Dreams Related To Shaving

Someone shaving legs

My male friend was shaving my legs for me, romantically. Then we attend one of my family parties, we would make love after he shaved my legs and only once they were shaved. He would then disappear, I wouldn't be able to find him then, when I did find him, he would disappear again.

Dreaming that someone is shaving your legs reveals your tendency to depend on others when you are in trouble. It can also signify being clingy and insecure. In the case of your vision, watching your male friend shave your legs means you are likely relying on him too much to bail you out or help you solve your problems. The intercourse suggests he is trying to encourage you to become more independent, either because he wants to see you achieve your full potential or he can no longer support you since he has issues of his own he needs to manage. So the next time you run to him for assistance, he would no longer be as available as he used to.

People shaving one's body unevenly

In my dream I had a blond girl buzz the front of my hair. Just one spot, and I became very upset while she was laughing. Then in the same place, a guy who was very feminine used a razor blade like they do on men's faces at the barber shop and had me bend over and shaved parts of my rear end, then parts of my legs, and arms. But the same was not clean, almost like trails of hair were left on my body. Then those people disappeared and I was looking to find them so they could finish shaving me.

Shaving in dreams represents transformation and self-acceptance. It can also sometimes carry sexual or intimate interpretations. In this vision, it may involve both change and intimacy issues. The blonde girl and the feminine guy symbolize the diversity of appearances and orientations you deem attractive or, at the very least, personalities that pique your interest. Having them shave various parts of your body, albeit only partially, reveals your curiosity about exploring your sexuality alongside your fears of being judged because of it. Maybe you need to learn to be fully comfortable in your own skin and to not be afraid of getting to know yourself better regardless of how others react.

Shaving face

Shaving your face at some point in a dream, whether you are completely shaving off a beard or simply grooming your facial hair, means that you would lose power or common sense in the future. The case of physical power is related to the biblical story of Samson. Christian dream workers often associate the loss of hair in a dream with frailty and sometimes even feebleness of the mind. The other interpretation suggests that by removing your facial hair, you are ignoring aspects of your upbringing, education or collected wisdom for an unworthy cause. Your personality may change for the worse if you do not make plans to ensure your long term wealth and values.