Dreams Related To Shell

Shankhs the conch shells

I have seen many shankh in dream, one shankh have both right and left opening. What is the meaning of this dream?

Dreaming about a number of shankh is a sign of wasting a lot of time trying to engage into projects or endeavors which will not bring any benefit or satisfaction after they are completed. Seeing a shankh with openings on both sides means you tend to accept or get involved in new projects or things to do without giving much consideration or thoughts to see whether they are important to you or not. Although this might show your zeal and energy, but try to take some time to decide if this is what you really need to spend your time doing.

A baby and a shell on an unclean beach

The beach was very crowded and there was a lot of trash. It was stormy and gray. People were catching fish. I walked by with my family and my sister gave a shell to this woman selling shells on the beach. I go to grab the shell to take it back and the woman's baby held onto the shell and I ripped it away from him. The baby's face was covered in a painful rash and it was hysterically crying. I walked by again and it was on the ground alone crying. I hesitate to help and a different woman picks him up.

A dirty beach indicates an unpleasant event that would lead to major changes in your life. In particular, the stormy sea indicates getting involved in a scandal which could be an affair or a passionate sexual encounter. If you are in a committed relationship, then this would create a lot of complications as well as show you your real character, especially your flaws. The baby with the rash actually symbolizes your innocence which would be snatched from you the moment you get involved in a scandalous affair. The shell refers to shelter and protection from the harsh realities of life. Taking the shell away from the baby is actually you stripping yourself of ignorance and a naive view after you find yourself in the middle of a provocative situation. The time to grow up and mature will happen sooner than you would expect.