence the manifestation of this negative message in your vision. This conflict may come to a head soon marked by arguments and possibly physical altercations if cooler heads do not prevail.

Shooting from above

To dream of seeing yourself shooting down targets from above or a higher vantage point indicates meeting new people who won’t be your cup of tea. Shooting from above or an elevated height, such as the rooftop of a building or the upper levels of an apartment complex, reflects your point of view when it comes to meeting those people. They may not make a good impression on you due to an attitude or possibly personality differences. Negatively, you could be feeling a sort of superiority complex over your colleagues and this vision is revealing certain parts of yourself that you may not be aware of.

Shooting with no harm

I dream of trying to defend myself and shooting, but the bullets have no effect. I hear them firing, but not harming the attackers.

Dreaming about firing a weapon could be the manifestation of impulsive or rash behavior that has had a recent negative effect on your lifestyle or interpersonal relations. This behavior could exhibit itself in multiple ways, such as carelessness or irresponsibility, leading to trouble as far as your existing duties and obligations are concerned. This tendency has likely been exacerbated by fatigue and exhaustion, suggesting that if you take some time to relax and go with the flow, you may be able to get back on track. The fact that the bullets in your vision had no impact on those in question probably means that your behavior is not likely to have any lasting effects on people around you if you are in full control of your actions and letting your anxieties take over is not the best way to follow.

Being forced to shoot own family

I was being forced to shoot all of my loved ones and while they were dying, the person who forced me to shoot them, shot me.

Dreaming about shooting your loved ones could be an indication of suppressed anger and frustration towards them in wake life. You may be harboring negative thoughts or grudges due to personal differences. The person who forced you to shoot them may just be a representation of your anger. As such, those ill feelings you keep inside of you could damage your relationships and even end up destroying you. Perhaps you need to confront your own demons and get to the root of your anger to avoid going down the path to self-destruction.

Being chased and attacked by shooters

I was in an airport and people were preparing for a shooting in a almost show or event style way. I was with friends and family. Not to mention I had eye make up on (I'm a male). Somehow, the bullet proof glass broke that was supposed to protect us when the shooter gets there. Everyone freaked out and ran. I went with my best friend who is living somewhere else at the moment (in real life). We ran for his car in a very weird airport and out to a tree (outside the airport) that led up into a spiral where we met an old friend of mine who tried to kill us. Then I woke up terrified.

Dreaming of being at an airport is symbolic of your schedule becoming very difficult to manage. This might mean a sudden increase in activity or a number of new responsibilities that have been placed upon you, likely due to others recognizing your ability or trusting you to finish the job successfully. You may need to invest in time-management resources in order to cope with this influx of work. Dreaming about being shot at, chased, or attacked in general points toward being plotted against, particularly by people who dislike you or are jealous of your accomplishments. This may be related to your new duties or important achievements you made in the past. Trying to disguise your image, in this case by wearing makeup, represents apprehension, distrust, or fear of a friend who you suspect of being a backstabber. You might subconsciously suspect them of being the one making plans against you because of jealousy or envy. Finally, seeing other people running away in your dream may point to losing the esteem or approval of others because of the way you handle a certain situation. If you react badly to some sudden news or blow up in anger unexpectedly, it may put others off you for awhile.

Trying to save children during a shootout

There was chaos going on and then shootings began. i was trying to hide with my children who were young again, but I got shot in my stomach and I could feel and see the blood gushing out. My phone wouldn't work so I could phone an ambulance or taxi to get to the hospital and my son was trying to find a way to get me help and my other kids were frantic one minute and playing about the next. I felt calm even though I knew I would die if I didn't get help in time and I held a pillow over my stomach.

Dreaming of your own children is often thought to be a warning from your subconscious to pay more attention to the well-being of your immediate family members. This seems to be emphasized by the fact that your children appeared young again and, as a result, would need more care and support than if they were older. The shooting and chaos suggest that the reason for this warning has to do with some frivolous, careless behavior you have recently engaged in. Because you have been focusing on yourself and what you want, others may be suffering. Being shot in the stomach may point toward losing money, further indicating that some of your habits may be limiting the resources available for your children or other family members. To avoid further complications that may ensue, you should focus on being generous and look after those who may need more care and attention than yourself.

Shooting wife in the head

I am a male. I keep having a reoccurring dream of killing my wife. I always shoot her in the head with a gun.

Killing your own wife in a dream vision, whether it is in the middle of a fight or because of some deep betrayal, means you would soon lose power in reality. In most cases, this refers to power and influence that comes from social standing or position rather than physical strength. The cause of your lessened presence can be seen in the image of the gun your used to shoot your wife. Firing a close range shot to head suggests you tend to say things without thinking. Others are tired of your insensitive, tactless comments and no longer respect you for them. Perhaps more sympathy and empathy for others would help you understand their point of view and prevent you from putting your foot in your mouth.

Shooting during dueling

To dream that you are involved in a duel, aiming and shooting your weapon at your opponent reflects a tendency towards self-blame. You are typically inclined to point fingers at yourself whenever things go wrong even during times when you are clearly not the one at fault. This pattern of behavior is likewise indicative of a low self-esteem. Alternatively, it could also stem from a guilt you have been carrying from the past. Perhaps it is time to accept and make peace with the consequences of previous actions and start fresh.

Random shooting at a strip club

A strip club and I was upset because I didn't have time to do my makeup before my first dance and I was wearing my glasses. Customers were really nice to me about it, but I was embarrassed. Work looked nothing like it typically does and had three floors. There were some kids from my high school, I went back to the dressing room which resembled a classroom. All of the sudden gunshots rang out and friend and I hid inside a little closet. A voice over the loudspeaker said that the shooting was over but that three people had been injured but not killed. All of these people from my high school then came.

Being on stage often represents how you present yourself to others and how you are seen and judged by others. Being embarrassed because you were not ready for your performance could reflect your inability to gain other people's respect or trust. This inability could result from your tendency to minimize your potential in front of others. Dreaming about being embarrassed for not being able to perform could also translate your fear of failure. You fear to disappoint yourself, rather than those around you. You feel like an inapt kid whenever the possibility of failure poses itself. Being present at a random shooting is a warning. Other people may act carelessly towards you. They could be unaware of the negative impact of their actions. Although their menacing behavior is not a constant in your daily life, such behavior could make you feel so fearful that you would want to hide in a closet. This part of the dream could also reinforce the meaning of the initial part when you regard other people's watchful eyes as (at least sometimes) menacing. Rather than resuming with your social activities (such as dancing) in front of understanding eyes, as with the first part of the dream, you could feel the desire to hide from others and repress your social activities whenever you expect people to be less sympathetic. These are two possible follow-ups for a real or imaginary under-performance (being censured and not being censured; accepting imperfect outcomes or denying possibly imperfect outcomes). This dream can also express your fear or hesitation towards something which you need to do for your life to improve. This action could be related to school or your need for self-improvement.

Shootings among family members

My husband, daughter and I were walking out of the house. Our family had just come into a lump sum of money and our son's friend approached us as we were walking out my husband grabbed his gun and shot my son's friend. The guy started yelling my son's name and once my son knew he had been made, he came out of nowhere trying to kill me, and his sister and my husband shot him as well and killed him. What does this mean I woke up crying but not because he was dead, but because he didn't think I loved him enough that he would try to take my life. Please help.

Seeing your family leave the comfort and protection of your house is exactly opposed to the sign of coming into a large sum of money. While the sum of money literally represents physical wealth in your life, leaving the house suggests losing that money. You may, in this case, experience some financial ups and downs in the near future which make it difficult to plan for major expenses. This seems to be centered around your son, indicating you wish to pay for something for him or that he has requested you to pay for his needs. The shooting that occurs represents the difficult situation you find yourself in, namely, not being able to commit to such a large ticket purchase at this time. You may want to be more careful with money and follow a strict budget during this time.

Someone shooting themselves in the head

To see someone commit suicide with a shot to their head is an indication that someone in your life is suffering through a mental illness. This person could be putting on a brave face while being weighed down by depression, loneliness or a mental affliction requiring psychoanalysis. This could also be a prediction of conflict with your friends. Political differences or conflicting beliefs may lead to arguments and, if you are not careful, even the end of your friendship.

Starting a shootout

Initiating a shootout in your dream suggests a major undertaking about to happen. A major challenge is ahead requiring much of your physical and intellectual resources. Perhaps you have been gunning for a promotion at work, trying to close a deal, or perhaps the situation at the home front are taking much of your energy. For young women, the same dream vision could mean being freed from inhibitions. This may include a period of sexual assertiveness or being more amorous, in general.

Shooting during hunting

Dreaming of shooting during a hunting trip portends the starts of a favorable period in your life. Make the most of the blessings and opportunities that come your way or they could be over before you have fully taken advantage of the benefits. Alternatively, this dream may be connected to unrealized potential and forgotten dreams. Maybe it’s time to revisit your goals and aspirations to figure out which ones have slipped out of your fingers in favor of more realistic pursuits.

Shooting at a party

I was at a party with some people i didn't know and I didn't recognize the place either but it was also a party going on two houses down and the people down the street start shooting. I ran to cover my baby and get in the house but the door was locked, so I ran to the side of the porch along with others. As I was running I felt the bricks going off from the bullets hitting them popping on me, then I woke up. I didn't get shot though.

Finding yourself at a party with individuals unknown to you may represent upcoming opportunities to get involved with your community at large. For example, you may have been thinking about volunteering for a particular cause or perhaps someone you know has offered you the chance to work with them to improve some aspect of life where you live. This is supported by the image of your baby in this vision, a symbol tied to pleasant surprises and positive experiences, which is exactly what you hope to get out of your service. However, leaving the party and trying to enter a locked house points toward things taking a bad turn. In fact, the shooting that occurs toward the end of the vision may reveal some careless words or behavior that puts you in a bad position in regards to your new work. It is possible your lack of tact or compassion would rub others the wrong way, leading to friction, conflict and disagreements. If you choose to participate in civic life, you may want to be more careful with how you present yourself and your ideas to others.

Shooting while riding in a car

I was rolling around with some people I was cool with. The driver started arguing with the person about something we did, before you know it he starts shooting the car up. I open my passenger up, start praying and fake did. Guess I pass out, I then feel someone pulling me by my feet I wait to hear their conversation then open my eyes when I know it was safe.

Dreaming about driving around with people you know or are friends with often indicates that you are about to initiate some interaction with or involving those people. You may purposely act with the intention of causing some mischief, or you may accidentally cause a chain of events to occur through your individual actions. The shooting you see in this vision points toward the latter, meaning this event is coincidental but nevertheless the result of your carelessness or naivety. Finally, both praying and your feeling of safety at the end of the dream represent the situation coming to a close with little long-term damage, though others may be more wary of you in the future.

Boyfriend being shot on the street

Me and my boyfriend were walking the streets in a familiar city. He then gets in an argument with a stranger who decided to hit on me. After a long argument the stranger pulls out a small gun and shoots my boyfriend in the forehead. However, my boyfriend does not die. I called 911 and have him CPR and he survived.

Dreaming that your boyfriend gets into an altercation with a stranger is an indication of your troubled relationship. The stranger who was hitting on you is actually an aspect of your personality which you are trying to suppress because this could damage your relationship with your boyfriend. In reality, this could point to differences in opinion. You strongly disagree with your boyfriend about certain issues, yet you do not openly contradict him because you do not want to cause any conflict. However, you may eventually lose your temper in reality which could lead to an argument. The imagery of your boyfriend getting shot in the head means you would win the argument or emerge as the more rational between the two of you. Fortunately, because he did not die, it means that you would be able to overcome this challenge and reconcile whatever differences you may have.

Unable to shoot a gun

I tried to shoot my gun at a possible threat and it kept malfunctioning. Two separate dreams.

Shooting guns at a potential threat while in REM sleep may reflect a tendency to behave rashly when put on the spot in reality. When you feel nervous or on edge, however, acting without thinking may be the worst thing you could do. Thankfully, up until this point, your impulsive actions in such situations are unlikely to have had a lasting effect, as is seen in the symbol of the gun malfunctioning. Perhaps you can consider this vision a warning to think more carefully before you act.

Shooting down a bird

Dreaming that you are shooting down a bird portends favorable events. If you have been eyeing a goal for a while, this may be the breakthrough you have been waiting for. For people in the sales and marketing profession, this vision means that they are about to close a deal or achieve their targets. This also bodes well for people in relationships as it alludes to progression or entering a new phase. Perhaps a proposal is underway, a restoration of faith or more passion.

Negatively, missing the target and being unable to shoot down the bird signifies misfortune. There may be some missed opportunities or wrong decisions contributing to less than desirable outcomes. However, if the bird in the vision is a predatory bird, then shooting it down means defeating rivals and beating detractors at their own game. This dream enables you to prepare and be in the offensive when it comes to being challenged by the presence or awareness of competitors.

Mass shooting on the streets

So I was at home and I turn on the news (for some random reason) and I was hearing about TONS of mass shootings in my town. The next thing I remember is me in a car with my friend and as we were driving, there were about 10 people with AK-47s shooting at cars in the middle of the road. We punched the gas and managed to get away, as they were on foot. Then we see another one a minute later. The closest thing that can relate to this is the Purge.

Sometimes, news from the real world, especially when high-profile and disturbing, can find its way into our subconsciousness. You were probably emotional about recent shooting events reported in the media, which is why the scenario played out in your dream. Being shot at by individuals carrying AK-47s means that you may be fearing for your safety or feeling victimized in reality. Alternatively, random shootings remembered from a dream suggest that reckless and careless behavior of others can place you in harm's way. Perhaps there are those who are out to get you, possibly a rival or adversary keeping tabs on your activities and behavior in an attempt to find flaws and weaknesses that can be used against you.

Shooting people at a hospital

My significant other and I were at a place similar to a hospital, can't quite remember what we were doing there. All I remember is he shot 4 people in what appeared to be the shower area. I then took the gun but I don't remember what happened after that.

Dreaming about being at the hospital with your significant other is often thought to signify the presence of some hidden information about this person that, if unearthed, could change the way you perceive them, usually in a negative light. His shooting at the four people within the shower area indicates he may be more careless than you originally thought or tends to act out when something is not going the way he wants, suggesting you may already see such habits manifesting within him. Being in the shower area could also represent some feelings of guilt, although whether it is your guilt for not being able to help him or his guilt for behaving in such a way is unclear. It may be wise, as in your vision, to disarm him through gentle coaxing and conversation, so that he has a safe outlet to express his feelings and grow past them.

Running from a shootout and abandoned cows

I had a dream that I was in a shootout, I don't remember where, but me and this old guy ran away from it to go find help and we came upon an old cow farm, where everything had been abandoned even the cows. But as we leave to see no one was there, the cows started to run through the course like they know what to do on there own. And me and the old guy are standing on the game while they run through, then I wake up. I had this dream twice, why though?

Envisioning yourself caught in a shootout is indicative of soon going through a predicament in real life. It suggests an event wherein you may find yourself under fire over certain actions or decisions. The old cow farm and cows running around further support this notion, suggesting possible major changes in your life which are not for the better. While cows normally represent fortune and luck, cows running away from you could point to the lack of control over this upcoming situation or being powerless to do much about it, which is further magnified by the imagery of you just standing there at the end of this dream.

Shooting involving ex- and current husbands

I was on "Bachelor in Paradise" type of show with a bunch of strangers, my ex-husband was there as well and my husband now. One night a shooter came toward the front of the house and started shooting into the house. My kids were suddenly in the house when the shooting started. No one I knew was shot.

Dreaming about your ex-husband, alongside other people, could reveal the presence of some unresolved issues or problems he is presently experiencing or between the two of you. Having your current and ex-husband within the same setting may be conveying a message of comparison and contrast. Perhaps there are traits your ex-husband possessed which your current husband lacks or does not display to you. Furthermore, there could be some insights and lessons you gleaned from your previous marriage which could be applicable to your current relationship. Meanwhile, the shooter targeting your house either means you have enemies lurking in the background or possibly a representation of your own feelings of guilt or shame. The doubts eating you from inside could potentially have a detrimental effect on your husband and kids.