Dreams Related To Self

Walking with rabbits and a dog

A spiritualist said he could see me walking through a field, white rabbits and black rabbits running around me and a white little dog walking beside me. The dog would be my pet that passed away.

A white rabbit in the dream world suggests devotion. Those white rabbits represent loyal friends and family looking out for your well-being and rooting for your success. Meanwhile, the black rabbits symbolize your cynicism and pessimistic attitude. This is the dark side of your personality which could potentially alienate your loved ones if you do not learn to control it. Finally, a white dog usually points to a romantic partner who would bring out the best in you. Your partnership would be mutually beneficial so long as you take good care of each other.

Someone trying to kill me

Dreaming that someone is trying to kill you could be an indication of your repressed desire to make a radical change in your existence. Perhaps you wish to evolve or transform by letting go of your bad habits or self-destructive tendencies. You may not even find these aspects of yourself as negative hence you have projected this need to get rid of your wayward ways unto the killer in your vision. In a way, the killer is a representation of your conscience or strongly held beliefs. The killer may even be a metaphor for authority figures or beacons of wisdom and guidance who are trying to steer you into a path that would allow you to have a better future.

Drowning in blood and water

I drowned in my own blood, then in a pool of water.

Blood can be a metaphor for passion and love, while water refers to your consciousness and emotions. You could fall head over heels in love with somebody only to have your heart broken. The aftermath of the heartbreak would leave you wallowing in misery and crippling self-doubt. Then again, the dream could be a reference to the saying "blood is thicker than water." You could have a falling out with one of your relatives or family members, perhaps because of differing ideologies, which would trigger a period of soul searching and introspection on your part.

Masturbating and sperm

I dreamt of me masturbating, and ready to drink my sperm.

Dreaming that you are masturbating reveals your impatience. Similarly, consuming your own sperm points to a yearning for growth and development. You may be tired of waiting for the fruits of your labor. Perhaps you have been waiting for an increase in your income, a bonus or a promotion owing to the long hours and dedication you have put into your work. On a more personal note, it is also possible that you have been waiting for a relationship to blossom and yet there has been no progress with a romantic prospect.

Staring at a bowl and seeing an object in the sky

I was sitting at a table in a small house staring at a bowl of soup for quite some time. Then I stood up and walked out to the backyard, it was a large field with a treeline after about 100ft. I then looked up and saw a large object floating in the sky. I am a male.

This vision seems to be related to a friendship from your past, either a recent one that ended due to a conflict or one from long ago that fell apart because of distance and time. In either case, staring at the bowl of soup suggests that you lost a relationship which was important to you, and the result is that you have felt a bit of melancholy since that time. You probably valued that individual's companionship, so losing it has left you more alone and vulnerable than you were before. The treeline in the distance implies your current connections cannot fill the void left by this friend. This leads to the symbol of the large object in the sky, a sign that represents adversity. You would either have to find a way to make amends with this friend or get over your sadness so you can connect with someone new.

Unable to write and being robbed of money

Same dream. My boyfriend holding a strange female's hand slightly on the fingers, guiding her while walking on the grass out of his yard. A young male friend with them in which I held back to write my phone number with a red ink pen. I tried writing the number on the wall and on paper, it was not visible for the guy to see it to contact me if there was any deception going on with my boyfriend. Also being mugged by strange man on roadside who kept grabbing my money (20's rolled up) and a bank card.

Witnessing your boyfriend holding the hand of another girl in your dream is a reflection of your insecurity. You may be questioning your boyfriend's love and loyalty in the real world due to some observable changes in his behavior. Likewise, the mugging incident represents your fear of losing something valuable, likely a reference to your fear of losing your boyfriend, as illustrated in the first scenario. Instead of jumping to conclusions, perhaps your subconscious is merely showing you your own apprehensions so that you can discuss or work out your concerns about your relationship in a straightforward manner before you go overboard with your assumptions.

Walking through objects with ease

I always seem to have dreams that I am walking through walls and glass windows without them breaking and I can't feel the sensation as I push through them. But every dream I have I can do the same and also can control what I am dreaming, like if I wanted to fly I could or control objects in them.

Walking through walls and windows is symbolically associated with the idea of freedom in the dream world. The recurring nature of this vision suggests you are in the process of or have the ability to break the bonds that have tied you down for a long time. Being able to control your actions in the dream world represents your ability to make things happen in reality, meaning that if you put your mind to it, you can do anything you set your heart on. You should be on the lookout for opportunities to spread your wings and make your dreams come true.

Seeing own self in a mirror

I had a dream of seeing someone behind me in a mirror, but I was alone in my bedroom and upon looking closely at the mirror it was me, it was like looking at my twin though I don't have one! She was me, but wearing a green floral dress. It was so creepy I freaked out and woke up with a start!

Seeing your likeness or your own image in the dream world suggests regrettable decisions. Dreaming of doppelgangers typically carries a negative message because they represent the dreamer's unsavory characteristics or dark sides. Thus, looking into a mirror and seeing your doppelganger means you likely need to confront your issues and personal problems before they take over or play havoc with your state of mind. Take care not to allow your pessimism or negative worldview to dictate your actions in the real world.

Being in the dark and unable to speak

I've had a recurring dream since I was about 14. In the dream I'm in a dark house (my house usually) and when I try to turn the lights on, it doesn't work. It remains dark. So I start to panic and call out for someone, but I'm unable to yell. I can barely even speak in the dream. After a few cries out for help, I wake up. And the only reason I wake up is because I'm yelling in real life and I end up waking myself up because of it. I have this dream 2-4 times a month since I was about 14. Thank you.

A house in dreams typically represents the dreamer's own psyche and persona, so a dark house could signify failures or your own pessimism. Meanwhile, the struggle to speak is an allusion to your insecurities and possible identity crisis. You may be having trouble expressing yourself in reality and this is causing your subconscious to become cloudy and burdened with self-doubt. The fact that you wake up screaming actually reveals pent up anger and frustrations. The emotions are piling up inside and they are looking for an outlet. Perhaps you need to improve your self-esteem and learn to assert yourself instead of keeping it all inside in order to avoid a possible emotional breakdown.

Physical activity and apes chasing

I completed 30 sit-ups. Then I ran up a red mountain when I made it to the top of the wall, there were apes that started chase me. Then I woke up from my sleep.

Dreaming about doing physical activity or exercising could be a manifestation of significant stress and busy schedule in your waking life. Both the vision of running up a mountain and being on top of the wall reveal your constant striving to succeed in something important to you or to impress others by the results you want to achieve. Perhaps your ambitions and goal-driven personality traits are catching up with you even when you are asleep.

Running down the road and feeling nervous

Hello, I am a woman. My dream was about me running on this winding road. I was running too fast and couldn't slow down and I was very nervous. The road was high up and had a sheer drop on the edge. I kept almost running into people because I couldn't control my speed. At the end of the road was a ladder I had to climb down and there was water everywhere except some docks. That is all I remember.

The winding road in your dream represents a time of difficulty and emotional turmoil. Running at high speed means you could be actively avoiding a problem or responsibility. Your inability to control your speed could likewise be a warning of an imminent downward spiral or emotional breakdown. In addition, reaching the water without a dock in sight alludes to your sense of hopelessness and tendency to wallow in negative emotions. Perhaps your subconscious is trying to get you to acknowledge early signs of anxiety and emotional turbulence in order for you to seek the help and support you need during the difficulties you are currently facing or about to face. Alternatively, your dream could imply that running away is not a feasible solution to your problems.

Being abused and told what to do

3 dreams. 1 - in a locked bus with many, the devil monsters kill all of us. I taste blood running through my body. Everyone is scared, I am calm. I wake on a cloud. 2 - sex with friend and then group shower via a wardrobe. 3 - held with many others being lead room to room. Protocol to line up and face wall before new room. You must look at the floor while walking. We go to a new room, I realize we have been drugged and an opposing force is there to take over. All in the new room, l barely lock door?

Being locked on a bus that is under attack could reveal a feeling of helplessness and disillusion, mostly likely related to your work situation. You probably feel like both your co-workers and yourself are being mistreated and attacked by management. Sex with your friend in the second vision could mean that there is someone at your place of work, not necessarily this friend, with whom you connect deeply. You share everything with this man or woman, and you rely on their opinions and ideas for many tasks and assignments. However, the group shower means you would soon be meeting someone or a group of someones who are new to you, perhaps new hires at your company. The last vision, of being held hostage and led room to room, reveals that you tend to depend a lot on your relationships with others to make it through the work day. Now that some new individuals are joining, it might be a good time to establish some independence and mentor one of them instead of just being a friend.

Kidnapped but feeling safe

I am a female and my ex-husband and I were both kidnapped by a psycho and I can't remember what happened to us. But the one thing I felt was being safe. I was never afraid in the dream.

Dreams of being kidnapped usually suggest feelings of frustration and stagnation. Perhaps you have become complacent in reality and this has led to little or no development both in your personal as well as professional life. The presence of your ex in the dream likely means that you share the same predicament. It is possible that a part of you feels like that the best years of your life are behind you. Although the lack of fear could be indicative of your contentment with your present existence. Perhaps you do not have any regrets despite having been derailed from your desired path.

Being controlled by a famous personality

I had a dream about Aleister Crowley. I was lying on my stomach. It was bright morning. I look up to the window which was literally facing me about 2 inches away from my face, I stare into my reflection, then I merge into Aleister Crowley's face, his voice then proceeded to tell me "Let the serpent control you". I feel intense pain in my genitals, as if something was entering my energy field, I started to vibrate all over, suddenly waking up letting out a faint scream. Please let me know.

Looking through a window in the dream world alludes to the possibility of gaining new perspectives by observing your surroundings. Meanwhile, the serpent, because of its biblical association, is often used to symbolize wisdom and truth. As such, your dream may be alluding to a period of enlightenment for you. You may be faced with a predicament or an identity crisis which would force you to confront your demons in order to become a better version of yourself. The image of Aleister Crowley may hint at the type of personality crisis you would have to deal with, such as an egotistical attitude or a delusion of grandeur.

Being captured, told that I was of great importance, then raped

This layered symbol of being captured, told that you are important and then raped represents the great ups and downs you may experience when on the path to fulfill your destiny. Getting captured refers to disappointment which is followed by kind words and gestures showing your importance, meaning others would try to support you and let you know things would work out. Getting raped after that, then, reveals further failure and loss. It is possible events would swing upward and you would wind up on top, however, it is also possible you would not recover from the emotional roller coaster you are on.

Seeing oneself in a truck accident

I'm in a truck accident, the truck is rolled over on the passenger side, but the driver side is damaged. I'm outside talking to the people at the scene but I can see my body in the truck, so can the other people.

Being involved in a truck accident in your dream likely points to a mistake or a severed bond in reality. You may have made bad decisions that have negatively affected your day-to-day existence. Alternatively, you may have, or could soon, cut ties with friends and loved ones due to personal differences. Either way, you may have to deal with a lot of loose ends and unresolved issues in the wake of those incidents. Furthermore, viewing your body as a third person implies objectivity. Time and distance would give you a perspective free of emotions to understand the events or decisions that led to your current state.

Becoming tired and lost while walking

I saw in a dream walking with my boss, after a while I was walking alone and in front of myself was some guardrail. After I passed that difficulty I felt I was very tired and thinking I lost my way and I think I was lost.

While this dream vision contains a number of symbols, the interpretation is actually quite simple and straightforward. As is seen commonly in dreams such as these, walking down a road is synonymous with your success in life and progress you are making toward your goals. However, it seems that there are a number of obstacles to your ultimate happiness. For example, seeing your boss could reflect work stress, while becoming tired and lost could allude to financial troubles. Even the guardrail could be interpreted literally, suggesting a barrier to success which stands in your way. In essence, it is possible for you to make your dreams come true and be successful, but you would have to overcome all the challenges that you face first.

Dressing a pregnant person and being lost

I'm a female. In the midst of my dream I was clothing a pregnant person and was quite excited about the news. Then later before I found my way, I was getting lost in a very familiar but more complicated architecture in apparently Massachusetts. Mind you I am based in South Africa and I didn't have anyone to share the rest of the dream with. Also the character limit had me summarize the dream

Dreaming about interacting with a pregnant person could be a metaphor for a future filled with new possibilities opening up right in front of you. However, because you described being lost in a familiar yet architecturally-complex place, it could mean that, although you have envisioned this future for yourself for a while now and therefore are trying to follow through with what is expected of you, you could still be experiencing some anxiety over these new opportunities ahead and do not feel entirely comfortable with the choices you may have made so far.

Own self standing by the bed

I dreamed that I woke up, checked my alarm clock and it was 5 minutes before my alarm went off. I was startled by someone standing at the edge of my bed. It was me. I was just standing there looking at me (but I'm definitely only aware of being the me in bed). The standing me appears very calm. My presence doesn't scare me, but gives me the feeling that I can't do anything. Then my alarm woke me up.

Seeing your likeness or a doppelganger in a dream generally alludes to bad decisions. In addition, doppelgangers portend tragic events such as accidents, physical decline or general bad luck. These unfortunate circumstances could be brought about by careless decision-making or even reckless behavior. Furthermore, noticing the alarm clock in the same dream reveals your anxieties. You may feel like you are running out of time in trying to accomplish the goals you have set for yourself. This sense of dread and apprehension, if left uncontrolled or allowed to influence your state of mind, could lead to a period of suffering. Hence, it may be best to be prudent with your actions and decisions to avoid negative outcomes.

Climbing down a tree and clothes inside out

I am a female and my older sister dreamt of me climbing down from a tree which is in our backyard, wearing my leopard dress inside out.

Your sister's vision could be related to how she perceives your current lifestyle in reality. For example, the image of you climbing down a tree in your own backyard could mean she thinks that you are letting your relationships slide. You might not be putting as much time or effort into maintaining the connections as she thinks you should. Additionally, the image of wearing your clothes inside out suggests she feels you are giving in to old habits, so perhaps this is not the first time there has been some conflict.

Being someone else

I am always someone else in my dreams.

Dreaming that you are someone else means that you are struggling with your identity. Because this scenario is a recurring theme in your dreams, you may be in the process of constructing your sense of self. An essential part of this process is building your self-confidence, including becoming comfortable in your own skin. Alternatively, you may be trying out different personas in reality out of curiosity. Meeting new personalities and experiencing different social situations may have opened up your worldview, allowing you to explore parts of yourself which you previously did not know existed.

Unable to call 911 and getting lost

For a while I've been having a reoccurring dream where something happens, and I can't get a hold of 911. The situation (there's a break in, someone kidnaps me, etc.) is usually different, but the fact I can't get a hold of 911 stays the same. Most recently I've had a different but similar dream. In this one, I am somewhere normal, but I don't know the exact way to get home, so I type it into my GPS. But I can't get home (missing exits, taking wrong turns, etc.) even though the GPS says 2-4 minutes away.

You are right to see a connection between these two dream visions as they are quite similar in their meaning. First, having an emergency but being unable to reach medical or police services could reveal communication problems when in high-stress situations. For example, if you need to make a good impression on a higher-up or deliver an important news to a client, you may find yourself tripping over your tongue or even sabotaging your own efforts to be perceived in a good light. In the second vision, your unsuccessful efforts to get to a certain location also speak of your troubles in fulfilling your responsibilities or achieving your goals. Because you seem to be alone or at least unassisted in these visions, it is possible your subconscious is trying to show you how important it is to get support from those around you by putting you in impossible situations while you are being all by yourself.

Being chased, caught and shot

Being chased, caught and then shot in a dream often reveals the dreamer's guilt. These three sequential actions represent your fear of being busted for doing something illegal or unethical. This may have happened at work when you were feeling under the weather and decided not to practice due diligence. It could also refer to a past mistake which could have some serious consequences to your present life situation. Soon enough, you could be held accountable for your actions. Alternatively, someone could be out to get you. Your long-time rival may finally discover your weakness and exploit it to their advantage.

Two different selves with a friend

Had a dream that I went out with a friend, he was a prominent person coming with his entourage. All of them are wearing white garments, but in the dream, my friend saw that I appeared to be two of me, with different attires and the prominent person shook hands with just one of me.

Both seeing your friend wearing white clothes and receiving a handshake either from him or a member of his entourage in this dream point to the possibility of parting your ways with this person for reasons known to you, or unexpectedly. The images of his prominence are your doubts and insecurity regarding this relationship and you may be considering someone more suitable and understanding as a friend. In your opinion, you have certain strong sides, but there are also weaknesses, as represented by the image of yourself split into two distinct selves, which may never be reconciled or taken as a whole by your friend. Overall, this dream vision serves as a hint to re-evaluate the sides of your personality, so you can create meaningful and lasting friendships in the future.

Strange advances from own self

In my dream, I was laying in a bed under anaesthesia while the doctor was getting things ready. Another, I was in a bed next to myself looking at my unconscious self just laying there asleep. My unconscious self woke up out of anaesthesia and noticed me and came onto the bed I was on and tried to lay with me. I was freaked out by it in my dream state and was reluctant and tried pushing myself away. Then he tried kissing me and called me baby and honey and sweet names, then went back to his bed. He seemed groggy like he didn't know it was himself. It was the strangest dream ever.

This vision is highly ominous and predicts some serious negative changes in your health. Being in a hospital, much like in wake life represents illness or becoming sick shortly. But not something simple, like a cold or an upset stomach. It is more likely to be some disease that knocks you flat and prevents you from living your life normally. Additionally, getting into bed with yourself, especially initiating intimacy and romantic overtures with yourself, suggests this could be related to diseases that could be passed on to you, particularly STDs and Hepatitis. You may want to keep an eye on your health or see a doctor soon to check for such diseases if they are a possibility.

Meeting with a younger version of oneself

Hello, I had a dream last night about meeting my younger or past self. I met with a 14-16 year old me and I am 21. I've never encountered this type of dream before and I can't find a consistent interpretation online. What does this mean? Thank you.

Themes involving the past in the dream world usually have something to do with nostalgia. In your case, meeting your younger self likely means that you are currently at a crossroads in your personal journey. Maybe there are still unresolved issues from your youth and loose ends you need to deal with before moving forward with your journey. Alternatively, this current dilemma you are facing may be inspiring a desire to go back to a less complicated existence during your teenage years. This is probably an idealized period because you were more carefree and careless with your actions. Meanwhile, you now have to contend with grown-up responsibilities and accountability. This is probably why your fears and anxieties are making you confront and revisit your more youthful self.

Surrounded by lions and toilets

A group of lions around me in a den but did not hurt me. I found myself on a road full of toilets.

To find yourself in a den full of lions means you would interact with someone ignorant and selfish in the future. This is likely to be someone who is already present in your life, although they may not have exhibited such behavior before. Such an interaction with this individual would change you, but because you were unhurt by the lions, it is possible that you may come out better than before. This vision is confirmed by the second dream. A road littered with toilets signifies a huge alteration in your daily life that is completely opposite from what you are used to. You may be able to use your dealing with the selfish man or woman to become the ideal version of yourself and, in doing so, create a completely new image and lifestyle.

Telling oneself to leave the house

I dreamt that a girl came to my house and I told her she had to leave and put her in a car. I couldn't see her face until the car was driving away and she rolled down the window and it was me.

Refusing to allow someone to enter your house and physically escorting them away from the premises may reflect a personal tendency to avoid facing the truth of the situation. While some say that ignorance is bliss, willful ignorance would probably end up hurting you more than if you just accepted the situation the way it is unfolding. In fact, seeing yourself as the girl at the end of the vision suggests you may already be aware of this problem. This vision, then, is possibly a message from your subconscious asking you to face your problems in a straightforward way and formulate a possible solution.

Turning into something evil

I saw myself in a dream. I was looking at myself for what felt like awhile. I was kind of hidden in the dark. I saw my dream self down a hallway standing in a yellowish light. Then I think my dream self noticed me, then her teeth got sharp and she proceeded to chase me. It scared me awake.

Envisioning yourself in a dream vision may reflect some situation in wake life that requires self-reflection or consideration. The fact that you were partially distorted by the darkness may represent the presence of your dark, more base nature, while the yellowish light that envelops your other self may point toward a desire to walk on the path of righteousness. However, this light version of yourself becoming feral and chasing you may suggest that even your supposedly good motives may arise out of a selfish want for recognition and admiration.

Lifted in the air by an unknown force

I was in my kitchen when I was putting on this black hoodie. I then got lifted into the air close to the ceiling and around in circles. When I flew by the hall mirror I realized nothing was holding me, but it definitely felt like something had its grip on me. I woke up yelling "Put me down!".

The starting location of this dream, the kitchen, suggests you are currently under a lot of stress in waking life. This stress is manifesting itself in your dream both through this sign and the image of the black hoodie, a symbol commonly associated with sadness and depression. This is opposed by the idea that you were flying or being carried through the air, as this is usually associated with a positive outlook on life. It seems that your current situation may even be exasperating to your unshakable optimism.

A little girl resembling self

I had a dream that I was with my family and my boyfriend and they wanted me to watch this little girl that looked exactly like me as a child and when she looked up at me, she had one eye that was blue and one was red. Then I was sitting at a table eating with my family and the little girl popped up and opened her eyes and I just screamed so loud and hid behind my mom. I am a female and I am 18 and am very curious about my dream meaning.

Seeing a younger version of yourself in this dream probably means that you are approaching a crossroads in your existence. You may have some unresolved issues from your past which would once again resurface. The scenario involving your family eating a meal points to a significant event in your future which would affect everyone in your close kin. Perhaps a wedding would take place or a big gathering. Whatever the case, your personal demons and past issues may get in the way of a happy occasion. You may need to deal with your problems before you can welcome a new chapter in your personal journey.

Unable to move because of a strange hand

I was in bed, sitting right next to my friend talking to her and I felt a cold hand go onto my side and sharp nails dug into my side and I could not move any part of my body besides my left hand. So with my left hand I started slowly pointing to her that my left hand could barely move. I could not talk or move any other part of my body. I could not see whose hand it was. It lasted about 5 minutes of pain and I finally woke up and found out I was actually poking my friend in my sleep.

Dreaming of being paralyzed or unable to move usually represents feelings of helplessness or a sense of futility in your waking life. Perhaps you have not been having the best time as of late and you are starting to think that there is little you can do to fix it. Alternatively, your inability to move in this dream scenario suggests that while your were dreaming, your mind could still be aware of the surroundings and your immobile body while in a sleep mode. Sometimes straddling in this state of being half-asleep can cause panic and anxiety, hence dreamers try to wake themselves up before it turns into a nightmare.

Being attacked by own self

I fell asleep in my recliner. In my dream I was in my recliner, wearing the same clothes. Everything looked exactly like it did in reality. Suddenly, I was being attacked by an evil being. I knew she wasn't human because she hovered over me. But, she was the mirror image of me! She was even wearing the same exact clothes. Terrifying!

Seeing the mirror image of yourself in a dream vision often reflects some stressful situation you are facing in reality. For example, this could be related to your personal life, meaning you may be having trouble with family members or distant relations. On the other hand, this symbol may represent bringing problems from your work or community home with you, suggesting that you cannot escape the pressure even in your personal space. The evil presence you felt from the mirror image could indicate that the stress and darkness within you is eating up or changing who you are now. You may even fear that the changes would be irreversible. However, until you face the issues and solve the problems, you are unlikely to have peace of mind.

A dream in a dream

I was dreaming inside my dream. I slept 3 days in my dream. I saw 3 dreams there and there was a common thing which may mean something. I don't remember those 3 but I was really frightened in the dream after seeing those 3 dreams then I began to search something in my home, but couldn't find anything. Then it was noon and I was getting ready for a hangout with father. I was tying my show lace on my balcony. There was a white bed sheet hanging on the balcony and something was moving that.

A dream within a dream suggests unresolved issues and the number of layers usually points to how deep-seated this issue is in your subconscious. This could be something you have suppressed for a very long time and is now starting to resurface, which is causing emotional distress. Specifically, the white bedspread or sheet could be a clue about the nature of your unresolved issue. Bedspreads typically allude to intimacy and concerns kept private. You could be having an identity issue. You may be unsure and perhaps afraid to confront who you truly are for fear that you would not like what you would find.

Ability to breathe underwater

I have dreams, different ones, where i can breathe underwater.

In a dream vision, being in water is often associated with opportunity. Being underwater, however, might be the manifestation of some existing fears, suggesting that this opportunity may be an art or hobby that you do not think could be a viable path for you. Your ability to breathe underwater, then, serves as a reminder that anything is possible with creativity and a bit of elbow grease. If you put your mind to it, no path is impossible.

Hugging a tree, eating a fruit and crying

I was hugging a big trunk of a tree, feeling comfortable, eating a round juicy fruit, then suddenly my tears fell.

Big trees often represent the presence of health issues, so hugging one may reveal a habit that is slowly undermining your health, but which you are not quite ready to let go of yet. The fruit symbolizes a similar idea of deterioration of moral or ethical values, much like the fruit of knowledge in the Garden of Eden. The results of your actions to yourself and possibly to others can be seen in your sudden outburst of tears, a sign that you would either realize the error in your ways or that your condition would become serious enough that you would have a sudden change of heart out of fear of grave repercussions to follow.

Last night I had one of the best dreams in my life. I was one of the coolest guys in school, which usually isn't the case. I had the bedroom I've always wanted with a sound system and a huge TV and everything. I had the coolest and newest clothes. I walked downstairs and there was a Jeep parked in the driveway. Pulled up to the prettiest girl in my school's driveway named Kassidy. We went on a picnic and then we went for a walk. We rolled down a hill and then tickled each other. Then we kissed.

As you might have concluded for yourself, this type of vision contains a positive message concerning your future life, although it may not be exactly as you perceived it in your vision. Rather, being cool and presumably better looking in this dream suggests auspicious circumstances surrounding you and receiving good news about something you were hoping for. Kissing the prettiest girl in school also predicts you would be successful in your endeavors and have good luck with whatever you try to accomplish. While this dream may not exactly represent your future, it could be the manifestation of your heart's desires. With effort and patience, it may be possible to make some aspects of this vision a reality.

Unable to move in bed and demons around

Female. Age 15. I was paralyzed and there was a strange figure at the foot of my bed slowly creeping up on me and I couldn't speak or move or even close my eyes, my body felt like lead and there was this little demon thing running around my bedroom laughing. The laughter sounded almost robotic. When I woke up, I still couldn't move for a minute and my heart was racing and I could still hear it and I am so scared. Help me please.

Having a dream where you are unable to move your body usually means there is some type of mental dichotomy bothering you in reality. This is likely the result of two opposing ways of thinking or dealing with a situation. This vision seems to represent irrational thoughts and desires being in conflict with more rational, practical reasoning. The demon laughing and running around your bedroom in the dream shows this may be related to money or finances. It is unlikely that there is an option for middle ground in this case. You would need to make a definite decision one way or another in order to move forward.

Suspended in the air and being hurt

I was in a basket being swung around by a construction crane. I was high up, surrounded by hills, after shouting at the driver, I was then dropped onto some power lines, still in the basket, landing on scaffold. When people came to see me I didn't recognize them but they kept urging me not to report it as there would be a big investigation. Also they kept saying it is only my back that is burnt.

Dreaming about being lifted up in the air by an external force, such as a construction crane, is symbolic of the presence of circumstances in your waking life which make you feel helpless. You could be trying to deal with some real-life problems all at once, but your efforts to overcome them remain unsuccessful. The notion that you were shouting to be rescued indicates your desire to get out of this situation as soon as possible, however, the imagery of being partially burnt portends negativity which would still be present in your life for quite some time. It is advisable to stay away from individuals who might become the source of trouble and focus on things which bring you happiness. Feeling helpless would not be of any help, but adopting a more positive attitude could eventually get you out of the fix.

Choking and no one helping

Male. Choking, couldn't breathe, deceased mom there along with two sisters, no one would call 911. Woke up in panic.

Dreams about suffocating could indicate that you are not feeling satisfied with your life and instead consumed by fear, too worried about what others might think of you. It could also mean a growing indifference towards your career which could endanger everything you have worked hard for. However, the presence of your deceased mother and other family members carries with it a positive meaning, symbolizing a new and happier period in your life marked by changes which would be beneficial to you both personally and professionally.

Holding oneself as a baby and house collapsing

I saw myself holding me as a baby in a room where all of a sudden the floor started falling apart and I had to leave the baby in the room. But it was okay and nothing happened to her, only the room I was in fell apart, all the other rooms in the house were okay and everyone acted so normal.

Dreaming of seeing yourself as a baby means you may soon experience a state of transition. Perhaps a relationship would end or you would start a new job. Whatever the case, this is a chance for you to improve, at least in some aspects of your existence. Meanwhile, floors represent your foundation or your source of security. In a sense, the floor falling apart under your feet means you could undergo a shake up during this transitional period where you would feel unstable and unsure about your status. Your values and principles may even be tested during this time. The challenge is to keep yourself grounded and find clarity in your priorities.

Being pulled by a force and a blue dome

Please translate my dream. I was standing in a room. Very strong energy was pulling me up as if a strong vacuum cleaner on the ceiling was doing it. I was resisting to not go up and get frustrated. I look up to see the source of energy, but suddenly I saw a blue dome of a mosque out of a window.

Being pulled up or lifted in the air by an unknown force is usually associated with a positive outlook. Your optimism may be pushing you to reach new heights and become more ambitious with your personal and professional goals. However, the presence of the mosque or part of a mosque reveals your reservations about fully pursuing your dreams and aspirations. Perhaps you are looking for some guidance and signs that the right way forward is to take risks and take a stab at realizing your long-held goals. You want to be sure about your decisions and you could be going to your faith and beliefs to find the answers.

Unable to move and a cat over the face

I wake up but cannot move. Start to scream and a cat jumps on me and puts its mouth over mine.

Dreaming about being unable to move could mean that there is some sort of mental dichotomy impacting you in your waking life. You could be conflicted about two different ways of thinking related to a certain issue, perhaps while being caught between a more irrational and emotional response and a practical way of reasoning. The cat jumping on you and putting its mouth over yours could mean you feel smothered by those irrational desires associated with an instinctive way of thinking.

Pecan trees and passing a blood clot

I dreamed of seeing two small pecan trees together. They were green and full of leaves. Also had a dream of passing a blood clot when I used the bathroom. There was a small object with the blood clot, like something the doctor might have left in me.

The two trees that looked lush and green in front of you could refer to two major goals you have in mind for your future. You likely have a strong desire in your heart to accomplish these tasks, probably because they would improve your quality of life or earn you the love and respect of those you care about most. The blood clot, however, points to personal issues and impediments stunting your progress and undermining your confidence. You may have gone through some trials or tribulations that caused lasting emotional and psychological pain. They may have even made you doubt your capabilities, transforming you into someone riddled with insecurities. Passing the clot and other materials suggests you can overcome these challenges and achieve all that you hope for.

Naked in public and finding a celebrity's wallet

I was in public, naked and realized that my upper body was covered in hair, raising from my entire chest at least. I realized that I had removed my clothes. I was aware l had to cover myself. I walked a little way. I was with a companion. Insisted we had to go to a downward exterior concrete stairwell of a library. There l found what I knew I would find, a small black zippered cloth wallet containing Demi Moore's personal Identification, cards, etc.

Dreaming about finding yourself naked in public could mean that you are involved in some kind of illicit relationship, something you are not proud of because you are probably aware that it could bring some problems later on, however you do not seem to be able to stop yourself from pursuing it. The thick hair shows the immorality of your thoughts or actions in the context of such relationship, while the famous personality's belongings could be a symbol of the person you imagine yourself becoming when you indulge in these pleasure-seeking activities. A more secluded place represented by the library in this dream is perhaps your subconscious mind's way of reminding you to use wisdom and common sense if you want to obtain peace of mind and stability in your waking life.

Unable to stop the car and being lost

My car stops on top of a steep hill, on a hilly curvy road and begins going backwards. I finally come to a stop at a highway cop dept. and they are talking about faulty breaks, then I woke up. My reoccurring dream is being lost in a very large building and can't find my way out.

Driving your car up a steep hill indicates your drive and ambition. The curvy road means you had to go through a lot of obstacles to gain what you have achieved so far in your life. Unfortunately, stopping and then going downhill likely reveals more struggles and setbacks in your future. Things are not going to go according to plan. Furthermore, the cops or policemen represent authority figures, probably your mentors or supervisors at work. Hearing them talk about faulty brakes may reveal your cautious nature and fear of taking risks lest you lose all that you have worked so hard for. On the other hand, your recurring dream of being trapped in a large building could mean that you are trapped in your own mind. It is possible that you are dwelling on past mistakes or you keep stumbling into old habits and behavioral patterns. This could be related to your dream vision involving car troubles. You probably do not know what you want, so you keep searching within yourself for answers. However, too much thinking and over-analyzing may be keeping you from achieving your full potential.

Losing a boarding pass and purse

I lost my boarding pass (with destination unknown) and searched frantically for it, but did not find it. Then I lost my purse with additional documentation in it, so had to stop searching. At the end I found my purse and resumed searching with a sigh of relief.

Losing a purse in dreams often reveals the dreamer's fear of financial instability. Usually, this dream scenario occurs when you are unsure about your capacity to repay your debts. However, in the context of your dream, the purse may symbolize identity more than financial security. Since you were traveling in this dream vision, perhaps the loss of your purse and your boarding pass serves to illustrate your feelings of inadequacy or ineptitude. You could be gunning for a promotion or hoping to close a deal in reality, however there could be a nagging thought at the back of your mind which is making you doubt your skills and capabilities. Perhaps you are afraid of failure or of not being good enough. Alternatively, this may also refer to your anxieties about a significant change that is about to happen in your waking life. You could be moving to another country or starting a new job or project. In such situations, adapting to new circumstances and resulting uncertainties ahead could be the main reasons for your worries. You want to be prepared, but at the same time you are scared of forgetting something crucial.

Cooking eggs and having silver hair

Dreamed I was cooking eggs, when I cracked the egg, I got 5 yolks out of the one egg. Also, dreamed I had bright silver hair, and I loved it.

Cooking eggs in dreams usually means positive changes are afoot in your life. The eggs, whether they are boiled, scrambled or part of the dish you are cooking, symbolize renewed creativity and potential. You could expect a sense of optimism flowing through you which would push you to pursue projects or undertakings you have previously shelved. The fact that there are 5 yolks in a single egg means you would be blessed by a ton of brilliant ideas and amazing opportunities that could become lucrative. Meanwhile, the silver hair represents wisdom and experience. Perhaps all the lessons you have learned up to this point in your life would allow you to finally succeed in your endeavors. It may have taken a while, but all your hard work may soon pay off.

Being a strangely-shaped animal

I was in a forest with a group of people and I had to walk as an animal I have never seen before. It was completely round, no head, don't remember feet and had 2 long extended arms dragging on the ground shaped as what dolphins have but longer. So to do that, I had to kneel really low and let my arms drag on the ground.

Walking as a strange animal is a reference to your spirit animal. The universe is challenging you to find inspiration in unusual places. You have been coasting in your comfort zone for too long, so you need to think outside the box in order to come up with innovative ideas and creative solutions to your day-to-day issues. Furthermore, walking close to the ground symbolizes humility. Sometimes, going back to your roots and getting involved in community activities will open up your mind to the struggles of others. Step out of your personal bubble and perhaps this is the way you will find your true purpose in life.