Dreams Related To Shirt

Wearing black trousers and a white shirt

An image of you wearing black trousers and a white shirt signifies an unexpected change in your life that would bring negative emotions. As the symbols suggest, black clothes represent sadness, and white clothes point out a transition in your life that might come with or after unfavorable consequences. Therefore, you need to prepare yourself for any mishap that is on your way, for doing so might lessen its impact.

Someone wearing a blue shirt

Perceiving someone to be wearing a blue shirt, whether a man or a woman, brings a fortunate interpretation to the dreamer. For one, this suggests achieving your goals and working on your passion for self-improvement that would give you success. Additionally, this also symbolizes peace in your life. At present, you might be feeling overwhelmed by what's happening around you, but you will eventually find happiness.

Someone in a striped shirt

A guy was wearing a striped shirt and over it a short sleeve suit with matching pants. He was walking in the hallway alone.

Lines represent limits in the dream realm, so this man in a striped shirt and matching suit could mean you are reaching the limit of what you can achieve in a particular area of your life. This is not a bad thing. Rather, the matching outfit could symbolize that after trials and difficulties you have finally gotten everything together. For instance, having to work through differences of opinion in a relationship may have brought you and a friend or lover to a deeper understanding of each other. The hallway he walked through could allude to now turning your attention to other areas of your life that need the same treatment, like your mental health, financial situation or education.

A shirt with unfitting sleeves

I am wearing a shirt of which one sleeve is loose and the other tight. I want the loose sleeve tailored to fit. The tailor begins to cut and we realize it is the wrong sleeve. The tailor cuts the both sleeves.

Ill-fitting clothes in dreams, whether they are too large or too tight, signifies change. This represents an end to old habits or lifestyle. Sleeves in particular refer to work ethics. You are ready to focus on advancing your career and working hard to achieve your goals. However, since the tailor ends up cutting both sleeves, it means things would not go according to plan. There will be distractions and obstacles in your way, so you have to be flexible enough when unforeseen things occur. Having a strict plan and putting all your hope in it would only make you frustrated, whereas flexibility and adaptability would give you more chances to succeed.

Choosing a shirt for the boyfriend

I dreamed of my happy boyfriend and choosing a red and white striped shirt from a pile of new shirts as a gift for him in my family home.

Red clothes depict romance, while white clothes refer to life-changing events. In this case, the red and white striped shirt could mean he is contemplating a big change in your relationship. Unfortunately, this change is negative in nature and may be referring to dishonesty or a possible break up. On the other hand, this yearning for variety in the romantic department could be your own desires which your subconscious is telling you to confront through this dream.

Husband and ex lover wearing same shirt

My husband and ex lover wearing the same shirt. I was trying to hide my face.

Envisioning your husband and former lover wearing the same clothes symbolically represents subconsciously suspecting your husband of cheating. This means your subconscious mind thinks he may be up to something, whether he actually is or not. Perhaps you are not as open with your thoughts and feelings as you should be, or maybe he has a past that makes you doubt him. In either case, you may want to do better for the sake of your relationship with him.

Smelling a fresh shirt of a deceased husband

Hugging deceased husband. I smelled bleach from his white shirt, I started crying and saying his name, Omar, Omar, Omar.

Hugging your deceased husband could portend becoming sick or feeling under the weather in the upcoming days or weeks. Smelling bleach from his clothes could also portend running into your old enemies or people from the past you disliked or you and your husband were not on good terms with. With either of these scenarios, the imagery of your husband serves as a warning to be careful and diligent around others.