Dreams Related To Sheep

A herd of sheep

A herd of sheep can be interpreted as a sign that you tend to follow the crowd and succumb to the bad influence of others around you. If you continue to be a sheep and make poor decisions, you could find yourself in a tricky, difficult or worrying situation down the line.

A slaughtered sheep

A slaughtered sheep, be it in a factory or a butcher's shop, predicts future troubles for you in reality. You may soon run into a problem you cannot solve or a challenge you cannot overcome, leading to feelings of inadequacy and disappointment.

Family members and sheep

I dreamt I woke up and went downstairs, my boyfriend and father in law were sitting at a desk in the living room, having a meeting with an old lady dressed in white and a pure white ram. I wasn't there in person but could see everything. They then walked outside and we were joined by a man dressed as a white sheep. Everyone was happy.

Starting from the beginning, moving downstairs is a symbol often associated with distancing yourself from others or from your goals in life. You may subconsciously be taking a step back from those whom you used to be close to in reality or have recently been struggling to find the passion for the hobbies and projects you love most. This is intrinsically tied to the particular individuals your boyfriend and father-in-law were conversing with. In this vision, the two individuals in white seem to be represented by the animals they were seen with, in this case, the ram and the sheep. The woman with the white ram could point to financial struggles that have put a damper on your current situation. It may even be the cause of your desire to push others away or abandon your passions. However, she also suggests your burden would be lifted by a sudden reward or incentive, perhaps by someone close to you like your family. The man dressed as a sheep may be the manifestation of your reluctance to go the extra mile to earn this reward, and so may be a caution that you would need to push yourself hard to get back where you need to be.

Killing a sheep with a knife

Killing a sheep using a knife. I am a female.

Slaughtering a sheep in the dream world alludes to health issues. You may be working too much and neglecting your health in the process. In addition, the knife you used to kill the sheep symbolizes cutthroat rivals and competitors trying to find your weakness so they can use it to take you down. Perhaps this pressure to excel in your waking reality is causing your physical and psychological well-being to deteriorate. You may need to reassess your priorities and learn how to manage the delicate work-life balance.

A sheep in general

Sheep, as a general dream symbol, are seen as the manifestation of a weak, timid or otherwise soft-natured personality. While you may not consider yourself to be so, it is possible that a recent situation has put you in a position where you cannot be as assertive as usual. For those in a relationship, whether they are committed or just casual, it reflects troubles with regards to intimacy and commitment. If you are dating someone, engaged or married, you may be having trouble communicating your true feelings, leading you to quietly submit to your partner's desires.

Sometimes, the image of sheep is also indicative of satisfaction with your current situation, possibly meaning you have a lack of drive or ambition to reach out of your comfort zone. Alternatively, it may be seen as the manifestation of the physical presence of a boss, teacher or dominant personality in your social group who is controlling or influencing your decisions in some way.

Sheep in a pasture

Seeing sheep in a pasture during the course of a dream vision is a positive image to behold. It predicts future health and prosperity for you and those closest to you, such as your immediate family and best friends.

White sheep

White sheep in particular are the manifestation of true friendship and loyalty. You either have a good friend and loyal companion by your side already or would soon meet such an individual. Their companionship would bring you great happiness and satisfaction.

Slaughtering a sheep

The act of slaughtering a sheep during the course of a dream vision represents losing or separating with someone you love in reality. The cause of this rift is likely your fault, as this dream symbol predicts your foolish, rash or uncaring behavior would deeply wound this once trusted friend and companion.

Carrying a sheep on your shoulders

Carrying a sheep on your shoulders like a shepherd predicts an upcoming period of your life characterized by wealth and prosperity. During this time you would be able to make improvements to many aspects of your life, such as your health, the comfort of your living space and your financial situation.

Sheared sheep

Sheared sheep, with their short, soft remaining wool, predict soon receiving compensation for your hard work. Your current efforts would soon be rewarded with either money, recognition or higher status. In some cases, sheep that have had their wool sheared can also predict making a fortuitous match. You could soon find a wealthy man or woman who would provide you with wealth and gifts beyond your wildest imagination.

Yourself as a sheep

Envisioning yourself as a sheep, whether you are in a barn or out in a field, represents some of the better qualities others notice and appreciate about you. For example, you may be well-known in your social circle for being extremely kind, generous or helpful. Your friends and family know they can rely on you to lend an ear or a hand when they need it.

Sheep spread out in the pasture

Sheep spread out around a field in such a way that you would not be able to gather them may be an indication that you would be on the receiving end of mockery and gossip. The cause of this criticism is likely tied to some recent decision you made or something you did, like being clumsy or forgetting something important.

A sheep sleeping with its lambs

A mother sheep sleeping with her lambs is often considered the manifestation of your own maternal instincts or nurturing personality. You are the type of person who is very kind and always willing to help a friend when they are in need.

Fighting with a sheep

The act of fighting with an irate sheep during a dream vision could mean you would have a sudden romantic attraction to a complete stranger. This connection would be felt mutually, possibly leading to the beginning of a romantic love affair. This would bring you great happiness and satisfaction, especially if you have been single for awhile.

Sheep as lambs

The image of lambs in the realm of night visions represents upcoming disappointment in your children or other young people you care for in reality. Their words, actions or behavior may shock and hurt you, and you would likely wonder where they picked up such an abhorrent trait.

Shearing a sheep

The act of shearing a sheep during a dream vision reveals the presence of individuals within your social group, such as friends or coworkers, who are indifferent to your attempts to improve yourself and have no interest in helping you achieve your goals. These individuals are likely a drain on your energy and inspiration, so it would be unwise to share any ambitious plans or innovative ideas with them.

Pulling a sheep by a rope

Trying to lead a sheep by a rope means someone close to you in reality, such as a friend or mentor, is using you. Your kindness and gullibility would allow this individual to be lazy and use your hard work for their own gain.

How to interpret dreams about sheep or lambs

A sheep as a single lamb

The symbol of a single lamb means you are a generous individual who is always ready and willing to sacrifice your own happiness and well-being for the sake of those around you. Whether it is providing a shoulder to cry on or a room for a friend who is down on his luck, your friends and family acknowledge and appreciate your kind, giving nature.

A sheep for married men

For married men, the symbol of a sheep in the dream world represents their wife, the woman they married and love. Depending on the circumstances of the vision, the meaning and interpretation changes. For example, multiple sheep may refer to different positive aspects of her personality, like her kindness and compassion. On the other hand, the death of a sheep could reveal an upcoming separation from her or even a divorce. Seeing sheep meat being removed from your house may predict her having an affair with another man, causing you grief and heartache.

Herding sheep

The act of herding sheep, in the context of a nightly vision, represents a slow and steady accumulation of wealth. This specifically refers to material possessions, such as jewelry, fine furnishings or cash. Alternatively, herding sheep may also shed light on an upcoming situation where you would behave foolishly. Your poor judgment on this occasion would bring you great shame and embarrassment after the fact.

Black sheep

Black sheep represent the presence of someone in your social group, be they acquaintances or close friends, who are on the verge of stabbing you in the back. This betrayal would hurt you deeply and cause trouble among others you know due to the lies your enemy spreads about you.

Dreaming about sheep or counting sheep before you fall asleep

A large herd of sheep

A large herd of sheep, particularly when the numbers are too large to count, represents your current level of happiness or satisfaction with work. Your job is probably very fulfilling at the moment, and you are making good progress on your career-related goals. In some cases, this same symbol may predict being protected, guided or aided by a higher power. If you are currently wondering about taking a risk in reality, now may be the time to do it.

Sheep's skin

Sheep's skin is generally interpreted as a positive symbol in the dream world. It reflects having a good place of work that provides your with opportunities to grow as an individual. It may also mean you would soon get a promotion or find a better position within the same field. Furthermore, you would continue to earn a decent living and prosper as long as you conduct yourself in a good, just manner.

A sheep up close

Seeing a sheep up close and personal during a dream vision can be interpreted as a sign that you have a strong bond with an older female in your life, such as a grandmother, mother or aunt. These close images of a sheep's eyes or ears reflect this closeness whether or not this woman is still a part of this world.

Sheep fighting

Envisioning sheep fighting in the dream world, such as when they are butting heads, is often interpreted as a sign you would begin a project that would be a constant uphill battle. You would often be exhausted, irritated or disappointed by the lack of consistent progress towards your goals.

A sheep running away from you

If during a dream vision a sheep runs away from you or avoids your presence, it means you would have conflicts with younger members of your family group, like younger siblings, cousins or your own children. This is likely due to their desire for independence or a rebellious phase, and it is likely tied to their growing maturity and developing minds.

Unable to shear a sheep evenly

Having trouble shearing a sheep, specifically if you are unable to shear the coat evenly, means your subconscious is warning you not to get involved with whatever business proceedings you are currently thinking about. This little voice in the back of your head or the feeling in your gut are not keen on this upcoming project, most likely because you do not have the necessary experience, skills or financial support to make it a success.

Bleating of a sheep

Hearing a sheep's bleats during a dream vision is often associated with being disappointed in someone close to you in reality, most likely a friend. You would be upset at their lack of enthusiasm for the things that matter to you or their lack of support during a trying time.

A sheep giving birth

Watching a sheep give birth to a lamb, particularly when you get to assist, is thought to reveal upcoming situations in which your own children would cause trouble for you. They may get into something they are not supposed to or expect help with a task they should be doing on their own. For the childless, it is possible a young person you are close to, like a niece, neighbor's child or student, would make your life difficult. Alternatively, this same symbol is sometimes associated with smothering a grown or independent child with too much affection and support, even when they do not need it. In this case, you may need to back off and give them a little more freedom.

A herd of sleeping sheep

Envisioning an entire herd of sleeping or resting sheep is often interpreted as a sign that you would soon grow your social circle. In some cases this refers to making casual friends or finding new companions to hang out with in a social setting. Sometimes, however, it can represent the fruits of your networking efforts, meaning you could run into someone who would improve your career prospects if you play your cards right.

Acquiring a herd of sheep

Acquiring a herd of sheep during the course of a dream vision may predict becoming the leader of some group or organization in the near future. Your position in your social circle may rise, giving you more influence over your friends, or you may take on a leadership role at work, putting you in charge of co-workers and coordinating with other project managers at your level.

A sheepfold

A sheepfold can be interpreted as a sign that you would soon experience a period of time characterized by wealth, prosperity and happiness. On a related note, being within a sheepfold could serve as an indication that you would soon be heavily inspired to do something creative, crafty or artistic, or you may find the motivation and passion to become extremely productive.

A disoriented sheep

A disoriented sheep, like one that cannot be guided or moved, is the manifestation of a difficult, stubborn or stupid individual you are dealing with in reality. This man or woman probably does not care about what you believe in or what you hope to accomplish, so their presence in your life is more of a drag than productive or helpful. You should consider distancing yourself from this individual and turning their negative energy into a positive force in your life.

Wool of a sheep

A dream vision containing imagery of sheep's wool represents improvements in your financial situation. You may get a raise, find another source of income or become better at managing your budget.

Skinning a sheep

The skinning of a sheep, whether you are the one skinning it or you are watching someone else, represents your attempts to throw someone else under the bus for your own mistakes. This is likely because you fear the repercussions of your actions or simply want to save face in front of your friends.

Buying a sheep

Purchasing sheep or lamb reveals your desire to lead a life of peace and prosperity. This could also predict the arrival of a pure-hearted individual into your life, especially if the sheep is an immaculate white. Alternatively, you may appear to everyone as a mild-mannered person, hence people typically let their guard down around you because they see you as harmless.