Dreams Related To Ship

A ship in general

Dreaming about a ship in general could foretell the start of a positive life period. Ships generally symbolize journeys and transitions. These are usually enjoyable moments. It is possible that you are about to embrace some major life change. This would be a new, happy, pleasant and fulfilling stage. Things you might leave behind as a result would not be missed or regretted.

A flying ship

Dreaming about seeing or being in a flying ship is a very favorable sign. It suggests that your projects, endeavors or businesses would be successfully completed. Moreover, their outcomes would be better than expected. For example, you could finish sooner or have more than the anticipated return. This would encourage and motivate you to pursue their further development or to embark on new ones.

Being on a ship during a storm

Dreaming about observing yourself in a ship during stormy weather could be a symbol of stability. Despite the commotion and chaos that may exist around you, your everyday life would remain calm and balanced. You would not be disturbed or distressed by any external negative events.

Two ships colliding

I had a dream that we were on a ship with my father and brother with my lady neighbor. It happened that there was a another ship coming towards us and I'm so nervous that I might be hit or get stuck, but I was climbing and climbing on a cargo van so that I might not die but I almost died. My father survived and alive and so did my lady neighbor, but my brother I didn't see him. We were on the top of the cargo van shaking and afraid that we may fall because it's too high.

Dreaming of a ship on a collision course with another ship conveys a warning. This imagery is an allusion to flaring tempers and turbulent emotions. You may be reaching a boiling point with another close friend or family member. Perhaps the two of you have not been seeing each other eye-to-eye lately because of differing views and conflicting beliefs. A failure to reach an agreement could lead to bigger issues which could drag other individuals into the problem. In addition, the cargo van symbolizes problems and baggage you may be carrying which are causing a significant amount of stress. It may be wise to have someone who would be able to help you unload some of your burdens to stay rational and keep your emotions under control. Otherwise, an imminent breakdown could occur severely damaging your personal relationships.

A sailing ship

Dreaming about a sailing ship could symbolize a stressful but rewarding endeavor. You could be about to start some grand and ambitious project. It would bring about great wealth, riches and status. To achieve such goal, you would undertake some questionable actions and make some risky decisions. These could be responsible for some disappointments and distresses to follow.

Being scared while on a huge ship

I am alone on a big ship (Navy) but feel there's someone else there even though I don't see them. Don't know if it's one or more people. Not sure if they scare me. I can hear the sounds of the chains and smell the oil or diesel. I wake suddenly with palpitations. Had this same dream 3-4 times now. I'm female.

While you may feel some unease during and after this vision, the symbols present are fairly auspicious in nature. The large ship that may have some naval crew members aboard represents a journey of wisdom or enlightenment. Perhaps you would soon have the chance to see something from a new point of view or study something that opens your mind to a different way of thinking. The sound of the chains points toward having a responsibility to help others with this knowledge. While you may feel the weight of this responsibility fall heavy on your shoulders, the smell of oil should be considered a sign that you would have success in these matters as long as you rely on the wisdom and knowledge you have accumulated.

Being a captain of a ship

Dreaming about seeing yourself in the role of a captain of a ship could reflect a tendency to control and manage the course of your life. You may be constantly trying to be on the top of things. You have a quality of being able to control every minor detail involved in your projects or activities. You would have difficulties delegating responsibilities and believe that this was the only way of maintaining your inner balance and stability. Alternatively, you could have some narcissistic trait that tends to overinflate your importance. You could also desire to have the leading role in your life projects and activities.

Traveling by ship

Dreaming of observing yourself traveling in a ship is a symbol of change. Your life may currently or soon undergo some significant changes. These changes could affect the places which you deal with on a daily basis, such as home or work. For example, you may relocate consequent of professional reasons, get a new home, start working for a different company or start performing your activities elsewhere.

A strange-looking ship

Having a dream about seeing an odd-looking ship, with an unusual shape or structure, could translate a spiritual need. You could be going through or are about to face some psychological or spiritual crisis. To successfully deal with it, you would want and need the assistance and help of your close friends and family.

Arrival of a ship

Dreaming about observing yourself watching or being a passenger of a ship which is arriving to the harbor or port is a sign of good fortune and luck. You could be about to be pleasantly surprised or receive some unexpected favorable news. This news would be related to the start of a new and exciting project, endeavor or activity. You would become hopeful and motivated once more in anticipation of a better life to come.

This dream could also translate the possibility of receiving external support, help or comfort. These offerings would allow you to deal with some dangerous, threatening or hazardous situation which you could soon be facing. You would not expect such external intervention and therefore feel pleased and thankful when it happens.

A ship sailing by

Dreaming about a ship sailing by, for example while you are standing on docks, could be a symbol of possible separations. You could be leaving your home soon to go to a faraway place. Alternatively, one of your close friends or relatives could be departing. This would be someone with whom you often hang out. You might want to properly say goodbye for you would be separated for a long period of time.

Watching others in a shipwreck

Dreaming about observing other people becoming victims of a shipwreck could symbolize failure. It is possible that you or people close to you could suffer some great financial loss or bankruptcy. Humiliation, shame and downgrading of one’s quality of life might follow. Although assistance, support or help would be sought, it would be impossible to prevent that negative event from happening. Moreover, such request could culminate in the end of the friendship between the help seeker and the help provider.

Repairing a ship

Dreaming about trying to repair a wrecked ship could be a symbol of persistence. Because of this personal quality, you will be able to deal with every hindrance that appearing in your life or affecting your plans and projects. You would not give up until all the problems were solved. This could further translate your ability to successfully advance faster compared to others in what is relevant to your projects, activities or businesses.

Watching a ship departing

Dreaming about watching or witnessing a ship leaving the harbor and departing is a positive sign. For one, you could be financially stable and secure. You might be considering further acquisition of material possessions or make wealth-generating investments. Secondly, the dream could reveal that there is an important person in your life with whom you share intimacy, mutually respect and cherish each other. You should protect your relationship, for there would be a long future together ahead of you both.

A well-equipped ship

Dreaming about seeing or being in a well-equipped ship is a favorable sign. You might have been feeling blue, depressed, sad, frustrated or angry. The dream suggests that such negative emotional state is about to change for the better. You would once more start feeling happier, fulfilled and pleased with your life.

A ship with golden sails

Having a dream about seeing a ship with golden sails is a favorable sign. The color of gold commonly translates weath, success and good fortune. The dream could indicate the beginning of a collectively positive, prosperous, happy and satisfying period. This state would apply to you personally, but also to your community, such as family, neighbourghood or country. Together, you would embark on a rewarding project, activity or business.

A ship engulfed in flames

Dreaming about a ship engulfed in flames is a negative sign. Namely, it could portend catastrophes. Your community and you might suffer during a devastating event that noone would be able to stop or prevent it from happening. For example, there may be a natural disaster, such as an earthquake or flood. Their occurrence would negatively interfere with everyone’s daily life.

Embarking on a ship

Dreaming about embarking in a ship is a good sign for underprivileged or poor people and a bad sign for privileged people. Particularly, those who currently suffer financial hardships may suddenly see their quality of life improve. On the other hand, wealthy people may experience some unexpected economic problems. Alternatively, they could also go through a difficult situation, unrelated to their finances, which could diminish their quality of life.

A ship with lowered sails

Dreaming about a ship with lowered sails often is a negative sign. It could suggest that there may be some forthcoming difficulties, problems and hardships ahead. These could be bound to happen in the nearest future. Alternatively, your projects, activities or businesses could stagnate or be postponed for a considerable period of time.

A ship exploding

Dreaming about a ship exploding right in front of your eyes could refer to an overwhelming disaster. This large-scale catastrophe would deeply and extensively affect you and the community you belong to. It would involve occurrences such as a nearby meteorite collision, a nuclear war or an ecological or nature-related crisis.

Wreckage of a ship

Dreaming about witnessing or being a victim of a wreckage of a ship is an unfavorable sign. It could suggest that you might soon be fooled, betrayed or deceived. The offender would be someone you consider very close to you. For example, a long-time partner, trusted colleague or an old friend. That is, you would be mistreated by those you expected the least.

An overloaded ship

Dreaming about looking at or being in an overloaded ship represents a good sign. You could be or soon become involved in auspicious and profitable projects, businesses or activities. These would bring some considerable material returns or revenue. Therefore, you should dedicate your time and effort to pursue and complete what you are doing or planning on undertaking.

War ships

Dreaming about watching war ships could be symbolic of a possible separation. You could have some professional obligations and duties that are making you more busy than usual. You could even need to travel abroad for some time. This would mean leaving your close friends and people whom you cherish behind. However, such temporary separation would be a necessity in order for you to successfully continue with your work and associated responsibilities.

A fleet of ships on fire

Dreaming about seeing a large number of ships on fire represents a negative omen. You could be about to receive some disappointing, displeasing or unfavorable news. This information might arrive from a remote place and incite some major and drastic changes occurring in your life. For example, you could lose everything for which you have fought up until now. Consequently, you could end up feeling hopeless, frustrated, unhappy or depressed. However, the fire as a symbol does not necessarily imply a change for the worse. It could simply mean that the changes will be very demanding and intense. You would have to start your life anew, from scratch.

Disembarking a ship

Observing yourself disembarking a ship in a dream is a favorable sign. You could be on the verge of completing your projects, fulfilling your aspirations or accomplishing your objectives. This would be something which has been occupying you for quite some time. You would be happy or relieved with your success.

A steamship

Dreaming about seeing or traveling in a steamship could translate abuse of power. You might currently have the necessity to control, overpower and manipulate everyone around you. This tendency could also be the result of personal character. Alternatively, the dream could suggest that you are an utterly competitive adventurer. You seek and enjoy being involved in challenging, difficult but not necessarily dangerous endeavors. Through these activities, you would exert your need for power in a socially acceptable manner.

Witnessing a shipwreck

Having a dream about witnessing or watching a shipwreck in progress could reveal some unsuccessful help attempt. There could be one of your acquaintances or friends whose reputation, fame, status or public image has been damaged. You would try to rescue that person’s reputation. However, your efforts would be vain. Regardless of the time, dedication and efforts you would put into that task, you would be unable to succeed at saving their good standing.

A drifting ship

Having a vision of a ship drifting in the sea in a dream could symbolize the absence of goals. You could currently or have always had a tendency to lack aspirations and goals. You would sometimes feel adrift and at a loss, without knowing what to do next. The dream could also simply reveal your fear of losing sight of what drives you in life and of your ultimate life objectives. Alternatively, it could suggest that you might soon undergo some life changes. These alterations could lead to a significant change in your life plans.

Many people building a ship

A dream about seeing a large number of people building a ship could translate some upcoming participation in a collective endeavor. You could soon start working alongside other people. You would try to conjointly solve some difficult issues or serious problems which would concern or be related to you all. Most likely, you would succeed united.

A number of ships

Dreaming about seeing a group of ships in the sea could translate a need for assistance. Some unexpected, unplanned and unforeseen circumstance or happening could soon leave you in a delicate state or difficult situation. You would turn to those closest to you and request your friend’s comfort, support or help. You would need their intervention to better solve your problems or dilemmas.

A white ship in the sky

A flying ship or a ship in the sky usually conveys positive news. This refers to the successful completion of a project or the fulfillment of a goal on your bucket list. Additionally, the white color of the ship adds a layer of importance to this pending achievement. It means this accomplishment will have life-changing ramifications. A white ship represents a position of power or a higher social status. Along with this promotion or acceptance into an exclusive circle of influential personalities, you will deal with a whole new set of challenges and political problems.

A ship with no mainmast

Dreaming about a ship without its mainmast could be a symbol of bad fortune. Some circumstance might come about and bring along innumerous complications and problems. You could become uncertain about how to solve the situation. Nevertheless, a solution would eventually be found, allowing you to surpass, overcome or minimize the effects of these hardships.

A small ship

Dreaming about seeing or being in a small-sized ship could portray health issues. You could currently have or soon experience some illness or infirmity. Although not necessarily life-threatening, it would take some time to recover and feel healthy again. Be patient during the healing process.

Being late for a travel on a ship

Dreaming about being too late for a ship journey and seeing it depart could symbolize an unfinished chore. You could be worried or concerned about some uncompleted, unfulfilled or forgotten task. Such mistake or cancellation might have been accidental. However, you could now or soon start to regret not having fully attended to it. You could feel frustrated or disappointed with yourself.

A motorship

Dreaming about seeing or being onboard of a motorship could indicate upcoming encounters. Someone who has travelled from a distant place might come to visit you. You could also run into that person by chance. It is likely that your meeting would not last very long. Nevertheless, this individual would share with you a great amount of significant and interesting information. You would feel refreshed and intellectually stimulated after this encounter.

A ship in red light

Dreaming about a ship lit with red lights could translate upcoming conflicts. It is possible that community you belong to could undergo intense clashes and periods of unrest. These could even involve bloodshed. Although apparently negative, this struggles could pave the way to a happier and more prosperous period.

Being in a ship cabin

Seeing yourself traveling the seas in a ship cabin could translate an upcoming location change. You could be about to relocate to another house, city or country. This would probably be a long-term residence change. For example, immigrating to another country or moving for a long period to a place you have never lived or been before.

A ship for pregnant women

For pregnant women, dreaming about a ship could reveal her son’s occupation. It is possible that your unborn son would have an occupation that is related to the sea or the ocean. For example, he could become a sailor, a seafarer or a marine engineer.

A ship splitting in half

Dreaming about being on the deck of a ship which is splitting in half could symbolize forthcoming negative news. You could have received or are about to receive some information that would deeply disturb and shock you. You would feel that the ground no longer stood firm under your feet. For example, a close friend or lover might betray or deceive you. Such news could jeopardize your plans involving that person.

Saving family in a ship accident

A large ship was docking too fast. Many of my family members were on the dock including my mom, daughter and husband. The ship crashed into the dock. I grabbed my daughter out of the water where she was almost under the ship. The other family members ran or swam away. After crew members moved the ship and tied it up, I found my mom under the water. I pulled her out and got her breathing again.

The sinking ship or the crash in your dream alludes to troubling times in your household. The water of the sea means that this period of difficulty would cause a lot of of emotional tension among the members of your family, probably resulting in confrontations or major disagreements. Perhaps the stress of different problems you need to attend to would add to the general atmosphere of hostility. Fortunately, the dock symbolizes the end of this tumultuous time for everyone, that is if you are able to keep your emotions in check and become an arbitrator of sorts to balance out any emotional outbursts.

A ship being built

Dreaming about looking at or standing on a ship which is being constructed is a favorable sign. It could foretell the occurrence of a thrilling and pleasurable new adventure, project, business or endeavor. Its start would have an emotionally positive impact on you and make you feel excited in anticipation.

A ship unloading

Dreaming about watching a ship being unloaded of cargo could reveal a forthcoming visit. Some of your distant relatives or friends whom you have not seen for a very long time, could be about to show up at your place. Their visit could extend for a few days.

Swaying of a ship

Dreaming about being in a swaying or oscillating ship deck is a sign of fear. You could be experiencing or about to experience some uncertainties, fears and worries. You could become unsure about what your next move should be. Such decision-making process could become less distressful if you try to remain calm and carefully examine the situation you are in. Analyzing the situation and the advantages and disadvantages of each possibility could be beneficial. New ideas and adequate solutions for your emotional dilemmas might be found.

A ship traveling the sea

Seeing a ship traveling the sea could be symbolic of great loss. These losses could be material or psychological. They could have a negative impact on your life. You could beging feeling abandoned and lost, unable to figure out a way out of your current situation. This is especially true if you observed the ship from a distance in this dream.

This dream could also translate your wish to have some rest. You could be feeling being on the brink of burnout and stressed from your daily obligations. You might feel the necessity of making a pause, going on vacation and resting from your demanding schedule. Alternatively, you could wish for more freedom. You might find yourself being constrained by your routines and people around you. This could lead you to thoughts about escaping their pressure and enjoying a less crowded and busy, open-air environment.

A ship leaving from a distance

Dreaming about observing, from a distance, a ship leaving the shore and heading towards the sea is a negative sign. Some recent or past events might be upsetting and distressing you. You could also be subjected to abandonment, rejection or failure experiences. These circumstances would make you feel frustrated, sad or unhappy for a long period of time. You would have difficulties getting back on track and returning to the state of well-being, self-confidence and inner balance.

Two ships sinking and swimming to another ship

Two huge ships were sinking in the same direction, everyone died except me and another person that I knew, I was on top of one ship and that person was on the other ship. All parts of both ships were deep in the water except the top where we were standing, water was clear enough and I was able to swim to the other ship easily. Found a valuable jewel shape of an wild animal in the ship that I was in. Wanted to use that jewel as a payment if pirates helped us.

This dream about a sinking ship with only you surviving and all the others gone could be telling you about your current situation when you are subjected to some strong influence or being controlled by a group of people (friends, coworkers or family members) who want to force their opinions or rules on you. It seems that some other people who might have fallen under their influence were unable to resist or counteract such pressure and gave up. Even though you try to come up with a solution to find a way out of this situation for yourself, an important outcome or a consequence is holding you back, therefore you are still in the process of identifying the most reasonable solution to this issue. The jewel in the same dream represents the trade-offs you could be facing when trying to break free from such confrontation in your waking life.

A sinking ship

Dreaming about a sinking ship could signify failure. You could be lacking competence, efficiency, self-esteem or self-confidence. These personal characteristic might be negatively affecting those who surround you. You could also fear failure and act as if you have failed already. This attitude is most likely minimizing your winning chances. Alternatively, you might have a subconscious fear of drowning due to the absence of swimming skills. Each of these possible meanings represent a temporary state, rather than a permanent one.

Dreaming about a sinking ship is also suggestive of some upcoming overwhelmingly negative or unpleasant news. Such devastating information could make you feel lost and utterly disappointed. Alternatively, this news or piece of information you will learn could impel you take control and act upon the situation to prevent an even more disastrous outcome.

A ship with a leakage

Dreaming about being in a ship which has leakage and is about to sink could signify undeserving plans. For example, you could be projecting to go on vacation or travel somewhere. However, upon arrival, you might realize that the traveling and the chosen location are boring, uninteresting and disappointing. You would regret having made the trip.

An old and destroyed ship

Dreaming about a partially or completely destroyed old ship could reveal negativity. You could be having hopes and aspirations for better life for yourself and for your community. Although you want the situation to improve, these may be vain and futile expectations. Without the intervention of someone else or another community, it is unlikely that happiness and progress are possible in the future. That is, external help could be determinant for the realization of your individual and collective wishes.

Steering a ship

Finding yourself steering or piloting a ship in a dream could reveal leadership necessities. You could have started or be about to start some business, project or endeavor. You would be the driving force behind it. Given your role in the dream, it is possible that you will prove yourself to be a wise, prudent, successful and effective leader of such activity or project.

A moored ship

Dreaming about a moored or anchored ship could symbolize an ongoing project. You could have started or be about to start some enterprise, business, project or activity. You are completely dedicated to your plans and determined to reach the project’s completion.

Being on a crowded ship

Dreaming about observing yourself amidst the crowd of a ship, such as a cruise ship, may foretell collective activities. You could be, or soon become involved in social projects, activities or endeavors. This participation would lead to the development of a profession or career that is dedicated to providing support to diversified social groups.

Building a ship

Dreaming about seeing yourself in the role of a ship builder could reveal a leadership position. In particular, you could be starting up a social event, social organization or social project. As such, you would be its founder and leader. You would be in charge of managing it and of making the most important decisions.

Sailing alone on a ship

Dreaming about sailing in a ship all by yourself could be a warning sign of possible danger. It is possible that you might soon find yourself alone in a very complicated and difficult situation. To figure out or find a way out of it, you would probably need the help, support and guidance of people close to you.

The dream could also alert you about the possible absence of support and help. Regardless of your needs, those to whom you usually turn to for assistance may be busy or unavailable. They could be delving into their own problems and difficulties, therefore they may be unable to provide the necessary help. In such circumstances, you would be better off by relying on your own knowledge, skills, strength and wisdom. You should only request their presence as a last resource.

Owning a ship

Dreaming about owning a ship which is loaded with goods or merchandise that should be delivered is a positive sign. You may currently be involved in some activity, project or business. The dream suggests that you are doing what you need to be successful and lead the endeavor to completion. At the end, wealth, status, power and affluence would await you.

Dying in a shipwreck

Experiencing a dream about making a ship journey and dying in a shipwreck is an unfavorable sign. You might find yourself in a dangerous and threatening situation that could be worsening as time unfolds. At some point, there could even be some fatal accident or lethal misfortune. It would involve you or those who are close to you.

A ship's hull

Dreaming about standing near a ship's hull, for example on the docks of a harbor, often is a favorable sign. It could mean that you would soon travel, embark on a trip or take a vacation. This trip could be unexpected and unplanned. You would not regret having done it for you would enjoy yourself immensely. Overall, the dream speaks of upcoming pleasant outings.

Leaning over a ship's railing

Dreaming about seeing yourself leaning over a ship's railing for some particular reason, such as for more closely watching something on the water surface, could speak of opportunities. It is possible that some great chances would be presented to you in the near future. You would have to decide whether you would seize these ventures and how to make the most out of the situation.

Traveling overseas by ship

Dreaming about embarking in a ship to travel to faraway lands or overseas could be revealing of unrealistic ideas. You might have a tendency to fantasize about impractical and unlikely possibilities, conjure idealistic and undoable plans and wish for the impossible. You might be an absent-minded person. This could also be a temporary phase. As long as you engage in such activity every so often and are aware of the unrealistic character of these imagined situations, this trait would not raise any serious difficulties.

A sunken ship

Dreaming about being under water and seeing or exploring a sunken ship usually is a negative sign. It could foretell that your aspirations, plans, wishes, hopes or projects could fail, be undermined or fall apart. Consequently, you most likely start feeling disappointed and gloomy. An alternative interpretation suggests that you would be unable to fulfill your desires or accomplish your objectives.

Catching fish near a ship

I am male and had dreams about finding myself in the water next to a ship and I was requested to let the ship move and I went to the other side and picked a nest full of fish from the fishnet. I had to go the destination where the ship will stop carrying the net, I walked in water and a voice told me to just walk and nothing will harm me. The water was like a sea and it was not deep. When I got there, the ship jumped off the water and there fishes in it. My mother wanted to fry the fish, but I refused and some of my friends who believed in the Lord permitted her and I gave my sister a cup 1/4 full of cooked spinach.

The most prominent symbols in this dream are that of the water, the ship, and the fish. This dream contains a lot of open water, which is symbolic of novelty, new beginnings and a sense of adventure. Envisioning water often points to positive and interesting experiences, but also represents an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. The image of the ship portends some loss, which may mean having to let go of some aspect or piece of yourself in order to fully embrace a change in yourself. This is further supported by the sign of the fish, which also means having to give something up, but indicates that this sacrifice is for the greater good.

Exploring a wrecked ship with a date

I dreamt of exploring a newly-found ship (old but not entirely wrecked) with a guy I newly going out with.

Dreaming of exploring an older half-wrecked ship could point to soon having to deal with tedious and busy work. Time-consuming tasks may be assigned to you at your place of employment, which would leave you with no other option but to complete them. While this may not be what you were hoping to be doing at work, these too would be considered an important part of your job and should be done diligently and swiftly.

Ships and water

In the dream world, ships and water are common symbols for a spiritual journey in life. A boat on calm waters, for instance, can refer to a sense of general contentment. You may be blessed with happiness and prosperity after years of sacrifices and toil. These imageries can also indicate changes in your life path, such as pursuing a different career or moving to a new place. These changes will help you gain a deeper understanding of your priorities and what you want to get out of this life.

Cargo ship

Envisioning a cargo ship in a dream symbolizes a journey where you seek answers to the mysteries you are facing. Moreover, the containers and freight on board the vessel represent the different aspects of your experiences and knowledge you carry with you. It's a positive sign that you have the resources and abilities to navigate challenges, but be cautious of potential setbacks or emotional turmoil possibly signified by sinking in water. Stay resilient to handle the ups and downs, while keeping your focus on reaching your destination.

Big ship

Seeing boats or big ships in a dream indicates the dreamer's journey through life, representing their ambitions, goals, and personal interests they have invested in so far. In addition, the large size of the ship reveals significant ventures or endeavors which is a metaphor for an opportunity or event that holds spiritual or metaphysical significance. In essence, the dreamer needs to explore and embrace these unexpected experiences, as they lead to valuable growth and deeper understanding of their purpose in life.